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  • kemisola 21w

    Appreciate me before it’s too late

    When I’m dead…..,Your tears will flow,..But I won’t know…Cry for me now instead !You will send flowers,..But I won’t see…Send them now instead !You’ll say words of praise,..But I won’t hear..Praise me now instead !You’ll forget my faults,..But I won’t know…Forget them now, instead !You’ll miss me then,…But I won’t feel…Miss me now, insteadYou’ll wish…You could have spent more time with me,…Spend it now instead !!You’ll wish…You could have spent all your money on me…Spend now instead!!When you hear I’m gone, you’ll find your way to my house to pay condolence but we haven’t even spoken in years…. Pls look for me now!!”Spend time with every person around you, and help them with whatever you have to make them happy!! your families, friends, acquaintance…..Make them feel Special.Because you never know when time will take them away from you forever”..


    Love Me Before I Die When I m Dead, Your Tears May Flow, But I Wont Know, Cry For Me Now, Instead..

    When I am Dead, You Will Send Flowers, But I Wont See, Send them Now, Instead..

    When I M Dead, You Will Say Words Of Praise, But I Wont Hear, Praise Me Now, Instead..

    Don’t try to remember how I used to be,
    Come by today and you can see.
    Make good use of time, while I’m still around,
    Don’t wait for tomorrow, when I’m in the ground.

    And don’t give me a funeral fit like a king the day I die
    Because you saw me through sorrow and strife,
    All through my life and you did nothing than to hurt me

    When I am Dead, You Will Forget My Faults, But I Wont Know, Forget them Now, INSTEAD…!

    When I am Dead, You Will Say I Was Great, If You Tell it Now I Will Feel proud, So Please Don’t Wait, tell that Now, INSTEAD…!

    When I am Dead, You Will Come To My Grave And Whisper “I Loved You, Why You Left”, But I Will Not Be Able To Fill You In My Arms, Don’t Wait if You Have To Express, tell that Now, INSTEAD…!

    Don’t weep a tear when I die when you haven’t shed tears of joy, laughter and pain with me whilst I’m still alive! NA CROCODILE TEARS BE THAT!
    If you don’t appreciate me while I am still walking this earth with you…please don’t pretend to do so for the records when my journey home begins!
    If you haven’t stood by me in good times and in bad times and you say you are my friend…then there is really no need coming to stand by my graveside when I’m dead!
    If you don’t have any nice words of encouragement for me now that I am alive, if you can’t commend my little effort to impact in my own little way, in my little corner please don’t come out or deliver any dramatic elegy when I die!
    Please love and celebrate me now that I am alive…PLEASE! Don’t decorate my grave with the loveliest collection of flowers…decorate my heart…decorate my world! I prefer your love now in life than a truckload of wreath when I’m dead!
    Now that I am alive and you find it hard to post me ...even when it’s my Birthday, you are too “Big” or too important to put up my picture, please don’t do so and write RIP when I’m dead!
    If you haven’t said to me “I miss you Kemisola ” please don’t say, “We or I will miss Kemisola ” when I die! That is hypocrisy raised to power 3!
    Do not do anything in my MEMORIAL after my death if you have a MEMORY LOSS when it comes to issues that affect me now that I’m still alive
    That committee of friends T-shirt or Aso-Ebi you people may want to wear to my funeral…make it NOW and let’s wear it. When you make it for my funeral, it is useless to me!
    If you have money to spare, contribute it NOW to support my cause and touch the lives of others…do not wait to contribute it to my funeral!
    Celebrate your friends TODAY…don’t wait for them to die before you take them seriously or show them love. Appreciate your friends…give them the needed assistance now that they are alive and don’t wait for them to die before you do so!
    If you are reading this…it means you are alive. Make that change today…reach out to your friends and tell them how much you love and appreciate them NOW and see yourself begin to live a more fulfilling and happy life! God Bless you!