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  • _mathematics 55w

    The lover from the other street who has one day took off the road, unaware that the exit is exactly your address I searched a lot over my google map from the past days where I missed you but didn't show up or cried.
    I felt it and this subtly emanated through the words written over my English vocabulary notebook or my mixed playlist of songs might seem too dark However they are the light to my blank space.

    Your rubber band is in my wallet. One day mother asked who this belongs to I said to you but lied that I would return.
    I won't you know that somewhere in your heart.
    Do you too have a dream personified as me in your heart as I have you wholly in my heart?

    Not necessarily as love but as a feeling you would love to partake once ( Just the love part cause I have dealt with the grief). I am saying you unless I am myself, I am nothing. So meet me only when it's possible otherwise
    the possibility of yearning turning to an urge won't take too much time to wreck the world I have built with your memories collected every hour passing within the clock
    hanging over the wall.

    I am stuck in between the paths one taking me to the street with starlight scenic while the other to the outskirts of the city where dark space seems more serene to the operated heart ( no stitches or wound just ironically, trying to cut down the veins and portraying myself with the madness for love).

    Is it me or have you too gone through this?
    So many questions to answer but none to discern the real query of ours?

    tuje huya kya he
    Akhir is dard kii Dawa kya he
    jaan tum par nisaar karthaan hoon
    - Ayushmaan Khurana

    Title format credit to the rightful owner

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    my no-well heart

    खुद से वफ़ा
    कर बैठी है रुह
    जबसे तुझ संग
    प्रित लगी।

  • rekhuu 55w

    Change of fate.?!

    When it's 3am and you can't sleep in the comfort of your sweet home. Your thoughts going in a spiral from your myriad failures to the possibility of doomsday. The four walls threatening to engulf you in its monotony - pulling you harder with each passing minute and making you feel doomed forever, when all of a sudden, the starlight sneaks into your room and presents to you a novel idea that was so long elusive. .


  • thoughtsprocess 56w

    Word used: Elflock

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    I was thinking
    that I could rewrite
    the script of my destiny
    The twists and turns of
    the original script were confusing
    like my elflocks
    I was confident to create
    an epic while living
    each and every page of it
    Everything was going fine
    and smooth
    I was happy
    and satisfied to recreate
    the manuscript of my own destiny
    It seemed that
    everything was under control

    But one fine day
    I faced an unexpected turn
    in my script
    It came to break
    all the webs of my illusions
    I lost all my control over it
    I am talking about that day
    when I met you for the first time
    I left to write the novel of my life

    From that day
    you have been writing and
    adding new dimensions to my story
    Though this is my novel
    But I have dedicated
    all my blank pages to you

    I don't know how many pages
    are there
    But I am sure that
    those pages will be painted
    by colours of your dreams
    They will be filled by your thoughts
    Now it is up to you
    how you will fill them
    You will have to decide
    You will paint them with
    colours of Spring
    or you will pour
    dull and dark shades
    of Autumn on them
    Whatever you will scribble on them
    will be engraved on my heart and soul

    This novel was started by me
    But you will decide
    how to end it
    Either you will create
    an eternal love saga
    or it will remain
    an incomplete sobbing story
    I have surrendered
    Now it is all yours
    Me and my novel.


  • bellemoon99 56w

    Let me

    As an author a novel is not only a simple story.
    I read your pages and try to discover the hidden messages between your lines.
    I allow your words to kiss me, to taunt me, and to eclipse my life.
    Show me, oh show me, your true self.
    Allow my humble hands to bring you to life. Bring you to this world.

  • paradoxicalpenman 56w


    Own skin source of insecurity,
    Burns daily,
    Evolution one two many,
    Still light years from comfortability,

    Pride soars high,
    First aboard the train to sky,
    Humility boards it last,
    To and fro it's journey regular,
    Pride's class stratocumulus,
    Humility stuck with cumulonimbus,
    Getting dirty a daily chore,
    As people sigh with relief,
    Blessed with the aroma of petrichor,

    Perfection personified,
    Ready to replace moon,
    Dazzling due to the light of others,
    Shadow shows your scars,
    At least sun tries to hide the Moon's,

    Chaos, hidden desire,
    Peace, the ideal answer,
    Tragedy, people detest,
    Sob story, many buyers,
    Fantasy novels, escape,
    Real news, no viewers,
    Propaganda bullshit, cult followers,
    Underdog tale, many champions,
    Tale turns reality, critic choice,
    Actors, idols
    Writers, who,
    Politicians, god,
    People, who,
    Scientists, architect of your surrounding,
    Society, huge credits due...

