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  • jani_love 1w


    There in million a face i see
    Were you there always
    Or are you just crossing
    None that matter
    I just wanna say

  • jpdiya 2w

    Trust me I'll never say goodbye but...

    It's okay if you forget me.
    I'll try it too.

  • aphroditeee 5w


    A few wise words can help a person more than you think.


  • worrywart 5w


    A thousand of promises has been broken,
    made with such warmth and endless love tokens,
    Oh Dear,you have started being loud and cold,
    How I wish I knew,those were only sweet lies draped with gold.
    I wish you could only see the damages you've caused,
    You trying to be sober and drinking again only made things worst.
    I wish you could see all the blazing flames in my eyes,
    and the never changing love in my heart inspite of your lies.

    "Can we once again turn this mess into home",
    Or do I always need to wander into the unknown.
    Left with deep scars and dark bruises in my heart,
    Lord bless me with strength to erase this part and give my life a brand new start.

    PS:I am mad at you but only my pen knows it.
    Let's again start living a life and make things worth it.
    Dear Daddy,inspite of all my rages you will always be my hero.
    You have always been the idol of my life,cause you've taught me how to start from the ZERO.



  • theconfused_voldemort 5w

    Things I've kept a secret about the guy I loved


    1. I loved a guy who doesn't love love.

    2. I had been so loyal to him that I had betrayed myself for falling completely to him .

    3. I had always and still fantasize about holding his hands in public.

    4. I was ready to give up everything i wished for, if he wished to stay with me.

    5. The bridge for our hearts would always be under construction because I join every little end and fight against all the odds to make it up to him.

  • samira7777 7w

    Perfection or Illusion

    Ever heard of perfection?

    I have, from almost everyone

    Wishing you to be the perfect one

    Mind you, beware of this word ‘perfection’

    Which is an incarnation of illusion

    They will ask you to be the perfect one

    It means they have great expectation

    Don't choose, you have no option

    Other than striving towards perfection

    Which is actually called illusion

    Strengthen up yourself, even if you aren't done

    With all your childhood pranks and fun,

    Because the hour has come

    For you to act as a grown and mature person

    And be the perfect one

    Which is purely illusion

    It might seem burdensome

    To kill all your dreams and passion

    But not more guilt full than hurting their emotions

    So, try to reach perfection.

    No, you're not the only one

    Since generations, it's been the custom

    To give up your passion

    For them, who did the same to earn

    For your favourite toy gun

    Don't forget you will be showered with affection

    When you successfully reach perfection

    Which is nothing but illusion.

  • epimetheus 8w

    I am wearing a mask to survive in this pretentious world.
    The mask that changes with time, people and place.
    One day I might lose myself hiding behind the mask..!

  • essarghkay 9w


    You remind me of a Sunday
    Back when I use to sway
    Between those church pews
    When it seemed so simple what to do
    And what to not
    Now I lay in my sin
    And Lord Almighty there's a lot
    I wish I knew when
    Was the right time to let this old life go
    You make me wanna know
    How the ending goes
    Is it you and me and the sunset
    Or is it you laying me to rest
    Before we even get to the best
    Years of our lives
    These choices I make, they're like knives
    In your back, I know
    How can I show
    You're like a Sunday
    So simple and beautiful
    When I used to sway
    Singing those old gospel songs
    Between those old church pews
    When all I could do was long
    For something like you.

  • epimetheus 9w

    I call you buddy, You call me pal!
    There is something so good about sharing each and everything with you.
    I want it like this, without complications.
    Also I feel it's unfair that I can't do anything about what my heart want!

  • epimetheus 9w

    We carry inside everything we seek outside us!

  • essarghkay 9w


    As I lay here in her arms
    I let go of all my charms

    They aren't needed here
    With her, I know, there's nothing to fear

    Never have I felt a love so bold
    Never have I believed in the promises of growing old
    But I believe every one she's told

    She calms my fears
    She lessons my tears
    She lets me be me
    A me I hadn't since long ago seen

    With her, I am better
    With her, I will never have to settle
    For anything less
    Because, my love, she is simply the best.

  • mohdhammad653 10w


    On one summer day I was sitting
    Listening to some random videos
    Beside me my mother was Knitting
    Watching some knit videos
    I saw her with curiosity and asked
    Is it really enjoyable or you doing time pass
    Mother smiled and said
    It relief your stress
    For what thing you stress
    For you and your Future
    Because that's every parent's Nature
    I told her about stresses in my life
    She gave me a great advise
    'This world is just for test
    Try to prepare for hereafter'
    Noting her words I said yes
    And again turned toward my desk
    Watching that video knowing it was bad
    How shameless I was back then


  • yourboo 14w

    Wanna Feel My Love

    Wanna Feel My Love
    I Need Your Closure..

