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  • coldhandswarmheart 7h

    #nostalgia #wod

    01:30 pm

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    nocturnal nostalgia visits again
    nemesis to my sanity
    reminiscing a forbidden love
    who left more scars than kisses
    remembering the embrace
    that felt like hot chains on my skin
    recollecting the shame
    at enjoying dances with the devil

    Stockholm Syndrome is real
    and tonight I make love
    to my captor- my own memories.


  • steffy2110 22h

    Our Song

    The record player stuck on the chords of our song.
    On cue, my mind has stalled on that afternoon
    'Cause if you don't leave this town,
    We might never make it out'
    Was the melody by 'The Lumineers' last night a sign?
    wish you could've wrote me a note or your address
    Was that a promise or a farewell song
    Guess I will never know now

    Alone on the stairs, plugged on an MP3 sat the new lad from next door
    You lent me an ear plug when you saw me
    The Comfort in the silence, felt like our normal
    By the stairs we jammed till dusk
    Time never flew by this pace
    Met every afternoon that summer break by the same stairway,
    tuning away from the world to our little happy place
    I remember you once hiding your tears when you spoke of your home
    Of how unfair was it seeing being the prize at the end of battle for custody
    We spoke little, but songs always queued up our playlist
    We named it 'Our Song'
    Made me happy when you said,
    I am your song pal and when we slow danced to our favorites, I felt a chime!
    Did I ever tell you were my first dance
    Guess you will never know now
    You made me laugh with your clumsy steps
    You were the highlight of my day
    Wish I could say them then
    Guess you will never know now
    Do you think of me when you hear our song as much as I do?
    Sometimes feels like a dream I woke up from and you never were here
    If it were all a dream,
    I wish I could say all I didn't
    if ever comes a day,
    I want to add one last song in our playlist.



  • moody_scribbler 1d

    The sentiments we try to let go.
    Nostalgia reminiscences all.


  • meenalochani 1d


    Whenever, I rewind my thoughts, The flashback is full of Nostalgia, I smile silently thinking of blissful days, In my little hamlet K.G.F........., my small house in midst of mountains, The fragrance of vivid flowers Warm days and chilly nights.. Humming our favourite song, Enjoying life to the fullest..... Oh! Almighty kindly grant me a time machine, I long to revisit my life once again, Only to cherish myself listening to my father's bedtime stories, Only to play hide'n'seek with my siblings and friends, Only to hold my mother's hand in crowded exhibition..... It gives me nostalgia feeling, When, I think of cotton candy, wooden toys, fancy accessories, I know past days Never come back, But, memories never fade........ It becomes a story and a present Nostalgia,

  • his_aesthetic_ink 1d

    Nostalgia is mere
    mirage of fading


  • pallavi4 1d


    The rainy summer afternoons
    And petrichor drenched sweet grass
    The smell of hard bound old novels
    Merlot poured in a wine glass
    The squeaky colourful swing set
    And the rusty slides in the park
    The weed filled gardens that once were
    Painfully frightful in the dark
    The lanes where we would ride our bikes
    Under gulmohars with large orange flowers
    Children leisurely playing hopscotch
    Surrounded by scores of golden showers
    Feeling scared of ghosts on the roof
    Never ever following what was told
    That time where life was carefree
    When friendships mattered more than gold
    Those picnic spots around the fields
    Filled with daisies, jasmines and pear trees
    Chasing colourful butterflies all over
    Running after bugs and bees
    The stories of great wonder that contained
    Magical pixies, fairies and elves
    There is nothing more nostalgic than the
    Things that remind one of our youthful selves


    26th of September, 2021

    Pic credit : Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner, Mari w/ohwonder by rouv on soundcloud

    #wod #nostalgic #nostalgia #youth #childhood @writersnetwork #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • bobbylong 1d


    I wish to board a train back to those days,
    Where my eyes could only capture friendship,
    And my hearty feelings for nothing but love.

    I wish to sleep back to the memories
    That has become a dream to me,
    Where promises were never broken.

    I wish to dive back into the pool of fantasy,
    Where I never had to fight for love.
    Yet, I was full of it.

    I wish the pain that flies easily away,
    Could still have it wings.
    I am longing for everything that seems out of reach


  • shinereverie_ 1d


    Yesterday was a lavender dream,
    I walked down the lane,
    Of memories,
    Yes, I left too soon,
    And now this nostalgia brings me peace.
    I fell like a maple leaf,
    In the autumn of words,
    The sight of a cold smile,
    And the secrets left unheard,
    Are all coming back to me.
    I wait for the moon everyday,
    And it's light looks so blue,
    Just like the ocean of love,
    And my heart drowns there too.

  • edward_3355 1d


    I long for the subtle warmth of familiarity
    Lost traversing an ocean of the faceless
    In a trail masked by waves of time
    Life had been kind but it had hurt all the same

    I look up to the empty night sky
    And see my memories flickering faintly
    As I hum a waning melody in melancholy
    Drowned by the heaving winds of change


  • antarraal 1d

    My voyage of nostalgia
    travels among tiny islands of memories.
    They always begin like gently
    swaying waves of smiles,
    soon turning into torrent of laughter,
    and finally a soft rain pours out
    from the eyes,
    knowing those islands have been submerged
    by the growing perils of age and maturity.


  • sd1991 1d

    Nostalgia is everything you've passed out from, but it's what you feel to live with. It lingers across all your memories, what matters is how sorted you're right now. Because it's only the Feeling that lives forever, so choose the nice one.


