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    If irreplaceable were a person, it would be you.


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    #SmilingThroughPain #AWorldOfSadness
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    The blue skys, the rolling clouds
    Drift along the clearing of flowing rivers
    And empty places, empty faces, empty spaces

    Sunlight illuminates the dark tombs
    In the dank hallways of torture, of cursed legislation undermining the needs of, the pleads of the populace

    A child, covered in bruises
    Smiles above the vicious abuses
    The old man, dispossessed
    Will greet you with a positive

    A winding road of trash and piles of
    Broken homes and spirits, litter the
    Streets, the ignorance of blind sheep
    Smiles while the lost weep

    A woman, who is dying a slow
    Agonizing death through life
    Finds the time to smile
    In times of hate, In times of strife
    Waking up to the illness inside her
    She greets the world with love
    Even as every part of her hurts

    Learn from this observation
    Even animals can smile
    When abused and used
    For experimentation

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    One Day

    For every tear, there's a smile

  • avivek 14w

    Talismann VIII

    ।।बिन मतलब बदनाम ना कर,
    तेरी वफ़ा से थे कुछ सवाल मुझे।।

    ।।तूने कहा था,तेरे लिए वक्त नहीं था...
    आज आगया है तेरा खयाल मुझे।।

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    Where one looks
    One does not find

    Revelations and fears
    Of being hopelessly behind

    A loss or a win?
    One must wonder

    How did this all begin?


  • mazingamar 18w

    When I Was Born

    If I was born the day you came
    The memories of my father
    His and mine, and the child I left behind
    Could surely not be the same

    Memories of home and land
    Each and every grain of sand
    The grass and field
    An olive branch and its yield

    If I was there in 1948
    I would not welcome you again
    Nor watch you come to my state
    Like the incoming tide of fate

    That was you, then
    Escaping hate with all your weight
    Coming to me by sea
    While I offer you shelter, food and tea

    If I was born today
    I would look at you and say
    There will be a reckoning
    For one day, you will have to pay

    You cannot deny my existence forever
    For the memories of my father
    His and mine, and the child I left behind
    Live on, like fire on a burner

    If I was born after 1948
    From my soul I would be torn
    But on my back, resistance will be worn
    And to it, all my children will be sworn

    So don’t ask me to wait
    Just because you call this fate
    In the end history will judge you
    For every orphan you create

    You see I was born before 1948
    Now I look back and say
    This is where my forefathers lay
    Trust me, my people know the way

    For that child I left behind
    The undying symbol of my resistance
    Has grown on my grass and field
    He lives off my olive branch, and it’s yield


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    Are you seeing these trees, these plants, these flowers around me? Isn't it beautiful? Because you have seen them. Similarly, when it comes to love, people remember someone's face.
    Such eyes, similar smile, oblique beard, thick hair, but is this the existence of love?

    No, it is the existence of the body that our eyes saw and we accepted. But love, love is different, love is like an air that is not visible to us, but it

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    Here we go(gn)

    This is a multisensory experience
    Visual & sound effects
    Acting folk
    We're acting here
    This is not social time
    Lets get to work
    Sets need to be built
    Builders.. Ignite
    The fires are burning
    The forests all down
    One by one
    The trees are losing the fight
    To this carbon based world

    g to o replace by n. (Gn) +1 sound (consonant)(ai2studyspeech patterns

    Everything already exists
    We just have to make it
    Destroyers of worlds
    Beloved Earth
    May the moon and the sun keep you company
    May your waters grow
    And your land restore
    Not too poetical
    Let's keep this abstract-us
    Who are we?
    That's because ok sure we are one
    But one is infinite
    It is never anything but one
    Unless of course
    You add or subtract
    Easy enough
    Lesson for all
    Lessons for one

    Death scene 1
    Numbers behind
    Let's talk about love
    Or some kind of like
    In likeness of course
    But more so in mass
    I need your matter
    It makes me feel whole
    Like one but bigger
    Three circles
    That's the mode
    Perfect? Let's measure

    To keep it empirical, data let's find.
    What we set out to reach
    Lovely surprise


