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  • cjoyed 18w

    Broken hearts

    No matter where you are, or what you're doing, or who you're with.
    I will always honestly, truly, completely love you.


  • vegiisaur 20w

    I trusted you

    I trusted you.
    Trusted you with me
    Trusted you to see
    Trusted you'd be
    Someone for me
    I trusted you.
    I trusted your lies
    I gave you my life
    I thought this was right
    Still I'm alone here tonight.
    I trusted you
    Trusted you with secrets
    Trusted you to keep this
    Trusted you to want this
    Thought maybe you'd try for us
    I trusted you.

  • linibirdi_ 26w

    #neveragain #shortpoem I get too excited and cut off my endings. ����‍♀️

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    Never Again

    Never again will I drink that much.
    Never again will I hurt your feelings.
    Never again will I be so reckless
    Never again will I kiss one's ass.
    Never again will I speel out my deep emotions.
    Never again will I be obnoxious.
    Never again will I be with you.
    Never will I be that naive.
    Never will I be so innocent.
    Never will I be so kind.
    Life changed my soul.
    I've adapted, and I'm in control.
    Time heals.
    I write to get out of my feels.
    I don't want to be alone.
    You and I, we are not alone.

  • quarantinistani 39w

    Before always before after
    and after always after before.

    Before never after after
    and after never before before.

    Ever after always after before
    and never ever before after forever more.



  • quarantinistani 39w

    If before is always before after
    and after is always after before,

    and before is never after after
    and after is never before before,

    is not ever after always after before
    and never again ever before after forever nevermore?



  • beautifultraveler32 39w

    BeLIEve In Make-BeLIEve

    The magical world of Disney
    Isn't so magical anymore.
    The wholesome tales of friendships and whirlwind romances are of the glamours

    That is practiced to conceal the horrors that even the most notorious serial killer would vomit continuously.

    Every tale that was bathed in false light has been revealed to be dark.
    Childhood memories can only take you so far.

    Over the course of our lives, we try and relive the magic but to our destain.
    We will never watch the wholesome movies the same again.

  • mrspectacular 41w


    She wanted flexibility.
    Gave her
    But she squashed my heart


  • juniperspoems 54w

    Running wild
    Helter skelter
    My soles are grown thick
    With all these year of bearing these thorn bite
    #agony #crying #dryeyes #neveragain #waitingforlove
    #juniperspoems #redemption #life #nevergiveup

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    I'm running like a wild fire
    The one that gets everything to ashes
    The one that's untamed
    The one that can kill a million
    But this wildfire in me
    Hurts me
    It kills the every sense in my head
    Makes me that fearless predator
    While my eyes
    They aren't the one's you'll want to gaze
    For the agony in me
    Is far more than you can bear
    Its only the torent rain that can calm me down
    The love of it can put the agony away
    While all I've ever got is a light shower that promised to be the endless shower
    So until then, until we meet
    The wildfire will always be running

  • afrataskeen_23 60w

    One day and never again

    One day and never again
    Will my poetry call out your name
    You will be nothing but a distant memory
    A symbol of a faded friendships glory

    One day and never again
    Will my heart ache with wrenching pain
    You will be nothing but a metaphor of my poetry
    A symbol of a doomed story

    One day and never again
    Will I ever crumble from the sound of your voice
    You will be nothing but a mistake I shall never repeat
    A symbol of a flat lining heart beat

    One day and never again
    Will I wake to your deceptive memories
    These questions, these nights, my heart will all survive
    As long as I will never get to hear your venamous voice

  • dzumstein 82w

    What a shame

    Girl you drowning popping pills 
    Out here acting like you do it for the thrills
    But you do it for the emotions that it kills
    Tried to sober up but couldn’t fight the chills
    The choice is yours you’re in control of the steering wheel 
    Driving with the Devil girl don’t take his deal

    On this road searching for an antidote
    Need to relax girl light the blunt and take a tote
    Your mind is clouded by the Devils smoke
    Telling lies begging me for money girl you’re going broke
    Afraid to admit it you’re hooked on coke
    Out of funds now selling your body you've become a joke
    So understand this distance between us is what you provoked

    Girl you sniffing lines you’ve become addicted
    You tried to hide it but your stories contradicted
    Each one of your sad texts sounded scripted
    I seen the signs and this is exactly what I predicted
    Think I still love you bitch you’ve got that twisted
    Don’t call me when you’re caught and convicted
    I no longer have time for you, my number is now restricted


  • doraemonnn 92w


    चलो एक और वादा करते हैं,
    कभी ना मिलने का।

  • who_is_reality 96w


    Ever trust anyone
    Well I did.....once
    It didn't work ok
    But than again what can we say
    Sometimes people cant be trusted, not even the closet ones

    I'm sad
    No depressed
    No tired
    No anxiety is taking over,
    Sometimes I can't think and you were always there, but now I'm stuck and fighting alone this demon we share.
    Friends I have none
    You were the last one
    So now I going to make a difference
    And show that I have come to a inference
    That in time like these you are no different, from the rest, the bottom, the dirtiest dozen
    Now I'm thinking, and you were just stopping, the thoughts in my head so now there flooding.