  • nm_bloggslove_ 1d

    The wooden bells ringing chorus,
    The white roses in splendid odour,
    The church was lit, crowded with people
    All beautifully attired and happily speaking....
    My wedding day was precious,
    A precious nostalgia that always gives me the feels....
    For good memories always lasts forever!



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  • aimansheikh 1d

    #nostalgia #pod #wod #attic #ceesreposts

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Not so perfect.
    Old poems turning into gold. ☺️��

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    Rain again;

    Oh!! it's Raining again, and he is not with me so all in vain.
    But luckily these falling drops are with us, revealing me all his tales.

    Sometimes it rains so deep,and sometimes so shallow,
    how would i guess if he is missing me right now or no.

    Ahh, this aches, aches like hell.
    But let me pray for you to be with me,
    because I have seen you in dreams, till the last of this eternity.

    I hope we could turn around, put it all away,
    so that we can come back to us again.


  • ananias 1d

    As my recollection begins to fade; details loosen and facts evade. Self-flattery, a less-sadder-me? Staticy-thoughts coming in on all channels, my tuning seems corrupted and to fix it there's no manual. I indulge in songs played on fragmented frequencies, my mind races and dreams of times and places away from things I know to be true. But in this falsified world I reign over green and blue, my memory serves to pay my ego dues and any contradiction is explained that I am refamiliarizing myself too soon with these remembrances. Verily, these moon-lit dances we envy in my dreams are temptuous curses to distract from actual being, actual seeing, the actual fleeting reality that you hardly lay claim to any longer. Is it really wronger to live as we do, to have chosen how we choose; but not to wish to fly when you've never flew? Stay true to yourself, wishing beyond reason is a recipe for torment and making your own life in to hell, so please pick yourself up if you fell and look forward not backwards. Nostalgia is not a gale that will fill your sail, merely a siren's call; falsified memories.


  • inchoate_ananta_upadhaya 1d


    Photons from far away
    Aimed towards me

    Electron volts of energy
    Striking my eyes

    Visible wavelength
    Traveling through layers of eye

    Convergence of photons
    directed towards retina

    Dissociation of opsin
    Generation of potentials

    Brain decoding
    Nostalgic feeling of viewing

    Millions of star
    Brightening the eternity of darkness.


    #nostalgia #pod #wod #Nostalgic

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    No stars these days, only pollution!��

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    Brain decoding
    Nostalgic feeling of viewing

    Millions of star
    Brightening the eternity of darkness.


  • thestral_queen 1d

    I remember you, from when there was a spring
    When the seasons were ripe, with verdant green
    Our nimble feet danced in the wind
    and on the brink of everything

    Not a furrow in the brow of youth
    We borrowed life for just awhile
    and tapped our shoes on childhood's stage
    where carefree laughter was the rage
    that filled each age with promised smiles

    We danced and twirled a twin ballet
    just you and me on summer's waves
    Two pirouettes, in mode of curls
    of blossoms, frilled, and tender leaves
    unfurled in winds, we found a way
    to soar our wings, above the world

    We knew not yet
    of death or dying
    or of regret, or cause for crying

    But, something frowned upon the season
    You caught the wind, and without reason
    A colder wind
    that kept you flying
    far beyond my eyes could see
    And to the other side
    you disappeared
    beyond my words
    beyond my tears

    Now here alone
    I touch the day
    and taste the night

    I will walk alone, in autumn sun
    And lay myself on dying leaves
    I think of you and think of then
    I feel the wind against my face
    that sweeps me to a distant place
    where I recall what time erased

    I'm closer now... to hear the sound
    The whisper of the seasons calling

    Above the trees, the sky is blue
    I think of you, and feel the breeze
    And all the while, the leaves must fall.

    This is poem by CARRIE RICHARD ❤.....

    Source- Google Chrome.....

    #nostalgia #wod #miraakeeassiatant #miraquillapp
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    You Caught The Wind.....


  • albetroz 1d


    Now it's just Nostalgia!
    At times I miss my childhood
    when we paint an apple blue
    and nobody minds.
    when we hide exposing more than half
    and nobody finds.
    when our tears cost diamond
    smile melts hardened
    when dolly prince and princess wink often
    we can act silly to be pardoned
    When everything is magic!


  • vikkoo 1d

    जिन दिलों में रहा मैं बरसों तलक
    आज मिलती नहीं है उन्हीं की झलक
    आंखें भीगी हुई हैं है सूखा हलक
    है ज़मीन खो चुकी बोझ है ये फलक...

  • loftydreams101 3d

    Road Trip '97

    Winding forest roads
    Cut through the deep south
    In the heart of June
    How those days reeled by
    In the warm window pane
    Changed from red desert plains
    Into green still waters
    Still the highway drones
    Through the bleary nights
    As a mother's lullaby
    From those years kept buried
    Under miles of darkness
    Until home reaches back
    As an off ramp through the trees
    To the red bricks and columns
    To the wide smiles of kin

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • travellers_nirvana 21w

    As I unintentionally tripped into the nostalgic boulevard
    A lot has changed since that dreamy summer has passed except that fiery flame vine
    It still holds on intently to the now decrepit wall
    Like your memories that keep simmering in the pyre of what used to be my heart
    My vined soul lays tangled amidst the debris of broken dreams
    Refusing to revive
    Gazing at the lone crumbling wall I realise
    It's been quite a while since I felt alive