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  • oceanbreeze 1w

    I want to write the song
    That my heart is crying out to sing,
    But with no knowledge of notes or keys
    How will I ever set my soul free?

  • vhelmont 3w

    Step. 9
    I wish I may promise you the spring, but I can't stop the winter.

    I wish I may promise you the stars, but no matter what I do is going to be a sunrise.

    I wish I may promise you that only will be laughter, but not even me, may hold the tears for coming up.

    I wish I may promise you I will be here for the rest of your life, but...

    I can promise you, I will love you for the rest of mine, that my arms will be your castle and that no matter whatever you go, or whatever you do. I will be there.

    That you will become my memory. Not even death will erase you... And after you heart stop beating... Mine will keep going.

    Because I have a memory to keep alive as along as I could.

    And even after you go where I can't follow you anymore.

    I will never stop loving you. Because I will promise you...

    That no matter... If I must go to the high of the skies or the deeps of the earth. Only to find you.

    No mountain
    Nor sea,
    Nor the most tallest wall...
    Or the most distant shore...
    Nor the most faraway horizon...
    Nor nobody...

    Nothing in this world couldn't keep us apart.

    Because, This is not longer my world... You are

    My only world.


    That is the promise of true love, forged by the desire, without shape, speaking through the music we love, writing tales with our imagination and powered by hope. That gives us the strength to handle the pain and the courage to accept the sacrifice.

    To only reward us with his freedom and the promise that will least even after death.

    I hope this steps guide you, as they guide me once, long ago.

    In beloving memory of Deira. (1990-2008)

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 9 Last Day
    By vhelmont
    Collab (Silver Stitch)

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #pain #sorrow #preparation #music #notes #hope #sacrifice. #Re-Zero #freedom #free #Doki #Navi #Theresheis #promises #sorrow #world

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    The 9 steps of true love-9 Final step.

  • vhelmont 3w

    Step. 8
    You know is love, because you don't need to ask yourself anymore if it is.

    So when you realised that, you will be free to feel it without pain, regrets or shame at all.

    You will find yourself free of the chains of pride and arrogance. That use to hold the only words you want to say.

    Then you will see your fear become bravery, your insecure into passion, and those feelings that been struggling for long time finally will set free.

    So you will understand, the real power that lies behind three simple words.

    "I love you".

    Then you will realise that you can say them without fear, shame, guilt or pity.

    Then you will understand that is real, because like a sailor that only wants to see a single star in the whole cosmos.

    Looking for that light that may come from that unique star.

    You will wish said them to the only one you fall in love with and that person will be waiting for you to said them.

    So only then you will see why a loved rose becomes a only rose even between thousands of them.

    Because turn something into that unique, especial and priceless thing is what I do.

    Give you the freedom to say I love you, without anything that holds you back anymore.

    That is what I promise you... Signed the Freedom of love.

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 8... 1 more ro go
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #pain #sorrow #preparation #music #notes #hope #sacrifice. #Re-Zero #freedom #free #Doki #Navi #Theresheis

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    The 9 steps of true love-8

  • vhelmont 3w

    Step. 7
    *How many things are you ready to sacrifice for love?

    I am like a seed and you are like the steel.

    I need be nurtured, I required effort, passion, desire and time to bloom.

    I will demand to many things of you, that I will change you.

    But I promise you, that every little thing you gave me I will transform it.

    I will turn your efforts into part of your personality.

    I will turn your passions into actions that will wakeup that sleeping part of you.

    I will turn every desire you put in me into a dream that will seek his path to become true.

    I will spend every second of pain that you gave me, becoming that fire that will forge you.

    Because like the steel you need be heat and hit to become stronger.

    You need pass for the fire to become a sword and I will be that fire that will forge you.

    I will give you a new shape.

    But I promise you... I am the price you must pay to become a better person.

    And at the end of me you will find not what you want , you will find what you really need.

    Signed... with my hope in that you will be stronger than me...

    The sacrifice.

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 7... 2 more ro go
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #pain #sorrow #preparation #music #notes #hope #sacrifice. #Re-Zero

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    The 9 steps of true love-7

  • vhelmont 3w

    Step. 6
    Even when you don't like me, I am the reminder that you are still alive,

    Because like the flame that burns down the candle, I must consume to be able to shine,

    I must hurt you, to be able to teach you.

    Otherwise how you will know how soft is the caring of a loving person, If you never felt how sharp my claws are.

    I'm not come to make you miserable, I came to remember you, why you don't want to be like me.

    To teach you how it feels not be able to have all those things that you are allowed to have.

    To show you, how it is not be allowed to live.

    Now you know me, promise me that you will live all those things, I'm not allowed to live.

    ---Signed... The Pain, the unexpected gift of life.