    Thats death to us baby
    Even galaxies have to die
    Whats death to us baby
    We are the givers of life
    What is dead to us
    Let it just die
    The difference between
    The dead and the dying
    Are we pretending to live babe
    Or are we living to die
    Even galaxies lie
    Not to exaggerate the theme
    But really
    Who even lives
    On lies
    De mente
    El niño se volvio loco
    Negative statements to belittle your potential
    Your truth has power
    Beware of liars
    Thieves, drunks, and whores
    Celestial in the flesh
    Beings of light
    Even we too must die
    We shed our wings and come to Earth
    Here to grow wings again
    Spiritual wings
    Spread and rise
    As a phoenix divine
    As the wise once said
    Beware of the mind
    With the heart in the right
    There's no harm in your way
    So you choose your goals
    Defeat your obstacles
    As if battle was the easiest way
    To accomplish love
    It's not so much about power
    Or disrupt
    It's a different mentality
    A conscious not old enough
    To act blemish and blind
    No sin in their eye
    The judge and redeemer
    All in the business of taking your life
    Go as if willing
    Live as the world will have you
    Would it allow you to grow?
    To reap the fruit thus sought
    In the eyes of a dreamer I'm but futile at best
    Just like the rest
    I'm hollow

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    #फलसफे #सौरभ #newpoetry

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    कभी हाथों की उंगलियों से उंगलियों को मिला के, आगे बढ़ने जैसे परिस्थिति महसूस की है,
    हम कुछ कर रहे है तो होते है पर आगे नहीं बढ़ रहे होते,
    ये स्थिति विडंबना की होती होगी शायद,
    पर कुछ करने की चेष्टा , या लगन , उसका क्या, ।

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    Never told anyone about what happened to me apart from exes, and I wish I never gave some of them that part of me. This is the first place I’ve mentioned it because it feels kind of anonymous.
    #abusesurvivor #fight #survive #speakout #poetry #poem #newpoetry #write #foryou #fyp

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    My body remembers

    You touched me when I knew no better

    You hurt me when I was still learning to find my way

    I’ve blocked out most of it and for that I thank my mind,

    But my body remembers from time to time

    When I least expect it, from a lovers touch to even a stranger passing by

    My body remembers your touch I forgot, and I live in silence from what choose to hide

  • swapnil2001 45w

    कोशिशें बहुत की...

    कोशिशें बहुत की
    ख़ुद को ज़माने से
    रूबरू कराने की ,
    पर हमें क्या पता था
    ज़माना हमसे हमारी
    पहचान ही छीन लेगा

  • oknavneet 45w

    उसे ख़बर है

    उसे ख़बर है मेरी सभी बातों का
    मैं क्या उससे छुपाया हूँ और क्या बताया हूँ
    ये दावा तो नहीं करता कि मैं सबसे अलग हूँ
    पर हाँ एहसान करके कभी जताया नहीं हूँ
    वो हमसे अलग होकर शायद ग़ुम शुम रहती है
    मैं कहाँ हूँ, कैसा हूँ,किन हालात में हूँ पर जैसा भी हूँ क़भी घबराया नहीं हूँ
    कि आये थे मेरे यार पूछने आख़िर क्या हुआ उस शाम को
    तेरे तमाम क़िस्से दबाएँ हैं दिल में मग़र कभी किसी से बताया नहीं हूँ
    मुझमें खामियां इतनी हैं कि लिखने बैठूं तो ज़िंदगी बीत जाएगी
    इसलिए ख़ुद से ही ख़ुद की शिक़वे शिक़ायत करता हूँ पर तुम्हें क़भी सुनाया नहीं हूँ।
    कि अपनी जुदाई की आग में जली थी तुम भी क़भी
    पर मेरा दिल हर रोज जलता है मग़र क़भी तेरी यादों को जलाया नहीं हूँ
    मेरे ज़ख्मों पर ना क़भी किसीने मरहम लगाया ना ही फूंक मारी
    कि ज़ख़्म तो अभी गहरे हैं मेरे पर ज़ख्मों को क़भी सरेआम दिखाया नहीं हूँ
    ये ज़ख़्म तो तब तक रहेगें जब तक
    तुम हो मैं हूँ और तेरी यादें हैं.....

