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  • poetik_world 2w


    Dastan e~dil kya baya kare e~ashik
    Banjar raah gayi ya dil ki jamen
    Ab ya na pucho katil kon hai

    Unko bhi galti kahte nhi hum,
    Masla toh yaha hai,
    Ki unko hamara liya koe feeling hi nhi hai
    ©रohit Raऊत

  • therhymingbee 72w


    Have you ever been on a conference call without knowing it's on conference?
    People who do that! There is a special place for such sulking mofo soul.

  • hiya04 82w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Ignore
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    Ignorance was the reason why she did what she did
    Sorry love.....

  • hiya04 82w

    Where no love is left

    Where no love is left
    It's better to distance myself
    For I might never stop loving u
    The way that I did.
    Or stop admiring u
    For your every little trait .
    It's hard for me to leave your side
    To say our final adios.
    Cuz I don't wanna fall for
    That mesmerizing eyes,beautiful smile, your loving words
    & what not,
    Only to be hurt again .....

  • kansaltant 82w

    You stuck somewhere? Don't worry you've always the choice to not stuck there.

    #Dailypost #Day4 #Choices #noob #regret #motivation

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    To live or to not,
    To grow or to rot.
    Every moment paved an alternate path to follow,
    Each second, different pill, not sure which one to swallow.
    Choosing the best one, I kept standing still,
    Time just flew by, god! I missed the thrill.


  • hiya04 82w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Texture
    #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #life #love #relationship #sensual #noob

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    The feel of your lips is what makes my day ❤

  • slwrites_ 94w


    You entered in my life out of nowhere..
    With a question "will you do me a favor?"
    You entered my life not through my DM,
    But that beyond temptation's door..


  • arisdumb 101w

    From the day i was born i was Lazy Lazy
    Messed up things because i was Crazy Crazy
    My feelings always looked so Hazy Hazy
    My mind always so damn Mazy Mazy
    I looked at the world Glazy Glazy
    Getting into trouble always so Eazy Eazy
    Felt the truth by heart feels so Gazy Gazy

  • feelingfunnel 103w

    In the deepest oceans of our fears,
    Resides our conscience..
    Which brings storms to the surface,
    Without it's evidence.

  • mohammed_shuheb 107w


    The time changes so do the feelings,
    Love is so fickle it ends with ruining,
    For few unlucky in the field of caring,
    Just remember its not the ending.

  • meerkatt 111w


    you hurt me even tho you didn't mean to
    how could you play me like that saying you loved us both
    When I ask you to choose me or her you keep saying you can't
    Jaan you call me but do you really mean it?

  • meerkatt 111w


    the way she was treated didnt make sense
    she was looked down upon and at the same time made funny jokes with them
    it confused her too maybe it was toxic
    but she couldn't choose them because they were the ones who chose her

  • meerkatt 112w


    She put gloss on her big red lips,
    Not caring whether it was gonna wipe of in a second or two,
    She carresed her gorgeous blond hair and looked at me with her shiny blue eyes
    That was it , I felt like my heart had been stolen from me

  • sweety_sarangi 113w

    And there she was
    Being herself effortlessly
    Making me fall in love endlessly


  • sweety_sarangi 113w

    Be kind because
    That's all that they lack
    And that the best that you have.

  • jeitendra_sharma 119w


    palatable mind, hurdling thoughts
    a quest to infringe the 'status quo'
    curtains often hide the materiality
    the frailty of emotions
    I fall to the candor
    a fatal omission of a nincompoop
    a shroud to hide the liaison
    disguised as a nobleman
    an uncharacteristic blemish emerged from the virtual world,
    rewinding the chords of the extinct fire
    restless nights, looking into glaring screens
    attestation of the illusion, shattered into pieces
    chose to sell the pass, a worthless creature indeed
    hidden desires, the example of perfidy
    no love without credence
    or, merely an amusement of amour propre
    commemoration of all the agony, caused by chemistry
    a mysterious way to live in the false narrative of love
    freedom that snatches peace of mind
    a fall of great Rome into the hands of barbarians
    like treading gold for worthless Poet
    writing 'love' is an art of noob
    those depictions were the dinkum oil
    nothing is out of sight, but I chose to shut my eyes


  • anjaanii 126w

    Mann karta hai yeh ishq Ka tala laga du tere Dil pr jiske chabbi sirf mere pas ho

    Band kamre Mai bas hum doo aur koi teesra na ho

    Khamoshi ho uss kamre Mai aur bs humare saso ki awaaz ho

    Din khatam tere muskurahat pr aur Raat ki shuruwat tere baaho Mai ho

    Aur jab bhi hum tanha ho tab bs doo jism aur ek Jaan ho

  • anjaanii 126w


    Iss duniya ne mujhe chun neka haq Nahi Diya maa baap Bhai behen dada dadi nana Nani sab pre decided the so coming back to ki iss duniya ne Kabhi mujhe chunne nahi Diya bs yeh lo keh kr ek choti se duniya de Diya mujhe pyaar bohot Mila iss choti se duniya mai pr udna chahate the mai ek dusre duniya mai Jaise mag rahe the Mai apne chun neka haq....

