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  • bonitasarahbabu 33w

    Here rests helplessness,
    The emotion that has taken advantage of me.
    On many occasions,
    It reared its ugly head.
    No more I say,
    Leave me be and goodbye!
    You have destabilized me enough,
    Stand for it, I will not.
    I am tired and exhausted,
    I am not helpless, I am a survivor.
    Goodbye helplessness,
    See you never again.

  • ink_trovert 34w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    I missed out yesterday's obituary challenge so I just thought I should rather do it as a Eulogy today.
    #obituary #eulogy

    A Eulogy

    Someone died! Who?My dearest Mr Fear, the one who buckled up with me since I took my first breath. He was my best friend who always kept a hand on my shoulder in trouble. Whenever tumult turned out he used to whisper into my ear pouring his Hebenon words "Run... you can't face this... I know, just come hold my hand and run." To the Anesthetic me he used to pour honey (dagger hidden). He was my that friend who crept up to me whenever I was lonely, my trash can used to start recycling all the trash it was carrying and fear used to hold me in it's tight warm grip where I used to pour my heavy heart out. I dread his presence now that used to keep pace along with me, taking over my steps or watching over my steps. When my eyes carried on insomnia it was fear who held my hand in the cold darkness. Fear is that type of friend who will never ever let you give upon yourself, but yesterday he died!
    I discovered that fear is mortal. Died suffering from a disease termed as Courage that was creeping into me slowly. With due respect and all the beautiful memories, tales, moments that we spent together I buried half of it inside a golden coffin into the womb of mother Earth where I know that it will be cherised with great care. And half of it I got burnt in front of my eyes among the golden flames and immersed it into the river of my purest and holiest tears. Though I'm full of courage now there's void to be never filled again. Forever in my memories I will cherish it, but will not have it in my life again. Thank you Dear Fear for teaching me how not to live a life, will miss you loads (Sobbing).

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  • the_unfiltered_ink 34w

    We have known each other from ages now.

    I remember how when I wasn't able to score good in my maths test, you popped up and filled my lungs with disbelief.

    There were times when I didn't like looking at myself in the mirror for you always came in between me and my sacred confidence.

    During my dance performance in college, when I was all set to rule the stage, you waved a Hi and shattered my oh so beautiful courage

    I remember those daunting nights
    when you just ripped off my mind
    that I would not be able to
    make it to my dream life.

    You tried to trap me tight,
    so that I couldn't fight,
    gradually I thought I won't survive
    But hell yes I triumphed with all my might
    and that probably became our last night
    That final encounter blew my mind
    I realized it was not you but me, who lied
    How crazy did I turned that I didn't find
    my own worth, I slowly turned unkind
    And that was all that spoiled my life.

    And today I thank you for being a part of it, your presence was quite hard but it taught me what I needed to discard to make it to the life i want.

    I wave you bye my dear self doubt, I am grateful for having you as a part of my journey. I can't thank you enough to help me know what I could have and achieve. Rest in peace my friend....


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    Rest in peace self-doubt

    During my dance performance in college, when I was all set to rule the stage, you waved a Hi and shattered my oh so beautiful courage

    I remember those daunting nights
    when you just ripped off my mind
    that I would not be able to
    make it to my dream life.


  • puchka 34w

    She lies buried under a heap of sadness
    Created with this virus
    Robbed and stolen from lives of people
    She may never resurrect
    Once upon a time ruling minds
    Sad demise of Happiness Girl

  • bellemoon99 34w

    We announce that one week after sadness died, happiness has passed as well.

    They were born at the same time and spent their whole life together.

    Happiness knew her sister wasn't as loved, but didn't care much. She gave everyone a smile and taught each soul how to laugh.

    People fought to kill sadness, so she would stay forever. However, no one understood that without being able to cry or grief...no one can laugh or enjoy.

    If anyone still cares, the funeral will be held at the drug store. Numbness will give a speech and is rumored that Addiction will announce their marriage during the event.

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    Miss one, miss both.


  • jewels2 34w


    Death to grief
    Over those who shed no tears
    Death to mourning
    Consuming all our years
    Death to sorrow
    For those who do not care
    Death to tears
    And hearts full of despair
    Death to grief
    Rest. In. Peace
    Joy has come
    Sweet relief

  • pheith 34w

    I don't want to be away from you
    But you make me fall into pain
    Deep as our souls

    I need to survive
    Without you,maybe I'll be shattered
    Still I have to say goodbye


  • rayhannahere 34w

    #obituary #wod @mirakee @mirakeeworld #StopAbuse #LatePost

    I've got name and picture different. Stop assumptions, it's my dumped past, long gone. Now, risen like Phoenix ��
    Teach child to be safe whether within family or outside.