    The Way My Eyes Stares At You..
    When Your breath hits me..
    My Heart Starts To Beat Out Of Rhythm ..

    The Word You Say Goes Deep In Mah Soul..
    It Will Be Craving For More..

    I Need Your Closure..
    Every Second Of My Life..
    It Will Keep On Telling The Love I Have On You..


  • just_jed 18w

    It sucks that it's all ending.

    #bitter #newbie

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    It was a great voyage,
    Despite all the storms.
    It wasn't a mistake we tried

    All those memories,
    Keep it inside your pocket;
    Unforgettable fights

    It was a love well spent,
    Farewell to our ties;
    So long, my love.

  • just_jed 18w

    Beginner's choice. Heheh


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    The Moon

    From a distant realm of exterior world
    Floating in nothingness; a massive ball
    Shape do alter as it hides in the shadows
    Along with ours; continuously it follows
    Accompanied by the sun, luminously it glows
    Gives brightness, from the light it borrowed
    Sometimes I wonder; is it solid or hollow?
    But no matter how, it sure is hallowed.
    How beautiful it is, our moon indeed
    That's the first thing that comes in my head
    Stands as a hope on dark, lonely nights
    It sure is wonderful; shines with all might
    Along with the breeze; a light, gentle wind
    True essence of night; together they blend

  • just_jed 19w

    Not good at this sort of stuff, actually. Hehe

    #courtship #newbie #mirakee

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    If You May

    I won't let anyone interfere,
    No time for leisure
    Won't let them block my way,
    Even a monstrous kind of creature

    Winning your apple,
    A difficult task, I say
    But still taking the risk,
    To seek that treasure

    Everything about you,
    I'd say a masterpiece
    I want to live within you,
    Surely I'll find peace

    Your smile is sure is attractive,
    No spell has been used
    It sure is distinctive,
    I'm magically amused

    No matter how hard,
    This rocky heart of mine
    You turned this into a soft pillow,
    In a blink of an eye

    Such a vast field of scenery,
    It sure is mystery
    Darling, if you may
    By your side, please let me stay

  • just_jed 19w


    A life it has cost
    Sorrow has been born inside
    Let them bleed and cry

  • trishaamaru 19w


    Last year December
    Will forever be one to remember
    It was like a tournament of torment in a place we once called our own
    Both tempers flared like an uncontrollable furnace
    Broken glasses and teary eyes
    Crooked screams tearing through the skies,
    Heaven could hear our tortured cries

    Emotions too strong we could not handle
    Webs of spite woven and tangled
    And then you said those three words that I feared the most
    And in that instance time paused
    I replayed your words in my head
    As I searched your eyes to see if it was genuine
    Your eyes were a depth tread of red I could not comprehend
    With the same intensity we brought upon ourselves
    I flew into the hot sun without looking back
    Little did I know I would regret it for eternity to come

    With my legs on the peddle
    And hands on the wheel
    I tore through the highway
    Filled with Bitterness that I could not tame
    Trails of loud roars from time pass played in my head
    I was unaware of the dangers ahead
    And before I came to
    I was caught up in the air with an aggressive force
    Time was slower
    Eye water now dripping the opposite way
    My life flashed before my eyes
    And my last image was the wrinkled scorn worn on your pretty face

    I should have glanced back
    Said I love you and you replied back
    And my chapter ended
    The next scene was that of terror
    People I knew dressed in all black what a horror
    Some cried , some frowned while some did not
    I saw you standing next to me
    Head bent and that sent a sad wind that upset my hair
    I was your own and now I'll be more than a traumatic memory

  • trishaamaru 20w


    Sighs, applaudes..
    I now scroll past your picture without pause
    I gradually forget I had a course
    Leaving you buried
    I feel no remorse
    It is what you caused
    I would now have to say goodbye
    Never did it once crossed
    For the lost tears, deep thoughts and hidden fears
    I am now regaining
    Earnestly awaiting for new beginnings
    Goodbye once more

  • ayayrunsblog 20w

    The Limits of Inifinity

    We live in a world where the 'sky is the limit' or maybe that's what society has programmed us to believe.
    Look around and you be the judge, is the sky the limit or is it all imaginary?
    The way I see it, life is limited.
    To years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, as we keep check,
    'Tick-tock' goes the clock and you never really know when your time to go is next.
    A limit we've all come to accept, yet life is...'limitless'?
    When the truth of the matter is life is a limit- fest.
    I beg to differ really...and in fact,
    We're infinite souls on finite tracks.
    Where not one of us are better than the other,
    But each given a different amount of time which makes me ponder.
    But say what, life is life, no matter the limit
    So live to the fullest and when your time is up, have no dreams left in your pocket.
    For you've lived your best life and that's all that matters.
    And you're ready to begin a new life, a new book of infinite chapters.