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  • person_named_dakota 16w

    I am them

    Tiaras and dresses glitz and glam.
    Is that really who I am?

    No I don't think so

    Snips and snails, suits and ties
    perhaps I really am just a guy.

    Not quite

    In the middle where lines between masculine and feminine blur that's where I belong.

    I am them and them is me

  • suurinlex 18w

    Old and New

    Old collapsed. She had broken her body down. Her will: gone. Between the rippling self-loathing, and the starving of the self, she completely lost sight of the light. Scars littered her body, her soul glumly hung to her bones. She curled up in bed, shivering, sobbing. All was cold, and dark. She lay in the chasm of the self.
    A moment later, she felt her soul crack.
    Black slime spewed out from her chest. It moved towards the closet. Then it began to take shape. Old cried out. She trembled in fear. The shape spoke, "I am you. I am New." They whispered. Old studied the creature. They rivaled her in size and closely resembled a wolf. "What do you want?" Old asked. "Is this... What you want?" New replied as they gestured to Old's person. "I don't want to be miserable anymore. I want my pain to end." Said Old, defeated. New frowned. They grabbed Old, dusted her off, and whispered words of praise. Old cried again, but this time she was comforted by New's warm coat. New gently tended to Old's wounds and wiped away her tears.
    New would never allow Old to get to such a dark, abysmal recess again. Old stared into her eyes. New smiled at her and roared deep inside, awakening long forgotten hope. New spoke of balance and self-care. New was much stronger and more resilient. They had sharp teeth and a coat of steel. They were fearless. Old liked that about them. New spoke of the light in darkness, the darkness in light, and how they always must be entwined equally. They spoke of the need of self-love and respect. They pointed out all Old's strengths, and gently encouraged improvement where she was weak. Old had many values that New cherished. She was sweet and warmhearted. Sadly, Old had been taken advantage of many times. New would not let that come to pass again.
    After chatting a while, New took Old's hand, "Now... It's time for us to weave together." They whispered. Old's eyes filled with worry, but it quickly dissipated when met with the warm loving gaze of New. She did not feel so alone anymore.
    The two became one again. Vowing to never forget one another, and to always remain balanced.

  • suurinlex 18w


    I hope you embrace every facet of your person.
    I hope you shine brilliantly in the face of opposition.
    I hope you love yourself to the brim and beyond.
    I hope your wings reach greater heights as you learn to love each piece of your identity.
    I hope you realize that your identity is special and personal.
    I hope you acknowledge the importance of your existence.
    And most of all, I hope you don't give up.

    We exist
    We are loved
    We matter

  • littlecow 22w


    I'm myself am a culmination of experiences. I traveled the world as a girl at one point. I shall travel once more in another form. One where there's no binary. One where we are ambiguous.
    We are ourselves and only us.


  • realnotreel 23w

    Letters to My Love
    Dearest Flower,
    I know you have suffered
    that you suffer still
    but know this that
    I love you
    no matter your name
    no matter your pronouns
    no matter your size
    no matter your shape
    you are you and that is
    who I fall in love with
    every day
    I love YOU
    no matter how
    you define yourself.


  • theswordandtherose 25w


    Colors flowing, showing pride
    One’s uniqueness, dare not hide
    Yet many voice their hurtful chides
    Because they do not see our side

    Blinded by the lies

    But I choose not to be so cruel
    As to call a verbal duel
    With words that hatred tries to fuel
    Where fire’s prejudice does rule

    To break the human heart

    The “Golden Rule” reveals be kind
    To the hearts and to the minds
    Of every soul where love entwines
    With faith and hope for all mankind

    Leaving disrespect behind


  • celebratingdarkness 30w


    It shouldn’t be so hard to understand and believe people when they say they are different than you. Instead of fighting against it can you just believe in them? They are just living their truth of who they are.
    They are be.living
    Just because it’s easy for other people to be.live who you are you shouldn’t take away the chance of others to do the same.
    Let people be.live who they are.
    We all deserve the chance to be.live who we are.


  • jaadoo_ 32w

    XX or XY ? ��

    The first time I breathed in that thought I was far too old to be redefining myself,
    so I coughed it out like a stale cigarette after a long night of bad decisions,
    looked at my reflection and told myself, "You're wrong."

    That night I put on the shortest skirt I had
    and went out dancing.
    Till I realised I was only skirting around my deepest fears.
    You see, every time someone calls me "she" my stomach turns and my skin feels thick, like someone raised a panic alarm in my brain.
    And with every "her" that gets hurled my way .
    I get turned around. I'm not lost, just never seemed to have the right map.
    But see, I'm not trapped in a body I hate.
    Just wrapped in words that don't relate to the way my skin feels on my bones.
    Or the way that I only feel like home,
    when no one knows what exactly it is I am, so...
    Maybe I'm a man . Except I don't think that's right.
    There's never been a fight like bar brawls through my veins telling myself that I need to change.

    "Him"...feels like synonymous with someone else.
    "He", a chorus unto itself.
    And "his" just fits too loosely.

