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  • whenpridemeetsego 7h


    Is my true self what I actually think it is?
    Or is it totally different from what I perceive?
    Is my soul really who I'm meant to be?
    Or is it just as powerless as audience locked in a cell forced to watch a rotten movie..
    Is the voice in my head really my conscience?
    Or is the devil speaking to me?
    And just what makes me?
    What is my identity?

  • kappu_ 12h


    En FAASLO K Piche
    FAISLA Tumhara Tha..


  • whenpridemeetsego 1d


    How do you define the difference between good and evil before knowing both ends of a story?

    Is it right to judge people based on just what you consider to be good?

    Who creates the rules?

    Is it okay just to destine someone to doom just because he is evil according to your perspective?

    Do you even know his side of the story?

    How can you claim his effort attention to be your right but his own need for some peace of mind to be selfish?

    Is it even fair?

  • srutiagarwal 1d

    Samjhne ki baat hai bas!

    Naraz thi mein kisise
    Nah jane kis kis kise
    Khushi nahi dekhi
    Ja rahi thi
    Kya huya tha
    Woh pal nah
    Jane kiska mohtaz tha
    Par jo pal leke gaya
    Wapas bhi leke agaya

  • samiksha_singh00 2d

    Sukoon milta hai
    Do lafz , kaagaz pr utaar kar
    Cheekh bhi leti hu
    aur awaaz bhi nhi aati.


  • _sharfa_sultan_ 2d

    This was one of the first poems written by me when I was 13
    Please show your love
    And feel free to leave your thoughts❣️❣️❣️
    Thank you ��
    #mirakee #poem #new #day #beautiful #read #best #today

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    This spring day
    reminds me of you
    It urges me to think about
    the day I met you

    Whether it was morning
    or it was night
    I never ever dreamed about
    you being out of my sight

    I used to draw you
    everyday in my journal
    Thinking as if
    Our love was eternal

    I was a kid back then
    so were you
    We thought our childish games
    Were kinda every adults' dream come true

    Now that I think about it
    I find myself a fool
    Who was looking for you everywhere
    In college , bus and school

    After so many years
    All that I found was stories of past
    And I was left with nothing
    But to give up at last

    What else should I say
    When You faded away
    just like our promises
    Which we made on that Beautiful Spring Day


  • postcards_fromheart 2d

    The more the anger, the deeper the love you've bore for this person once.


  • _abhijit_ 2d

    Where did she go?

    Where did she go?
    The one who used to collect flowers after bath,
    White jasmine used to fill her room,
    as she sat down at her desk to study;
    And wonder with dreamy eyes.
    Who used to love the smell of rain,
    And could actually sense rain sinking down,
    Her skin, with closed eyes, she used to see,
    Her soul getting wet as the candle flickers.

    Where did she go?
    The one who's smile was radiant as the sun,
    Who could hear distant birds sing,
    And could sense the arrival of monsoon.
    Her heart used to expand with bliss,
    The moment she hear that song.
    On her delicate fingers butterflies would sit,
    As the evening breeze mesmerized her.
    Stories used to inspire her, and her days,
    Used to be so filled with liveliness.

    Where did she go?
    The one who used to dedicate nights to dream,
    Under the starry vastness of the dusky sky.
    Who used to promise herself for tomorrow,
    As the kites of her ambition flew high.
    The one who made a difference around her,
    With her larger than life spirit,
    And a smile that originated from the depths,
    Of her colossal undiluted heart.

    Where did she go?
    The one who used to pray in tranquility,
    As the birds return to their nests at twilight.
    Who used to believe God talks to her,
    Through various omens showing up,
    As she walked the path of her daily life.
    The one filled with beliefs of her own,
    And who experienced the aura of spirituality,
    During the long silences and gaps midst her thoughts.

    Where did she go?
    The one who used to paint her nails,
    With rainbow colors at lonely afternoons.
    Who used to have her tea beside the open window,
    Dipped with thoughts on love and hope.
    Who's heart used to feel oceans at length,
    Beneath the rustling of leaves, the ringing chimes.
    Who used to blush at the possibility of her partner.
    The one who was so unafraid of strangers,
    And embraced each bond with gentle clasp.

    Where did she go?
    The one who was a best friend to her mother,
    As she saw in her the best secret-keeper.
    Whose bold purity was admired by all,
    And who used to lead through examples.
    Hustle and grace used to be her allies,
    And beauty was not her obsession.
    The one with bright eyes and kind words,
    Who used to smear cologne on her wrist,
    And let her veins carry her aroma all around.

