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    #exam_memes #relax #be_cool #no_panic
    English was the toughest paper it seems till now . I celebrated sorrow(irony) as how I spoiled my English paper.. now I am quite relaxed and focussing on next... ��
    All the best y'all for the rest ❤️����������

    ~Shruti, a random visitor of Miraquill ��❤️

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    After yesterday's eng paper
    Physics be like --- ruko Zara.. sabr rakho
    Khoon ke aansoo nahi rulaya to mai bhi Einstein, Newton aur Faraday ka baap nahi

    In English paper, questions in section c be like
    Q. At what age did sadao return from America

    A. 30
    B. Thirty
    C. 20+10
    D. None of these

    It's how ironic that almost every student in my school wears glasses and we had a passage of online addiction

    Q. What was sadao thinking when he met Hana?.

    Ans. Abba‍‍‍ ni manenge

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    Don't be scared, don't panic
    One day coronavirus will leave our planet