    Dost Maine chun liya tha sab poochte mujse kya yeh Tera boyfriend hai ? Aur Mai hass kr keh dete no we are just best friends

    Bachpan se Saath the hr rang Saath chak liye Kabhi Woh baarish ke boondo ka pheeka sawaad Kabhi Woh dhoop ki aag Kabhi Woh thand ke mausum Mai ice cream ka swad toh Kabhi chupkar gele mitte ka swaad

    Ab humne kadam rakha ladakpan mai disclaimer hum dono single the so where was I haa ab humne kadam rakha ladakpan Mai usko raste mai Dekha dete the hot se ladkiya Woh kehta hayye sexy fir mujhe Dekha Deta koi kalta sa uncle kehta iske Saath kar tu om mangalam Mai kehte chal chal awkaat ke bahar hai tere crush muh dhoke aa chal hat

    Ab thoda sa badlaav aaya USS dost ke Zindagi Mai koi aur aaya
    Keh Diya usse yeh sab toh theek hai
    Tere duniya Mai tujhe chun neka poora haq hai
    Baatna pada mujhe Woh samay Woh Raat ke gappe Woh ek Saath Tiffin Khan Woh tere kandhe pr sar rakh kr beparva saare gum Khushi bak dena
    Log poochte mujhse kya Tumne Jalan nhi hote?? Aur Mai hass kar keh dete

    Jalte hai Woh log jinhe hota khone ka darr iss mehengae ke bazaar Mai sab milawati melega agar jab kabhi
    iss bazaar mai ulchlega humare dosti ka sikka agar jab kabhi iss bazaar mai uchlega humare dosti ka sikka jalan ki aag Mai Nahi pighalne duge usse milawati ke zamane mai Nahi khilvad karne duge usse Woh dosti ka sikka bas upar jaega ki Ki ki ki Woh dosti ka sikka bs upar jaega ki Newton ka dimaag bhi Nahi kaam kar paega....

    Log kehte hai ek ladka aur ek ladke Kabhi acche dost nhi bann sakte
    Log kehte hai dusre ke aa jaane se dosti tut jaate hai
    Hota hoga inkaar Nahi kar Raha yeh Dil dimaag bs haath faila kr dua mang Raha nazar na lage iss dosti ko nazar lagane wale Zara Dekh tu aasman Mai ki ki nazar lagane wale Zara Dekh tu aasman mai humare dosti ka sikka Suraj ban kar ab bhi roshni de Raha hai aur Raat ki Chandni Mai chand ban kr Woh abhi iss dosti ke misaal de Raha
    Hai woh ab bhi iss dosti ki misaal de Raha hai

  • anjaanii 126w

    Kya mujhe pyaar ho Raha tha ?

    Phele din se Bandar aur Romeo Sa aashiq lag Raha tha pata nahi q usse pyaar ho Raha tha ki maano yeh Dil bandariya aur Juliet banne ke leye bekarar ho Raha tha.
    Kya mujhe pyaar ho Raha tha ?

    Uska woh yr babu ek baat batao kehkar sawal Karna Mera uss sawal ka jawab na dena uska sad ho Jana fir hahahaha awwh so cute keh Kar uska Dil wapas jeet Lena ki maano koi pyaar bhara roothne manane ka khel chal Raha tha
    Kya mujhe pyaar ho Raha tha ?

    Woh ek dusre ko blackmail Karna
    Tera helmet na pehen na toh Mera bhi nahi pehen na
    Tera haath pr Mera naam chaku se likhna toh Mera kisse aur ko kiss Karna
    Tera koi aur ladke ki tareef karna toh Mera Mann hi Mann uska murder karna
    Jaise ki hum haq jama rahe ho ek dusre ke Zindagi pr

    Pr... Samaj nahi aa Raha tha ki yeh kya ho Raha tha Woh Mera Anmol sa kya tha fever mai Jaise Mera paracetamol sa tha .
    Kya mujhe pyaar ho Raha tha???

    Haa shayad mujhe pyaar ho Raha tha

  • anjaanii 126w


    Paiso mai khelta hai woh rang goora Karne wali jaadu ki chhadi

    Wazan kam kar de kyonki chor ban kar woh mere aatmavishvaas ke pecche pade

    Samaj ke dikhawat ko jeene ka sahi dhang samaj kr usse aankh lade

    Samaj ke umeedo pr khade hone ke leye dede apne ichhaao ki bale

    "Kuch toh log kehenge logo ka kaam hai kehna" isse khup lade

    Laga di apne mann ke darwaze pr kade

    Pr dhoor Dekha toh nazar Aaya ek Vishal sa ped jispr lage the kaafi Kale
    Gor se dekha toh pata Chala arey yeh samaj humse toh bane