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  • pallavimaruji 21w

    शाम ढलते ही
    सितारों में समा जाना
    ढूंढने पर भी
    कहीं नहीं मिलना
    क्या ऐसा ही है
    तुम्हारा मेरा मेल?

  • sugandh_ankahi 22w

    अपनी रात

    गैरों की इस दुनिया मे अपनी एक सहेली रात ,
    अंधियारे में छिपते छिपाते मुझसे मिलने आयी रात
    हर पल मे सदियां छिपाए मीलों फैली लंबी रात
    जितना भी काटो कटती नहीं ,कैसी है पहेली रात
    जिस दिन था छोड़ा तुमने चौखट , बड़ी देर थी ठिठकी आगन में रात
    बूंद बूंद रिसती रही आंखों से मेरी वो पिघली रात
    यादों के जंगल में जब अकेली भटकी मै ,
    दिन तो बैरी डूब गया, साथ निभाने आयी रात
    है कुछ कुछ मुझ जैसी ही , चुप चुप और अकेली रात
    शायद इसका भी कोई रूठा इससे , बड़ी लगे अधूरी अमावस रात

  • musafir 22w

    अगर आ सको तो मेरे पास आ जाओ
    यूं यादों में मत आया करो।
    ठहर सको तो उम्र भर मेरे संग ठहर जाओ
    यूं पल दो पल ना साथ निभाया करो।
    अगर कर सको तो सच्ची मोहब्बत करके दिखाओ
    यूं फिजूल के लफ्जों में ना फसाया करो।
    जो बन सको तो वफादार बन जाओ
    यूं बेवफाओं की तरह ये कीमती लम्हें ना जाया करो।

    © मुसाफ़िर

  • sandyblue 25w

    Sleeping in the Terrace

    Watching the white clouds moving like a sober
    Make me feel high, it's a blissful hangover
    The stars which twinkle in night blue sky
    exquisite like the sparkling wings of a butterfly
    The chill breeze at night
    Will make you sleep tight
    My heart is racing when I try to comprehend what I see
    The moon peeps out from the cloud thus creating high tides in the sea
    The wind makes dry leaves wither
    The young couples secretly whisper
    " The moon is hiding behind the clouds and watching over your posture
    The stars twinkle in order to honour for your loving and charming nature

  • sikdar 26w

    Another broken boi

    As the gentle breeze seep through my windows,
    And the moon playing among the clouds.
    A story came to an end.
    And all the pieces fell apart.
    Long it’s been, since me eyes bawled.
    Long it’s been and my soul can’t take no more.
    The silence is deafening. Whispering in me ears.
    Me tears kills every word I pen down.
    The paper feels it all.
    And it’s been long, since my eyes bawled.
    Anger it ain’t, it’s pain Heart.
    A pain so large for me evil heart to bear.
    Words it utter is of hate. And love nowhere to be found..
    Loving heart turns evil, that’s what Fairy tales has showed.
    So let me eyes bawl now, let it flow till the end.
    A broken girl I loved and it’s here where the story ends.

  • sikdar 27w

    Against all Odds

    I closed my windows tonight.
    The moon’s still there though,
    The cloudless night sky, the breeze
    And them cheeky moonlight refracting through my window glasses.
    The red curtains stained with white blood.
    I get a glimpse of the moon though!
    Preying through my own window
    He seems to be a loner now.
    Wandering monotonously on his high ground.
    The wildly soft breezes banging hard onto the glasses.
    Does get through the tiny little cracks.
    Kissing my slithered skin against all odds.


  • sandyblue 28w


    Night is not for just for the nocturnal creature
    Night is for the one who thinks about bright future
    Writers get a peace of mind during night
    They ink their thoughts ,which shines do bright
    Poetry flows like a fountain during night time
    Thoughts are like mountains so hard, during the day time
    Poets and owls are like Roosters and farmers
    Poets hunt words ; Owl hunts it's prey
    Rooster's cocrel awakes ; the farmer to a new day
    Night calms down the nerves of budding poets
    You can sometimes hear the sound of anklets
    Poets and ghosts are partners in crime
    The ghost inspire the poet to write a sweet rhyme

  • sukhvir05singh 30w

    Chalta Hun

    Main raat bikhere chalta hun,
    Apne saath kahaniyan lekar chalta hun.
    Log nazar aaye mujhe, par duniya nazar naa aaye,
    Kuch aise khayalat lekar chalta hun.

