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  • laus_deo 12w

    “You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing.”

    – E.B. White

    #nonfiction except for the office part.

    @writersnetwork ♡ Thanks for the repost! :)

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    The breath of a poised royal poinciana
    collides graciously with the morning dew,
    summer skims past my shoulders as I
    charm my ears with another melodious
    song of Selena Gomez while sliding my
    feet into the office ballerinas. Halfway
    stepping into the stale tiles of the kitchen,
    a sickly foam rush through my veins,
    making me feel apologetic for my
    unforgettable recklessness that stole
    her away from me. I recalled the last
    moment when I gently touched her
    apple blossomed face and her plump
    prettiness and angelic innocence beamed
    in the soft sunshine. Attired in magenta
    colored dress, she flolicked in the park
    while I was holding her hand. Among
    a bunch of children, we were playing
    in the chill late autumn air of a
    beautiful evening that soon turned
    into a devastating accident.
    Sixteen years have marked their
    graves on my tragic loss.
    Maybe she is now chirping in someone's
    house holding another hand, feeling
    a sense of belongingness or perhaps
    she has faded from the worldly sight,
    somewhere hidden in the woods, lying
    in the unexplored and unknown. I was
    eleven years old when she walked into
    my house with my uncle who adored me.
    My favorite pink shaded watch.
    Oh no! My boss has already bombarded
    me with two missed calls as I am
    yet again late. Nevermind, he will
    rain his wrath upon me and I will stare
    down at my present silver chained watch
    thinking of another excuse.

  • richa_srivastava 15w


    Swiping right, swiping left and then there's someone in between. When you swipe right you are filled with hope. Hope, to meet someone of your kind. It could be anything, as per your perceptions.

    He was simple with class, had a gf looking for friendship. That's it. That's it?? I don't know how people can't be friends in a relationship called "Love". I was not getting anyTHING of my kind so I just thought of friendship. He was clear from the start. "JUST FRIENDSHIP". I was also sure, I didn't want to share an occupied heart. We used to talk "as Friends" only. He was never flirty, no dark jokes, nothing. I enjoyed his company whenever he used to talk. 

    He came to my city one day and I met him "as friends" and then something strange happened. I realised I needed a place in that occupied heart. There was nothing romantic, not even fling but I was feeling that zing. 

    I didn't Stop myself from anything, but something was ending inside me.

    Or it was the beginning of an endless start or something I added by mistake to my cart. 

    Whatever it was, I still feel strange. I cried for that guy for 3 days, but he was out of range.

    I realised one thing, For me love is friendship first.

    Only few understand that, others don't trust. 

    If I say someone to be my friend, I want to see him in my life,

    Guys think they would be friendzoned and I would never be his wife.

    Can't help, can't hold.

    Just thought to tell, if you could mold.

    Richa Srivastava©

  • bellemoon99 31w

    Water, something so simple for most people.
    Others have the luxury of drinking straight from the sink,
    we don't.
    Others have the luxury of never buying bottled water, we don't.
    They can shower as much as they want, wash, even play with it.

    Water for Venezuela is not only vital, it is our electricity source. And one fateful day, it failed. The whole country was plunged into darkness.

    Two years ago I experienced first hand what it means to live without water. Without power. For five whole days, our lives were taken back to the Middle Ages. The dark ages.

    As night fell, the stars gave us sad smiles. They shone brighter, maybe trying to melt the fear from our hearts. We didn't know when the electricity would back or when the water would pump trough the city once more.

    Our food had rotten, many had to cook with wood. We stuck together, giving our neighbor a kind smile to help at least a little. We told each other jokes as the light from our candles created strange shapes on our faces.

    We used bottled water to bathe ourselves, placing it on small bowls to pour the cold water on our aching muscles. I never missed the embrace of a hot shower as much as those days.

    Finally, after five long nights, the power came back on. The water returned, dirty as usual, but we could at least boil it and shower like it has become our habit.

    Sometimes the power goes back out, fear rising up our throats in loud curses. We use the little water we have left and hope the next day our power will be restored.

    We don't get water every single day, so we have to check if it's coming in before washing our clothes or cleaning the house. Sometimes we won't be able to shower, and never again we watched anyone play with water.

    Years ago, water was just that, water. Today? We are painfully aware it's our most precious gem.

    #aquac #writersbay #truestory #nonfiction

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    Water should be life, but it's also a luxury.


