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  • remmy7moon 3d

    I don't know who can relate to me with the pain of loving an alcoholic
    Are you sighing
    Are you crying
    Are you exhausted, frustrated, stressed, worried, overwhelmed, disappointed or are you blaming yourself for the mistakes and deepening in depression of over thinking why me
    Are you confused that he should be confiding in you because of his so problems and he is all cuddling with the bottle, let it be whisky, wine, hard drink what ever type of booze it is.
    Are you one of the kind that has been manipulated over and over again
    Are you that sweet soul that has been mentally and emotionally tortured
    Have you gone through any abuse, physically emotionally or you have been sexually abused
    Are you feeling lonely because no one understands your suffering of loving an addict

    Oooh poor me feeling all responsible for his actions and needs
    Do you feel me when I say they have taken advantage of my kindness, generosity and thoughtful, love
    Do you feel lost at any moment, angry at yourself
    Do you feel resentment untrustworthy
    Don't you feel like you have wasted enough energy and time trying to help a person with the disease and an addict they don't want to admit
    Have you tried setting boundaries and a No ends up in Yes I forgive to let it go for the sake of my serenity
    Do you feel the pain of I forgive you that never makes the meaning when history repeats itself
    Do you feel me when I say the wound was stirred for the reasons not well known to me
    Are you trying to keep yourself together to breathe for a better life
    Have you questioned yourself over and over again whether you should end the relationship or stay
    Is your one foot in the house and another foot outside
    Has your intuition warned you but you still hope he or she will change for your sake
    Today I got news for you,I don't know how bad or good they may be to you but it's bitter truth
    He won't even change xzero percent unless he wants to change
    He will hurt you over and over again intentionally, not untentionally, subconsciously or consciously.
    You can't change that unless he or she wants to change by himself
    He or she won't feel the hurt you are feeling
    You have protected him / her enough
    You deserve happiness, choose joy over everything
    Accept that you will change nothing and withdraw the energy and effort you ever inserted.
    Stop making excuses for their behavior by hiding their addiction
    Enable them or move on but you won't be able to change a thing.
    Pray for mercy, mercy upon the addicts because they are driven by internal spirit unknown but covered by we got problems and convince them to seek professional help.
    Make your choice today knowing there is nothing big you will change
    #struggling with an addict#Overthinking#life messed up days#nothing evercomes with ease

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    pain of falling in love with an addict

    I let it go for the sake of my own mental health and peace
    I let it go for I deserve happiness and joy
    I let it go because it's too much for me to handle
    I will stay here to heal internally but physically I won't be available for any more pain of falling in love with an addict

  • charlieka 4d

    At least I felt alive when I was in the pain of loving you
    I thought that rush of agony
    Would never go away
    In the middle of the night I often begged the stars for sweet release
    Hoping to convince the universe to help to set me free
    Then one morning
    I woke up
    Couldn't believe
    My heart has never been so loose
    My soul has never been without a flame
    I'm untethered unleashed untied
    The door was opened wide
    Now that I can't feel
    anyone or anything
    My heart is struggling to keep a regular beat
    That free
    That emptied out
    That blank slate
    Choices to make

    I think this.

    Will be the thing
    That finally makes
    me break


  • dusky_gl 1w

    #jst beleive in you
    #no one has the rights to judge you
    #nothing is impossible

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    If you can not
    Don't believe the lie
    Showing awfulness
    Do not associate with any class

  • hoorbanu98 1w

    Trust me♥

    If you're running out,
    from the situation
    Then trust me
    You're living life of nothing.

  • joban8 1w


    MIldi ni maut na khuda mileya..
    Jadd khud nu pauna chaheya tu labbeya..
    Ajj khud lyi khud muhtaaj hogye...
    Mein tan darr darr te c ja tenu mangeya..


  • thefangirl 1w

    എനിക്ക് ഒരു തരം കൊല്ലുന്ന ശൂന്യതയാണ് അനുഭവപെടുന്നത്. ചലിക്കാനാവാതെ കിടക്കുന്ന ശരീരത്തിൽ ചലിക്കുന്ന മിഴികൾക്ക് കാണാൻ സാധിക്കുന്ന ഒരേയൊരു കാഴ്ച.നിർവികാരമായ ഈ വെള്ള സിലിംഗ് പോലെ ഒരു ശൂന്യത.

  • writes_solemnly 1w

    People always try hard for something ..
    But Imagine when there's Nothing left to Try.!


  • antarraal 3w

    E: So I guess a normal machine coffee for you, like always.

    N: Yes my friend you know me so well.

    E: Why did you refused the job? They were paying so well.

    N: Yes, money was good but there was nothing more, no excitement, no challenge, no pushing the boundaries.

    E: Oh I see, its better to be shivering in the rain but not doing a job that can get you a raincoat.

    N: (laughs): I have you.

    E: What if I leave, what if I die?

    N: I will not leave you alone but chase you to the other world. (laughs again)

    E: Shut up, drink the coffee, you are shivering in the rain like a dog. Dont you want to live comfortably, your careless ways made Glory go away and marry that rascal Arrogance. Why cant you change yourself for once and see my side, this side is not bad.

