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    Hello and a big thank you to everyone who's recently followed me! Here's a scene from chapter one of Saevenia!
    #story #fantasy #author #novel #game

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    Rennald and Narora

    "... but why now? The girl's presence here has been common knowledge for YEARS. She's not in any kind of danger. Girian, as big a fool as he is, has done a good job so far." Rennald seemed exasperated, sweat glistening on his forehead despite the cold.
    "That doesn't matter. Her powers... Soon enough she'll know how to use them."
    "Why does that matter?"
    The hooded figure sighed. "Eon believes her to be not only of magical blood."
    Rennald's eyes widened. "No. She can't be. The Oracle tells us the time of the next Aurfairene isn't for another thousand years."

  • kashyapmanisha91 8w

    Abhi kaanch hain isliye chubhte hain,
    Jis din aaina ban jayenge,
    duniya dekhegi..


  • sicklypoetic 8w

    On wuthering heights

    What if there were no storms ?
    No wind, no rain barred Lockwood's way
    from Thrushcross Grange to the
    to the solitary farmhouse.

    And the sound of ferocious universe
    didn't sweep the house
    rattling its contents around
    as if to mark the impending doom as Healthcliffe ran away.

    And no storms
    heaved in the chests
    of the unsettled inhabitants
    of Wuthering Heights
    unleashing the chaos within ?

    What if there were no storms
    in our stories ?


  • pallavi4 9w


    Daddy won’t let me go outside and play
    And no play clothes do I own
    So I planned to trick him one fine day
    And make some on a loan

    That night I tip toed into the governess room
    For it is she who would help me out
    If this goes sideways it is your doom
    Says she after I take this route

    We pulled down the curtains that were hung
    And she proceeded to cut out patterns
    While I stood at the door to act like a bung
    Though to see the pieces I did yearn

    Slowly she sewed them into the most
    Beautiful clothes I’d ever seen
    I finally had play clothes that I could boast
    Of that shine and sparkle and gleam

    I patted my back of having had
    Such a novel idea in my head
    Then hid my play suit away from dad
    Under the safety of my bed

    I got up the next morn all excited to be
    Ready to go out and play
    So I got dressed but after breakfast only to see
    Something that ruined my day

    The maid had discovered my play suit
    And was threatening to tell my dad
    I tried my best to act nice and cute
    I knew this was going to look very bad

    She didn’t fall for my gimmicks and
    Proceeded to march down the hall
    Like the sergeant heading a band
    While I pretended to play with my ball

    Oh what is this, my dad said to me
    Did you cut the governesses drapes
    I cannot imagine who you were trying to be
    Walking around wearing flowers and grapes

    I said, “I want to go out and play like others
    So I forced her to make me a play suit
    I cannot image why you it bothers
    If I’m willing to walk around wearing fruits”

    “It bothers me because it will later bother you my son
    There’s a reason why you’re kept inside
    With a broken leg how exactly will you run
    Or seek when others hide ? “

    I looked down at my plastered leg and frowned
    While my governess was taken for a chat
    I was still mad at the maid who’d my play suit found
    So I quietly stayed and played on the living room mat


    21st of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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    Wanna make guesses ?....... It's a cult classic Horror novel!
    #book #gift #read #novel #horror #classic #cult #thriller

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    Just got 1 of the 2 book gifts,
    Ab raat Ko Padhne Mein Maza Aayega

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    رقصِ عشق فرش تک
    جنونِ اپسرا عرش تک
    مبتلاءِ محبت مرض تک
    فناِ یار لحدِ موت تک

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    Zherrain the Assassin

    "Not many people go to The Deep and live. But Zherrain did. He was born there. His twin died, father disappeared for reasons unknown, and his mother took her own life. Zherrain is a survivor. Aimless as he may be, but he's alive."

    - a quote from Saevenia


  • simoneheinis 10w

    Ciara the Aurfairene

    Saevenia, the enigmatic moon of a giant ringed planet called Tayaceena, holds a unique position in the universe it resides in. For Saevenia to move around the galaxies, the heart of an Aurfairene is needed for it to take flight. But since the coming of the next Aurfairene is pushed forwards by a thousand years by mysterious forces, things start to go wrong.

