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  • peppy_writing 1w


    Life is like a Wardrobe
    No matter how badly you want to buy new clothes
    If you don't get rid of your old clothes
    that drain your energy
    You ll never have space for new ones

  • khushi_07 13w

    Don't give up......as you are special because God made you and he doesn't make mistakes
    #chance #restart #positivevibes #newbegining #rayofhope #newchapter #lovelife #miraquill

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    Questions that my mind to my heart from long time wanted to ask;
    Why don't you stop thinking about the people who didn't know your value and instead of giving them, give yourself a chance?
    Why don't you think that God Favors you? That's why he removed from fake people's face that goodness mask.
    You should thank him as he safeguards you from all those fake people in advance ;
    Why don't you think he believes in you and he removed all that people who are not good for you as he wanted you to get better and your kindness should enhance,
    Why don't you think that whatever he is doing for you is special because person like you are less,
    And that's why he did all this to make you fearless......

  • nibiran_saikia 24w

    Every morning the sun rises, giving us new hopes. All the expectations will die with the sunset everyday. With the repeatation of this procedure we will experience or learn new things everyday. We can't change what has happened but can move on with the new hopes. We should be calm and keep ourselves happy as many good things are yet to come and God will definately offer us the best gift because He decides everything.


  • ogboleagala 28w


    Today is perfect
    help me see it is
    perfect to let go
    of lingering dust and ashes
    to accept from above and within
    Your amazing gift
    of adorable colours
    with which I must paint
    a million rainbows
    on this canvass of my life
    to show the flawless beauty
    You have in mind for me.


  • a_quaint_soul 30w

    Forgo boundation and remorse live carefree, life's short.

  • writerssoul 34w

    In No Time

    From sleepless nights
    to raat ki do baje ki chai
    Stories from the past
    to gossip of the day
    random conversations
    to singing all half songs
    Not even a year old friendship
    Felt like priorities changing
    an incomplete part
    faded just with no time

  • aniee_gupta 36w

    #newbegining #solotravelling #Pushkar follow to know more about my first solo travel.��

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    Pushkar Diaries

    I reached to the hostel by 10:30 AM and turns out that they do not take any more online booking.

    It dawn upon me how important it was to check with the hostel post booking and there was my first mistake staring right back at me. So, embarrassed me took my bagpacks and was roming in the busy street of a city full of people high on stuff asking for directions to the next hostel.
    Fun fact: the entire city is build around a lake and all the hostels and hotel and even cafe's were inside houses so pretty difficult to figure out where to go and who to ask. Every time I enter the room, I feel like I am intruding someone's private property.

    It was traumatic in the beginning but now that I think of it, it was kinda funny.

    So, after looking out for atleast 5 places, I sat on the ghats and then it suddenly came to me to call my friend.

    My friend has been to Pushkar multiple times, so I called him and he fixed a place for me using his local contacts.

    So, finally I am here in a hostel sharing a room with 2 indian guys and 1 Spanish girl.

    We spoke a little at the breakfast table and might catch up in the evening. It will be interesting to know all their stories.

  • _desaiagraja 40w

    It's now or never
    To those who need to hear this today
    They say tomorrow never comes and it really doesn't.....
    Siese the day....

    #motivation #live #love #life #motivationalwriting #tuesday #newbegining #now #nowornever #today

    You wanna apply for your dream job, now is the time.... You wanna confess something to some one it's the time to do so. Just do it. You wanna stay healthy start working for it now. Ps don't stop till you achieve what you wanted.

    "7 second of courage" is what all it takes to begin to work towards what you want��

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    Time is illusion, remember that
    It's never too late or to early to begin with.
    Your right time is NOW
    Friday evening at 5pm can be your new Monday.
    You don't wait for the new year to better yourself..
    Do you!!!

  • anu420 41w

    अगर आप ।

    अगर आप जीवन में खुश रहना चाहते हैं तो अपने बारे में सोचना शुरू कीजिए । ऐसा नहीं है कि आप इस वजह से लोगों को ही भूल जाए लोगों के बारे में भी सोचिए पर सबसे ज्यादा अपने ऊपर ध्यान दीजिए । और एक बात आपको हमेशा याद रखनी पड़ेगी कि रिश्ते हमेशा साथ नहीं रहते वह तो आते जाते रहते हैं आप खुद है जो अपने साथ हमेशा बने रहते हैं । अगर आपने अभी तक अपने बारे में नहीं सोचा है तो नए साल के साथ ही यह नई शुरुआत बहुत ही सही है । हमेशा लोगों के पीछे मत भागिए थोड़ा ठहर कर खुद के बारे में भी सोचिए , कभी कभी हां बोल कर खुद को फसाने से अच्छा है कि आप ना भी बोलिए । जो कभी नहीं किया वह धमाकेदार चीज़े अपने लिए खुद के लिए कीजिए , अगर कोई भी आपका दोस्त आपका साथी आपके साथ नहीं है तो खुद के दोस्त खुद बनिए और जीवन को खुली बाहों से जिए । थोड़ा बदलाव थोड़ा चेंज खुद के लिए भी करें फिर देखें जिंदगी कितनी हसीन होती है।

  • imperfect_stylo 56w

    The new day!