    Hypocrisy, foundation of any civilization,
    Lies, roots of any culture,
    Norm, agreed upon values of some losers,
    Principle, manipulative tactic for the conscience
    Heroes, shown society the mirror,
    Villains, shown society the mirror,
    Road same, turn different....


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    Ask me a question you don't wanna know the answer to?
    Exactly, I get it, you know it already, don't you?

  • ramya04 56w

    His novel idea
    helps the company
    to a huge margin of profit.

  • bonitasarahbabu 56w

    My life is filled with excerpts,
    Excerpts from novels I've read.
    Some bring me joy,
    While others bring me sorrow and ire.
    Over travelled the world through novels,
    And thankfully those were inexpensive trips.
    It is a novel idea to invest,
    Invest in novels that bring peace to the soul.

  • bubbly_bluebells 56w

    I gulped the night
    Chewed your fragrance
    Though i was a dandelion
    Blowed others wishes
    Freely towards fulfilling
    Yet they burned down
    my fluffy feathers
    from their gaslightening
    And lighters

    People intentionally damage
    When you are too friendly to care
    because don't have boundaries
    misuse silence when they know
    She don't have courage to say no
    and make you culprit & sneak

    About whatever bad happens
    Whether victim is also me
    But also criminal to not protect
    My soul sighs and yearnings
    Which is foolishness to not stop
    Them doing so when did that first time
    Reason,think getting another chance
    Is very easy from stupid her
    Practice calendestine stabbing
    in multiplications
    Yet not stop until you will not kick out
    Them from life by own
    Though make excuses,
    whitewash everything to stick

    Yes,i was stupid!
    Give you all space in my orbs
    Should have barricated myself
    Like a novel within the electric wirings
    Left you peeking from the cage holes
    In the helpless state,without touching it!

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    Cause vampires
    shouldn't have authority
    to get in,
    to raid the tower
    They only way
    needs to protect
    the personal;
    Treasured space!

  • pallavi4 56w


    Daddy won’t let me go outside and play
    And no play clothes do I own
    So I planned to trick him one fine day
    And make some on a loan

    That night I tip toed into the governess room
    For it is she who would help me out
    If this goes sideways it is your doom
    Says she after I take this route

    We pulled down the curtains that were hung
    And she proceeded to cut out patterns
    While I stood at the door to act like a bung
    Though to see the pieces I did yearn

    Slowly she sewed them into the most
    Beautiful clothes I’d ever seen
    I finally had play clothes that I could boast
    Of that shine and sparkle and gleam

    I patted my back of having had
    Such a novel idea in my head
    Then hid my play suit away from dad
    Under the safety of my bed

    I got up the next morn all excited to be
    Ready to go out and play
    So I got dressed but after breakfast only to see
    Something that ruined my day

    The maid had discovered my play suit
    And was threatening to tell my dad
    I tried my best to act nice and cute
    I knew this was going to look very bad

    She didn’t fall for my gimmicks and
    Proceeded to march down the hall
    Like the sergeant heading a band
    While I pretended to play with my ball

    Oh what is this, my dad said to me
    Did you cut the governesses drapes
    I cannot imagine who you were trying to be
    Walking around wearing flowers and grapes

    I said, “I want to go out and play like others
    So I forced her to make me a play suit
    I cannot image why you it bothers
    If I’m willing to walk around wearing fruits”

    “It bothers me because it will later bother you my son
    There’s a reason why you’re kept inside
    With a broken leg how exactly will you run
    Or seek when others hide ? “

    I looked down at my plastered leg and frowned
    While my governess was taken for a chat
    I was still mad at the maid who’d my play suit found
    So I quietly stayed and played on the living room mat