    So, maybe I'm not. Either,
    I mean. I go online to see, "do you realise no one's buying this?" Do you realise, I'm not selling myself short anymore? 'cause for the first time I opened up the door to possibility of being myself,
    I found a treasure map I left for myself back when I was a kid. When the only thing I was scared of losing was my sense of self. You see, I never thought we were speaking the same language until someone said "they" instead. So tell me I'm wrong, tell me I'm broken, tell me I must hate myself to be the way I am. And I will tell you I never knew what it was like to fly until I let myself breathe in.

    Ps : I finally found my map, you know, X marks the spot.

    ( Are ye hypothetical concept h kch glt mt smjh lena re )


    #nonbinary @ivy___

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  • lemon_eyes 34w

    Empty Poet

    I'm sad
    Do I find that bad

    No but I'm not glad either
    Maybe I could have tried harder

    To be happy in my place
    To have a real smile on my face

    Its not like I don't try

    But I feel like I don't try hard enough
    I mean was I made to not be tough

    You know what I mean, if you don't it's not your fault
    Maybe you do maybe you do not

    I think you forgot that life takes a different toll
    On every clueless wondering soul

    Um what's it like to be happy
    To live life all silly and sappy

    Do you know or is that just what life is like in a fairy tale
    I wanna live in a fairy tale where I can fly where I do not wale

    I cry myself to sleep
    But my life isn't really that deep

    I'm just a sad teenager
    That gives into the anger

    That's fed to them on a daily
    But to the adults that seems to silly

    They call us lazy and selfish
    They treat us like we aren't a lost fish

    They think we left the group of fishes by being devlish
    When they kicked us out ha isn't that rich

    All my life I've been called names or been kicked under the bus
    And they think that's no reason to make such a fuss

    I'm sad but you know that
    You won't do anything till I'm gone but you don't know that

    Because you won't realize that I'm actually sad till I'm actually gone
    And you think your so strong

    You think we're impressed by your muscles naw
    You honestly look as dumb as straw

    So when I die my my own hand
    On who will the damn blame land

    Me? My parents? The bully's? The adults?
    Is anyone actually at fault?

    Sure all the mean names and comments did their painful share
    But there is no true reason as to why I'm in such pain and that isn't rare

    To be sad with no reason to stare at
    So when my life crashes with a splat

    Don't you dare blame anyone
    Not me not your daughter your child or son

    I will die, no stopping that
    But if I die by suicide that's not something you can spit at

    You've been spitting on my my entire life leaving me on the concrete floor
    So why would you stop then when I'm gone when I am no more

    Because regret is greater then gratitude
    When Anne Frank wrote that she had the right attitude

    Sometimes I want to kill myself and scream "goodbye I hate you all' or say at least something

    But other times I want to wither away in silence letting the eerie air drag my apologies into nothing.

  • lemon_eyes 34w

    Creating Another Me

    All the pieces of me
    Left with you
    You didn't run or walk out
    You fought to stay
    Begging with broken cries
    Kneeling down to pray
    Making mistakes
    Trying to hard

    We couldn't lose each other
    Yet somehow life failed us

    And we lost both our souls
    In trying to be one
    I dunno is that it, am I done
    All I can say is it was no fun
    Dying under the warm winter sun
    An empty fall diving between an empty run

    A soul in the galaxy
    A mind in each star
    A traveler on each cloud
    A million deaths per world

    History is a lie
    The future is when we die

    Its a never ending cycle joy and pain
    Find laughs under the showering rain
    Slowly turning into an unwanted stain

    We lost our run
    We are dead breathers
    Running from our problems
    I dunno what to do goddamn
    I've never found a person
    That could be my you

    An imaginary lover
    Taking two in one me
    And creating another
    A devils laugh
    A broken smile with no guiding staff

    Breathing cold air
    Feeling warm air
    Feeding pain with nothing to spare
    Laughing about trauma without care
    At this point being alone isn't rare
    Even in such a world where all they do is stare
    Each with their own opinion to declare

    When people love you
    It doesn't give you a reason to love yourself
    Saying that it should, breaks the loved
    The ones that are completely out suffered

    A lack of breath
    Craving no life but not death

  • agjproverbs 44w

    Gender is a modern construct.


  • the_nonchalant_one 45w

    Getting up from the bed is more of an accomplishment for them than their grades could ever be. While their parents casually mock them, calling them lazy...
    Their Grandfather demands them to be more masculine, like him, like how he fought for the nation, how brave;
    While, Grandmother tells them to be fragile, wax the hair off, be more feminine.
    Friends were there to support them, but they never really understood.
    Told by their friends that Dandelion makes them feel perplexed.
    "Dandelion is such a pretty name...", He said, “... But isn't it for a she?", He said.
    “How long will it take to unlearn?", They think to themself.
    While people try to sow the seeds of she and he;
    They fly away like dandelion seeds.
    How she/he are pronouns... But “they"? How dare you...
    Dandelion seems so powerful on the internet, but is receiving death threats;
    so terrified of going out that they'd rather just sit and stare at their screen.
    Dandelion is free, they fly, they grow, on their own, away from the binary;
    Yet, they are considered poisonous, just another useless weed...
    #flower #pronouns #dandelion #nonbinary ��️‍�� #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    They fly away like dandelion seeds,
    Aren't weak...
    Dandelion is free, they fly, they grow on their own, away from the binary;
    Yet, they are considered poisonous,
    just another useless weed...