  • twiztidditzwit 31w

    If Only He Would Die;

    Maybe THEN,
    They'd Love Him

  • stansteel63rd 1w

    Born Trapped

    I just realized that I'm trapped, I've been boxed up for a crime I committed when I was young and off-track,

    I lived strapped.... angry, emotionless, and forced to survive, no time for remorse, fuck love, or pitty, no slack,

    You ask why is that?
    First....it's the norm where I grew up at
    Second, my father fell in love with the bottle and crack, that shit had him overmatched,

    He was lost, and angry, beating my mother on the daily, until she didn't pack, she left everything in her life, and didn't look back,

    Real Talk.......

    True Facts......

    Me and my sister, became the target of his attacks, unspeakable shit, that scars you for life, like a tat, a birthmark, a permanent black patch,

    I wondered where the fuck is God at...
    We were too young, and to small, to fight back, that's the first time I felt Trapped!

    U know how I dealt with that????

    I grabbed my jacket and my hat, I woke my sister Nay-Nay and asked,
    Are u coming? She said, no...I didn't expect that,

    We hugged, I had to hold my tears back, as I walked into the night and emotionally detached,

    I remember the day vividly, it was pitch black, cold and damp, people were everywhere, block boys selling crack, half-dressed women, jumping in and out of Cadillacs,

    I heard gunshots, polices sirens and ambulances echoing from trap to trap, I witness a carjack.... dope fiends fighting, a high-speed chase and a life snatched, just imagine that,

    I wish, I would have recognized, right then and there, what I was feeling and learning in the streets....would later attract,

    Confinement, death, a life of crime, and a heart and soul that's black, a life with no map, Shit!....my moral compass collapsed,

    Damn...I see now that's when I fell into my next trap.... that American race gap.... but I can't blame the white man for that, I was born with 2 nothing ass parents, a stuck up family, and then the world sees me as I am, BLACK...

    SHIT... I took my first breath, and the deck stacked, by the time I took my first steps, I was down 5 laps,

    How can one dream, when you're so far back???? So I had to pick a side and tried to fill the gap,

    The streets taught me that, it's not on me. It's in me. It's the TRAP!!!!...............

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 35w

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Insidious masterminds
    Hellbent on mass destruction
    Your soul, they plan to steal
    Through the artifice of seduction
    Harmful machinations
    That lead to a hellish plight
    Are inflicted on countless souls
    Who no longer sleep well at night
    Their eyes are empty and dead
    Their smile is a cackling sneer
    They'll tempt you and beguile you
    While filling your heart up with fear
    Homicidal, these beasts
    Quite skilled in manipulation
    Slowly they work their way in
    Through cunning articulation
    Reduced to a useless meat puppet
    Your mind is no longer your own
    Desperation will flood you
    And despair, unlike any you've known
    Now, of course there are those that can help
    Such as spiritual healers and shamans
    And many others as well
    Such as seers, and priests, and Brahmins
    But take care to call on them soon
    'Cause believe me, the longer you wait
    The more you'll be lost to this world
    Overtaken by creatures of hate
    Hallucinations will increase
    Delusional thoughts, all the more
    And by now, I've scared you enough
    So I needn't say very much more
    Just always be strong in your spirit
    Let the truth and the Light lead the way
    Let love be your guiding force
    And I'm certain you'll be quite ok
    Do not let the darkness tempt you
    And never succumb to its fear
    Remain on the brightly lit path
    Where angelic loved ones are near
    Just remember if things become hazy
    Can't tell if awake or just dreamin'
    It's high time to reach out for help
    'Cause my dear, you might have a demon.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2/22/2021

  • anshika_winks 52w

    June 20,2018. 12 am

    Hey Kissie,
    I had to work hard to bring you out of the closed attic, where all my old stuff was chocked to rust. But you still smell the same, only a little sweeter...

    You know the time now is 12 am, the first time I'm writing this late. Mom and Dad, downstairs, think I am asleep but it's just you and me who know what's happening...

    I never imagined that I would be awake at this time of the night and think restlessly about something, or someone...

    Ok I know I must have built enough suspense in you by now. But believe me it's worth it.
    So here we go...

    Today was our first day at the school after the long summer vacations and everyone was super - excited about new session , new teachers and new friends except me who was bothered about the new textbooks and the huge syllabus in front of me.