    Main logon ke chehre padhta chalta hun,
    Logon ki baaton se uljha chalta hun,
    Mujhe sab sunayi aur dikhai deta hai,
    Par main hawa aur saaye ki tarah chalta hun

    Kai baar dil mein kitne sawal lekar chalta hun,
    Mera Aaghaaz toh hua, par Anjaam kya hoga, isse Anjaan hokar chalta hun,
    Sawaal toh yeh bhi satata hai, ki meri manzil kahan aur main kahan!
    Bas kuch aise sawalon ke jawab dhundhte chalta hun

    Main inn jawabon ko dhundhte kharab hote chalta hun,
    Khud mein kabhi jawab ko, toh kabhi jawab mein khud ko dhundhte chalta hun
    Meri majaal itni hai ke main kabhi jawab ko mafruza mein tabdeel karta hun,
    Aur inn mafruza se jawab ke badle, maathe pe shikan lekar chalta hun

    Akela hun main yeh soch dil pe bojh lekar chalta hun,
    Rishton mein khaamiyan dhundh ke unse door hoke chalta hun
    Woh ek rishta bunega unkaha, aisi umeed karta hun,
    Bas uss umeed mein main khush hokar chalta hun

    Yeh khushi meri kayam rahe, yeh bhi umeed lekar chalta hun,
    Umeed ke rang ko, yakeen ke rang se dhalne ka khwaab lekar chalta hun,
    Khwaab mere kitne saare, jo ginu toh kam padhe yeh chaand aur taare,
    Bas uss har ek khwaab ka farz adaa karte chalta hun

    Khwaab main kai dekhta hun, bas woh ek maqsad dhundhte chalta hun,
    Maqsad mujhe dikhta hai kai jagah, shayad usse undekha kar chalta hun,
    Ek maqsad hai chupa mere naam mein,
    Mere naam se shayad apni zindagi khojte chalta hun

    Kabhi muskurate, kabhi aasun bahate yuhi chalta hun,
    Zindagi ko kabhi tolta nahi, bas usse jeete chalta hun
    Ek jagah rukta nahi, main hazar khayalon mein chalta hun,
    Bas aise hi main apne saath raat bikhere chalta hun.


  • sandyblue 30w


    It was night, the clock ticked 12'00 clock
    But I could see a white light coming from a faraway block
    Howling of the dogs and snarling of the cats
    When I close my eyes lying in bed, cluster of bats
    Hanging upside down it was a dreadful nightmare
    When I opened my eyes suddenly there was no one in my sight...

  • _sayed_ 48w

    I carry my light within myself but it shines among the skies and high.
    With the brightness of stars it makes the world heaven which people find black.

  • azfar181 53w

    Mera Hausla Mera Dum Hai, Meri Taaqat Nahi

  • philophobic_seele 59w

    Embosoming my pillow
    I Stared phlegmaticly at the starless welkin
    I clocked the Luna gleaming
    But the gleam was bizarre
    She was whimpering
    Tears concealed in her bright silvery radiance
    Tonight she was forlorned
    Forlorned by stars in the cimmerian firmament.
    Sobbingly she uttered that it's not her solitariness that makes her weep.
    Tonight she felt the coldness of my since long abandoned soul
    Tonight She empathized with the agony graved in my spirit
    Which would remain embedded till Doomsday.
    unendurable was for her being deserted for a twilight
    Unmoved was my soul which was fabricated solivagant till my demise.

  • philophobic_seele 61w

    ..........I quaff the darkness...........
    ..........wolf down the twilight........
    ...........And they clepe me a fallen angel......
    ...........Prowling the earth in disguise.......


  • davidm 65w

    When everything else fails...