  • alfaaz_e_bulbul 48w

    उसका यूँ पलट के भी दोबारा ना देखना,
    मुझे ताजुब मे डाल गया, की ये सफर गलत था या वो हमसफर...।।

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    No... I don't love you♥️❌...

    No i don't love you no... no i don't love you...
    Still I feel sad when you don't be with me ...
    And I also envy that bright blue sky Under which you will stand and whose stars can see you…
    No I don't love you, but these speaking eyes of yours
    which have depth, shine and expression in cyanosis - My immaculate eyelids and wake up dancing in the midnight sky…
    And it doesn't happen for anyone's eyes ... Neither do I know that I don't love you ... but still ...
    No one will believe my pure heart❤️
    Because often i have seen
    That people smile at me ... because
    I keep looking in that direction -
    "From where you use to come"
    But yes all I know is this....
    I(Hesitatingly)..I don't love you...♥️❌

    ©trulyyours7 #Copyright_issues Kindly take permission before using anywhere.

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    दूसरों की उम्मीदों पर क़ायम रहना चाहते हैं,
    शायद इसीलिए हम ये दर्द सहते जाते हैं,
    ग़ैरों को सुनने में इस क़दर मसरूर रहते हैं,
    कि हम खुद कभी कुछ कह नहीं पाते हैं।

  • _adiana_ 73w


    Oh honey!
    you are capable of violence too
    don't flatter yourself,
    you like to believe you have a heart
    and I know I lost mine years ago..

  • thesolitaryscientist 77w

    The Funeral

    The clouds gathered round,
    And the wind howled around.
    As he stood by the funeral pyre,
    as the last of the wood burnt out.
    And the ashes spread through.
    The memories flashing,
    before his eyes.
    The tears streaming down,
    along with muffled cries.
    As he remembered his childhood,
    his father holding his hands,
    leading him along.
    Now that the helping hand,
    is no more.
    For destiny wrote a different path.


  • grantcreates 79w

    Tough to be a Bug

    Do you have purpose?
    As you work without ceasing.
    Tough to be a bug.

  • adiishri 79w


    ज़िन्दगी ने रचा है , विषम सा चक्रव्यूह ,
    गर आत्म में विश्वास हो तो तुझको डर लगता है क्यूं?
    विश्वास को तू अडिग रख , तू अटल रख ,
    तेरी जीत के भव्य जश्न को , देखेगा जग।

    चित्त में विश्वास के ,
    दीपक _ जला ।
    भय केे ,
    घनघोर अंधेरों को मिटा ।
    तू मंज़िलों की डगर पर संघर्ष कर ,
    कठिनाईयों से हार मत , तू सामना कर , पार पा।

    मत हो निराश , न हो हताश गर हार जा,
    कहीं है गलत यह मान जा ।
    विश्वास के धागों को भीतर फिर समेट ,
    बुन ले नया इतिहास अपनी जीत का।।

  • grantcreates 79w

    How does the sky look?

    I am not afraid
    As the world destroys itself
    The sky betrays me.

  • dvlndskyz 100w


    Not even a book
    Will last forever.
    With each turn of the page
    The end is imminent.
    With every story
    A new chapter closes,
    Until eventually,
    Through all the love,
    The smiles and giggles
    of fullfiled dreams, and
    The excruciating pain
    of heartbreak and regret
    of broken promises,
    The last word is written.
    Left without a choice,
    You move on to the next.
    Because no matter how many times
    you turn the pages
    There is only empty space.

    You my love
    Will always be the best book
    ever written.
    Full of love and adventure
    I can't let go of.
    But deep within our pages
    Lie secrets so big
    That they will forever
    Go untold.
    Our pages hide a pain
    so excruciating that
    words could not express.
    You sir, are
    The saddest book to ever exist.
    And now,
    We have nowhere to turn.
    No words left to say.
    We have reached our end.