  • avigraceproverbs 48w


    When I spoke up as a Trans and Non-Binary Woman and refused the names and labels they gave and screamed in the storm while whispering in the wind, "I am Avi Grace", that is my self-determination!

  • srslysunny 56w








  • avigrace 58w

    Ms. Avi

    When I told them I was Queer, Non-Binary, and Trans and they still called me, "Ms. Avi". I knew I had found a tribe.

  • autumnwillow 73w

    I hate the idea of people from the LGBTQA+ community having to come out. Why can’t we all just exist as people. Accept each other with love. And allow everyone to be who they are? Bigots preach that their freedoms allow them hate. Fine. Hate. “But why do you have to shove it down our throats?” Isn’t that what they’d say to us. Keep your hate to yourself. Pride doesn’t end with Pride month. #pride #pansexual #bisexual #gay #trans #asexual #nonbinary #PRIDEMONTH #LoveIsLove #lgbtq #lgbt #autumnandwillow #mirakeepoets #poetry #equality

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    You spew bigotry from your lips
    Smoothly like the air you breathe
    Excuse yourself with intentions of jest
    As though every word wasn’t lined with hate

    Shame suppressed the truth of me
    A secret I feared as much as they
    Walls decorated pink, yellow and blue
    On display, I express my Pride

    What will it take for you’re understanding,
    A Facebook post preaching acceptance?
    Come out from hiding publicly?
    To be proclaimed as confused, I refuse.

    I won’t announce it, but I won’t hide
    I’ll exist simply as I always have
    Clearly shown without speaking, yet you deny
    I suppose it’s your right to remain blind

  • spinningfables 81w

    Aghast by the monstrosity of the humankind,
    I go to sleep,
    Hoping to wake up in a parallel world
    Women aren't objectified
    Men aren't repressed
    Non-binary genders aren't subdued
    And consent matters the most.
    Woman's body is not a political battleground
    Childbirth or abortion, its her choice to make
    And society does not condition her choices
    Homophobia doesn't exist
    And neither do closets or gender stereotypes
    Gender inclusion is the normalcy
    Scars and stretch marks are not viewed as flaws
    Neither are skinny arms or flabby thighs
    Humans are no longer defined by their color
    Because beauty is no longer skin deep
    It comes in all colors and forms
    For there are no beauty norms

    I hope to wake up in a world
    Mankind is driven by love, compassion and respect
    As we all stand up for one another,
    Men for women,
    Women for men,
    Humans for humans.
    For we all are one.
    Humanity in a greater sense.

    #humanity #progressive #men #women #nonbinary #love #compassion #respect #beauty #color #choices #bodies #genderinclusion #scars #flaws #consent

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakee_words @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld

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    Parallel World

    I hope to wake up in a world
    Mankind is driven by love, compassion and respect
    As we all stand up for one another,
    Humans for humans.
    For we all are one.
    Humanity in a greater sense.

  • talesofniharika 92w

    This is height,
    Watching people talking about their rights day and night.
    Begging at signals, thrown out of their families,
    Rapped by people, getting teased easily.
    Not getting acceptance in society,
    Facing abuse on a daily basis, people hardly show pity.
    Stop that shit right away,
    Enough now, you just can't betray.
    Tears of emotions from their eyes are bleeding,
    Many misconceptions towards them are increasing.
    Stop putting label,
    Rather help them in being stable.
    Accept them, give them jobs,
    And I'm sure with their great work all our hearts they'll rob.
    All they need is an acceptance,
    Let's accept them with all our heart and see how it makes a huge difference.
    There's nothing wrong with them.
    Just like us, they too are a gem.

    #transgender #trans #lgbt #gay #lgbtq #lesbian #bisexual #queer #pride #nonbinary #ftm #pansexual #loveislove #mtf #transisbeautiful #asexual #transwoman #transgirl #genderfluid #transman #bi #gaypride #transexual #love #transpride #lgbtpride #tgirl #humanrights #lgbtqia #bhfyp

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    Transgenders ❤


  • errant_arcenciel 118w

    society expects us to conform to society's expectations of us, and so we bow our heads and allow ourselves to be shoved into a mold that no longer fits.

  • beautifully_broken_sara 109w


    it's ok to be obsessed
    admit it if you wish
    naughty body feelings
    so exciting and delish

    flirtation is fantastic
    pleasure is the best
    whispers and convulsions
    oh c'mon you know the rest

    sexy is a spectrum
    a rainbow of fluidity
    canoodle with consent
    to hate is just stupidity