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    അവൾ പറഞ്ഞു :നിങ്ങളോടുള്ള ഇഷ്ടം ഒരല്പം പോലും എനിക്ക് കുറഞ്ഞിട്ടില്ല. അത്‌ എന്നും വളർന്നുകൊണ്ടേയിരുന്നു.അത്‌ ആഴത്തിൽ തിങ്ങി നിറഞ്ഞതുകൊണ്ടാണ് ഒന്നും മിണ്ടാനാകാതെ ഓരോ തവണയും ഞാൻ പിൻവാങ്ങുന്നത്.അത് അണപൊട്ടിയോഴുകിയാൽ ചിലതെല്ലാം നഷ്ടപെടാം.
    എന്റേതു വളരെ ചെറിയൊരു ലോകമാണ്. വിരലിൽ എണ്ണാവുന്നവർ മാത്രം.അവർക്ക് വേണ്ടിയൊരു ജീവിതം.അവിടെ ഇഷ്ടങ്ങൾക്ക് എന്ത് പ്രസക്തി? അവരുടെ തീരുമാനങ്ങൾ മാത്രമാണ് എനിക്ക് ശെരി.
    നിങ്ങളെ കാത്തിരിക്കുന്ന വലിയൊരു ലോകമുണ്ട്. അവിടെ ഒരുപാട് പേരുണ്ട്. അവർക്കിടയിൽ നിങ്ങൾ പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കുന്ന പോലെയുള്ളവരുണ്ട്.അവർക്കിടയിൽ ആരെയും കണ്ടില്ലെങ്കിൽ മാത്രം നിങ്ങൾക്ക് നടത്താവുന്ന നിങ്ങൾ പറഞ്ഞതുപോലെയുള്ള ഒരു തിരഞ്ഞെടുപ്പായിരിക്കും നിങ്ങൾക്ക് ഞാൻ എന്നത് .തിരഞ്ഞെടുക്കാതെ ആരൊക്കെയോ ബാക്കിവച്ചു പോയവൾ.
    അതിനാൽ എനിക്ക് ഇനിയും പ്രതീക്ഷകൾ ഇല്ല. സ്വപ്‌നങ്ങൾ ഇല്ല. പക്ഷേ എന്റെ മരണം വരെ സ്നേഹമുണ്ടാകും.
    എനിക്ക് എല്ലാം അവസാനിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു. ഇനിയൊരു തുടക്കതിനു നിങ്ങൾ വരണം.അത്‌ ഉത്തരങ്ങൾ നൽകാനോ അതോ എല്ലാം എന്നന്നേയ്ക്കുമായി അവസാനിപ്പിക്കാനോ എന്നെനിക്കറിയില്ല. എന്നാൽ അത്‌ വരെ നിങ്ങൾ സ്വതന്ത്രനും ഞാൻ ജീവിതം പടുത്തുയർത്താൻ പ്രിയപെട്ടവർക്കായി അധ്വാനിക്കുന്നവളും മാത്രം ആയിരിക്കും.

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    Vathi met Vaathi

    Chapters released till today..
    1. Fantasy love story to Suspicious mystery
    2. Things are piled up
    3. Digging the past
    4. The Big writing.
    5. The big writing-continues
    6. Calligraphy book
    7. My name is Hamsavathi Adah Devaraj
    8. Where is Shenoy?
    9. I'm afraid of

    When I started writing this book I had no idea about how to plan chapter names?
    Slowly I did it.. My chapter names are a part of the dialogue of my characters in that particular chapter. Situational chapter names.

    Like here I named chapter 7 " My name is Hamsavathi Adah Devaraj" which is a part of this dialogue in this chapter
    " Dr. Kanika reading the book in her room.
    She has completed reading half of the book.

    Before going to bed she reads a page with a line saying, " Vinay used to call me Hamsa in Goa University. I always hate, when he calls me Hamsa. He calls me Hamsa because my name is Hamsavathi Adah Devaraj."