    There and then, the hours will end!
    A shiny sun or a foggy sky,
    The day will start with all new vibe!!


  • suchetna 59w


    The spilled ink has finally dried up, the rose kept within the folds of the diary, i spent most of the last decade addressing to you, is finally tattered and colourless, its odour long gone like the cheap attar bought from dingy hallways.
    The card I had from you now lies beneath my old, worn out clothes. Once upon a time i kept it hidden, away from scathing eyes, now its just neglected like the ruins of an old fort on the roadside. people only go there to get high.
    From the damp of your box of ornaments, soon i will see weed growing, and slowly it will cover the floor, the doors and windows and my whole existence.
    That doesnt scare me anymore.
    No matter how many weeds grow or ink bottles spill or tulips and carnations dry up, I will not muse you any more, for i have realised that writing can be a boon and a bane too.
    I have kept you alive, i have let the forest of despair grow thick and cloud me, conceal me.
    And finally its time for the knight in shining armor to cut through the deep, penetrating vines.
    This knight dons a cape of new musing, a quiver of ink which will never have your hue in it and a sword of ideas bereft of the last decade or this world.
    This knight is Me, the reformed me.
    No longer will my words ooze your name.


  • roshnisultana 69w

    last homage to the one who's scared
    Bestowing cherries of poison
    Unlike the fairy tales of village
    This one dies here.

  • suchetna 80w


    They said dont take life seriously, no one gets out alive as such.
    These were just words heard and forgotten,
    But now with this crisis more evident, these are mere words not so much.
    If life as we know it must end, would you not want to amend?
    Every wrong decision, every dagger to the heart or stab at the back
    Things left unsaid, love, hate and its lack.
    We are at the precipice of an evolving world;
    Whether we make it or not is a moment's thought.
    But if we do, make it count this godamn time
    Create art out of chaos and love out of misery
    Stitch words togther, don't care if they dont rhyme.
    Leave out the rules and judgements behind, let it rot and burn in plight
    In the new world there would be enough moonlight.
    It will sooth the pains of today, do as I say
    Make the days count and for a new world, make way.


  • outoftheway_writings 82w


    Having Given up all my hopes
    With fragile aching heart
    Accepted standard procedure of life
    Breaks the continuity of regular,
    I long for a fresh start,
    And here it is.

  • my_espoir 86w


    आज फिर तुझे मेहसूस करने का मन है,
    आज फिर कोई किताब लिखने का मन है.

  • silence_screaming23 92w


    Dear 2020 let the pain and sufferings go because its time to cherish me more....its the past you need to elope because all i need is hope....tears were the friends i don't need anymore....you are the begining it was the ending i can't take anymore....so create the happiness because the sadness is not worth anymore...

  • shayariduniyamumbai 94w

    बेवफा हम नहीं

    बेशक गलत हो सकता हूं मैं भी,
    पर वो भी कम गुनेहगार नहीं थे।
    इश्क़ में अपने अरमानों की धज्जियां उड़ा दी जनाब,
    पर मोहब्बत की इस कहानी में,
    बेवफा हम नहीं थे।
    टूट तो ये रिश्ता पहली दफा ही जाता ,
    पर इक गलती पर इश्क़ भुला दे,
    ऐसे कच्चे आशिक़ हम भी ना थे


  • barbatos 96w


    Marriage is not only about a man tying the knot to a woman, it's a symbol of promise, a promise he makes to her of holding each other's hands in times of happiness or sorrows.
    It's a time when each members' of the family gets united again, performing various rituals n traditions they follow under their culture, exchanging of rings, tying the knot and finally the father with the kanyadaan.
    It's a new beginning for both, as two souls are getting united, two families becoming one, a man becoming a husband, a woman becoming a wife n later both becoming the parent of their child.
    It's not only about how both live together, it's about how both of them understand each other in carrying forward their new beginning with a whole new life n making out a new family life.

  • thevalkyrie107 103w

    Amongst the darkness,
    Rising from the ashes of what once was lost...
    Came a girl to survive at all costs!

    Scars on her body, wounds on her soul...
    Left by all,
    She had her highest fall!

    Feeling ashamed and lost, she wanted to die...
    But death didn't welcome her either,
    Giving her another chance to survive!

    So she started climbing back the wall,
    This time alone, with no one to brawl.

    Her heart started healing,
    And her pain became her power...
    Memories of betrayal started to fade and
    She became a real-life survivor.

    -Riddhi Oza

  • singh_shivani 115w

    शब्द हैं, अलंकार है,
    लय है, छंद है

    फिर भी वो कविता नहीं है
    क्योंकि उसमें 'तुम' नहीं है...