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  • arkknight73 20w

    Different places

    I know we can't always smile...I know we all wont love..I know life kills off the time from above.
    I know I once found love...I thought ive had it before..I only closed the door.
    I closed it off ..on what thought was love..but love is more now since I crossed paths with you.
    Love is something that feels better with you...when I hear you..when I see you..the sun shine in you. The slightest touch of you ..that electric moment love current ran through.
    Love is different this I see when thinking of what you do.
    Love is something we both carry in a world built for two.
    I know its love..the battle is finding away to fight off every wrong feeling.
    The battle is always there ...in the mind its how we both dealing.
    I know love will bring us home...I know love will hold us ..this time its different.