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  • wandererinkorea 3d


    Looking up at the sky, while closing up my eye.
    I can find that heartless joys.
    Just nothing, its an another decade passed by.
    Memorising your memories, i am just building up my treasury.

    I can sense myself full of joy.
    Building myself stronger day by day.
    Sitting far away, miles away building up my empire. Miles away from where it started.

    I can sense that foolishness, what it meant for a young child in me.
    But every memory just faded like a marker mov ing on text.
    The child in me grew up into another child feeling every moment fresh like a new born leaf.

  • jaydmarvin 1w

    When she left me away uncared
    stabbed me at my back.
    I thought my life was over at that moment.

    Lately I came to know,
    It's not the end of my life,
    Actually, it was the start of a new life.


  • arunkrishnavivekananthan 2w

    Jumped into the black hole

    Like a black hole !

    You attracts everything in your way.

    And my vision and thougths aren't exceptional.

    That's why I can't process anything whenever you are with me.

    My soul and my mind utters your name.

    And also there is a saying that black hole leads us to a new world and to a new place for a new life.

    Excepting those, i closed my eyes and jumped into that black hole.


  • becoming 3w


    Everyone wants to follow a set of rules or the traditions, just to be secure of the results that has always followed.
    No one wants a new beginning or even a small change of pattern, when we are a whole. Full somehow.
    But only when we're broken, mend, ruined and demolished completely,
    we accept the change or a modification needed to build ourselves again.
    Remodel ourselves for the new beginning, new possibilities, new way of living.
    It's better to rebuild then to live with the ruins.
    @Dr. Suez

  • chaos2art_and_backagain 5w

    The Hope of Spring

    I feel the earth let out the sigh she has held in for months as shakes the last bits of winter from her shoulders and banishes the chill from her bones. 

    She has taken time and care to understand herself during her hybrination;
    Made peace with some of her demons that planned to lay her to waste. 

    She knows it's time to reclaim herself, a style built from the roots up. 
    Time to adorn what has been stripped bare for far too long.

    Adding texture to what has been worn smooth from time and hardship.
    She wishes to spread the joy she is overflowing with in her yearly rebirth. 

    She yearns to show how someone as ancient as her still has ways to grow, new life to be had. 
    She spreads her hope in order to inspire others to do the same.


  • inked_heights 6w

    फ़ासला कुछ कदमों का ही था,
    निगाहें अटक गई थी, धड़कने भटक गई थी।

    सामने देख कर उसे, आज फिर से पुरानी यादें
    अर्सों से बंद दरवाज़े पर दस्तक दे गई थी।

    उसकी आँखें मुझे एक उम्मीद से निहार रही थी, जिस से मैन कभी उसे रुकने की गुज़ारिश करी थी।

    उसने कदम मेरी ओर बढ़ाए, मैने हाथ दिखा कर रोक दिया।
    मेरी आँखों के कोनों से कुछ अश्क की बूंदें छलक उठी।

    मेरी इस बेदर्दी पर उसके होंठ डबडबा गए, और बिना किसी आवाज़ के भी उसके अंदर दबे अल्फ़ाज़ मुझे झुलसा गए।

    मेरे शरीर में एक एहसास आज भी था जो उसे अपने पास आने देना चाहता था।

    उसने अपना सर एक तरफ झुका लिया और हाथ बेचैन से एक दूसरे में लिपट गए।

    उसे ऐसा टूटा हुआ देख कर,
    मेरा दिल आखिर कर सारी जंजीरें तोड़ कर उसे फिर से अपनाने के लिए राज़ी हो गया।

    मैंने अपने हाथ खोल दिए और वो भागती हुई मुझसे लिपट गई।
    उसके स्पर्श का एहसास मुझे फिर से ज़िन्दगी दे रहा था।


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    कुछ कदम

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  • flames_ 7w

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    Hoping New Colours

  • vishrutimanhas_ 7w

    Tiny Sprig

    With the joyful songs of spring,
    a tiny sprig is budding in my backyard.
    A new beginning is inching,
    the summer breeze dances across the boulevard.
    O tiny sprig! So ecstatic for the journey to be embarked.

  • kannukeshabd 8w

    Jo Aaye Tum...

    Jab darwaaze saare bandh ho gaye thhe, khidkiya kuch nayi khul gayi, un ki oth se aise aaye tum ke zindagi kuch rangeen ho gayi.

  • indianwriting_ 9w

    Every closed eye is not sleeping , and every open eye is not seeing.

    Good Morning

  • loving_heart 9w


    The dazzling sun falling
    Its rays on the whitish
    Cover of earth just like
    The sparkling of precious
    Diamond in the darkest room.

    Around everywhere it
    Seems a new life take
    Its a very first breath
    From the lap of the nature.

    @mirakee #pod @writersnetwork
    #newlife #dazzling #sun #snow

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    New life

    With the beginning
    Of every day a new
    Life has had welcomed
    Us for the new beginning
    With new goals, with some
    Smile and tears.