    N: Exactly its not bad but its not good either. Look at me, I am not in any race, I dont have anything to prove to anyone. I do small jobs, that gives me bread and butter, I am there where life is, pain is, even joy. I challenge myself every day and come back empty handed which doesnt distress me but excites me for another day and you guys all hooked up in your palace yet always cribbing for more,hankering after others. That is not life for me.

    By then rain had stopped. As Everything paid the bill and both of them stepped out, Nothing hugged him, and said, "I cannot change, so should not you."

    #opposite #conversation #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #everything #nothing

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    Everything with Nothing

    It was raining heavily, the cafe was full. Warmth, hot food and a charming ambience, made all feel.cosy and wonderful. Everything was occupying a comfortable corner table. A hot cup of cappuccino, sandwiches and the new edition of NatGeo in hand. As he sipped his coffee, he noticed his old acquaintance Nothing has walked in. As usual shabbily dressed, unkempt hair and with a slight smile on his lips. Their eyes met and Everything invited him over to his table.

    (Captioned it)

  • blazetaylor 3w


    Nothing in my mind
    Everything in my soul
    So much I can feel
    Won't matter if I can't communicate
    I cant even talk to myself
    No rhymes or right to reason
    Nothing to shine
    Nothing to make my own
    My soul grows bigger
    But I need my mind
    To say to you, to them, to everyone
    What's really there
    What's realy burning
    Connection and completion
    No walkways here

  • izingizer 3w


    The more higher your ambitions,

    the more you strive for the good,

    the more you thrive to shed light

    to dispel the darkness,

    that much more you need to see

    the deep dungeons,

    that much more bad you need to

    take, and that much more blind paths

    that are to be pass/travel or even walk.

    There is no other way. Suffering is

    not meant for the fools but rather to

    the wise.

    Just keep going and you will reach the pinnacle of higher horizons.

    This is proven true again and again through ages. Examine the lives of the Great and you will realise this eternal truth.

    Nothing comes easy.


  • unknown_9 4w


    आपकी खुशी हमारे लिए कल भी जरूरी थी आज भी जरूरी है और आगे भी जरूरी ही रहेगी।
    हमारा खुश रहना कल भी जरूरी ना था, आज भी नही और आगे भी शायद नहीं होगा...

  • jithinsharma_7 4w

    Change is better than chaos

  • patto_rani 4w

    #LOL#LOTS OF lie..����#nothing.....

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    The best revenge is always to just happily...
    Move on and let karma do...
    The rest...

  • samantha_bobo 5w


    Singing softly my voice no longer travels
    Almost as if time unravels,
    Eyes blinded by tears,
    My heart long since pierced,
    These hands raw and torn,
    Not long since after they were born,
    Nothing to call my own,
    But a rope waiting to be thrown.

  • theoffendedteddy 5w

    Nothing More

    The only love I feel from him
    Are in his sadness,
    Or within closed walls.

    That's it, there's nothing more.


  • ujjwalbhandari 5w

    What is nothing?
    Where is no thing?
    Can I see nothing ?
    Can I speak nothing?
    Can I touch nothing?
    Can I feel nothing?
    If there is nothing then where is it?
    And if there isn't nothing then what is everything?

    I want NOTHING. I want to feel nothing, listen nothing, do nothing, have nothing, be nothing. It's nothing that I want but it is everything.
    Will I be everything if I be nothing?
    But how can I be everything when what I want is nothing and nothing is not everything? Everything is not nothing but nothing is everything.
    Are you nothing? Do you know nothing?
    Can you find nothing?
    They say that even being nothing is being something. But how can nothing be something?
    Is nothing void of everything?
    Even if it is, then it is still something. What you ask?
    It is void of everything.
    What is nothing?

  • ravandemon 6w


    प्यार को सिर्फ एक आकर्षण के रूप में देखना चंद्रमा को नीले पानी के स्रोत में देखने जैसा है। बस हम इसे छोटे जागीरदारों में देखते हैं इसका मतलब यह नहीं है कि यह छोटी सी सामान्य बात है।

  • smilywrites 6w

    I don't f**king know!!!

    Today I wanted to write
    after a long while
    I wanted to write
    Idk what
    Idk why
    I just wanted to try
    Try again, to write
    What I hold inside
    Sleeping nights
    Finding lights
    I'm lost in darkness
    And I can't hide
    I just wanted to write
    Words, sentences, paragraphs
    Idk what kind
    I just wanted to write
    I just wanted to remind
    Tears, smiles, stars and asteroids
    Falling down each day
    Idk know what to write
    Idk what to hide
    I just wanted to try
    Try and write
    What's hidden deep inside
    The unknowns
    Of my soul
    Printing on paper
    Or going live
    I just wanted to try
    Try a again after a while
    Words I hide
    Feelings I cried.


  • antarraal 7w

    Nothing lasts forever yet
    the kiss of nothing
    brands the soul for ever.


  • _singhayush 7w


    अब महफिलों की रौनक में
    मैं जाम उनके नाम के
    अब और पिया नहीं करता।
    बेवफा कहकर उन्हें
    अब और बदनाम किया नहीं करता।
    कि हां मोहब्बत है वह मेरी
    मगर कमबख्त अब मैं
    उनकी मोहब्बत का इंतजार और किया नहीं करता।।