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  • auroramoonandstars 125w

    The streets of new Orleans is packed
    I couldn't find you if I wanted to
    I'll have a seat at this inconscpicous diner and just have a drink
    I'll people watch, hoping desperately for a glimpse of you
    Of course then I'd make a fool of myself and burst through the doors and into the street just to make eye contact and hopefully a smile to see
    I wish I knew what you had done to me
    To make me feel lost yet found
    Just knowing your existence
    Is enough to keep me bound
    To a person I don't even know
    Just your a nameless face
    But your face is familiar
    Possibly from a time long ago
    Maybe even a life time
    I hope to one day know
    Couples pass, holding hands
    Singles walk solemnly
    Ghosts of lovers dancing beside them I see
    You can tell the long time couples from the new
    The long timers share a familiarity that has lost its lure and it looks more of a chore
    The new lovers have a pep in their step, their hands held a little tighter
    A glimmer in their eyes, a smile that won't leave their face
    It's a beautiful thing really and I hope it continues into future endeavours they share
    I hope the long timers remember why and how they got there
    All of these thoughts from sipping alcohol at a random dinner waiting for you
    I know exactly what I'd do
    But what would I say?
    Probably something meaningless
    And out of the way
    My heart and head have never been one
    They can't communicate
    Maybe you would be able to read my face, through the jumbled words
    It's a shame I don't even have your name
    I should probably get that first
    Wherever you are, standing on a balcony, sleeping softly, doing the same as I at a different location
    Just know this, happiness, I hope you make it.

  • saintjack 132w

    Prison Queens

    An inmate pisses
    by the basketball hoop
    under the tangerine
    sky, but look: tiger lilies
    are woven into
    the barbed wire fence
    of the jailyard.

    I am speaking,
    of course, about the

    prison queens

    in orange, the color of
    change in every
    magick spell I know. There
    is magick in makeup
    applied in the reflection of
    stainless steel pans,
    and they'll place a spell
    on the court

    to send them back to
    New Orleans.


  • garrickpipkins_nola 152w

    Damage Thy Queen

    Remorseful for the damage I have cause you,
    Was never my intention to harm your Spirit,
    With vicious language that I seem to testify,
    No lover should be attack in that way,
    It was a swarm of cold shields,
    Defending my weakened emotional mind,
    During that slump I bite my future in the arm,
    Without knowing, I lost your passionate ❤
    Your charitable gentle soul filled with unmistakable love, your soften lips, your
    Affection sexuality and your tender sweet overall compassion for me, And hopefully I could rediscover the essential oils for your spirit and heart, I openly admit that I have cause it, But forgive me just as we all have been forgiven for the harm we have caused our love ones, If you choose to exit our once loving atmosphere we build within 8 years of romance, I would be destoryed yet guilty of those charges, allow .me to show you I have been working out my own issues slowly but surely release those demons that have plagued my mentality,
    Forever my lifeline and adoring queen
    Love Garrick

  • dachaoticmind 179w


    Women flash their breast contumaciously in spite of police.
    The cacophony of sound is enormous, music blare from every bar and pub, people screaming to be heard by those standing just a few feet in front of them. The crowd is ecstatic, Mardi Gras Madness is in effect.


  • grimmmlyssa 197w

    I've never been in love with a man I haven't met,
    In my dream, you were there, laying in that bed.
    How many times shall I go over this in my head?
    Your love took me by surprise, In fact it stole my breath,
    Were you there? You had to be, we were in New Orleans,
    To you I'm just a nobody, a woman now who's starvin,
    Never before this day, did I think of you this way,
    I want to be professional, but my desires grow and stay,
    I know deep inside, we'd make the perfect team,
    Just tell me if I obsess, or do you feel the same?
    Sometimes it feels like you're right here, when I'm alone,
    Stalking you, ok I did, I wish you'd take me home,
    Selfish is how I feel, when I think of you,
    I asked the Lord to bring me love, I only think of you,
    Oh baby, daddy, king so fine, my heart is yours to take,
    Yes it's true, I think inside of the sweet love we'll make,
    Dominate me, show me how a real man handles curves,
    I swear that every inch of me, I want you to observe,
    Lick me, bite me, kiss me, inviting you between my thighs,
    Sticky wet, touch your chest, Baby I'm so down to ride.
    I'm not like the others, I'm good at making love despite my age,
    Afterall, I am the snake, let me in, rolling my hips,
    I match your every thrust.
    Some would think I've had practice, but I'm a natural,
    Look at me, my dear king, your eyes they speak to me,
    I know I'm just a slave, I'd like to be your queen.
    I'll give you all the space you need, I too most value this,
    Teach me, I'm want to learn the knowledge on your mind,
    If you ask me, to be the Bonnie to your Clyde,
    I won't even hesitate, I'm always on your side.

  • grim_lyssa 216w

    New Orleans

    Oh how my heart is filled with glee,
    When citylights are in front of me.
    In the streets I dance and sing,
    And spread my light to every being