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  • rlandry 11w

    Novembers are for forgetting you,
    After things became too intense.

    Novembers are for never really forgetting you.
    Even 3 Novembers later.

    This November is for falling in love with you.
    Fully knowing next November will be remembering you.


  • biswajitdev 11w

    *Bloom like a #wildflower stained with strong #willpower*

    Dear Redolent #Florets,
    Have a glance for sure and drop your favourite flower �� if you feel so within the verse.
    A #Bud is waiting for your suggestions.
    ** Are you worried, My #Flower !
    Not being worn on the #Remembrance day nor drooped in the #Beauty's midnight hair
    Growing in the lone #grace of #sun and #dew that none glare or care!

    Smile like those #abandoned flowers
    showcasing true colours of #summer and #shower
    The art of #abandonment makes you wildly free wildflower
    reminding all a spirit lives free and sustains with strong willpower.
    Reach out, discover inner beauty and #bloom becoming #precious
    as there's so much #hope and #happiness to share ... **

    Remembrance Day - The action of remembering dead souls, Droop - Bend or Hang downwards (Decorate purpose), Beauty - Represents a woman here, Grace - Charm, Glare - Stare, Abandoned - Havinh been left, Showcase - Show or Display, Sustain - Undergo, Willpower - Dedication*

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    #start #wod #miraquil #pod #writersnetwork #somuchc #writersbay #novemberc #november #caesreposts #flowers #innerbeauty #beauty

    Picture �� credit to the rightful owner
    -- Pinterest --

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    Wildly free Wildflower

    Are you worried, My Flower !
    Not being worn on the Remembrance day nor drooped in the Beauty's midnight hair
    Growing in the lone grace of sun and dew that none glare or care!

    Smile like those abandoned flowers
    showcasing true colours of summer and shower
    The art of abandonment makes you wildly free wildflower
    reminding all a spirit lives free and sustains with strong willpower.
    Reach out, discover inner beauty and bloom becoming precious
    as there's so much hope and happiness to share ...


  • nocturnal_enigma 12w

    * 5.11.2021; 3.02 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    #novemberc #November #challenge @writersbay


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    November ~

    November has started for a few days.
    Your Mom's birthday is in 2 weeks,
    19th November. I remember.
    I want to wish your Mom on that day. Can I?
    You called my Mom as Mama.
    Can I call your Mom as Mama too?
    BTW, do you notice that,
    it's not just you resemble your Mom.
    You and me are lookalikes.
    Plus, there's a resemblance between your Mom and me.
    Will you choose me who look like your Mom
    or choose HER, who doesn't?
    Your Mom's Sun Sign is Scorpio.
    My Moon Sign is Scorpio.
    While my Mom's Rising Sign is Scorpio.
    How I wish, we 3 can get along with each other.
    Based on Sln.me website, relationship compability between your Mom and me is Sibling. Same like compatibility between your Mom and my Mom. Sibling too. But, compability between your Dad and HER is parent-child. Your Dad must be choosing HER as his daughter in law. You choose HER, eventhough your compability with HER is Friendship. You 2 have been friends for 10 years. While you don't want to marry me, eventhough our compatibility is Marriage. We only knew each other since 28 months ago. Compatibility of your Mom and Dad is Love. Same like compatibility of my Dad and Step-mom. Both couples are lovely. Loving each other for forever ever after.
    How I wish U & I, can also be together.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • roel_gonz 12w

    I see the ocean waves
    gleam in your eyes
    And like every morning
    Our souls dancing
    In the mood of sweet music
    Rhythm in blues
    As November daylight
    Capture the skyline hues

  • sproutedseeds 12w


    Every November has its own story
    But this November is special
    Every corner Echoes of crackers heard
    Every house illuminated with rows of diyas
    and colourful Rangoli at door step
    to welcome goddess Lakshmi
    for peace and prosperity
    Strings of colourful lights hanging at windows
    Aroma of sweet and savouries
    mixed in the air alongwith joy
    It's Diwali!!!!
    Festival of lights!

    Happy Deepavali!!!!


