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  • deepansshi 3d

    When the nights get darker,
    The hearts get heavier


  • anna_leigh 21w

    Of The Stars

    nuclear fusion.
    star is born.
    maybe billions,
    years go by.
    elemental release.
    solar system,

  • tessapoetessa 22w

    Cold Man

    Do not fear
    My dear
    I am here
    The cold man creeps
    Don't weep
    My heat
    Will ease your pain
    No complaints
    As we wait
    Time ticking
    Watchful hitching
    Out whitting
    The reaper
    The creeper
    You'll keep her
    She'll keep you
    The two

  • pinkninjapoetry 23w


    Should I stay or should I go
    Will we ever really know
    Or is it just rhetorical
    This baffling question ever-flow

    Make a decision for your future
    Make a decision for your life
    Decide on a path for your journey
    Decide on a game for your rite

    Once a man, personality change
    Never really playing the game
    Promises made never the same
    What did you say again today?

    Leave your love at the door
    Forever really never more
    Living for me not you anymore
    Looking back what was done before

    Today is but another future
    Yesterday, well often hurts her
    Tomorrow is nothing but a dream
    Will it be what it seems?


  • crazywriter72 24w


    When I think of FREEDOM
    I think of that day,
    When I
    Decided to break the chains
    That were keeping me bound.

    Bound to this world
    And it's stupid ways,
    They said
    With no reason.

    But I did
    For I did not care,
    And so I was
    To know why must not I?

    When I think of freedom
    I also think of the people,
    Who will spend their entire lives
    Not knowing this feeling
    Of being FREE.

    -Harshit Gupta

  • heyjey 25w


    I feel lost and confused.
    Wandering under the moon,
    Pondering about Life.
    Yesterday seems better than today for yesterday is over and today isn't.
    Making tomorrow fearful.
    There isn't melancholy nor happiness,
    But a strange sense of loss and loneliness.

  • anna_leigh 26w

    ive broke up with twice. i cant do this anymore. he wont let me leave him. #toxic #manipulation #abuse #violence #writer #writersnetwork #newpoet #newwriter

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    It is impossible to leave you.
    You wrap your dirty hands around my neck,
    You tie me up with rope,
    You lock me in chains.

    I've runaway twice,
    Soon to be thrice,
    And you never hear my cries,
    After you kill me, again I rise.

    Over and over, subject to your torment,
    Forever reliving the moment.
    I don't need you, a plague, a virus,
    with you, I'm always in crisis.

    I hate you.
    I want to be free.
    You won't let me.
    You would rather die
    Than be without me.

    You are a parasite.
    You are a sour sight.
    Let me leave you,
    Before you kill me.

  • anna_leigh 26w

    Irrational Fear

    The thunderous boom,
    the rattling windows,
    the vibrating ground.

    A terrifying flash,
    a horrendous sound.
    barking dogs,
    crying toddlers.

    lightning strikes,
    fire burns,
    unbearable fear,
    i shed a tear.

    against a sound.
    my enemy.

    my abuser,

    my fear.

  • anna_leigh 27w

    denial is harsh, and sometimes you don't want to admit you're wrong. #help #unwanted #wrong #harmful #denial #admit #writer #writersnetwork #newpoet #newwriter

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    Harmful Help

    Are they okay?

    Can I help them? 


    If they ask.

    I’m going to help them.

    You are going to hurt them.

    I will not.

    You will.

    I will help as many people as I can,

    You help no one.

    I’m doing the right thing.

    You are doing the wrong thing.

    I am not.

    You are wrong.

    I am not wrong.

    You are hurting them,

    I am not hurting them.

    You are killing them.

    I am not killing them.

    But you are.

    I am not.

    You are.

    You have killed them with your unwanted help.

    They did not ask for your help.

    I do not care, I am doing the right thing.

    You are not.

    I am.

    No, you aren’t.

    Can’t you see?

    They are all dead.

    No they aren’t.

    I did not kill anyone.

    You killed everyone.