    Her parents are continuing their familial legacy. They respect both Indian culture and Italian culture. That's why they named her Hamsavathi, an Indian name from the mantra
    "Hamsavathi mukhya shakti samanvitha" meaning " Goddess Durga who is surrounded by Shakthi or strength called Hamsavathi".
    Her Biblical name Adah means adornment.
    Great cultures.
    May God bless Vathi with peace of mind.
    It's time to sleep."

    Vathi met Vaathi @webnovel ebook

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    It's been long since you are gone...the roads we have taken together don't scare me anymore,I walk on them,feeling as light as the air...I pass by your home everytime I go to the market but now I hardly have a look at it to see if you are back from hostel...I go the same cafe where I shared my mojito and white sauce pasta along with some laughter,love and a million of memories and moments but barely any of them bothers me now...
    because it's been long since you are gone...I sleep on the bed where we both cuddled when my parents weren't home but I don't get nightmares anymore...I sleep on the same pillow which once was always drenched by my tears but had been dry since a time I can't even remember!!
    It's been hell of a time since you are gone and I can't even remember your lips that I kissed ,your ears I had biten,the sight of those eyes,those long heavy hands,I can't recall how you looked,you are like silhouette which is mouthless,eyeless and is just a border that resembles some kinda body form but...
    But I haven't forgotten your touch...how It felt like getting hit by a lightning of thousand volt when you touched, and, when yesterday,I felt that lightening again in the mall when a boy passed me by,I remembered everything...the silhouette has a face now,I m getting nightmares again, pillows are wet these days,my eyes unintentionally look at your home now,I shifted my cafe now and I never knew there are so many roads that can lead to the market...
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  • imsensiblyyours 14w

    One day you will wake up and realise that all you have done was for nothing.


  • ashart 15w


    4 Types of Writing Styles

    There are four general stylistic categories that writing falls into. These different types of writing styles are differentiated by their purpose. Writers will use one of these general styles while also incorporating their own personal style into their piece:

    Expository writing: An expository writing style is used for delivering facts and information rather than storytelling. Examples of expository writing include nonfiction books, scientific writing, technical writing, and news articles.

    Descriptive writing: A descriptive style uses figurative language and sensory details to paint a picture in a reader’s mind. Poets use this type of writing style in their work.

    Narrative writing: Narrative style has a plot, characters, and setting and is used in creative writing. It is the style writers use to craft a novel, novella, or screenplay. Examples of narrative writing style include Ernest Hemingway’s short story “The Old Man and the Sea” and The Shining by Stephen King.

    Persuasive writing: A persuasive writing style tries to influence readers to adopt the writer’s point of view. Examples of persuasive writing include letters of recommendation, academic writing, and cover letters.

  • akshay_vasu 16w

    She was sleeping on the bed, like a novel that is yet to be read. And he sat on the floor, reading her, moving his fingers through her hair, and gazing at her face like she was magic that none ever understood.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • willemvanherk 17w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 14 Part 3

    " How could this happen " said Easeion. " I wanted Colourea out "" I am disappointed as well " said Xax. " I guess Colourea isn't as weak as we thought "" Or maybe Colour Administrator isn't the fighter we thought " said Whites. " I will beat Draco "" Rourke faced Queen Starling " said Blackina." I will advance with no problems " said Whites." I am pissed off about Colourea winning, but I will focus on messing with other friends of Crayon " said Easeion." Yeah, we will totally ruin their lives " said Melissa." Colourea will lose next round just like Crayon " said Easeion." Blackin will take this " said Whites. " My victory will be one for the Bear "" My cousin will show his power tomorrow " said Blackin." My love for Blackina is so strong, nobody can love more than me "" Yes, our love means so much " said Blackina." Our wedding will be not like other ones "

    Crayon and his friends were talking after the fight.
    " Awesome fight " said Colouruke." Thanks " said Colourea." Now me, you and Crayon have advanced " said Challenger." Colouruke and me will advance " said Artby." We have eaten so much bread, bakers have done so much for us "" We must get more bread, these purchases will be good for the tournament "" Yeah, we can go do that " said Colouruke." Good " said Artby. " Baking has done so much for fighting "" Baking has done a lot for Colourea, bakers understand her with their baking "" They use bread to understand her "" Uh, what ? " asked Challenger." Yeah, they have a gateway within Colourea for bread " said Artby." Within Colourea ? " asked Crayon." Well, we should go "