    Where did she go?
    After the society unclothed her innocence,
    And time tarnished her being colourless.
    After black paints were thrown at her rainbow,
    As her violent screams went unheard.
    After her cards of dream collapsed,
    By the ghastly winds of grown up years.
    After all the trials of unjust judgements;
    Through the exposure of outside world,
    As the rupture of bubble expelled her out.

    No she can't simply disappear into thin air,
    Because substance prevails through time and space.
    She must be somewhere, may be silenced,
    Suppressed, hidden or may be forgotten.
    But she's there, somewhere, waiting.
    The one who used to be so much,
    Once upon a time, beyond past horizons.
    But the question keeps echoing louder and louder,
    Where did she go?


  • snigdhac92 2d

    After Him

    And everytime he smiled at her, eyes crinkled and filled with light, warmth adorning his lips; she melted. In that moment her existence was swallowed into his and that is how she views love after him.
    To allow yourself to be consumed, because you know it is worth it.

  • shivani23 3d

    New love

    The first time
    I smoked a cigarette
    To the last time I had
    Two pints of ice cream
    The color of my rug and mug
    To the color of the wall
    In my hall
    He wants to know it all.
    He wants to know
    If i sing in the shower
    Or dance in the mirror
    If i buy flowers or seeds
    Precisely how much sugar to put
    In my tea.
    Do i shiver when I weep
    Whether i snore when I sleep
    Can he read the poems
    From the diary
    That besides my pillow
    I keep?
    Do i talk to the moon
    Or do i dive in the sea
    What flavor do I prefer?
    Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?
    He wants to know
    If i will stay with him
    After we have watched
    A horror film.
    And would i still keep him
    Near to me,
    When the new love between us
    Would leave.

  • whenpridemeetsego 3d

    Only if you listen instead of asking
    "What's wrong?"

  • whenpridemeetsego 4d


    Why is it that we only see the beauty in the unattainable

    Why don't we ever see the beauty in things that we already have attained

    Why are we always dreaming about something till we hit the wall

    Why do we dream of the unattainable

    Why do we deny the reality that already exists before us just to get drunk upon the cloud of errors

    Why do we try to escape from the harsh truth called reality

    Why do we dream of it but never chase after it?

    Do you have to be special to attain it?

    Or is it just what the word means


  • whenpridemeetsego 5d

    You are a part of this universe which is infinite
    So no matter how small you may think you are
    You are still an infinite being.

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    Why are we always
    Trying to understand the infinite universe
    When we don't yet fully understand ourselves
    Trying to look farther into the infinity
    When we don't even know what's within us
    Trying to explain the power that controls the infinity
    When we can't even begin to comprehend the power that lies within ourselves
    Trying to divide the infinity
    When we actually are a part of it ourselves

  • sonu99 5d

    Birth-A New Beginning

    Every day is a brand new day;
    Every morning is the start of a new life;
    So we get birth every day,learn the lesson of life and explore new ways to perceive things.
    We are born to rise up from life's storm and scatter like a rainbow and behold the amalgam of memories and move forward with savouring them.

  • lovemist 5d

    The Field Of Arkemtus

    "In the infamous field of Arkemtus, she was destroyed. But the butchers were totally unaware that immortality was the law."


  • whenpridemeetsego 1w


    And just like in the movies
    The day was gone
    But all she could remember was him smiling
    She was happy but nervous at the same time
    As they walked alone back home
    Talking about all the fun they had he suddenly said
    "The sky sure is beautiful tonight"
    "Yes" she replied
    But she wasn't looking at the stars or the moon
    She was looking at something she could see the whole world in.
    She was looking at his eyes.

  • whenpridemeetsego 1w

    The void

    What is the feeling of lack?
    Is it just emptiness?
    Or the feeling of being numb?
    Is it what most people consider to be at peace?
    Does it hurt?
    How do you even comprehend it's existence?
    Is it what I feel right now?
    Have I always felt this way?
    How do you explain this void?