    Everyone was in corridors walking, giggling and laughing out loud with their old and new friends. But I ,as you know, was in the class , alone and restless.

    The bell rang and the whole gang roared back into their classes waiting for the teacher.

    She arrived and we all greeted her. We sat and she started with the boring attendence ( I don't see any point in taking attendence as if it has ever bothered anyone, just wasting time for nothing)

    But this attendence was something special because when she was about to take my name, a boy plunged in disturbing. Everyone's eyes turned towards him and I was irritated of how he disturb my attendance.

    A tall boy with all ragged uniform, no tuck, no tie, untied shoelaces and uncombed hairs said, " May I come in ?"

    I would have said 'No' but our Mam didn't agree with me. And she asked him to get in and take a place somewhere. He chose to take the last bench which was far away from mine because I was the first bencher. Yes only and only one common thing , I was sitting alone and he too.

    I ignored him. The class started. I was very concentrated from the first class itself because the syllabus frightened me again.

    A bell rang and it was our break. It didn't matter much to me because I still had books in front of me. But I heard some noises behind and turned to see what was that.

    I was flabbergasted to see my classmates group around the fresher as if he had been an old accustom. They were laughing and enjoying. He had made friends with everyone so quickly.

    I felt alone.

    But I ignored again.

    Another bell rang and another teacher arrived and I again concentrated.

    And the next thing happened was the last bell. Everyone has already packed their bags to leave. And they left as soon as the bell rang.

    I , overburdened by stress, started packing by bag with less strength. I was about to get up but then.

    The fresher had spill his complete water bottle on me...

    [ Flashback]

    When the last bell rang , it was me and him left in the classroom. He was going out of class drinking water but accidentally toppled over the edge of the bench and...

    [Flashback Ends]

    Ugh... I was shocked by this incident.

    He too was shocked of this accident.

    My school uniform, my bag , my books , everything was a complete mess... I had never been so angry. I shouted at him at the top of my voice. I was in tears.

    He, on the other hand trying to help me out, worsen the situation and tore my notebook.

    "Gosh! You are just unbelievable", I shouted.

    I asked him to get out of there. He went outside. I packed everything and the damp feeling sucked. I was all wet and unsteady.

    I staggered out of the class and saw him still waiting for me. 'Sorry' was the first thing he said. And this time it was the 10th or 11th time. I shot an ignorant look and started walking away.

    He followed me and asked if he could help. Yes I said and handed him the moist school bag. It was heavy but he agreed and carried it through the empty corridors of school till the empty streets of my house.

    We didn't talk to each other in the journey.

    In front of my house, I took my bag. He whispered sorry again but this time I replied back to him saying It's ok. We exchanged a smile.

    And then , it all started with a simple Sorry...

    My submission for Fun Task #13 #daadisbae

    #pod #mirakee #wn #readthisJ #writersnetwork

    This is #fiction + #nonfiction ����

    Thank you for such a beautiful prompt��

    And also a big thank you to all those who will completely read it. I love genuine readers.

    PS : yeh lamba nahi bahut lamba h����

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  • daphnae 56w

    Amidst the fluffy cracks of the clouds, the sky peeped in. As I take a seat over the slippery, mist-filled grass, I breathe the fantasy accumulating in that particular night. And I knew, the night which lives, today will dance among my extant and his memories.

    The new moon glistened, cradling serenity and solace in the arms. Its curve reminded me of his smile. The smile, still warming up my heart. The smile I once called, mine. His smile introduced me to his world of ecstasy. World filled with his daydreams, drifting bubbles bursting when they collide within our touch, where delicacy crowned its epitome. He wasn't the ideal boy for the world. Had his own weaknesses, when he would grasp onto my hand; had his own fears, when he would let his tears flow; had his own lunacy, when he would weave me amidst his fancies. He was different, in every different way, stealing my possessions to gift me my happiness.

    The stars ordained themselves, flickering the whole time for me to notice them. They reminded me of his roguish eyes, which would stop by me. His agile fingers, running bonkers until they found my clasp over theirs. While his ardent eyes would compel me to drown in the depth they reflect, his fingers would find their way to the chords of my heart.

    The dark, turquoise sky refurbished with the glowing new moon and the scintillating stars, reminds me of the never-ending tunes every lover sings today. It reminds me of, how the echoes become your abode once you lose the voice you owned. Of, how the estuary still carries the drops, which was once the part of the chasmic ocean. Of, how a single person can paint the entire cosmos on the blank canvas your abandoned lips.