    When all the philosophies and deep word fails I would cling unto you.
    When I can't stand the world anymore,
    In silence I will sweetly surrender.
    When everything else fails...
    I will hide, in your warm embrace....
    In your charisma I will hibernate,
    When all the written and created stories fade,
    We will be the story, we will be a rhyme and the rhythm...
    Our story will not be a myth.
    When everything else fails..
    You and I we will own,
    the rainbow and the mountain cliffs.


  • siddharth1 67w

    यूं ही नहीं...

    यूं ही नहीं बुन देता अल्फाज इन कोरे पन्नों पर
    कहीं मेरे दिल ने भी कुछ देखा होगा
    धड़कता नहीं बस यूं ही, बहुत कुछ महसूस करता है
    मेरा दिल मुझसे अकेले में गुफ़्तगू करता है

    यूं ही नहीं इन अल्फाजों में गुलाब की महक आती है
    यूं ही नहीं यह होठों पर लाली तो कभी तुम्हारी पलकें भीगाती है
    यूं ही नहीं मेरे अल्फाज तुम्हें पुराने पलों को महसूस कराते हैं यह अल्फाज मेरी धड़कनों का आईना है
    तभी तो रचता मैं हूं और लगता है जैसे यह तुम्हें तुम्हारी कहानी सुना रहे हैं

  • smitanand 67w

    Midnight Strains

    At midnight hour when clocks in motion
    lift arms, hands joined in prayer
    thanking God for another diurnal cycle
    passed of their eternal race
    to unending rhapsody of incessant Time
    and pendulums trumpet in earnest;

    Somnolent earth rests beneath
    canopy of indigo night
    studded in array of sparkling asters
    with breeze stroking blistered contours
    singing whispered lullabies;

    Owls hoot aloud breaching silence
    crickets drowsily croon, to napping fireflies
    nightingale's plaintive strain reverberates
    in melancholy of unrequited love
    with lily of the valley;
    pain increased by celestial vision
    of Milky Way, etched by Hera's milk,
    that spawned lilies from earth's chrysalis;

    Buzzing moths of infatuated frenzy,
    dance in jaundiced sheen of street lights;
    humming in soporific ardor of lunar refulgence,
    while moon siestas under quilts of clouds,
    on invisible cassocks of night draught;

    Rigmarole of sea waves continues
    as incessant tidal orchestra,
    oblivious waves splashing on rocky shore,
    tattering night's tranquility;

    At midnight hour, whispers of
    dancing silhouettes
    echo all around, carried on wings of wind
    from lips of fluttering foliage, garrulous leaves
    and together variegated sounds are strung,
    creating a quaint symphony
    of fluctuating octane...

  • awara_shayer 75w


    रात ठहर गई है मुझ में,
    जबसे खोया हूं तुझ में।
    तेरी जुल्फों के साए में,
    दिन खो गया है कहीं।


    महताब के साए तले,
    आफताब खो गया है कहीं।
    सितारों भरे आसमां में,
    रात ठहर गई है मुझमें।

  • kajalkathwal 76w


    Ye shabd apne aap me hi ek matlab liye ghumta h
    Koi ise,
    phir se milne ki umeed samjhta h,
    Toh koi,
    ise phir kbhi na milne ka wada
    Par mere liye toh ye ek gehra ehsaas h jo dukh sukh dono me mehsoos kia jata h


  • apoorvadua 83w

    उस रोज़ धूप में तेरे बाल सुनहरे से लग रहे थे,
    उस रोज़ मुझे भी मेरी किस्मत पर नाज़ हुआ।
    हार मान ली मेरे चांद ने भी,
    जबसे उसे तेरे नूर का एहसास हुआ।

  • apoorvadua 85w

    आज पत्थरों पर नंगे पांव चलकर अच्छा लगा,
    कल पतझड़ की कुरकुरेपन में सुकून मिला।
    ज़िन्दगी भी अजीब रंग दिखाती है,
    कभी घाव भर आते हैं अश्कों से,
    तो कभी अकाल में भी फूल खिल जाते हैं।