  • antheia_ 12w

    #symbol #chastushka #novemberc

    ��ℴ��ℯ����ℯ�� is for...
    Those argentine beams of the ������������ moon
    teasing the autumnal ������������ bestrewn
    upon the swaying glades of ���������� it festoons
    mystical precious silvern runes
    mirth burgeons in the soil jejune
    hope riffles in tree blossoms though li'l hewn.



    P. S~
    Sharad (ritu)~ Autumn season as per the Hindi lunar calendar.
    Sewali ~ Assamese name of the Shiuli/ Shefali flower (night flowering jasmine).
    Kohua(bon)~ Assamese name of Kaash phool/ Kaas grass.

    So very thankful for the appreciation❣️ @writersnetwork

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    ℴℯℯ is for...

  • just_broken 12w

    November whispers the colony of leçons

    ~peel me open or peel me raw

    It was a November
    every time I step older and one year younger;
    the scent of sorrow,hanging
    in the air with
    a parcel of blasted balloons weaving red roses
    from crushed pieces of rotting blood

    And every November taste like tree blossoms
    when pollen of tears wiping the meadows
    with pink petals
    But this year of whipped November,
    squeezed and crushed with stolen crystal
    maze of snow fields.

    Snow crisps no longer melt in a sunset evening
    but turn into dusk when it is almost dawn
    at least it fuses or dims
    the streets with smoke and dust.
    look not or turn not to the grave but
    carry the blasted balloons to blow it alone

    Yet I embraced the leçons
    that every November whispers,as the vocabulary
    of silence has more words than
    Oxford or thesaurus

    //and little did it whisper the leçons//

    — Somewhere in the month of November
    I lost my mind with anger in an age of losing
    pen lids and pencil clips
    crying for the dust pressed rubber piece
    to clear the past with magical spells
    Yet,broken bones made a bridge to walk over the spine
    towards the balloon to be filled
    while I accepted the hurricane of anger

    — it’s the nature of me or human?
    to be forever in pain
    or the process of the digestive system
    to crumble the crumb of tears I inhale
    crushing it with saliva of blood to make
    a paste of repentance
    and to release it with forgiveness
    so,it all work together to digest the pain
    twice than I breathe

    — feeling of abandonment and betrayal
    ignorance of innocence
    just like the dull and cloudy days,
    crying in the cold nights under the rays of half moon
    my heart was aching and trust was dissolved
    along the tears that kiss the ground
    And always struggling with the memories
    that separated me from the soul to the
    body that walk with skeleton

    — and again it’s November with
    blooming cherry blossoms and fluttering butterflies
    I feel no more cold or nothing
    as I have lost my senses and now walking
    without the backbone
    not a vertebrate anymore
    nor an invertebrate,just a body
    which carries the past weaving poignant poetries
    And hurt has become a bone of life
    so,I move on carrying all the ignorance

    //there used to be here
    there used to be the pain
    this,I remember
    this,I repent and regret

    there used to be there
    there used to be the broken heart

    but it’s all November a colony of leçons//

    ~to be broken forever

  • beleza_ 12w

    #symbol #novemberc #moment

    The rosey lamps of the gardens are awakening with the hope of love on the dreary sand
    I will embrace the new attraction of your love in the motion of my old trend

    Drunken drops of dew are feeling the behavior of shy petals of roses
    I will keep filling in the proportion of love, with the lovely juicy doses

    Secretly rose is awakening love by spreading a sheet of dew on the velvet buds in the clouds of leaves
    By blossoming the roses of your choice in my hands, I will hide and hold thorns sheaves

    Every branch surrounded by thorns is spreading and distributing thirsty buds
    Even after being away from you, I will not leave mashed fragrant roses like the suds

    The chill of November is painting again on my smudged lips the kiss of rosey wine
    I know more than your hand, the touch of a red rose before your hand on my spine

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    Don't know for which hands that rose was
    you mentioned beauty & in return the
    fragrance kissed my hands

  • diamond49 12w


    Novembers confuse
    Season's not so cold nor hot
    Its something in the middle
    Icecream doesn't melt on tongue
    And cup of hot coffee burns
    Sometimes it gives shivers
    Sometimes it feels warm
    This change into winters
    November brings fall

  • shruti_25904 12w

    Dunno what I hv written ������������
    @miraquill #novemberc @writersnetwork @writersnetwark @writersbay #ceesreposts

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    Novembers are to fill the room with warmth of breath, feeling shy before the sunshine, not letting the ice to melt, letting out all the exertions and bad times we faced the entire year and feeling light atleast for the last 2 months

  • thorvi_mule 12w

    November is the transient beauty of nature, draped in the hues of white- shining amidst the twinkling lights of the sketchy stars, just in the achromatic lights! November is the stillness in the lively life. It's solely a meek passion to perceive! Moving towards its end left us with a journey full of memories and lesson to from- to start a new beginning!

