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  • cosmicpoet 18w

    It's just relative

    You believe in forever that
    lasts for a second,
    In this huge world we are
    infinitesimally small,
    how small then a second
    would be,
    Is it enough to feel everything?
    I fear if it would'd feel nothing.

    Why a second spent whirls in
    mind for lifetime?
    Why the memories are locked
    The heart sits at attic and cry,
    the moment is gone long ago
    but is still felt...why??
    I couldn't answer and neither

    the atoms are tiny,
    tiniest are the electrons,
    protons, quarks n positrons.
    we see ourselves magnified
    but the universe says it wrong.

    Everything is true if applied
    everything is relative and so
    not absolute.
    So you talk about your problems?
    relate them...they are soo minute.