    Meanwhile Colour King, Colourclever and Colour Dictator were talking.
    " How could this be " said Colour King." Colourland needs him winning " said Colourclever." This loss means Colourland lost " said Colour Dictator." We needed this "" We will have to rely on our other allies remaining " said Colour King." The people need us winning "" Challenger cannot win this tournament for the sake of Colourland " said Colour Dictator." We need Colour King in charge "" Yes, Challenger has not been Colourlandish enough for Colourland " said Colour King." He has not stayed Colourlandish like I have "" The people have been less Colourlandish with Challenger which is unacceptable "" We need my opinion "" Colourlandish people need Colour King's opinion instead of Challenger's opinion " said Colourclever." The people here have found Challenger to be a jackass "" He must go "" King Bobby and me have a great partnership which will make our respective nations better while Challenger never did anything " said Colour King." He has been a disgrace in the eyes of the people "" I love the people
    Crayon and his friends arrived at the bakery where Artby thanked bakers and he started talking.

    " I love the baking here " said Artby." Thanks " said a baker." I dream about bakers baking bread " said Artby. " It is good for bakers to be dreamed about "" Uh, okay " said a baker.
    Crayon and his friends got their bread and left.

    Meanwhile King Bobby ran into Blackin and Blackina.

    " So, we meet " said King Bobby. " Your cousin is facing one of my advisors "" Yes, it will be a great battle " said Blackin." Draco will show his ability " said King Bobby. " He knows of what Crayon has done to Warbler "" He has got in the way of Allie and anything that Warbler needs "" Crayon will be destroyed " said Blackin." Draco must win his fight to get our advisors there " said King Bobby. " If Whites wins, I expect that he will eliminate Crayon "" Crayon has made Allie very angry as a girlfriend "" She is not a woman that wants Crayon and his friends disrespecting the relationship that she has with Warbler "" When a dating site so good is created, the individuals will do whatever it takes to make sure that we have these great relationships for Bird's Isle which must happen "" Well, I have a strong desire for Blackina " said Blackin." When I love Blackina and see such a beautiful, attractive body I must do what is necessary " " Yes, we will see each other again " said King Bobby." Crayon will crumble into dust and look worthless against me "" Warbler will be there to enjoy that moment "
    Crayon and his friends arrived back at the hotel. They saw QuackQ there, they started talking.

  • sakshichouhan 17w

    रुत गई प्यार की, बीती ये बारिशें
    तू न आया सनम, कैसी ये साज़िशें
    जिस्म जलने लगा, रूह तड़पने लगी
    दूरीयों का भी ज़ालिम मज़ा आ गया


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    Humanity couldn't be someone's concern if he or she is taking literature merely as a hobby.


  • sinjanb93 17w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli @novelrazy #pod #novel #mystery #murder

    The History of violence finds protagonist Adam Cole from leading a simple bartender's life to killing for a cause. However, little does he know that the world where he stepped onto is reminiscent of a violent past. That makes family a weakness...

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    History of Violence (Continued)

    My truck juggled along the smooth highway of 69th street, as I kept racking my head around what transpired in the bar.

    Questions were pounding my head that evening, and I a dull throb behind the eyes was not proving to beneficial in declaring the day productive by the end.

    "Cynthia?.....How did they know about her?........What could possibly interest them in her?"

    Before I decided to ask my daughter the same, the garage came in view. I pulled over in a slow trundle, rather than the usual swiftness. That probably said a lot about my mood.

    Now let's talk about my daughter- not the aspect of her painting her hair different shades of colors, wearing tight slacks so that more and more teenage boys got attracted to her, and a top that barely reached her belly button.
    Offcourse! I am not a sexist. I know she has freedom to do whatever she pleases. Except you had to obey the 80's United States society.

    Things were changing fast, and it was difficult to cope.

    Drug peddling, rape, robbery, vandalism, and a host of others. I know that her college had a different brand of all these, and they didn't share my personality.

    Not two days ago, she met her friend Sandra in the backyard. I saw they exchanged some party drugs. The one you people call 'Molly'.

    Meanwhile, I closed my car door and walked towards the house. No sooner had I reached the porch, than I saw the door slightly unlocked.