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 6... 3 more ro go
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #pain #sorrow #preparation #music #notes #hope

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    The 9 steps of true love-6

  • kauthar 3w


    Always singing
    Hitting high low notes
    But do they know the lyrics
    Or just utter words...
    Hurting s/he

  • vhelmont 3w

    Step. 5
    "Because hope is that unique thing that remains with you and refuse to go, even after everything else fails"
    "Because in the second you decide to forget about hope, you decide to forget about living"

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 5
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #preparation #music #notes #hope

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    The 9 steps of true love-5

  • vhelmont 3w

    Step. 4
    "Just a few brushes of it, are enough to bring a whole world to live"

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 4
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #preparation #music #notes

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    The 9 steps of true love-4

  • vhelmont 3w

    Step. 3
    "Because a few musical notes may say more than thousands of words"

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 3
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #preparation #music #notes

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    The 9 steps of true love-3

  • heyoka_warrior 4w

    I just grab a pen and paper or a notebook
    If I wish to write poems, quotes or lyrics
    Or I use my phone's notes and social media
    If I wanted it virtual and modern;
    Then I feel the rush of thoughts
    Going with the flow of emotions,
    Listening to my intuition—Spirit voice,
    And following the rules of the club;
    Reminiscing my experiences,
    Putting creative art in writing—
    Direct, simple yet deep enough
    To capture the heart of the soul
    That is doomed by the shadows of sin,
    Or awaken the dormant thinker
    That is veiled by the hypnotizing covers
    Of this world's scheme of things;
    Besides, little things matter
    Like the present moment's wonders—
    Appreciating and delighting in the senses
    And the outside world from where borne
    My internal motivation to write;
    These are just the tools that I use
    For my soul's relief, learning, and poetry.


  • heyoka_warrior 6w

    The Harvest

    A seed sown in darkness of the abyss
    Grew, sprouted its leaves and blossomed;
    Flowers facing the sun—
    Who would've thought I'd turn into a tree?
    Roots deeply buried, I'm a vintage green;
    From ashes to beauty,
    From darkness to light;
    I am healed, I am revived!

    Awakening, expanding, ascending...
    My vines are reaching the heights;
    Wings breaking free from chains of bondage,
    Waking up from a comatosed state;
    My true destiny forgotten in witchcraft,
    Covered in the black veils of sin and curse;
    Door opened, light has broken in;
    Rainbow smiling upon me.

    I am flying, flying away!
    My soul sees God's face one more time
    And I shall see forever and ever;
    Survived the blazing fires of hell,
    My spirit's rising to the rhythm of my heart's song;
    The notes of music are dancing in the air
    At the sight of my Savior lover.

    The fruits are ripe, the linen smooth and white;
    Lie in wait and look up, time is little;
    The feast is bountiful, reap the harvest,
    O angels of God, strong and mighty;
    Sound the alarm, blow the trumpets!
    Your babes are coming home, Abba,
    Your babes are coming home;
    Revival to your whole house;
    The harvest is here,
    The harvest is ready!


  • ammy21 7w

    For student

    Syllabus- 256GB
    Notes- 128GB
    Brain- 2GB

  • beensn 9w


    When things or qualities are not used for long,
    There is a natural tendency that they become useless and less strong.
    Charles Darwin has said it in his theory,
    We have witnessed it and is in our memory.
    So disheartening that it is happening to some of the qualities,
    Honesty, efficiency, trust and integrity are few of those.
    Integrity is one of the sweetest notes of life's song,
    It is the ability to do right things when one can do away with a wrong.
    Integrity is no more heard and applied these days,
    May be because no one minds or cares.
    Slowly the 'note' is losing its value,
    Before it is too late, let us try to preserve.
    © beensN

  • kunalraj_raj 10w

    sometimes caption on a post and rhyming in poetry aren't needed because all you need to do is to feel the lines and imagine the characters and situation of the scene from start to the end

    a boy actually an average looking boy with pure heart likes a girl but the problem is he can't confess his love because of lack of courage, even he don't talk to that girl but he likes her !! he stare at her through the window but he don't go out while she is outside !!! he just wants her to stay by his side and he wants to protect her from everything, and from the worst time...... he dream of both from small to large like he dream to sharing the maggi after one finished first, and to marry her !! he loves her such that he can go miles to seek her happiness, this is a very genuine feeling, he can't change it untill he is alive !! he wants to live rest of his life under her shadow....!! hastag aren't in order so that they can form a meaning but each are releted to the post !!

