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  • ashish_says 3d

    It just takes a matter of time
    to transform dreams into nightmares.


  • naqsaif 3d


    "The voice was filled with thousand midnights, darkness and starlight wrapped so tightly they were bound for all eternity. "

    To night ��, for being there

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    I am that
    helpless cry
    you hear
    when you
    wake up
    swallowing fear
    at 3 am.
    and pain
    engulfs your
    hammering heart
    and you cry
    inside your covers
    unable to answer
    my soul numbing call.


  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 4w


    (M)memories do cast a dark cloud above, that can follow you for decades.
    (E)everyday that is given to us is a gift, do thank your God for that.
    (M)my days are filled with animosity & guilt associated with memories.
    (O)of course it's all made up in my own damn mind, as my family tries to convince their selves.
    (R)right or wrong they don't give a damn & really never did.
    (I)inner workings of my mind, show me flashes of what was brought upon me.
    (E)eternal life, not many understand that's what could be & is.
    (S)simplicity doesn't come easy folks, if so I wouldn't have such nightmares eating me alive everyday.

    Memories fade through each lifetime. The lessons learned are everlasting.

  • liepa_malijauskaite 5w


    Run while you can,
    They right behind you,
    Run far away,
    Were they won't find you.

    Don't let them catch,
    A glimpse of misery,
    Don't leave no trace,
    Of anger in your heart.

    They feed on tears,
    They drink the pain,
    Dark shadow in your mind,
    The monsters of the night.


  • nemesis_here 7w


    That man saw a happy dream. A dream where he had everything and everyone he ever wanted. He loved that feeling, it made him levitate. And then he woke up.

    Waking up from that dream made him realize what he currently was. He realized how miserable, sad and unbearable his present life was. The happier the dreams were, the sadder he became afterwards.

    That man now hates to sleep. Bad dreams make him tremble with fear and good ones make him even more wretched. He knows now the impact of happy dreams that can push anyone even lower in depths of misery and tristesse, and he tries to avoid them by putting himself at stake.

  • bliss__ 9w

    You think it's over and yet in an ordinary midnight ..

    #start #wod #miraquill #rwu #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #feels #nightmares #staysafe #stayhumble #blessed ��

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    You think it's over and yet in an ordinary midnight
    Where I wish to sleep with such delight
    The horrors of the past comes in plane sight
    I try to push it off even throw a fight
    But paralyzed tears roll down tonight
    Here I lay on hope's that tomorrow will be alright
    As for the past... I wish to rewrite...

  • seapen 10w


    I'm staring on a blank space
    My skin I can't even embrace
    'Cause there's a memory I can't erase
    The one which made me feel like a disgrace.

    Stayed for hours in the shower
    I stood on the very corner
    Tears fell while I cower
    When I'm reminded of such horror

    Those hands roaming on my skin
    Can't move as I was pinned
    Thoughts saying "kill me instead"
    Yet no words have been said

    No longer wanting to be pretty
    With love I feel so unworthy
    I'm just filled with melancholy
    Oh I feel so dirty!



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    Your touch I try to clean
    It's dirty on my skin
    Disgust to myself I feel
    Now, I don't wanna be seen.


  • 7secondsauthor 11w

    Before I Fall Asleep

    Before I fall asleep,
    Let me dream a little.
    If I dream about you,
    Will you dance with me?

    Before I get nightmares,
    Let me rhyme a little.
    If I sing a song to you,
    Will you make love with me?

    Before I fall from heaven,
    Let me prepare a little.
    If I fall in love with you,
    Will you promptly hold me?

    ©Atul Kaushal

  • lollipop71 13w

    The Dreams

    The dreams have come to me every night.
    Seeing my mother in these dreams appearing
    As her younger self, her high school days.
    She appears to be happy, happier than she
    Was here on earth.
    She's laughing at something I said and I laugh
    With her, all the while confused as to why I
    See her as she was in her younger days,
    Before my time.

    The "dreams" have come to me in the form
    Of nightmares. I feel his presence near me
    In the dark and that sick feeling comes
    Over me once again. He wants to do what
    Makes me uncomfortable and scared.
    These are not dreams, they are truly
    Nightmares, flashbacks coming from my
    younger self.
    The darkness is not my friend, for it brings
    Back moments from the past that are all
    To unsettling.
    My friends, the trolls, in my closet have no
    clue what to do to help me diminish these
    nightmares that haunt me night after night.

