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  • anokhee_n 25w

    With me❤

    As long as you're with me
    You will have your best days.
    In case you get your difficult phase
    I will not let you alone to face.

  • xe_laps 28w

    F. R. I. E. N. D. S

    I'll be there for you, Cause you're there for me too...

  • beautifultraveler32 29w

    #NotAlone #ComeTogether #HumanityForAll #EndTheRhetoric

    To every soul that yearns for the acceptance of a society that feels nothing toward a broken spirit
    For every child that lives to dream a reality far greener than the sounds and smells of the industrial revolution 2.0
    To every parent that in one way or another had to say goodbye to their little one, for the system desired to sever
    And for every worker who feels useless in the rush of infrastructure and AI...

    I hear you. I hear all of you. Every cry. Every shout. Every bit of fear in your voice, wondering if you're good enough, if you're fighting for the right cause, if you're donating to the right environmental group

    If you made the right call in the quagmire that is of career politics
    If you did right by humanity...Yes.
    I hear you. I hear the disappointment. I hear the confusion. I hear the heartbreak.

    So, please stop doubting yourself.

    Because I hear you.

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  • ions0206 35w

    That person

    "I want to become that
    Person whom you can
    Blindly trust i want to be
    That person in your life
    When things get hard you
    Think of me first in every
    Situation you know that you
    Are not alone someone is
    There i want to be that person
    With whom you can laugh as
    Well as cry you can count on
    Me as much you do on your
    Self i want to become that person
    Whom you can call mine and the
    Love of your life.. "

  • sillysadar 40w

    Times up

    They said I was to blame
    By wearing these types of clothes
    That don't cover enough

    They said I was to blame
    By not screaming loud enough
    How can I when I was being silence?
    When I froze in fright, how can I?

    They said I was to blame
    Aren't you the victim they say
    But aren't I the survivor?

    They laughed in my despair
    They stared at me judging me as I walk by
    Calling me names for what I've done
    What have I not done?

    They don't believe me nor do they want to
    Why tell the truth when it will be covered with lies?
    Lies which will be believed
    For they are told by a man not a woman

    They don't believe that killing him was a defense
    But I couldn't let his hands touch me anymore
    The fear turned into strength in which I used to defend myself
    And I'm in the wrong for that?

    They say we have a voice
    A voice that's silence or not heard no?
    For here I stand taking a sentence he was suppose to serve with no voice to scream the truth

    But I know I'm not alone
    That people have the same fade
    That they defended themselves the same way
    When will their time be over for them to be free?

    I wonder about all the others who still go through it
    İf they will have a voice louder than mine
    If this time will be over for them to be free

  • unheardexcerpts 53w

    20s & Uncertainty. ✨

    Being in your twenties can be messy. You see people around you acing in their careers, some getting engaged, some getting married, some moving places, having get to gathers, partying, taking trips. While you're rebuilding yourself trying making healthier choices, embracing the new, losing every bond, every person you wanted to hold tight to.
    You see your family, friends, career, health, every damn thing taken away from you right in front of your eyes.
    Yet, I want you to choose faith. Faith that things will work out in the end. Every set back in your career, every heartache, every moment you found your health at rock bottom, every fall out in friendship, every turn of event will make sense. Just the way you realized that pain doesn't last forever, you'll soon figure out that uncertainty doesn't last forever too.
    This phase is giving you time to self reflect. Soon you'll reach a point where you wouldn't want to know all the answers. You'll understand that the void between what you think the reality is & the universe's conspiracy ~ is magnificent.
    At the end of the day, it's all about releasing fear & putting full faith out there. Simply knowing & trusting that everything is being taken care of ~ a complete liberation.

    ©unheardexcerpts, walking through maze.

  • ignitedmind_08 53w

    Why do you feel it! Why your dark side has started intervening your life! Why! Because you have lost too many people or because you don't feel like YOURSELF anymore. Maybe both! You have lost your people and now you are losing your self too and it's not right. You are strong enough to hold yourself for people who you are left with or who you love. You need to overcome it, that guilt or anger or pain whatever it is. You have to grapple the real you who is lost somewhere straining all the emotions! Deep down you are alone but you won't be loner your entire life! You will fight through it and find a way for yourself. You will find someone for yourself, someone to giggle with,cry with, to share your life with. Someone to love you and take care of you. You won't be alone then wandering alone and thinking about things that will kill you. You will be happy then, always!

  • sillysadar 61w

    You are not alone

    Lonely you may feel but your not as alone as you think
    For long ago you may have felt so alone more alone then now but there are people here for you like I am for you
    For everything may feel wrong since the loneliness inside of you is driving you crazy but know you are not as alone as you may think
    For if you feel alone I am just a call away to tell you everything is gonna be okay but not just me others as well
    For it may not have be shown but you aren't alone for i am just a phone call away

    For maybe you've grown to be this way, to be alone for people have said they don't wanna be friends with you but I say otherwise
    For nobody really tries to be there for you but I will till the end
    For I heard your cries out for help and saw your eyes that were filled with pain I know you want someone there so I'm willing to be that someone for you
    For I may be trying in vain but as long as you feel less alone and you know I'm here I don't mind

  • random_nandy 62w

    Sometimes what we need is not advise but understanding,compassion and the feeling that you are not the only one.