    #blessed #blurt #sceret #confidential #notes #diary #solitary #loyalty #relationship #relation #love #lovepoetry #relatedposts #disparity #edict #elated #elves #massage #friendly #fright #dare #music #lowbeats #feelings #thunderinsideheart #absentminded #darkmood #see #shadow #exhausted #preety #died #shadow #window #stare #smile #mood #pod #finished

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @zaara_ @wiredweirdly

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    moles on cheek makes you more prettier
    i like the way you come and sit like sensior
    when there is leap of one day i feel exhausted
    cuz, for your presence i m addicted
    when you come near me my heart beat fast
    and as you look at me it felt like my life is last
    i just want to walk along with you and music
    to the end of a beautiful peak

  • pnnnkssnishu 13w

    More than who you talk to
    I'll love to see your notes app
    and the posts saved on your IG


  • dekbudi_15 15w

    Catatan kecil untuk nengah astika
    ( @longoh_37 n @inaitsa_elevent )

    Banyuning, 10 Maret 2021

    Bukan hari ini tapi besok
    Hari yang beda dari hari biasanya
    Tanggal yang bisa dibilang adalah tanggal yang bermakna
    Untukku ,untukmu,untuk kita berdua

    Pangluh,11 maret 2021

    Selamat tanggal 11 nengah......

    Tepatnya 6 bulan yang lalu
    Sebuah awal dari sesuatu
    Untuk kita memulai hal baru
    Disaksikan oleh waktu
    Kita lalui masa" itu
    Dengan tangisanku dan juga senyumanmu
    Bersama duka ku dan juga suka mu
    Karna hanya kamu penguatkanku
    Menghapus tangisku dengan senyumu
    Menghilangkan duka ku dengan suka mu
    Kamu segalanya untukku
    Kamu bagian dari hidupku
    Kamu nafas untuk hidupku
    Terimakasih untuk waktumu
    Yang kau berikan untuk diriku
    Hanya untuk menemaniku
    Melewati pahit manisnya keadaan
    Menerima buruk baik nya kenyataan
    Dan mengajarkanku untuk tetap tersenyum dengan kegagalan
    Tetaplah bersamaku
    Meski dalam jarak yang dekat ataupun jauh
    Meski ada pertemuan ataupun tidak ada
    Hanya satu inginku, bila aku jauh nanti
    Aku harap Kamu masih menungguku
    Selalu setia menantiku
    Karna aku akan kembali padamu
    Menemuimu dan memelukmu
    Karna seuutuhnya aku akan selalu menjadi milikmu
    Akan Tetap seperti itu
    Aku tetap menjadi milikmu
    Sampai kapanpun itu
    Percaya padaku
    Dan kukatakan lagi, lagi, dan lagi
    Aku sangatlah menyayangimu
    Tulus dari lubuk hatiku
    I love you mine
    Selamat untuk kita...

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    Small notes for nengah astika
    (@ longoh_37 n @inaitsa_elevent)

    Banyuning, March 10, 2021

    Not today but tomorrow
    A different day from the usual days
    A date that can be said is a date that is meaningful
    For me, for you, for both of us

    Pangluh, 11 March 2021
    Ytc. Nengah

    Congratulations on the 11th nengah....

    To be precise 6 months ago
    A beginning of something
    For us to start new things
    Witnessed by time
    We're going through that "period
    With my tears and also your smile
    With my sorrow and your joy too
    Because only you strengthen me
    Erase my tears with my smile
    Remove my sorrow with your joy
    You are everything to me
    You are a part of my life
    You breath for my life
    Thanks for your time
    What you gave me
    Just to keep me company
    Through the bitter sweetness of the situation
    Accept the bad and the good of the reality
    And teaches me to keep smiling with failure
    Stay with me
    Even though it is in a short distance or far
    Whether there is a meeting or not
    Only one wish, when I'm far away
    I hope you are still waiting for me
    Always faithfully waiting for me
    Because I'll come back to you
    Meet you and hug you
    Because completely I will always be yours
    Keep it that way
    I remain yours
    Until whenever
    Trust me
    And I say it again, again, and again
    I really love you
    Sincere from the bottom of my heart
    I love you mine
    Congratulations to us .

  • rincythewriter 15w


    To you friend ,
    You are the person who is fighting internal
    Battles that the world doesn't knows...
    It's okay.
    It's going to be sooner alright.
    All these difficulties are going to fade away.
    Keep smiling.you are near your goal.
    Stay positive .you are going to inspire people around you by doing your best.
    If no one have told you this...
    " You are brave "
    " You deserve happiness"

  • ms_shayara 21w

    Teri nigaaho mei maine apna sukoon dekha hai..
    Tu paas nahi hai lekin maine
    tujh mei bhi apna asar zaroor dekha hai..!

    - Nancy Uppal


  • ms_shayara 21w

    Mere har alfaaz mei teri tasveer
    nazar aane lgi hai..
    Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai..
    Dheere dheere dhadkan ko yeh
    khabar jaane lgi hai.

    - Nancy Uppal


  • shivanigandhi 22w

    Change is constant;
    but i never knew feelings
    are part of it.