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  • eyeenma 5w

    Too Good to

    As a child
    Everyone told you have got to be Good,
    I Tried, I wasnt that good though
    I aspired,
    Aspired to become Good
    I did everything to be Good,0l
    Worked hard to be good
    Listened to all my teachers
    Did all my assignments
    Worked hard in class
    I Wasn't good enough.
    I tried did whatever it took.
    I got bigger and better at things.
    Better than the good.
    No one liked me anymore.
    Some did admire though,
    But not so much,

    I Tried to be liked.
    I was utterly confused,
    Being good made me likable,
    Why does no one like me to a desirable extent?
    Wasn't my efforts from childhood enough.

    For I got told that I had become too Good
    People liked the Good
    But no One liked too Good.
    Therefore I wonder
    Why did no one stop me before I was too Good.
    Too Good to Love.

  • bluewanderer15 41w

    Not good enough

    I'm sorry I can never be good enough 

    I'm sorry for not having a white collar job 

    But I'm trying my best with all I have 

    I'm sorry for wanting to buy things

    You think I'm not yet worthy of 

    I thought it was normal since I'm human

    I'm not trying to be extravagant

    No , I never tried to become one

    I'm sorry for not having millions in my bank account

    I  have been saving , but I'm sorry it's not yet enough

    I don't buy branded clothes or bags

    I only have two jeans in my closet 

    And  two cheap pairs of shoes

    Yes I do post things on my social media account

    But it's not to brag I'm just proud

    Yes, because I though that's common

    But I guess I was wrong 

    I have always been wrong 

    I'm sorry for not being good enough 

    Believe me I tried and still been trying 

    But I'm sorry I'm still not good at everything 

    I'm sorry for not being good enough 

    I know you won't forget my past mistakes 

    But I've changed and have been wide awake

    I know it can never be erased 

    But it pains me to taint my mother's name

    Because as you always say

    We are both the same

    But I've been trying hard every day 

    To change and be better in a way

    I hate competition and I don't like to be compared

    I'm sorry that I will never be good enough 

    I don't feel envious about what others have achieved

    I'm happy with what I have

    I already had given up being the main actor 

    I'm contented with my supporting roles 

    I'm not seeking for attention 

    Believe me that's not my intention 

    I just wanted to be accepted, acknowledged

    But I guess I'm not good enough

    I'm sorry I will never be good enough

  • fari_tales 44w

    Right place

    She asked herself, Is it where you belong?
    She asked her creator, Is this how it was meant to be?
    She has been confused..
    She has been asking questions all her life..
    She never felt like belonging in her place..
    It always felt like, she came as a replacement, for something that was far different than her ownself...
    She was desperately looking for the light..
    The light that could guide her to the place where she was supposed to blend..
    Where she wouldn’t feel so out of place..
    Where she wouldn’t feel so low..
    Where she wouldn’t feel like she wasn’t good enough to be a part of..



  • raindropsoncacti 78w

    "Two-Penny Tanka"

    Though speculation
    My restless mind won't believe
    That your pocket's bare;
    Thought you'd find me: a penny!
    Clearly dull; Tuppence shines more....


  • penman_andy 80w


    Yes I love her Yes I do
    As a soul with bodies two.

    Yet I got angry and scolded her,
    Down the cheek rolled her tear,

    I felt lonely when she wasn't near,
    My own jealousy increased my fear,

    She thinks I have changed
    That for her I no more care,
    But she don't know each night
    I am dreaming a new nightmare.


  • eden_with_eve 93w

    I wonder why he can't speak. What locks together his teeth? They grind and grind until I break. I beg him to release the words choking his throat. Instead we stuff our ears with silence. I'm not comfortable with this unsaid quiet.
    Foreign to my mouth is such a situation. I wonder on occasion if he is right. I am just too easy to riot with my rebel tongue. He says just shut up and bite it.
    Let us lose ourselves in musky sheets.
    Caress bare legs with vulnerable feet and know our peace. I am not so easily put at ease. Someone release us please.
    What is this parasite thing? Once I called it love, but perhaps we are not so lucky? The longer I stare the more I find its face to be ugly.
    What is this axe that looms above me? Striking fear should I feel its cutting fall. What if it's not a punishment at all? Can I be so twisted that I believe the inhale for a scream could become the sighed exhale of relief?
    Everytime he speaks the sentence "I'm done talking." I feel our chains get heavier as he's walking away. He carries the skeleton key in his tongue. Will I be forced to tear it out? Must I turn our home into just another jail break heart?