    #sings #mistc #mirakee #wn #pod #septemberspesh #nonfiction #ffossil #raw #pure #readthisJ

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    //If I could,
    I would be the prism for your beam of light,
    Scattering the essence of your love
    With the prismatic shades of my poetry.//

  • wild_aish 57w


    This may never reach you, but hopefully, it'll provide some solace to the chaos stirring inside my heart, the reason it all began. I know you've now been embedded into the night sky, along with the millions of others, to add to it's greedy adornment.
    But no one never thought of me. What about my skies? A stretched plain pastled blue sky, with little stardust scribbled along it's horizons,
    But it still lacks You in it.
    I've spent the best of my life with you, yet, I could never get enough of you. From mad laughs to sick cries, we've been through it all, together. Yet how could you leave me behind, in death? Five years, fell short, that one night, when I bid you the final adieu. That night, I questioned life. I questioned me and I questioned us. Did we really happen ? Or were you just a nightmare disguised- a dream? Times got hard, since you left. I couldn't face it alone any longer. Burnt the memories, smoked pain, drank anguish, got high on grief. But nothing helped. For
    /some storms, can be calmed only by the gentlest of touches./
    And that is just what I lacked;
    Those touches.
    It was under your reign, did I learn life. You filled the spaces of just what was missing. The essences you fed me- joys, sorrows, michiefs, stupidity, arrogance, envy, mother hood and ultimately; the death. I'm someone who talks about death the most. But little do they know, deep inside, death is what I am petrified of. Because I've seen it in you know. It is nowhere close to being peaceful. It is dreadful, and ugly, and enigmatic. It starts from the brain and crawls upto the toes, killing you, inch by inch. Legs high raised in the air, gently come down, kissing the earth, like a dove's feather. It's not an instant. It's an unexplainable span of time, when death gropes you. Neither can you save, nor can you ease the pain. All you can do, is stand still, hopeless, powerless and accept your defeat.
    Whilst the rest of the world was sound asleep listening to senseless lullabies, all what I heard were your poisonous cries.
    Your agonising groans still ring in my ears,when the silence around is deafening. How can she be so heartless? I've no answer. And I bet, she doesn't have one too. Maybe she too is ashamed, of hiding behind that facade of serenity.
    The body, the same one that once weaved love in it's fingers, now remains nothing but a frigid piece of dead flesh and cold blood.
    Today all what remains is a photograph and a grave, I've seen evolve for the past three years. You cross my mind every day for one or the other reasons amongst the thousands of others. I've wanted to say this since a long time... don't know why, but today nothing seemed to stop my fingertips. I still stare blankly at the empty streets, hoping you will return, but you never did, and you never will. But I shall wait, maybe not for you to come back, but for me to find my way to your abode.
    Maybe you might have left me, but I?
    I still can't let go of you.

    And yours forever...

    ©wild_aish #mirakee

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    The shooting star, to whom, my only wish is, cross my sky once again, and this time, I shan't let you go.

  • daphnae 58w

    And sometimes, the one liners say everything the long proses couldn't.


  • bouncy 58w

    I'm a misfit soul

    I contemplate at the reflection in the water.
    She looks tired and numb,
    Feeling nothingness.
    I cerebrate
    Where I came from and
    What am I doing here
    "In the writing community"
    I cudgel my brains,
    Wondering what brought me here
    Why do I write, what I write?
    Perhaps, I'm the soul of a butterfly
    Who lost it's way back to home
    From another community
    I wish to fly back,
    I hopped, I jumped,
    I tried, but I couldn't.
    There comes a day when I could fly off.
    But who is it now in my mind
    Writing all the verses which I'm writing
    Who says all the poems with my mouth
    Who is it in my ears who hears my voice
    Who is it always striving
    To write off the numb feelings
    Above all,
    Who is it asking these questions to me?
    Did I come here by my own?
    Or is it the wind what bought me here?
    If it is, I request the wind
    To fly me back to my home.

  • _shrutiwrites_ 63w

    I am a fae warrior, I am a demon smarter, I am a witch queen..
    Coz I'm a booklover!

    I am the first lady, I am the greatest mind alive, I am a prisoner of war..
    Coz I'm a booklover!