  • redphoenix 70w

    I have no poetic words
    To describe the pain I feel
    If I start writing
    My hands tremble
    And I stumble
    This breeze here calms me
    These poems heals me
    As if someone is saying
    "You are not Alone"

  • yoitsleohere 75w

    My mind was a mess...

    Then I found a razor...

    Now my body is a mess too....

  • yoitsleohere 77w

    Depression and anxiety

    If I had to explain my depression and anxiety to my family...

    My depression and anxiety isn't something I can control, they controls me.

    They are the reason why most days i cant get out of bed because they fill my head with reason why I shouldn't.

    They are the reason I am eating less because they tell me I'm fat and I eat way too much.

    They are the reason why my arms are littered with scars, because they tell me that I deserve the pain.

    They are the reason why I'm always alone, they make me isolate myself from everyone I love.

    They are the reason why I am never happy...

  • yoitsleohere 77w

    This was meant to be poetry but its not at all good! Please read the note bellow!! #poetry #youareamazing #depression #notalone

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    1 cut, 2 cuts, 3 cuts, 4 cuts,
    She scars her skin.
    5 cuts, 6 cuts, 7 cuts, 8 cuts,
    She puts a rope around her neck.
    9 cuts, 10 cuts,
    She takes her final breathe.

    Note: If you ever feel like ending your life please talk to someone! You are not alone, there are many charities out there that can help you, family members, friends, you can even talk to me if you like because I have been through it myself I understand how you feel. So please don't do it you are loved and you are amazing!! ❤

  • yoitsleohere 78w

    Sometimes even to live is an act of courage


  • wespadeshere 80w

    Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it's not so hard. But we do our best to get 'er done. -��E

    How privy it is
    To share a body
    And try to decorate
    A madhouse dysphoria.
    These faces I see
    They aren't me,
    Just some old mosaic
    A potpourri.
    But still they're staring
    Back at me,
    Just a bit
    Like I'm to know
    What next to do,
    When sometimes really,
    I have no clue!
    But the ones whose eyes
    Are big and round
    Of the youngers
    Needing a way
    To ground,
    Awake in me
    The strength I need
    To see us through
    Another day.

    #DID #dissociation #derealization #dysphoria #realitycheck #notalone #understanding #deep #inside #headmates

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    These faces I see
    They aren't me,
    Just some old mosaic
    A potpourri.


  • phoenix_feathers 80w

    #haiku #notalone #strange
    It's amazing how everything changes, when you know there are people going through the same situations you are.

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    Something strange happens
    When I finally realize
    I am not alone

  • sohblue 82w

    •Manic Depression•

    Depression is like cancer.
    Cancer of the soul.
    Or maybe a better answer,
    Is that it's a black hole.

    Mania is our wishes.
    The first and/or the last.
    We all want the best presents.
    Eraser of the past.

    So let's all steal sweet nothings.
    Let's find a world to keep.
    Let's mark ourselves as something.
    And weep before we sleep.

  • ajeetmaurya 83w

    Sath hu me tere.

    Har baar me chup tha,
    Per iss baar nhi.
    Vo har baar roo ra tha,
    Per ab iss baar nhi.

    Haa, tha main sath tere tab bhi
    Aur ab bhi,
    Haar baar tha tere piche,
    Per iss baar nhi.


  • kolima 86w

    Not alone

    Uncontrollable animals and flying birds became friends at one point but it's hard to befriend a good human... here I am talking to birds and animals and with them I'm not alone anymore

  • rimmi24 87w

    ਔ ਦਰਿਯਾ,ਲੈ ਚਲ ਮੈਨੂੰ ਵੀ ਉਸ ਪਾਰ...����
    ओ दरिया,लै चल मैनू वी उस पार...����
    अग्य़ार - stranger
    ख़ाना-ए-दिल - house of heart
    रहबर - leader
    महरूम - deprived
    अंजाम-ए-उल्फत - consequences of love

    Title translated in Punjabi by @mm94deepsea ��
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #hindiwriters #poetry #hindipoetry #hindiurdu #urdulove #UrduPoetry #alfaaz #penandpaper #goodbye #notalone #emotionspouring #lovetowrite
    Don't want to tag anyone! I apologise ����

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    ਔ ਦਰਿਯਾ
    'ओ दरिया'

    किसी अग़्यार को ख़ाना-ए-दिल का रहबर बनाने का
    बेमतलब सा इरादा करा हमने;
    और वो भी आए कुछ यूं के इस दिल-ए-वीरान को
    आबाद सा घर बनाकर चल दिए!

    महरूम तो ना थे अंजाम-ए-उल्फत से हम भी मगर
    जाने क्यूं वही एक हाथ थामना चाहा हमने;
    वो दरिया-ए-ज़िंदगी के किनारे सुकून से भरे अंधेरे में
    उसी हाथ को छुड़ाकर उस पार चल दिए!

    दूर फ़लक में चांद और सितारों की चमक तक ही
    खुशियों का मंज़र समेट कर रखा हमने;
    वो उन सितारों से भी आगे देख सकते थे,
    सो अचानक अलविदा कह कर ये मकान खाली कर चल दिए!