  • tashpointohhh_lyrics 103w

    in a field full of flowers you remind me I'm a weed
    I'm a nuisance to the beauty the rest of the world sees
    every day I pray some way for a stampede
    at least then this life would end, I'd be set free
    I'll give the earth back it's light that it wasted on me


  • thewhisperingtrails 113w

    To you, who's never good enough,

    I see you, walking slowly towards the school gate
    Your eyes heavier than the bag on your back
    Your tender age is breaking to the face of your mother
    'Cause this is the fourth year and you're still the second boy

    You, who's sitting amidst heaps of torn paper
    Your pen, now shaking to your eyeliner's streams
    Dumped under deadlines, you try hard to gulp air
    When being "one book wonder" seems to be your destiny

    You glanced at the watch and chuckled at your luck
    It seems you and sleep are from different time zones
    And popped up on screen the condescending mail
    Your junior just replaced the oldest manager on plate

    It's 2 AM at night and you are still training
    The bruises on your knees begging you to stop
    But your heart knows the need of perfect backup dancers
    While your heart dreams of shining as the lead someday

    You may think you're alone, but you're me, we and us
    The crowd who's really good, but just not good enough
    The broken, stranded dreamers who eat hope and drink patience
    We happily break ourselves in the will to be free

    It's a lie what they tell you, that every one is special
    'Cause the real and brutal world will judge you equally
    They'll tell that you have potence to touch the stars someday
    What they don't is, how to cope if you crash land in the aim

    It's okay to be average in this unsympathetic world
    But it's not okay to be merciless on your struggling, lost soul
    So, find your tribe who'll pick you up when you helplessly break down
    And know that you'll have your day, even if different time or age

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  • manoj_mkp 115w

    Ab apni yaadon se
    Samjhota kar liya,
    Aur apne liye bhi
    Dimag me ek
    Chota sa ghar kiya....

  • lokigirl666 136w


    the children were born
    into a home that was not
    they cut out paper hearts
    presented them to their overseers
    and watched with pain in their eyes
    as those monsters destroyed their art

    the children were raised
    into a house of glass and fear
    their hands shook as the shadows grew
    the monsters drew near
    and they cried in horror
    as the monsters tore their minds apart

    the children.. grew up
    they packed their things and ran
    they stood up to their overseers
    the monsters of their youth
    and we fell before we rose
    but we are children no more
    and we will write our own truths


  • drifting_soul 140w

    Tbh sometimes I just feel like I'm not good at anything, like I should give up poetry because Its all to sad, like my art is horrible and I should give up and my photography is shity ya feel me

  • asimplefavor 142w

    I know we will never see each other after the last day.
    The last not of our lives, but to me it feels that way.
    I know I'll never see you after the last day draws near.
    I know I'll cry and cry until I've cried every lonely tear.
    "You'll never see him again" I know, for goodness sake!
    And when I rest my head at night, my tears shall fill a lake.
    I need you in my life, so don't go! Please, can you just wait!
    I need to tell you how I feel before I know it's too late!
    I know you'll never love me, I know that no one could.
    I know you'll always hate me,I know you always should.

  • xxanny 142w


    and when everyone turns their back on me
    i look forward to writing out the overwhelming feeling that resides in me

    tangled earphones, my emotions were.

  • owldsoul 146w

    How can you expect me to move on
    When I hear your voice
    In stranger's mouths
    Telling me that
    No matter which alternate universe
    We're living in
    You'll still choose her over me

  • magicalmystery 152w

    Caught in a Flash

    The man she had been stalking was her husband of 20 long years, and during the length of half of those years she would always ponder the same question: Am I good enough for him?

    Until one day she answered herself, "Perhaps too good. Perhaps he's not good enough for me."

    So that is why she waited by the bus-stop with a large black camera in her hands, her back to the road and eyes to the entrance of an antique shop her husband had just walked into.