    21st of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • suranjana__ 56w

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    i would rather weave poems
    with your leftover memories
    memories that i snatched away
    from the throat of a werewolf
    resting in the dense forest
    as he was gulping them.

    i would rather dance on barefoot
    with your leftover blood fondling on thy floor
    floor that was yawning to swallow
    those bright shoes of yours
    you kept in the wardrobe years ago
    before voyaging to the cerulean sky.

    i would rather whisper tales
    with your leftover bluish ink to the folios
    folios that are still grabbing
    the smoky fragrances of your cigar
    and the torn peripheries still whirling
    as the zephyr teases their body.

    i would rather paint the canvas
    with your leftover hues that lies
    lies about your perpetual bond with ecstasy
    hiding there millions of scars and wounds
    it recites about being blissful all the time
    but howls with shattered alphabets.

    i would rather knit the novel
    with your leftover sentences
    sentences that are all mismatched
    somehow waving about a pending death
    of a body that was embracing to vacate
    to the anatomy
    of canopies, of bushes,
    of oceans, of lakes,
    of skies, of rainbows,
    of animals or of plants but not
    of a human.


  • under_the_umbrella 56w

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    I would rather weave poems with your leftover memories
    Than succumbing to the world of loneliness and misery
    Staying awake all night long
    Drowning in the sea of regrets
    And mystery

    You are like the wind, nowhere in sight
    And yet to crucial
    I paint with the scar of lie
    And decorate with your worn out jewel

    I gulped the night and chewed your fragrance
    Determined to escape this endless pain
    To get away from the agony
    And grievance

    Your name rests between my lips like a prayer
    How many times will I beg to the stone and visit the Chapel
    Kneeling on ice cold floor and whisper?

    Mornings bring endless battlefield
    and nights bring the true sense
    Never again your lips would flow the nectar
    Nor your eyes will see me,
    I will be deprived of my own existence

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    Fighting the lost fight in vain
    scratching the wound and bleeding again


  • blooming_fossil 56w

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    Mornings bring endless battlefields
    and I struggle to not lose
    but nights are relentless trespassers,
    who ultimately defeat me,
    with darkness killing tiny crescent of the moon,
    stars prying their pointed noses into my heart,
    and insomnia straddling my scarlet-rimmed eyes.


    I gulped the night and chewed your fragrance
    and your thoughts stray my mind like the dry dandelions dancing at my door,
    making my heart go as berserk as August raindrops thumping at my window,
    only to break like the rusty tree branch in front of my house remembering your promises.


    Your name rests between my lips like a prayer
    while I'm high on heartbreak and the night sky,
    smoking remnants of scars of the moon
    and puffing out poems.


    I would rather weave poems
    with your leftover memories
    than spin stories
    and fill novels with lies.


  • bohemian_ballerina 56w

    You are like the wind,
    Nowhere in sight and yet so crucial
    In my world of nostalgia.
    I breathe you in like honey
    And you gulp down my heart like memories.
    I wander and stare at the mauve sky
    And try to catch your essence
    From the dripping dusk.
    Finally, I site you in the effervescent stars,
    And weave a starry novel of You.


  • sagamar 56w

    I relished in the novel things of the dark, that time of the night when thing are bought into being, ideas are turned over in the head, innovations are made, questions pondered over,
    For the night was a time of birth, of flowers preparing to bloom, of people preparing for another day.
    Are any of us ever as truly awake as when we are asleep?

  • writersbay 56w

    Word of the day: Novel

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    Eid Mubarak, everyone! 🌼

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    Word of the day

    The person,
    be it gentleman or lady,
    who has not pleasure
    in a good novel,
    must be intolerably stupid.

    ~ Jane Austen

  • miss_silentlyweird 56w

    The wind blows
    Feelings flow
    Where should I forego?
    When I don't have place to go?

    Miracle where are you?
    I keep shouting without a clue
    But then miraquill comes out of the blue
    It becomes my comfort coffee brew

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    #starlightc #odehomec
    #novelc #miraquill
    @miraquill @writersbay

    ( Late here but Belated Happy birthday Miraquill��)

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    What is miraquill?

    It is a place brimming with starlight where writers sparkle in their own novel manner.