  • mutilated_marionette 14w


    Each night sleep eludes me
    Thoughts invade my mind constantly
    Hours on end I lay with eyes shut
    Thoughts wandering in an endless rut
    Only to be greeted by nightmares instead of dreams
    This is becoming more commonplace it seems
    To finally escape the day to a personal respite
    Only for unpleasantries to haunt the night
    Constantly tired no matter the time of day
    Only to find no relief to my dismay

  • sara1997 14w


    Mum always said
    'Don't let the bed bugs bite'.

    She'd turn down the bedroom light, kiss me on the forehead and then wish me good night.

    I never understood how it was supposed to make you feel relaxed to suddenly imagine being surrounded by thousands of cannibalistic bugs.

  • radiantclap 17w

    Log Kehte Hai Agar Hum Kisi Ka Bhala Kare Toh Bhagwaan Bhi Aapla Bura Nahi Hone Dega Par Ab Sab Ulta Hi Chalta Hai


  • bulderme 17w

    Dreams Come True

    Dreams may give motivation;
    Perhaps something to think about.
    Dreams may give good feelings;
    Not when it's a nightmare.
    Nightmares may give unnerving feelings;
    Maybe body pain.

    Dreams come true, in my opinion;
    Maybe scary things has happened to you.
    Once a scary moment in your life hits,
    You will have dreams of it, here's a life tip:
    Don't think about it, try to forget it;
    If you don't,
    Your dreams may come to see you.


  • thecashiergirl 18w

    Are the thoughts that arrive that I allow to consume me. The ones that tell me there is no hope for transcendence because I have made way too many mistakes. Where my spirit lacks or is unwilling to participate in the deeds of my life.
    Goading with anxiety, I fear my inability to search and allow the resistance to consume me entirely and swallow me whole. Inexorably to the outbreak of my deficiencies, thus making my journey more and more painful.
    My nightmares have all come to life since my existence is permanently out of touch and a victim of my distortions disfiguring my temperament. At the same time, I hope vigorously for the alternatives to present themselves before me, slowly turning myself into a Beggar.

    Facing all the imaginable struggles fighting alone without spirit.

    -my worst nightmare.


  • starry_advi 18w

    The night,
    Pitch black darkness,
    Staring at the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling,
    The silence is so loud,
    That I can actually hear it.

    It is 3 am,
    The devil's hour,
    I can hear the clock ticking,
    The white noise of the fan,
    And the drops of water of my AC,
    Drip-drop, drip-drop,
    Tip-tap, tip-tap.

    I'm sweating under the blanket,
    Trying to sleep,
    But the screaming in my mind,
    Won't let me,
    Paranoid about the dark figure I see.

    I twist and turn,
    And I'm face to face with my mirror,
    I know it's the dark,
    And that's why I can't see my reflections,
    But I'm still terrified.

    My emotions are overwhelming me,
    Why do I feel so naked,
    Under the covers at 3am,
    Getting nostalgic about the future,
    And scared of the past,
    And I feel something on my cheeks,
    Tears flowing from my eyes,
    My face is wet now,
    Everything is blurry,
    Maybe is because is don't have my specs,
    Or the tears brimming my eyes.

    I'm so tired,
    Feel myself drifting off,
    Slowly and steadily,
    Don't wanna,
    But I can feel myself being taken hostage by sleep,
    Eyes drooping,
    Mouth open,
    Eyes watery,
    And all I see in black.

    Feel myself falling,
    Every second I'm thinking,
    Is another second I dying,
    I'm scared,
    Because I know there's no one to catch me,
    Don't know where I'm falling from,
    Or where I'm going to end up,
    My stomach is in knots,
    My heart is pounding so hard,
    I feel like its going to burst,
    Yet I continue falling.

    I accept my fate,
    I have to fall,
    I close my eyes,
    Clench my fists,
    Waiting desperately to reach the ground,
    To feel the fatal impact,
    It was inevitable,
    I had to reach the ground,

    I could feel the darkness,
    As it tried to pull me down,
    I don't what terrified me more,
    Reaching the ground,
    Or falling forever.