    She was waiting with her camera for the perfect moment: For him to exit the store with his hand holding the hand of another woman-- waiting to capture his deceit with a bright flash; unaltered proof with an ancient technology.

    She hefted the big black camera to her eye and squinted through the lens; there was movement by the window. She must be ready.

    All at once, she felt a tap on her shoulder and flinched, whirling around with wild eyes. Her gaze fell upon a young man with a nice smile and bright eyes.

    "Sorry to bother you," the man said, "But do you know if the bus has already come and gone?"

    She had almost forgotten where she was. The man's touch and question drew her back to the present; to the sound of cars and radios and static.

    Despite her previous alarm, his smile was contagious; she felt her mouth pull into a similiar expression. "Um, I'm not sure... I usually don't take the bus---"

    A car whooshed by loudly, the sound gobbling up her words. The man leaned in closer. "I'm sorry?" He said.

    She leaned in so he could hear her over the traffic. "I said, I don't take the bus---"

    Somewhere off to her left, there was a bright flash of white, followed by the click of a shutter.


  • brokenbutstrong 159w

    Nothing special

    She knows she has nothing special to grab your attention...
    But then also she could not stop herself from falling for you...
    And mind you she is not into you for things that will fade with time...
    She is into you because she can see who you are...
    She can see the light in your eyes when you talk about things you love...
    She knows how you avoid seeing her directly in eyes when you try to hide your pain..
    She knows what things bring peace to your heart even though you have never mentioned them to her...
    And though her heart knows many unsaid part about you...
    She knows she still has nothing special to grab your attention...

  • taylagator 162w


    I'm brave, strong, and happy.
    I've got a happy family.
    I've got good friends.
    I've got a great life.

    Or so it seems in the eyes of a bystander,
    but really......

    I've never been brave,
    I'm barely holding on to hope,
    I haven't been happy since I was a kid,
    but no one notices because the mask I've developed, I've learned to lie and to give you the answers you want most.
    No one knows about the fact my families become unstable and a hell hole.
    No one knows that my life's been flipped upside down and I'm trying my best to holding on to what little I have left.
    Everyone leaves me and the ones still around say "I promise I'll never leave you." but they all lied. because right now I'm standing alone.
    I'm left to the voices and insecurities that scratch and pick at my heart and soul.
    I'm lost and it's like a new poison has infected my mind.
    I long for the pain to stop or to be numbed.
    I long for a distraction.
    For a different pain.
    No one knows about the scares, cuts, and words written in sharpie on my arms and legs.
    Those who have say "ATTENTUON SEEKER!!!" "EMO!!" "HOE!!" "SLUT" "SPOIL BRAT".
    They all think my lifes perfect.
    They're rufusing to believe the truth that is in front of their eyes.
    Leaving me to stop trusting people, to back away from the world and lock everything away.
    I've found myself in a hole in the ground forgotten and broken.
    I've found myself letting people push me around and forcing me to be something I'm not.
    I go to bed crying and wanting to end my life.

    I'm not strong or brave.
    I'm never happy anymore.
    My families destroyed.
    My lifes a living hell.
    I'm losing hope.


  • fcukign 164w


    Try as you may
    It's never enough

    Just lost ambition
    And scattered thoughts
    Drifting away
    On lonely winds


  • bookgurl95 169w

    Not good enough

    I'm not good enough
    No matter what I do
    It never is and never will be
    Good enough for you

    If I don't help I'm lazy
    When I do it's not done "right"
    No matter what I say or do
    There's gonna be a fight

    You never say thank you
    When something good is done
    But when I screw up I know
    Words will fire like a gun

    When I don't try you're angry
    And when I do you squall
    If you'll be upset anyway
    Why should I try at all?

    I really want to please you
    To try and understand
    But when I talk, words are thrown back
    Like they are contraband

    I'll strive to make you happy
    At least I'm gonna try
    Although it never seems to work
    Maybe I'll pacify

  • amyzingwords 175w

    Dear Mom,

    I finally realize how much it hurts to never be who you want me to be
    Today I realized I will have to continually seek your approval
    But never feel your acceptance
    Today I realized how much it hurts that you don’t want me around