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  • springblossoms 85w

    A note to your heart. Don't harm yourself. Be warm and face each phase with a hope of something good to come��

    Heartbreaks don't need violence to die daily, they need some kindness to again believe in love. Again believe in self-love❤️

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    You delete all pictures, chats, number and gifts after a heart break. But your heart isn't strong to break the nerves of your brain to delete all bonded memories which you both planted together, the love spread deep like roots which has found a place in each word, each object, each colour, each song in your playlist, in each places where the footprints still have the fresh glimpse of your together! By trying to delete all these you are aching your heart with unbearable pain. Let those memories stay. Yes, let them stay and accept that you will have good days ahead for sure though today it seems impossible. It's a fact that after a storm there will be sunshine. Believe in yourself. Those memories will surely be unique vintage scent which will be close to your heart.