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    I CRY TOO.

    I cry too,
    In times when I find myself alone,
    No one to talk,
    And not feeling fine.
    Well now i choose not to,
    Because for when I did in the past,
    They just blamed me for all of it.
    That this misfortune,
    And all of my sufferings,
    Are my fault lines.
    That they will break me in time.
    That I should follow what they want,
    And what they say,
    If I want to be saved.
    I should neglect my own heart,
    My own desire,
    My own passion to be fine.

    I cry too,
    Even when i seem smiling every single day,
    Because when night comes,
    And i lay myself on my bed,
    I remember what hurts.


  • an_invisible_poet 120w

    prompt: protesting
    guys i have over 100 posts.. that's really wild. i'm also trying a new form a bit in this one so let me know what you think!
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    put your anger in one place.
    i've been told that ever since i started noticing more things to be mad about. i don't know how to change how i feel. i don't know how to be mad at my parents then laugh with my friends, i don't understand it. if i'm mad i'm mad and there's not a way i know how to change that.
    but then i write letters to senators.
    and all my passion falls out onto the page, arguing for the new bill that might help me and that really is just one thing. even though intersectionality is a huge part of my beliefs, i can separate things into boxes for just long enough to get real information across.
    i'd like to go to a real protest soon
    thousands of people needing the same thing
    that kind of feeling must be magical