    Unwanted help

    Hurts more than welcomed help.

    You are telling them they need help,

    And that is wrong.

    You are wrong.

    I am not wrong.


    You are.

  • crazywriter72 27w


    Twas there was
    A young naive kid,
    With the people around me
    As cunning as a fox.

    Taking advantage
    Of this new soul,
    And never paying attention
    To the kid in the corner.

    Proposals went and went
    Until the guy was left in confusions,
    Perhaps the teen was
    Too discrete from this world of illusions.

    Always getting separated
    For not following what was required,
    For he thought the other way was
    was more fascinating.

    Someone existed
    Who took note of his creativity,
    But as situation became dire
    They were also taken away from him.

    And as he grew
    He saw more of this hell,
    Not understanding why
    The people around him were so swell

    As more time passed
    And the curtains properly curled,
    He figured out he was simply
    Lost in this cruel world.

    - ©crazywriter72

  • anna_leigh 27w

    Forced To.

    He is the scent of strong coffee,
    He is the shine of morning dew,
    He is the rays of sunlight in the early morning,
    He is the smell of rain,
    He is the color of the Earth,
    He is the wind of a storm,
    He is the eye of the hurricane,
    The wave of a tsunami,
    The debris of a tornado,
    The ashes of a dead fire,
    And yet, I love him.

    I love him to the point where my lungs fill and swell with fire,
    I love him to the point where my heart beats faster and faster, overfilling my body with blood,
    I love him to the point where my eyes leak tears when I press on spots he's touched,
    I love him to the point where my skin cracks and bleeds,
    I love him to the point where my bones split and rearrange themselves,
    I love him to the point where my brain bleeds and blood leaks out of my ears,
    I love him to the point where my body flinches at his touch,
    Where I beg him to stop giving me bruises,
    Where I beg him to stop pulling my hair,
    Where I beg him to stop forcing me into doing things I do not want.
    And yet, I still love him,
    Beacuse I have to.

  • anna_leigh 27w


    we sat under the stars,
    hand in hand,
    looking at the stars,
    above us,
    and the cars
    below us.

    we know the stars,
    there is an infinite amount,
    no words were shared,
    for there was nothing to say.

    yet, i wish she talked.
    i wish she talked about space,
    stars, constellations, galaxies, solar systems, planets, black holes,
    everything space
    and space's everything.

    yet she did not.
    instead, we sat,
    hand in hand,
    looking at the stars
    above us,
    and the cars
    below us,
    loving each other
    under the Universe's infinite space.

  • anna_leigh 27w

    more often than not, the people you envy have the same problems as you. they just hide it better. #imperfect #eatingdisorder #sad #envy #jelous #hurting #writer #writersnetwork #newpoet #newwriter

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    Soft skin,
    prone to sin.
    Rough skin,
    gross to touch.

    Silky hair,
    it's not fair.
    Uneven, split-ended hair
    falls out with touch.

    Tall, skinny, blond.
    Perfect reflection in a pond.
    Short, fat, brunette,
    impaled with a spear.

    Beautiful coral reef,
    Blue eyes like ocean waves.
    Mistaken as a whale,
    and brown eyes like dog shit.

    Perfect size of zero,
    yet food you do not swallow.
    Ugly size of sixteen,
    douse me in gasoline.

    Perfect friends,
    always follows the trends.
    No one knows who I am,
    might as well be labeled ham.

    You puke after eating,
    every day repeating.
    I eat and don't stop,
    every day nonstop.

    You are perfect,
    but underneath, a defect.
    I am a defect,
    wish to be perfect.

  • anna_leigh 27w

    Fear Incarnate

    you laugh at me.
    you mock me.
    you drag me through the dirt.
    you shove glass down my throat.

    my throat bleeds
    when i try to ask for help.
    i lose my sight when i look for an escape.
    i lose all my senses trying to fight.

    every day, and it doesn't stop.
    not even when I'm asleep.
    you haunt me in my wake and in my sleep.

    when will i be free from you?
    your hands grasp at my neck,
    choking me 'til im purple and blue,
    'til my body goes limp.

    you never gave me a fighting chance.
    you never let me defend myself.
    you never thought about me.
    and then you killed me.