    Before I could decide,
    I had reached,
    I hit the ground,
    I woke up with a start,
    In a puddle of my sweat,
    For a second I though it was blood.

    I am wide awake now,
    And I will be,
    Till morning comes,
    And the sun comforts my nightmares.

    This is a recurring nightmare I normally get, and it terrifies me.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #nightmares #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    I could feel the darkness,
    As it tried to pull me down,
    I don't know,
    what terrified me more,
    Reaching the ground,
    Or falling,

  • radiantclap 18w

    Dark Nights ...
    Deep Thoughts ...
    Heavy Rain ...
    Always Reminds Me Your Presence


  • heyoka_warrior 18w

    Regular dreams, prophetic dreams, visions...
    And then there are nightmares, delusions...

    Regular dreams are feelings, state of mind
    In the waking hours buried subconsciously;
    Prophetic dreams are divine revelations
    Just like visions foreseeing glimpses of the future.

    Nightmares usually are haunted dreams
    Visited by demons, ghosts, and death;
    Delusions they stir paranoia, madness—
    Avoid anxiety, fear, and confusion.


  • najar7515 18w

    Just a Dream

    Every where was covered in dark clouds, with smoke and the smell of burnt tyres and gun powder.
    The last thing I could remember was I had been in a club with some group of friends, drinking and enjoying ourselves due to the heart break I just suffered from my fiancee.
    How did I get here and what the hell happened here? Were the words that dropped from mouth. I tried to stand up but it seems I had injured my leg. I had to get support. Where are my friends? Had any evil befell them?
    I stood up after several attempts with the aid of a cane I could pick up nearby and advanced into the unknown as I entered the thick black and white cloud ☁️.
    As I go deeper, the cloud seems to disappear and the chaotic display diminishes as well. I seemed to forget about my friends but right now all that was echoing in my mind was survival!, survival! How to survive this great ordeal in one piece. Few meters ahead I could clearly see a cross road with guys lurking around, wearing dark hoods and Scary mask and wielding matchete
    Immediately they sighted me, they came out from their hiding places. Fear in my eyes, I took to my heels and they followed. I advanced more with strength from no where, forgeting I had a broken leg. As I made a U-turn into an obscure compound not too far away, I felt the ground caving in on me. Oh, what is happening? Am I being swallowed up by the ground, every thing cascading on its self...
    I woke up perspiring. Oh! It was a dream.
    Thank God it was a dream.
    How did I get to my Bed in the first place?

  • irenic_gyal 18w

    With my eyes closed,
    I walked down the path for my sleep.

    Vaguest about the vision,
    that makes me go through my dreadful dream.

    Nightmare won't stop because,
    I'm reluctant within my own.

    As my eyes pleased to awake from dreams,
    I see a shadow peeked,
    give my soul some bloody streaks.

    Nightmare makes a nyctophilan, hates the dark sky.
    Yet, I glide down towards thorns reaches for a comfortable zone.

    Those nightmare makes me go insane.
    Please shake me from my sleep by
    whispering in my ears, "there's nothing wrong my dear."



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    Nightmare makes me go insane!!

  • wild_twig 33w

    I am fed of mindset of disobedience
    Even anyone says to follow i can't absorb their love
    Fear never let heart bloom
    Go through it!

    the past traumatises
    Though peace is back
    again stucked in comfort
    not diving deeper in soul
    To get busy in explore
    Cause empty mind turns to regrets

    Expecting from outsiders
    Than bowing to eternal truth
    Dismantles mindset
    Take away power(make you weak)
    Remain grounded in soul
    Otherwise it weighs soul!
    To maintain good health
    For mind,body,spirit in balance
    Need to do physical work,using strength
    Emotional work,using imaginations
    Spiritual work that is meditation,listening higher self,diving in invisible fields

    It doesn't matter
    You are able to believe it or not!
    If you want,keep choosing it!
    Everyday give intention that you want it
    It needs courage when nothing is
    Visible and can't be felt to call and keep calling
    To rebuilt faith till it awakens,fearless

    A calling which don't seek results and continues calling cleanses heart what negativity had stained.
    We need commitment, consistancy
    Though we can't find anything,in this hard time
    we are in the mode of igniting
    rekindling lost fire

    Where is fear there is no god
    Where is god there is fearlessness
    That's why in fear we call God!