    No wonder I could relate to Bible verse, Matthew 5:4,
    "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.."

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  • carrie09 34w

    #obituary #wod #writersnetwork
    There are many goodbyes in our life
    But some goodbye carved silent scars in
    Our hearts forever

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    Obituary to my little girl

    Date of birth :
    Seventeen, Thursday, December
    One thousand nineteen eighty four

    A beautiful yet short story of
    a little flower of ephemeral but lovely
    Her Life so pure and sweet.

    Date of death:
    On seventeen, Thursday, December
    One thousand nineteen ninety two

    Oh little flower, the welkin shone the starres bright ,but you withered and faded away as serein dropped her tears for you
    you left behind the void never be filled again.While we sang for you" Requiem eternam" rivers flowed from our tears but angels carried you away. Away to their Paradise,for you belong to them.


  • igautamji 34w

    This poem was written a few days ago in around 5 minutes or so.
    A friend of mine was sad that her blender had died while on a routine peanut butter extraction. This poem is dedicated to that blender. May he rest in peace.
    #obituary #peanutbutter #blender #food @writersnetwork #wod #pod

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    RIP Blender

    Peanut butter how I love you so,
    But for creating you, why did he have to go?
    I still remember fondly, the whirring noise he made,
    As it crushed roasted peanuts into such fine paste.
    And now it's all just a waste.
    He worked and worked until he could no more,
    Maybe I should have given him a break when he was sore.
    And now my poor food processor is no more.

    I know I'll just get a replacement from the electronics store.
    But it's not the same and never will be,
    O food processor, I'll forever remember you fondly.

  • miss_silentlyweird 34w

    ���� ʜᴏᴜʀꜱ ᴘᴏᴇᴍ

    24 hours
    Who knows I'm exhausted but I haven't sleep?
    When the lonely nights come I creep
    For I remember haunted memories do I need to weep?

    23 hours
    It's cold and I'm bored with darkness
    I can't reach the wall to scape into gloominess
    Neither my heart can't control by the wind of happiness

    22 hours
    My heart cramps reaching for dreams I'm restless
    I'm waiting for spring but only winter and atumnn comes with bitterness
    Hours instantaneous with no progress

    21 hours
    I tried to calm myself so I wrote poems all about this
    But past days is too long and heavy to list
    That my words unclear covered by mist

    2O hours
    I give up writing cause is no sense
    When all I can do is to crumpled my paper while still tense

    19 hours
    My phone beep receiving a text
    But I didn't read cause I'm out of energy in extent

    18 hours
    I ignore all notifs and just play music to sing along by hum
    However tears flows I bite my tounge to stop hurting my gum

    17 hours
    Music stop but not my tears — I'm stuck
    Although I hear the clock tick tock

    16 hours
    I wanted to close my eyes

    15 hours
    The sun is near to arise

    14 hours
    I lay in bed

    13 hours
    Aching head

    12 hours
    I set my alarm

    11 hours
    I'm harm

    10 hours
    With pain

    9 hours
    Making me insane

    8 hours
    I fail

    7 hours
    Already pale

    6 hours

    5 hours

    4 hours
    I bid goodbye

    3 hours
    With my blurry eye

    2 hours
    Sun peep

    1 hours
    I finally fall asleep


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    @mirakee @writersbay
    Source ��: Pinterest

    Bit messy but this is how I feel while writing.
    (Inspired in song entitled “24 hours")

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    24 reasons to bid goodbye


  • gonewiththewind 34w


    A little more and then again,
    A whole lifetime was never enough for you,
    But it seems today is the end of that never ending thrist.
    Kingdoms vanished,lives destroyed, siblings,friends turning on each other
    But all of this stops today.
    Today we bury you into the ground hoping you find that peace and satisfaction, hoping you are finally satisfied with all you got.


  • mona05 34w

    Today and Forever;

    I hereby declare that
    I cleansing my mind
    and soul from every
    negativity and not to
    entertain any
    toxic situations
    and relations

    I have come through
    from every
    leaps and bounds
    of life and how !