    I am the magic of a spell, I am the meaning of a name, I am the power of a rune..
    Coz I'm a booklover!

    I am a weary politician, I am a mystical pilgrim, I am a geeky nerd..
    Coz I'm a booklover!

    Booklovers unite! Our day has come.. Technically every day is our day, but today let's add some more vigour and zeal in our love for books! Today read one chapter, start that new book that's not from your usual genre, stay up till 5 in the morning and complete your book.. Read..

    Happy Booklovers Day folks!!
    #bookloversday #bookreader #bookquote #dreams #morning #sunday #bookish #bibliophile #books #bookstagramfeature #bookstack #morningmotivation #reader #readersofig #readersofinstagram #reading #fiction #nonfiction #life #bookdragon #bookaholic #thebookoholics

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  • reetism_ 65w

    I like the town on rainy nights
    Out on streets with my butterfly
    Splashing water with long foot steps
    turning Umbrella round and forth
    Drops of sound all around
    Let's guess the direction of rays
    That changes on every corner take
    Stops at a closed shop
    Then walked with rain down


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    Rainy night

  • amcart1221 65w

    Snapchat love letters

    Him: Tell me you love me
    Me: I not only love you, I ADORE you. I love literally everything about you. I could be around you everyday and not get tired of you because I love your energy, I love your sensitivity, I love your willingness to talk about anything at any time, I love how you put others first, I love how you love to please, I love your laugh, I love your random bouts of singing, I love your body shakes when you yawn and how you shake your shoulders when you're cold, I love your voice and your accent and how you put emphasis on certain words and say other words slowly in order to make your point, I love that you wear goofy shirts with one sleeve ripped off because that's what you used to do with your boys when you would ball, I love that you have long eyelashes that you don't appreciate and you tell me about you used to cut them when you were little, I love that you get cold easily, I love that you're always two steps ahead of everything and can juggle so many things at once, I love that you're so patient and calm even when you're upset, I love that you have a heart for kids, not just your own and I love that you find me desirable because I, Papi, cannot get enough of you. Do I love you? Baby, I love you deeply ❤️.

  • bliss__ 68w

    "You re-arrange me till I'm sane
    You locked the door
    And threw away they key"
    - These lines are taken from the song "Brain Damage - Roger Waters"

    I'll always be thankful to my parents for keeping me sane��

    #nonfiction #lyricprompt #cees_dsm_chall #carolyns_challenges #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #ceesrepost #feels #rwu #dark #braindamage #rogerwaters #staysafe #stayhumble #blessed ��

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    You re-arrange me till I'm sane
    You help me get through all the pain
    I feel them crawling in my brain
    The struggles of the past deep in my vein
    I don't know who is to blame for the shame
    I have my reasons all so lame
    People looking at me like a psychopath
    Thinking I am mad
    All cause I was depressed and sad
    Emotional outburst were really bad
    Was even sent from the psychology ward to the psychiatric ward
    You picked me up
    You locked the door
    And threw away the key
    As of now I think I'm free
    Hoping I'll become the daughter you always wanted me to be
    You re-arrange me till I'm sane
    You help me get through all the pain
    Gave me shelter from the pain that poured down like rain
    Thank you for keeping me sane
    I promise I will never again put you through such pain and shame....

  • ffaazririnna 70w

    If you and I
    were meant to be
    if we fell in love
    so deeply

    Then why
    "I’m tired of
    beating myself up
    every time.. every time!"
    "No, I don't want to meet!"
    "You've never respected me!"

  • eljuris 75w

    ASK ME

    ask me
    about love
    I tell you


  • james_taumas 81w


    Books standing to attention
    Spines straight
    Waiting to be read
    Different places and times
    Fictional or non-fiction
    New or previously loved
    World built by words
    Turn the page
    Some may crumble
    Others flourish
    Pick up another.


  • cmtoca 82w

    I'm a fine tuned recluse.
    No need to remind me, that I have a few bad moods
    I keep my everyday schemn' on the down low.
    So that my main chick
    Don't think
    I'm a mad hoe.
    Even though she be doin' the same things I do.
    Mad Joe's.
    Mad Jane's.
    J's, whateva.
    Who think I love'm all, cause I say it.
    Don't get it twisted, I don't plan to stay.
    My sure fire way of pushn my bae's away.