  • serinktherapy 33w

    Dearest Somebody

    I feel so alone. Truth is I am.
    Knees on the sand with tears in my hands.
    Fighting in the darkness, fighting against time.
    Finding a way to keep lit, this little light of mine.
    Dearest somebody somewhere please hear my plee.
    Help me find peace in this world, help me remain me.
    Share your life stories, teach me all that you know.
    Listen to mine, be there for me as I grow.
    I feel so alone, Truth is I am.
    Accepting nothing seems to go quite like its been planned.
    Almost as soon as I get excited.
    The darkness gets delighted.
    Ive noticed the pattern, so walk a different path.
    Still see lifes flames, still feel its wrath.
    I tried to continue on for as long as I can.
    But I no longer see a way, Ive ran out of land.
    Goodbye my loved ones, sunshine, rain.
    Goodbye universe, the sea and my pain.
    So many times it was written, my apology and my goodbye.
    Each paper smeared with tears I had cried.
    Even with no response, my deepest feelings I would share.
    I was sure some how someone some where would care.
    It became a ritual though even now the reason why im not certain.
    But Id tell the universe often how I felt like the biggest of burdens.
    How the weight on the world has me brought once more to my knees.
    How if I could be granted more strength Id be still willing to please.
    For I have enough hope, its positivity I need.
    Ive sacrificed all I have, and Im willing to sacrifice myself.
    All I ask is that my kindred be happy and remain in good health.
    But maybe theres a way to grow out of my present self.
    End a phase and start a new book for lifes shelf.
    Maybe being so lost just happened to be fate.
    Maybe theres some magic to knowing how to wait.
    Lately its been a challenge just to stay focussed.
    As I fell under a ferocious hypnosis that has me feeling atrocious.
    But im certain my absence not one soul would notice.
    Then I overcome this overwhelming feeling, inner song plays a new beat.
    Refusing to be under the category labeled defeat.
    I raise to my feet, with head held up high.
    I know my limits are those beyond the sky.
    Regardless of speedbumbs my soul will continue to try.
    And Ill cherish each memory, the dark with the light as they both pass me by.
    Watching the probable and impossible Intertwine.
    Odd against me seem astronomical but ill keep trying.
    Fight with all I have to stop my soul and this world from dying.

  • serinktherapy 34w

    Robotics of my life

    I cant be myself I must remain robotic.
    Translate the messages in my head oh so demotic.
    Tasking my brain to engage my fucking veins.
    So I can once again scratch out my problems on a blank page.

    The words that I speak dont ever matter.
    The ink I bleed ends up just useless ink splatters.
    Those unlegible scribbles of my twisted mind.
    But I do it again and again, time after time.

    On paper I can be human and not so robotic.
    Feeling human once more, I had kinda forgot it.
    Then reality sets in, my minds thoughts sky rocket.
    I hurry to conceal them back into my pockets.

    The sad simple meaning of the robotics of my life.
    Means I never do what I want, I only do what is right.
    Not complaining, just my thoughts, Im not consumed by greed.
    Just someone so lost without even the bare necesities one needs.

    You see today Im 30 but Ive been home all night and day.
    I guess I could blame covid but Ive so much more to say.
    I was paralyzed before the pandemic.
    From lifes fucking options that shit thats systemic.

    So I dont celebrate those suppose to be special days.
    I just stay in overdrive and try to make a better way.
    Wish I was joking but sadly I mean it.
    Defeat of depression has me fucking anemic.

    Itd be no secret to reveal.
    Ive more than missed a few meals.
    But imma be real.
    This is the only deal.
    So Ill make it till im dead.
    Ill take all the pain, all the killing thoughts in my head.

    See Ill miss every meal and still find a way.
    To provide you one more on any and every day.
    See my needs and wants are just foolish endeavours.
    Like me trying to fly without wings or the feathers.