  • whenpridemeetsego 1w

    My higher self

    As I wander these lands
    I search for the beauty within me
    I look towards the stars in the night sky
    And I see the reflection of my soul staring back at me
    As I travel within these mountains
    I can feel the calming yet intimidating aura it creates
    As I sit beside this river
    I can feel it's healing sound cleansing my soul
    As I look towards the purple sky before the sun rises
    I finally understand how beautiful this world truly is
    The world that's build up within me
    The world of my true self

  • shubham_20 1w

    Bhai kuch naya suna

    Vahi purane joke aur drama


  • ardra_ardra 2w

    ഓരോ ചുവടിലും ഒരു മഴക്കാലം പേറിയായിരുന്നു അവളുടെ നടപ്പ്. അതുകൊണ്ട് തന്നെ അവളിലേക്ക്‌ അടുക്കുംതോറും ഒരു തരം ചിലമ്പലും ശരീരം കോച്ചുന്ന തരം തണുപ്പും അനുഭവപ്പെടാറുണ്ട്. ഒരിക്കൽ ഒരു വേനൽ മഴയുടെ മധ്യെ അവൾ ചോദിച്ചു, 'എന്തുകൊണ്ടാണ് നമ്മൾ മഴയെ ഇത്രയും പ്രണയിച്ചുപോകുന്നത്? '. കുറച്ചു സാഹിത്യം വിളമ്പി മഴയെ ഞാൻ വർണ്ണിച്ചു കേൾപ്പിച്ചെങ്കിലും അവളിലെ ചോദ്യത്തിന്റെ ഇരമ്പൽ അപ്പോഴും നിലച്ചിരുന്നില്ല. എന്തുകൊണ്ടോ എന്റെ കാതുകൾക്കവ അരോചകമായി തോന്നി. മഴയുടെ മറ്റൊരു മുഖം അവൾ എന്റെ മുന്നിൽ തുറന്നിട്ട പോലെ !!!!!!

    മഴയുടെ സ്നിഗ്ധത നിറഞ്ഞ ശൈലിയായിരുന്നു അവളുടെ കണ്ണുകൾക്ക്‌. പേമാരി ഒഴുകിയിറങ്ങിയ ചതിപ്പുപോലെയാണ് ചില നേരങ്ങളിൽ അവളുടെ കൃഷ്ണമണികൾ. ഒരു മൂടൽ. ഒരു തരം ആഴം!!!!...വെയിൽ ഏറ്റാൽ ഒരു തരം തിളക്കം. ആ നേരങ്ങളിൽ അവൾ കാണുന്ന കാഴ്ചകളിലെ സൗന്ദര്യത്തെ കുറിച്ച് അറിയാൻ എനിക്കു വളരെ അധികം കൗതുകം തോന്നാറുണ്ട്.

    ചിലപ്പോൾ അവളുടെ ആഴങ്ങളിൽ ശിഖരങ്ങൾ ഛേദിക്കപ്പെട്ട ഒരു ഗുൽമോഹർ മരം വേരുകൾ മാത്രം ശേഷിപ്പിച്ചു ഉറങ്ങി കിടക്കുന്നുണ്ടോ എന്നു തോന്നും. നിലയ്ക്കാതെ അവളിൽ പെയ്യുന്ന മഴയുടെ ലക്ഷ്യം ഒരു പക്ഷേ ഇവയെ പൂവിടിയ്ക്കുകയും ആകാം.

    ആരെയും ആകർഷിക്കുന്ന വിധം ചുമന്നതായിരുന്നു അവളുടെ ചുണ്ടുകൾ. നിഗൂഢതകൾ ഒളിപ്പിച്ച കോട്ട പോലെ പ്രൗഢവും സുന്ദരവുമായിരുന്നു അവ. അവൾ പറയുന്ന വാക്കുകൾക്ക് പോലും ഒരു വന്യത തോന്നുമായിരുന്നു. പറഞ്ഞറിഞ്ഞതിൽ ഏറെ നമ്മെ തിരഞ്ഞറിയാൻ പ്രേരിപ്പിക്കുന്നവൾ.
    ഒരിക്കൽ അവൾ പറഞ്ഞു, 'എനിക്കൊരു ചിത്രം വേണം, അകലെ ആകാശത്തിലേക്കു കൈകൾ ഉയർത്തി, അതീവ സന്തോഷവതിയായി നിൽക്കുന്ന ഒരു പെൺകുട്ടിയുടെ ചിത്രം. അവൽക്കരികിൽ നിറയെ പൂത്തുതുടുത്ത ഗുൽമോഹർ മരങ്ങൾ '......

    അതെ, അതുതന്നെ ആയിരുന്നു അവളിലെ നിലയ്ക്കാത്ത മഴയിരമ്പലിന്റെ കാരണവും.

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