    I reached the window sill and found the slit where I kept my self-defense-a kitchen knife.

    With that I gently pushed the door open. Surprisingly, everything inside was in order. I went around from the main room to the lobby, and even the bedroom to the bathroom. Not a glass vase was upturned.

    I let go myself on the sofa. It was quite an exhausting day, and things were turning out stranger with time.

    It was at that exact moment, when I heard the backyard door tapped shut.

    The keys laid out on the kitchen counter, and in came Cynthia.

    "How was your day?", she asked looking equally exhausted, with a sweaty mop of hair that went to her back and a bag load that looked like a refugee remembered all her provisions before leaving Sudan.

    "A bit quiet than usual",I replied.

    She pulled few strands of her hair back behind her ears in a nervous expression. The conjured up a fake smile to march upstairs.

    That cast a wierd suspicion on my end. However, I was failing to see how.

    I stood up and went to the living room mantelpiece.

    A black and white image glowed with my reflection. It was the boys and me, our glory days behind us. The Nam war was still afresh in our mind.

    My medals though losing its lustre, marked the violent past left behind.

  • sinjanb93 17w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @novemberqueen @stonedmonkey #novel #pod

    The History of violence finds protagonist Adam Cole from leading a simple bartender's life to killing for a cause. However, little does he know that the world where he stepped onto is reminiscent of a violent past. That makes family a weakness...

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    History of Violence

    Chapter 1: The Contact

    A familiar thing about juke box rhythms, is that despite their monotonous songs. There always seems to be a feeling imparted upon the listener to continue it nevertheless.

    The Bruce Springsteen track 'I'm on fire' plays on.........Until a thump on the bar counter, snaps my attention back to the present.

    "You wouldn't be Adam would you?",asked this hipster with a biker jacket and khaki pants.
    His hair was tied in a pony tail, and his thick mushy beard gave me an impression of Santa's disbelievement of Christmas. A strange pheonix tattoo covered his left forearm, and each time he made sudden movements with those it felt as if the bird with the dark beaks was speaking along.

    "You're looking right at him", I replied.

    He slipped forth a photograph that was about a forefinger's length. It was in a deplorable state, with each corners creased from continues upkeep in shirt pockets.

    While a typical exposure to the sun, almost destroyed it.

    I was wrapping my head around it, when he snatched the picture from my hand.

    "I will have a Bourbon on the rocks".

    He had a smirk on his face, when he was putting the photograph back in his left jacket pocket.

    I felt like a professional myself, and went on to pour some Bourbon from the shelf.

    It was a quiet day on the bar. There were rather less customers at the time, than the in-laws visiting for a Thanksgiving holiday. Except an old fart in the corner table with his neat whiskey, and big sissy from Buffalo county enjoying her long Island ice tea.

    I tapped the glass in front of him. He had this unamused look, and sort of grim countenance too. There was some few brief seconds, before he nimbly picked it up and swigged down.

    He made a grunt and savored it's taste for a while by closing his eyes.

    The he opened it, and by putting down the glass took his tattoed forearm to wipe the bead drops from his beard.

    "Is that supposed to mean anything to me?",I asked indifferently alluding to the photograph and feigning ignorance with some conviction.

    He stared down with a squint, and used his deep baritone to just say," Lively College for Girls....your daughter is very pretty".

    Just when he turned around to leave- I asked with a frowned expression on my face,"What does that mean?"

    He stalled halfway, and looked behind to smile once again.

    I felt bedraggled just like you, and couldn't understand what this was about. Except that stranger's exit casted a deep shadow on my mind ever since. Him and his wrinkled jacket skin that revealed the same pheonix figure from the tattoo.

    Except it had a small discernable swastika mark, on the very center.

    Meanwhile, I heard the pistons come to life outside. Most probably signalling the departure of the guy, or drilling a new kind of realisation in me- That I was in a world of s***.

    Anyways the song on the juke kept on rolling with Bruce,"My nerves all jumpin' acting like a fool".