  • _solitaire_ 12w


    November is when the snow melts like marshmallows on tongue and night comes early whilst the bonfire burns.


  • antarraal 12w

    This November,
    when Autumn bids farewell
    and Winter walks in quietly,
    I will blow balloons in reds, blues,
    purples and greens,
    not for seasons, not for complex reasons,
    but with the undying faith
    of inhaling the redolence of red rose
    radiating love,
    of kissing the pristine four leaf clover
    showering good luck,
    of embracing the evergreen trees
    blossoming life.
    This November,
    I salute to the endless loops of
    goodness, kindness and hopefullness
    timeless symbols of humanity and humaneness


  • daffodilpearlzz 12w

    In this poem, oneirataxia is considered as the interface between reality and dreamworld. #symbol #novemberc

    Thank you for the like WN ���� EC ��

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    —• IT SHALL RISE •—

    My share to speed might need to shoot high,
    For my balloon of hopes, else wouldn't fly.
    When the raindrops draw rivulets on its surface,
    I stumble infront of oneirataxia; an interface.

    Gathering my valour; I deep dive down once
    Into an ocean of serendipity; just below my hopes
    I maneuver the journey amid voids and clouds;
    my balloon looks like 'tis dressed alike dowds.

    The applauds I heard ago, are conundrums now
    They tore apart my voice cord; I scream, but how.
    I try to let my sky and ground meet, somewhere;
    Ended up hunting horizons; found 'em nowhere.

    In my balloon I still remain; this november too
    I have maple leaves, sunrays and lavenders too
    Kept 'em safe in a basket; the journey isn't short
    Hopes and dreams in a string; stretched taut.

    I keep going; no matter what; life is a choice
    The noise might silence my cord; not my voice.
    My balloon shall never stoop; it shall float and rise
    Shall it be guided by knowledge and the wise.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Wed 3 Nov 2021

  • doux_torment 12w

    She who sings lullaby to tame the beast who steals stars from her skies in November

    While uncovering the veil of shroud from her quaint yet seraphic face, the crowd asked who's she?

    Reflection of moon in her dead eyes graciously answered'
    "A wild wolf like Athena, who walked amidst roses and built an elysian castle of thorns but never felt at home. The clover leaves which was supposed to bestow her blessings remained encaged inside her broken rib cage and instead brought leisons and lessons.
    Maybe because she was fated to suffer all alone.
    Maybe because It was her fate to knit poignant poetries of severance in her unheard and unseen reveries to stitch the hem of heart all by herself
    And then turn it into a gossamer quilt after feeling abandoned by treacherous November.

  • crystal_snow 12w

    #symbol #novemberc #wod
    Thank you for the ❤️ WN(22)

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    Meant for the red roses,
    Which fall of the eyes of lovers.
    And decorate eachother hairs
    Blooming prettier roses, in their hearts

    Meant for four leaf Clover
    That paint peoples destiny
    With lovely green, and a hundred smiles.

    Meant for the spring blooms
    That bloom without Ms.November's permission
    In broken souls
    Gifting them pearls of happiness, hope and colours.

    Meant for leaving the balloons from your hopeless hands.
    And leave them upto the sky.
    For the clouds hug them, filling hope within.
    And come back to kiss you.

    November is the colour you decide to paint in your broken heart.


  • writersbay 12w

    Today, write about Novembers. What are they for?

    Tag and share with #novemberc

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    Novembers are for softest sleep when skies are dark and grey. They do not mind the time you keep when night looks much like day. They do not mind the rain that falls so warmly down your cheek. 'Rest easy now' is what they'd say if months knew how to speak.

    – Ellis Nightingale