    I'm scared

    I'm alone and everything is gone
    it's cool soon I'll be done
    But you will continue the mask you play as if it was a game
    You break people, hate people, turn on those, but once they do it back you stab them were it hurts as if you're the broken stack

    You're helpless
    Making those around you feel this way because if you feel, they need to feel the same

    I done breathing, speaking, seeing
    My old friend acting so mean
    You have created a monster inside me
    It's crawling and screaming "let me out"

    God I'm terrified
    Of myself,
    Of you,
    Of trust

    Now, I know my words won't make a bust

    So I'm gonna leave hopefully with no other,
    But once you made up you're mind you will be dancing with the blood of others.

    So Goodbye,

    And one more thing, it's sad really
    Because no matter how I think
    I still love you and want you there
    Your this toxic addiction and I can't take it.
    My doctor says your an illusion of fate
    So leave,
    And I can rest in piece.

  • yumeakabane 99w

    Be Courageous

    You just miss him. But you can live without him. So be strong and don't ever listen to the pleas of your heart.


  • yumeakabane 100w

    Thank you for the memories. Until then, goodbye!
    #mirakee #farewell #goodbyes #neveragain

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    It took me long but now I really mean it.


  • golden_dandilion 103w

    Emotion sickness

    If I had a nickel for every time my tears would trickle down my burning cheek. Because I was emotionally weak well… I can not bring myself to speak of the tragedies written in my soul. Every little girl wants presents, I got coal. Every heart longs for love. And in love I once fell, I fell fast and hard and it stung like a bee. When nobody bothered to catch me. Nobody was willing to pay the price for the time I was willing to sell. So I just gave it all away.

    If I had a dime for every time he broke my heart ...well where do I even start? Darn, what to say, is it ok if I don't say a single thing about the broken promise ring? Oops I guess I let it slip. Well here's a tip, be cautious my dear for he has broken a lot more than just my heart. He broke his promise and my trust. He promised to love me forever, turns out forever is kinda short. I fell in love but he fell short of loving me for who I am. Trust me it's not worth the heartache. 

    Don't tell me that u love me. Don't you even dare. Don't smile in my face as you stab my back cause that's just not fair. Don't play with my emotions when you know it's not a sport. My heart is not something to be conquered. Reaching third base is not the goal. How will I ever love the same after you treated it like a game. Well guess what, I'm done playing. I'm done chasing after your love because I'm sick and tired of all this running. Fixing myself up so you will notice that I'm stunning. At night I toss and I turn thinking of how to win you over. When will I learn to ignore all you lies that if I change my size you'll give me first prize. 

    If I had a dollar for every time you wished I was taller or my waist size was a little smaller…. I just wanted to make you smile so I ran the extra mile. Now I have calloused feet and you still don't view me as complete. How could I possibly compete with the girls who are petite? I'm not an athlete yet you push me to train. So I try my very best, I never stopped to rest. Not good enough you said so I was starved and left unfed. 

    If I had a penny for every time you made me sick... Well take your pick, just don't pick on me. I still have to heal the scabs and scars you gave me when you left. I still remember your guitar pick playing songs you wrote for me. You would strum something soft and sing a melody that was short but sweet. You always swept me off my feet. Now I no longer know where I stand, I question if this was all worth holding your hand.

    If I had a quarter for all the times you hurt me and desert me and leave me feeling numb. Or just for the times when your love for me was no bigger than your thumb. I would be rich beyond measure. So it's time to let you go. No longer will you harm my soul. I loved you once but that was then and this is now. I cannot allow you to keep tossing my heart around like a football. Forget motion sickness you gave me emotion sickness. I'm not sure when if at all I will recover. But the first step is to acknowledge my worth in nickels and dimes you wasted. To know your was not all for nothing but that's what you will get. Good luck,  good riddance, I bid you farewell. Because so hard for you I fell so I wrote you a letter but not the kind professing my love and sent it in the mail. Next time bargain with your life cause mines not for sale. 

  • anthonyhanible 105w

    Lesson Learned

    Look i won't
    Play myself again
    I won't
    Fall in that hole again
    You fooled me once
    I had to learn it the
    Hard way
    Yes it hurted
    Never again
    Lesson Learned

  • adityajoytirmayee 105w

    chilate kyun ho dost,
    bol diya karo,
    doobara kabhi jikr bhi nhi Karoongi.....

  • drtjeckleburg 107w

    You ever make bad decisions and then regret them in the morning, not cause you're sick but because they were a waste of money. This poems is for you. #drinks #party #titos #neveragain

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    We enter on a scene already in progress
    Dingy shades of white and yellow DaNcE on the ceiling 
    It’s visage forms a kaleidoscope
    An eyelash flutters, as drops 
    from a faucet
    Labored ... frantic steps traipse across the tiled floor
    An aftertaste strikingly similar to chili, floods the orifice that is my mouth 

    An acrid burp burbles to the surface
    It hangs there, in all it’s tawny, hodgepodge glory 

    My body rejects its presence like a newborn trying solids for the first time
    Chunks of red-sinewy bits and pieces remain on the rim of Elvis’s throne 
    It’s stench is palpable, from just a whiff
    Gone ... is the astringent libation I paid $19.99 for 
    L’ chaim 


  • my_artistic_haven 108w

    I finally have my closure,
    Now I can put this love
    To rest. ☠


  • 2kidzwigfall402 108w

    I never wanted to hurt you
    You are my every thought
    My every heartbeat
    My every breathe