  • akela_lisianthus 17w

    Prologue at #zephyr_moon

    Chapter 1
    The knot
    I could feel the sunshine covering my face that made my eyes open slightly. The clouds are still lingering my window like a thin sheet. I lost myself admiring the beauty of the lush mountains still under the cover like a polar bear. I heard my granny, "Ari it's getting late, I'm not allowing you to college if you skip your breakfast today!" yeah I have poor appetite since a baby and a picky eater and living with this tube that supports my life.. But my granny is so sweet. She somehow fills my belly. I live with my maternal grandmother in Seattle taking up Architecture and my parents both are working, and currently at Manhattan, NYC. I love this place. No sound of horn, people shouting, partying. Just me, my granny and forest. But I have to take an one hour bus to college, since we live in the foothills. Okay, so I'm not upsetting granny today. I got ready really fast, took my oxygen cylinder and had food to see that smile on her face while saying byes at the door. It's just a five minute walk to the bus stop. I took the bus and sat on a window seat. As it travels towards downtown I could witness the green sheen is slowly replaced by grayish buildings. I arrived at my college.

    I really love what I am doing now. I took architecture with a passion. Since my childhood I love sketching. As I grew up I started to sketch almost everything I saw. It was my granny who advised me to take up arch. course and I'm glad I did. My second hour started, it's history of monuments. Suddenly I started to have some spasms in my belly. Wait it's not spasm, it's not even my stomach. It's somewhere deep. What this might be? Ulcer, maybe. But I even took my breakfast today. Why is this happening. To be precise, it's more of a knots and squeezes more than pain. Like some bunch of butterflies entered. But pain is also there, faintly. In the midst of all these, Dean interrupted the class, and talked to the lecturer, "May I have Ms. Ariadne Sullivan for some time?" "Sure, sure you can. Ariadne?!" I couldn't concentrate on anything but my spasm. I silently went behind him. I could already feel my belly getting turned to every way possible.

    As I walked towards wherever he is leading me to, it is only getting worse and I could barely walk. He suddenly stopped and I'm glad I didn't hit his back. "Hell no" I said to myself as I gripped my stomach with my hands. I bet dean noticed it but didn't care much, but the person behind him surely did. I'm embarrassed now. He introduced me to this man...a man? That'll not be the best way to describe him. A God?. It felt like time almost stopped when I looked into his eyes. I took my time to notice this piece of art right infront, no above me. He was towering over me like a giant. He might be 6'2" for sure or maybe higher. I didn't notice my stomach ache has increased manifolds until Dean interrupted and said, "Ms. Ariadne, this is Blaez Duncan, The Alpha of Silver Bow pack. He is here to provide internship for an outstanding student and you suddenly came to my mind. Use this opportunity wisely Ms.Ariadne!". With that he went. Now I'm alone with this man in black. This knot is disturbing me from any conversation with him and now I feel like a dumb kid infront of him. But I noticed one thing. He has this look of shock from the instant he saw me. Maybe it's because I'm acting like a patient who is suffering from some digestive problems or maybe the tubes I'm wearing to my nose. Also I'm feeling some excitement that isn't mine. Definitely I'm not excited now rather I want to use the washroom right now. But where is this feeling coming from? "Maybe we can talk after you refresh yourself" he said with a slight smirk. I've never been embarrassed in my life like this that too infront of such a godly presence. "Excuse me, I'll be right back."

    I swift towards the restroom and I could feel the knots loosing somehow, but it's still there, faintly. "This is a bad day Ari" I said to myself. After doing all the necessary things, it came to my mind, I'm not even close to my period. So what the hell is this? I washed my hands and rushed to the lobby where he was sitting leisurely. I don't want to make a werewolf angry. That too he's an Alpha. No messing around. When I reached near him, my goodness it started again. You are such a mess Ari. "Take a seat" he said. I sat in the sofa facing straight to him keeping the power puff girls bag that has my oxygen cylinder in it over my lap. Well, y'know it's kind of comfy when I wear it like the college bag than dragging it wherever I go like a stroller. "Amm… thanks for…" I started but was interrupted. "Glad to meet you Ms.Ariadne" I could feel the smug in his tone already. Yeah he knows he's handsome and beyond earthly kind of thing. But I can deeply feel a pride. Well I'm not proud of anything as of now. So where is this feel coming from? Is this feeling...his?

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