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    "This world had ended a long time ago" Her former voices began to resonate in her ears, "Let's start now or it would be too late".

    'Maybe it's too late?' She asked herself.

    It was only a few days since she received the warmth of the light and the fragrance of the earth.
    Her bones had beginning to soften, and her eyes are dry.
    The days of eating her lifespan and the drinking her tears are over. Can't figure out what to do next.

    Her lungs opened very slowly to breathe.

    She raised her weak hands and looked up.' It hurts but I can slowly raise my hand.'
    Someone had cut off her head. The lips cannot utter words nor the eyes cannot sleep.

    The wooden chairs in the room were beginning to spread their roots to the ground. She could not even imagine to how many people does the smell of rust sticking to her nails lead to.

    The body had adapted to pain.

    Her friends were bamboo sticks and canes. No one else liked her as much as they hugged her.

    Her jewelry was the iron chains. Sometimes it was wrapped around her like bracelets, sometimes like anklets and waist ornaments.

    “This world had ended a long time ago.
    So let's end this now or it would be too late "
    She could not even recognize her change of heart.

    With a torn body, she slowly crawled to pick up a small knife.she slowly tried to lower it into her nerves.
    don’t know if it was because it wasn’t time, and there was no bleeding from the wounds.

    Helplessness came over one shoulder and began to sway.

    She came out of that small backyard in the middle of the sand dunes.
    She rolled the distant sky in her left hand.
    She made a cut, aiming for the clouds.
    The blue sky that spread in the morning suddenly gave way to the red setting sky.

    She crept through the torn clouds and disappeared forever from this world that had ended.

    A new world.

    A world surrounded by great walls.
    The northern sun is roaring over a flat surface.
    In the distance, there is a valley with flower vines and gardens.
    A small world of serenity.
    A small carpet of immense thoughts.
    A handful of faceless human figures living there.
    Many of them hugged her.
    For the first time in her life, she recognized that feeling.
    That feeling went from her fingers to her brain.
    A feeling that gave the brain a frenzy.
    Messages from the addicted brain went through the nerves and into the feet.

    The scorching sun, the unrelenting rain, and the unrelenting cold were disappearing into her days.
    Slowly her walls moved to infinity.
    The alien planet fell from her feet into the abyss.
    She stood up like an angel in the air.

    The fire that lighted up her body kept coming back to her.
    Slowly that niche of light began to flash.
    Infinite lights of miniscule size emerged from all four directions flew at her.

    Light upon light.

    The surrounding air particles, the sand dunes and all the creatures began to play around her.
    One after the another, the earth, the moon and the stars revolved around her.

    She is the sun today.
    And tomorrow.