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  • ava_cross 3d

    Beautiful pain

    Remember when the stars would shine so bright
    We would drown under its perfect light
    Our body immune to the fire
    Our souls guided by desires

    It was 1983
    We were young and free
    I could breath you in and preserve your touch on my skin
    But i guess we've both learnt a lot about this heart

    This heart will ache and break and tears will fall down the sides of your face
    And memories will fade away,and teary hope will evaporate
    And heart will freeze and get numb

    So why are you here now?
    Standing at my door with a stand of flower
    Your beautiful face,our beautiful pain
    Make it all go away

    And after tears,what is the gain?
    Skin under rain,our past mistakes
    Our beautiful pain

  • ava_cross 1w

    The writer

    I shall hold the pen and i shall tell you the tales Mama told me when i sat in my cradle and while the candle burned..
    And even now while i lie in death,i shall hold my pen still.

  • ava_cross 1w


    And one day we shall talk and be heard,we shall be free and sing like a bird,we shall walk the paths we dread and laugh as the rain washes our tears.
    We shall learn,and laugh,and love,the perfect cube for our perfect sanity.
    And on that day,this imperfect and unreliable essence called life would just be perfect.
    And on that day,i shall be with you.

  • ava_cross 1w

    Her fire.

    When the fire in him burnt through him,even into his soul,when it tore his mind apart and made soul and spirit depart,she was there.

    When that fire threatened his sanity,when it whispered curses at him and he turned and rolled and growled like an animal,she was there.

    When he fought the fire and lost countless times,when he lay lifeless countless times,she was there. She was his warmth,his resurrection.

    When his fingers lay cold and dead and did not move,could not move,she was there and she took his hands,and she quenched the fire,and she healed him,and she gave him her own fire.

    But when she needed it back,her fire,her life,her smile,
    He was gone.

  • luckylakshmi_ 3w

    Week with Different Feelings

    Monday with moody mornings...
    Tuesday with twisted energy..
    Wednesday with wavy winds...
    Thursday waiting for tequilas..
    Friday with full fun..
    Saturday with shining smiles...
    Sunday ends with swirling all around the city...

    The cycle starts with Monday again and the life goes on ..

  • mbyler 3w

    Have you ever been stuck? #newwriter #lost

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    She's broken.
    She's ashamed of whom she's become.
    Trying like hell to get out of this rut.
    Not the woman she wanted to become.
    Being numb makes it hard to breathe.
    She needs air before she passes out.
    Where is the air in this rut?

  • _dynarajpurohit_ 8w

    Questions ?

    Why some of the question stays unanswered . Why it is difficult to answer those questions . Questions like what is love , how will you know when you will fall in love , how it feels , how do u find your one ? These questions are so tough when it comes to answering them , these questions are easy and exciting when we here them but hard as hell to answer . Some questions stays unanswered because you will have to find the answers by your own , experience those questions live those questions , when those questions will be happening around you will be living it , from every angle possible from every emotion you can link and feel to it . This is exciting and sad at the same moment when you are eager to feel it and here those answers but you can't , cuz god has his plans for you , how he is going to answer it . You have to wait and enjoy every precious moments of your life . You never when you are going have your answer

  • avivek 10w

    Talismann VI

    गर नीयत सबकी नेक थी,फिर धोखे देता कौन ??
    सच्चाई जो सबने देख ली,फिर रहते क्यूं सब मौन ??

  • anokhee_n 10w

    Can we share loneliness?

    I wonder, if "loneliness " is a kind of thing we can share with anyone.
    It fades away when someone comes to share.
    So, we can't share it.
    It will be within us.
    I wonder, we can share happiness,
    but not the "loneliness".

  • _unicorn21_ 13w

    Patiently wait for your wings to flutter

  • dev_____ 14w


    ढूंढ़ता नहीं तुझ सा कोई दूसरा
    ढूंढ़ता हूँ खुद सा कोई दूसरा
    कोई हो जो समझे इस बात को
    इश्क़, इश्क़ होता नहीं दूसरा


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    Of The Stars

    nuclear fusion.
    star is born.
    maybe billions,
    years go by.
    elemental release.
    solar system,

  • dev_____ 18w


    बनाने वाले नें दिल में मोहब्बत बनायी
    बयां करने को दो आँखें सलामत बनायी
    फिर इसी बीच दिल टुटा होगा किसी आदमी का
    रो नहीं सकता इसीलिए फिर शायरी बनायीं


  • concealed_emotions 20w


    सुना है वो वफ़ा पर शे'र कहते हें ;
    उन्हे शर्म नहीं वो क्या कहते हें !!

    बेवफ़ाई की तमाम हदें पार करके;
    आज हमे ही वो बेवफ़ा कहते हें !!

  • nikinew 20w

    lmao idk what this is but meh
    #newwriter #womansday. this is me to my mom :))

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    I am fine,
    Fine when i look it your eyes,
    And i see the shining light.
    Fine when i see you sleeping tight,
    And match your breathing with mine.
    Fine when you look at me like i am the sky.
    Fine when i see you smile.
    I am just fine.

  • nikinew 20w

    this is my first ever piece, my grandma is fighting covid in the hospital, she is my hero, Thinking about her, I wrote this. Please tell me what you think!
    #firstpoem #newwriter #staystafe #wod #pod

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    Too scared

    This unsettling feeling,
    My heart running .
    Running away from the feelings,
    The feelings I don't want to feel.
    These unwanted feelings,
    That make me numb.
    Life feels too hard,
    My breath unconscious.
    Blaming myself for everything,
    Feeling trash, but being rash about my own self.
    Kind, but sometimes, too kind that it hurts me to my core.
    Skin unclear, eyes covered with dark circles, lieing to myself.
    Running away from my soul,
    Too scared to reveal myself to me.
    Too scared of being a bad person,
    Too scared of ruining my life,
    Too scared to live.

  • concealed_emotions 20w


    ●I guess God created her because he directly cannot come to this world.
    She is an illusion of God. Yeah;she is the 2nd ruler of the world after God.

    ●She is a caring mother; an ideal wife ; a true friend; a supportive sister and a lovely daughter too. That single person has the ability to maintain multiple characters. She bears all the powers. But she never show it.

    ● She can burn and melt like wax to give light to your life; if you give her your rays of love. But remember that she can also burn all your ego and tyrant in her fire ; if you disregard her. She can forget all her dreams and desires to fulfill your wishes.

    ●She has the capability to take all the pains.
    She is pretty,she is too sensitive . But lemme share a secret about her . She never share her pains with anyone. She has a hidden power to drink all her teardrop alone. She never complain her queries. She is compassionate . She is a great warrior without weapons.

    ● She is important in each and every field to elaborate this world peacefully. Even it's not possible at all to imagine the world without Women.

    ● But still the fact is that ; the society think her as the most weakest creature. The society call her inferior one. And obviously the people who think that woman are weak ; they don't know that ,they are the most foolish one.

    ● She is the one who deserves all the respects , all the rewards and all the highest positions in the society.

    ● Atlast only one thing to say that ; if you want the progress of the nation; progress of the world; even your progress too, then you must first think about the progress of the women . Respect woman and the society will respect you. You are all everything is only for woman ,never forget that.


    #newwriter #follow #qalam_e_hayat

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  • gifteddebra_marie 10w

    I've protected my heart from this feeling love not wanting it to sustain any feelings that has lead it to get broken, I adore this old familiar face it gave my heart. My heart is in love with this feeling I tried so hard to protect.