  • polestarunity 9w

    मुश्किल तो हाथ पकड़ने और छोडने दोनों में होती है,
    फर्क तो सिर्फ खुशी और गम का होता है।


  • yours_fortune 9w

    Hey you,

    Don't ever dare to mess with my intuition, because my intuition is so strong that I not only know who I'm, but I also know who you are too.


  • a_quaint_soul 10w

    Let's rise

    Let's rise from the pains of our abysmal lives and strengthen our minds to perceive for an ecstatic future. Life is too short to let regret persist and influence our present situations. Let's start to live carefree without any remorse.

  • mmbftd 10w


    I kept your trinkets
    Your hand-me-downs
    Your warm fuzzy sweaters
    And wool socks
    The loose black sweat pants
    With the pockets
    The plastic purple spoon
    With a cute character molded into the handle. The one from that time you took me out to that frozen yogurt place and I didn't realize they charged by weight.
    I'm an expensive best friend!
    I kept all the gifts you sent after you moved away and assimilated into your brand new life. The one you painstakingly carved out for yourself, the one you curated with the help of some photos on Pinterest.
    I kept the plastic fortune cookie with the gold and purple puzzle charm, the one that opens so I can hide my secrets inside it.
    I kept the candy-pooping unicorn and I can't help but laugh each time I walk by it, it's sheeny plastic surface reflecting all the colors we loved.
    I kept your hand sewn things, cherishing all the time your beautiful, pale, delicate hands put into them. I marveled at your attention to detail, your perseverance.
    I kept all the gifts I bought you but did not send. The custom mixed holographic nail polishes with your name hand painted on the bottles, by my now shaky hand. I kept so many meaningful little markers of how I loved you. I don't know why I never mailed them. I was blocked maybe. In denial that you and I would most likely (and especially now), never see each other in person again. We'd never laugh together or cry together at things only the two of us could understand.
    Because there are times for things and people. My time was before. Before your new life. And as you had grown and blossomed, I had stayed the same. Stagnating in my self made prison. Alone and lonely and feeling the loss of our deep sisterhood like a mourning.
    Yet each time I thought of you and laughed, remembering our funny jokes, or cried knowing I needed to talk with you but didn't ever want to burden you with the same old issues...like a signal sent, you would message me. With little hearts and love.
    And it always amazes me, our connection. I know you would say I'm never a burden. I know you would say I'm no bother, that you'd always make time to listen and help and cheer me up. You'd pull me out of my own darkness and into the real world again.
    But there is a part of me that doesn't feel I'm good enough anymore. Not by your judgement, but by my own. I see what I am. What I've let myself become. A de-evolution of a once vibrant woman.
    So I stir my coffee each morning, with that plastic purple spoon from the yogurt shop, in alternating coffee mugs you sent me. One with rainbow stars and one with that yellow sun I crave. Because only you know me truly.
    And I sleep in your black sweats wearing your blue and green knit socks. And I laugh alone at our jokes. I smile when I watch other best friends on youtube, I laugh and then I cry.
    And like a clockwork of the universe your heart emojis come magically floating in, just as I needed to be reminded...that this is only done if I allow it to be.
    And like so many other things in our lives, maybe I shouldn't make this decision without consulting you first. My other half. My velcro twin.
    I'll think about it. Until I decide, I'll keep to my rituals of trinkets and hand-me-downs.
    They keep me sustained in your absence.
    Always loving you.
    Best friend.

  • cydrah 11w

    A germinating seed was about to start a life cycle, growing new hopes, joys and pleasures. Entire focus was on growing up, on life, it never knew what can hinder it to stand up and grow in a new phase of life. Enclosed in its cozy sheath it was hugging the Mother Nature sitting silently in it's womb. 


  • inoxorable 11w

    आज का प्रेम

    वास्तविक प्रेम बस किताबों मे रह गया है
    वर्तमान समय मे चेहरा और जिस्म हि प्रेम है


  • memosfrommomo 12w


    It's dark,
    It's lonely,
    And it eats you up.

    It's an emotional black hole,
    That sucks life out of you and those around you.

    Comparison, and covetousness;

    It's a horrible feeling.
    It's bitter, and it's suffocating.
    Jealousy is against me.
    And I crush its ugly head because it wants to corrupt me.

    I want to share myself with the world; I cannot share anybody else.

    Let us share ourselves with the world,
    And let us enjoy those that do.


  • aplacethatiknow 13w


    All that I know
    Is that

    Rebirth is attainable.
    To rise from what you were
    Breathing the breath of fire

    Into a lost soul.
    Ignite the passion
    An exposure of the
    Indomitable spirit

    Standing in your power
    Fire wrapped around you.
    From this moment
    You are power.

    You are the fire
    That will burn

    All that no longer has a part in your life.
    The kinetic energy pulsing through you is immeasurable.

    This is your rebirth.

  • jerrydieselfire 13w

    Weird Su Ladki Ya Mujh Jaisi Ladki

    में जितना तुझे पढ़ता हूँ
    तुझमें घुलता चला जाता हूँ