    #obituary #toxic #negativity @mirakee @writernetwork

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    Obituary to my toxicity:

    of all odd times
    I am alive and safe.
    I will begin
    my new journey
    with confidence
    and rediscover myself
    all over again.


  • himanshi_sharma 34w

    #obituary #goodbye #wod @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #mirakee #writersnetwork.

    Tuesday, April 6th , 2021 .

    // There should have been an obituary for the word "goodbye " itself . //
    It is a picky eater .
    ' Good ' is the piece of a cake fully enjoyed already.
    while ' bye ' remains the uneaten bread beneath it's cream spoiling silence in the kitchen.

    The schematics of " Goodbyes " live like a birthmark in my brain. Never trusting time due to what it delivers.
    Clothes have outgrown me many times over ,
    but the sadness of goodbyes never does.
    One size,
    fits all.

    Goodbye is simply one word,
    yet I'm so afraid of it.
    It's no vocal cord villain
    but evidence suggests a one word ' farewell '
    can serve innocent ears unjust death sentences.

    Endings are inevitable and sometimes quite necessary .
    And I'm not suggesting we should never say it .
    But our parting words need not necessarily be regrettable . They should be like -
    I'm not ready for this or I can't do this anymore or
    I'll miss you or that time is not right etc.
    Goodbye is sweet sorrow - one hollow word that makes your heart hurt .

    But I've learned to live with this word so well.
    I know how to suffer with a smile, dreading the beating of my heart.
    Its still unfair right?
    I don't want to take these deep breaths ,
    while I masquerade as the member of the living dead . Never Outgrowing the desire of happy endings,
    Of endings without goodbyes.


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    Tuesday, April 6th , 2021 .

    // There should have been an obituary for the word "goodbye " itself . //

    It is a picky eater .
    ' Good ' is the piece of a cake fully enjoyed already.
    while ' bye ' remains the uneaten bread beneath it's cream spoiling silence in the kitchen.


  • phoenix_in_ashes 34w

    Rip Regrets

    It was October with sombre shades
    Shattered Fragments of emotions
    Felt Drowning in the sorrowful ocean
    Till the wretchedness had me to the bottom
    There's how demise of it all began
    When burden of resents and regrets were dead
    Resting in the bottom of consciousness forever
    Leaving all dread from past and betrayals,
    Suddenly i was assuaged enough to swim again
    To miraculously find the shore for solace
    Today in this graveyard of fallen musings
    I choose to bid adieu all persistent regrets,
    Since every bit of it eventually got me higher
    Scared me bad with but never Bereaved of lessons
    And hence with my heart melting in march
    My melodies of life want to be free from hurt
    To embrace Plethora of days to come
    I hereby deprive my self of all memories of resent
    In order to bury them both for perpetuity
    May it goes away and never returns to me

  • seagull_s 34w

    The more I wanna be free, I wanna find the old me again, I accidentally enter into your cursed chapter in my life and get lost for once again.Now the love ia turned into a memory, full of despair and my life is just for the death of my shape.

  • hoorbanu98 34w

    Obituary to House Release♥

    March 2020
    It was an entry of summer in the world, the brightnes of sun was born. Like a normal life every one were out of their houses. People were at their works with some as an officer, teacher, manager, lover, career seeker, tea seller, bus driver, each and every body were indulged in their own self. The life was at enjoying level.

    Then times come were every body has to make themselves as a "House Arrest" because to be self stay safe life. Because their was a newcomer in the universe that appeared as "CORONA" It spreads through humans as opposite cold in their bodies.

    So governments took their country decisions, says people be at home don't come out and strict rules on human life's.

    So, here the concept of how food comes in every ones home?
    Till today @6-April-2021, its a year and still we're fighting to get out of "House Arrest".

    May GOD, free all of us from this tough, tough, and most toughest time ever in the world.


  • shrutiwari299 34w

    Obituary to unhealthy habits

    From the last couple of years unhealthy habits has become my close companion, ya it will be hard to spend rest of my life without you but I will work hard and soon will get over you.
    May all of us who are reading this move on and adopt a healthy life ahead.

  • the_speccy_outsider 34w

    What else would you call an Obituary to Love
    A stygian abyss of lies
    As it is to be carried out with limitations
    Love Is Love they manifest
    But silenced are those who try to preach it


    #obituary #stygianc

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  • acharyavp32 72w


    Write your obituary now....It'll change your entire perspective of life