    Though today....I wanted to share just one simple smile.
    Maybe even a laugh, its been quite awhile.
    But reality sets in, forced again to do whats right.
    So I day dream as I reboot myself for the robotics of my life.

    Tired, but tediously tasking myself with treachery of three fucking types.
    Physically exerting myself without energy to replenish.

    Mentally starve myself, hiding every black and blue blemish.

    Silence the stellar nature of my sweet salty soul.

    Remember being a robot and not human ever, that is my role.

  • serinktherapy 35w

    Late at night

    I cant sleep tonight theres too much on my mind.
    Ive been trying since the beginning of night and now its the wee morning.
    Ive not gone but from my bed to my couch but woah , what a journey.

    I cant sleep tonight theres too much on my mind.
    My mind and heart are battling inside.
    My body is running out of time.

  • poetofthemainland 36w

    If only tears left scars,
    i would look like a battlefield

  • serinktherapy 36w

    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.

    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Stuck with bitter sweet time till the end.
    Half seconds to break my heart, decades for it to mend.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Days mesh to months, those months to years.
    As I try to hide and carry on through the fear.
    The fear of this worlds creation, finding a place amongst the chaos.
    Trying to stay neutral in all the biased cases of ethos.
    Though it seems even the radicals have been silenced by their sadness.
    The worlds in disarray, there is no more method just pure madness.
    I mean YHWH himself couldnt even have planned this.
    The worlds living a lie, future generations have been forcibly curtailed.
    I refuse to believe that somehow we already failed.
    I feel all the pain and see the dissarrangement.
    But its easier to see clear without years of sheeps wool entertainment.
    But how do you get the masses to take off their blinders?
    When we were born with them and were given extras as reminders?
    Mind stimulated from birth to be tame.
    But we are more than just our ID's, more than our names.
    More than any possession, any 15 seconds of fame.
    Exactly what we are worth; cant possible be measured.
    But with our great value comes responsibility and there lays the pressure.
    For we are just the protectors
    Of something much more precious!
    We have the knowledge and resources to make the right choice.
    To protect all biodiveristy and give the voiceless and voice.
    To be truly the guardians of the galaxy.
    Explorers of the stars, held together by gravity.
    All intricate parts of an ancient modern puzzle.
    Who need to vow to not give up no matter how hard the struggle.
    I can foresee the logistical nightmare, but still know we must try.
    For the nightmare is a dream of heaven compared to what will actually transpire.
    If we dont help mother nature reclaim her spot as queen of earths empire.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Itll sure be lonely for you if it all comes to an end.
    For we will be no more, no rythme, rhyme or reason.
    But there would be no better fitting punishment for commiting this type of treason
    Than to be cast in pure darkness for an everlasting time
    Just know ill will fight against it, my biggest enemy and very best friend of mine.
    From a child of the universe
    To the bitter sweet body of time.

  • _teal_ 37w

    After a conversation with a friend about the LGBTQ+ I realised I can never come out to her because well she is not an ally or my family.

    #pod #lifelesson #writer #mirakee #newpoet #spokenword

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    Life lesson 101

    Baby girl now that you are in the world
    There are a few rules you should know
    Nayyy a lesson you should learn
    Girls love boys and boys love girls
    Anything other than that is outrageous
    Your society frowns upon it
    Don't you ever bring shame to your
    That attraction you felt at twelve
    Was a mistake you cannot love girls.
    Don't you ever accept your identity
    Deny it at all cost
    Because your friends will think
    You just want to be part of a trend
    Ten years you've known don't matter
    Just stay in the closet
    Do the norm
    It doesn't matter if you like women
    You still like men
    So good for you
    Stick to one side.
    Baby girl that is your society.
    Now that the introduction to the course
    Is over
    Let me tell you the real lesson
    The lesson I wish I was taught
    You love who your heart loves
    Regardless of gender
    Baby girl don't you ever come out
    Until you are ready
    And don't you ever out anyone.
    Accept who you are beloved.