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    Tere badan ki chaal dekh kar,
    Me rasta nahi badluga.


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    And one day, you'll prove to yourself that YOU are no less than a bird who, with all it's courage, had it's first flight in the free set sky.

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    #no to compulsory extension

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    If the walls of medical colleges in kerala had ears...

    Disclaimer:If anyone is offended,blame the writer in me,myself an exhausted housesurgeon, who can't accept bygone easily

    April 14 2020: The bond internship or C.R.R.I of 2015 mbbs batch under Kerala university of health sciences began.

    .It was in the arena of Corona vs man,the young budding doctors selflessly began working.Infact they entered the Rollercoaster ride..The enthusiasm soon got smothered after realizing we were the cheap working class to complete all the left over works without time limit or duty off.We often made jokes like Food O.D like a medicine prescription....but jokes apart proper food or sleep was quite a luxury for past one year.We all had fear of compulsory extension order from government since junior batch is facing delay in the completion of exams.But as expert corona fighters and a state with role model health system, we thought they would combat the crisis by appointing NRHM doctors or juniors doctors willing to provide service voluntarily....

    physically and mentally exhausted , pulling trolleys ..running between wards ...doing umpteen number of ppe swab duties not even counted as covid duty especially done during hectic postings was severe exploitation and deprivation of human rights.There were no humanitarian consideration from nursing staffs or other groups though they just had 6 hrs shift duty...There were instances when they made us run between wards and icus for bringing and returning equipments thus making us realise we were replacements for attenders,nurses and other staffs..Deprived of a proper room to sleep ,we have become experts in sitting and sleeping...if we could doze off .More over our patience wore off in course of time that we stopped waiting for other staffs to help us ,instead complete our work in time so that we may finish work before midnight.Many have chronic backpain, leg cramps but no option to complain.Seeing us in this terrible state, no one pay heed to it ,instead enthusiastically take shifts in between shifts and made it even more difficult.

    A part of us were called for covid duty ,that we often faced shortage and had made our comparatively free postings hectic.We are fed up of being exploited, we know this had been a legacy passed on over years and years ....but still see time has come to make a change.There were times when lots of house sugeons faced quarantine due to exposure to covid positive patient or coworker that shortage got aggravated

    We are forced to take a moment of self introspection and survival becomes a question before service.Compulsory service imposes burden of uncertainty to such an extend that we are deprived of our opportunity to prepare for upcoming pg entrance exam while all other students outside kerala or even in private medical colleges of kerala can actively start studies and move on with higher studies.Compulsory extension of CRRI is the threat we are facing...For we are literally scared to face the exploitation again.Necessary amendments and decisions should be made when its the need of the hour.

    An active group of voluntary doctors can be newly admitted,permanent registration for those who completed crri can be provided and make yourself a rolemodel.

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    Art of Saying 'No'

    I don't know if I have it or not but the subtleness you require in this art is the most and hence it is very difficult to master this art.


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    #nobody understands my situation..... #no companion to stand by my side to support....#heartbroken moment #no one here is ready to hear our problem.... But few are there only to be as a judge ... Not to solve the problem but to complicate it.... ��

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    Loneliness is my permanent best friend‍♀️

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    My life is falling apart,
    Trying to live with a broken soul,
    Trying to love with a broken heart,
    Loss my will and goal.

    My tears has been over,
    Bleeding it day and night,
    I get murdered everyday,
    While in a unwanted fight.

    Can't explain how I feel
    Can't say to anyone
    All I know is one thing,
    My life is done.

    Living between life and death,
    The desire to live is no more.
    Slowly lossing grip from this world,
    I'm about to open the dead door.

    All I left to say goodbye pal,
    I had my best time with you,
    Let me live in your memories,
    Now I have to go.

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    #No captions needed!��✌

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    Best is still to come,
    Keep faith!!
    Good things will surely happen,
    Keep hope!
    Your dreams will surely come true,
    And at last.....
    And love will surely come back in search of you!!!!!!

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    The real victory is when u learn to say no
    To the things that simply don't suit u.


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    #girl#pride#no one can change ur lyf#

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    Ladki hu koi pap Nhi
    Beti hu avishap nhi
    Na mila maa payar tera
    Na tha koi apna yaar mera
    Jeena hi to tha mujhe yaha
    Fir q dhekel diya mujhe maut thi jaha
    Khule aasman mai udhna tha
    Choti choti khusiyo se judhna tha
    Jane kaise hogayi mai boojh thi
    Yaha to sabhko ladko ki khooj thi
    Na jane konsa paap kiya
    Jo itna dukh diya
    Bass itni galti thi meri
    Jo khusiya chinn gayi teri
    Ladki k roop mai jo janam liya
    Q krte ho ye bheed bhav aishe
    Jab hum hi na honge yaha
    Nayi zindagi aayegi kaise
    Kisi ki behen to kisi ki paatni hu
    Ladki hu koi paap nhi
    Beti hu avishap nhi


  • slaughtered_heart 2w

    I wish I knew how to say "no".
    I would have saved myself
    from all these unavoidable
    situations I am in right now.


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    #women ������
    #no fear
    #be brave

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    Climb climb climb with chest
    Climb with strength
    Call yourself a girl
    The mocking crowd one day will
    Stand up and worship yourself
    World's all mother , sister , wife
    You have perspiring sweat
    Catching in the path Extinguish that fire
    You dare go without fear

  • dimple_gl 2w

    #jst beleive in you
    #no one has the rights to judge you
    #nothing is impossible

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    If you can not
    Don't believe the lie
    Showing awfulness
    Do not associate with any class

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    You're not allowed to just save those fake smiles for a so called 'perfect' photograph.
    If you do that, you'll have to save your natural one's too!!!!!!

  • athulya_____rajagopal 3w

    Nobody, can predict your future
    Its be magical, because its only depend on what effort u should taken, to become a colourful buds..
    Its magical..... Only the god know, what's happening next....

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    And a expensive product is for 'PUBLIC' because they have heart to give and money to spend

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    # muslimah
    #if any mistake plz tell me in comment section
    #no one z perfect

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    MiSsig uh MoM n dAd

    Parents doesn't fear death.
    Their greatest fear is
    Leaving their children
    In this world, knowing

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    #no caption
    Haan janta hun mai caption me # no caption likh rha hun
    Pr yr batana bhe to bahed jaruri hai ki no need of caption

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    लोग दिखावा दुसरो के लिए करते है
    पर मै उन मे शामिल हो गया हूं जो
    दिखवा खुद के लिए करता है।

  • theendlesspen 4w

    # if this will continue
    #no progress
    # nothing left behind

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    # 100

    इंसान की तो कद्र करते हो
    पर इंसानियत की क्यू नहीं।
    सायद इंसानियत भी आज कल
    ऊंच नींच देख कर जतायी जाती है।

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    I've seen what they've done, I've seen the hearts of everyone; The ones casted to play roles, are always set to fold.


  • prakashinin 4w


    A world without books?
    No,I couldn't imagine
    How could I?
    Being a product of you , dear ones,
    All in my thoughts you carry me,
    You took me to the unknown worlds,
    Of the minds of humans.
    It might be inappropriate if I do not mention,
    The minds of the whole universe itself.
    All the war and peace are hidden within you
    A best human being owes to you
    For your kind service.The authors
    Who are "the twinkling stars are
    Always remembered by your name
    They never die from our hearts