    Because broken people crave love
    but dont ever know how to keep it.
    When they stay steady runnin away from there very own demons.


  • tashi_creative_writing 84w

    It was raining heavily and all the flowers in the garden were losing their beauty. Almost all the flowers had lost faith in blooming, but one fine morning the sun stretched its warm hands over the mountain and delicately warped itself around the flowers. The flowers were blessed and they started to bloom.

    It was back in 2003 when I was studying in a non-formal education center in our village. The class was actually unique and interesting with the mixtures of different ages of people from the diverse region under one gewog. We have our Teacher from the same village she taught the students so well with a creative idea to catch up with the daily topics. As time passes by the syllabus came to end and we heard that soon we will be receiving a guest. The next day, the principal of Dawakha Lower Secondary School arrived to distribute the certificates as a reward for their hard work. He talked on some important topic, followed by distribution of certificate for the completion of the education successfully.

    At that time I was the youngest among all the participants. I was called by our chief Guest. He asked, “Are you interested to study further?” I directly said, “Yes, if given the chance am much interested to study like other students in school.”

    He discussed regarding education with my family, gup of our region and with the teacher of NFE. Every one of them agreed with good decision taken by the principal. He asked me to join the school as early as I can. The following day, I went to Dawakha School with my father. My father exchanged a few words with the principal and after admission, he went to the village. I am so happy with a kind-hearted teacher and I feel like he took extra responsibility to brighten my life. I cannot express how happy I am with such a respectable decision that others can’t think of it. I was enrolled in class one. Although I could cope with most subjects, I had to struggle in English. However, our dzongkha teacher was so intelligent that he translated English into Dzongkha. That added extra charm in learning English in a better way and am so thankful to him for the new trick.

    Actually, words are not enough to express my heartfelt gratitude to him, but as a decent girl from a middle family, I cannot offer him anything as appreciation than a few words. He not only help me in getting an education, but also gave everything starting from the school socks, shoe, dress, and books as well. With the blessing from the god, prayers from my family and support from my principal. I have completed my lower school with the second position in class eight. The next year I was enrolled in Drukgyel Higher Secondary School in the IT section and in the year 2012 I have completed my tenth grade with good marks and qualified in science stream. I decided to opt for Math as am really interested in math. In 2014 I heard that my principal was working as the principal of deaf unit. I cannot hold happiness and directly went to meet with him. He was so happy to see me as a responsible woman. I thank him for the lovely assistance he rendered during my needy days. He told me to work harder. As advised by I continued to believe in myself and started working harder. But my class twelve result was not as expected. As a result, I didn’t qualify for degree and I started to move with the flow without much expectation. I opt not to repeat and accept any type of offer where my marks are ideal. While waiting for the result I heard so many rumors like a talented girl was landed up as farmer from every corner. That really dishearten me and I always consider that no matter how juicy, sweet and fresh the apple be there are some people who don’t like the juicy and sweet apple. As a result, they started to gossips in their own way.

    I started to ignore the gossips and one fine day I received a call from RUB and told that I qualified in Diploma in Information Technology at Jigme Namgyal Engineering College. With so much happiness, I accepted the offer. I always believe that God listens to our prayers and reward us in an unexpected way.

    My family always support me in little thing that I do and they even articulated me to go for a degree in self-finance. But I should understand them because they don’t have any other source of income other than depending on farm work. They constantly help me in achieving my dream and am so lucky to have an innocent family whom they never say no when I need it the most.

    In 2015 I joined the college and took the course that was offered to me. College was totally different from what I heard from my friends. They described it as a place to enjoy and attaining classes were not mandatory, but in reality, I could see how rough and narrow the road was. One should sacrifice their happiness, must put all effort into what they are doing. Meetings with good friends and after knowing every student in the class we never know how the phase flutters by. With the flora and fauna, the semester came to end and each one was parted to different destination. So many thanks to all my teachers, friends, family, god and finally to my kind stranger Kunzang Drukpa Sir who is currently working as Register in Norbuling Rigter College. I am very thankful to God for sending a kind person in this world and he helped me to turn from an unhealthy flower to charming flower. I strongly believe that I am the luckiest person and today am working as IT in the private sector. Am jotting down the good memories and turning into a story. The ability to write, read, to be independent and that’s how important the education is.

    Thank you so much for tracking me to right direction at right time and without doubt, he is my "���������� ���� ������ ����������������. "

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