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  • debbanibose 19w

    Oceans set ablaze.

    Deep within the oceans,
    Two souls set ablaze.
    The roaring tides kept them hidden
    From the chaos of the mortal's maze.

    Tons of water around them,
    Failed to quiet down the doom;
    The glowing ember almost as if
    Arrogantly mocking the fierce Neptune.

    Why do you think the seas cry?
    What is it, that make the oceans divine?
    Is it the lies floating on the surface,
    Or the truths they are forced to hide?

    - Debbani Bose ✍️

  • devilfish 28w

    One Gasp

    Two separate waves
    Collide when they
    Are unified
    Combines in 2 equal lines
    At the center of a divide
    No need to think twice
    Tonight feeling it will suffice
    You heard me right
    Believe me this is urgent
    I have you in my sight
    I'll awaken you to fight
    Sleep with my insight
    Like smoke stay woke
    I compelled you
    I spelled you like sentence
    I expelled you
    Here I sentence you to sentiments and
    Feed the earth and free the herd
    Of ignorance
    Here's the crown from my garden
    Turned to stone
    I harden
    I'm hungry
    I am starving
    I am catharsis
    I'm burning I am incense
    That will condense
    My prophecies won't invent words where
    They are not needed
    Figure me out
    Read me like you read the thesis
    A religion that oozes into my speechless
    Purpose that It is so evident you could time it
    Put me on private
    Put my phone on silent my lack of lacking
    Is so inviting
    Smiling with a face brightened
    So enticement is exactly what you thought
    I can read your silence in between your coy
    Feel my eros in scorpio
    The serpent's eyes that peer into violence
    And make it out to the other side of
    Poseidon's Trident
    An environment out of control
    Thwarted justice with corruption
    He knew what he's inciting
    But forget all the choices
    I'm exactly who you invited
    When you fuse a muse with an experiential perfume
    An allure
    This is not a copy
    I aim
    I'm viscous when I'm forced to
    Skip off into verse after verse when
    I ripped my shirt off and carved into
    It words so the night of summer could obscure I can't stop their is no cure
    But I feel myself and transform my pain with burnt disdain I seethe hate
    I find it dirty and perverse
    The moral thing to do is now obscured
    Have i just transformed or metamorphosis
    from light to dark
    You can set me apart
    Met me at the memory of a melody
    Fleeting like a bumblebee
    It's honey is not sweet enough
    To stop me with trust
    You can't drop me while you drop dust
    You're the light at the point of It's
    Exalting time to move us with a rush
    A whisper of a touch
    I move my body like I tattooed it with the congruence in my movement when I do it
    I am moving fusing fuming parasitic service that threatens you and murders you with lust and diamond dust
    Intoxicated by your drums
    Heartbeats that thump like the urging of wanting one convergence
    Not insurgency
    At the peak of my streets echo in my sirens
    Leak insight out of my third iris

  • anush18 45w

    The lines in (//) are from @sangfroid_soul 's post.
    Ma'am, I wanna thank you for this, thank you for writing peace. That post is something I'll remember for a long time, that has my heart.

    P. S. - May your healing reveal who you are. May these scatter pieces of your soul turn into a mosaic beauty. May you be the happiest where ever you are.

    A • L E T T E R • T O • M Y • M A R S

    (I didn't want to add these lines in the post) #secretletters #inktrovert #rev(h)eal
    #creative_arena #sangfroidsoul #mars #neptune #destiny #writersnetwork #growthandchange #breakthepattern #youcango #itshardtoletyougo #wordsoffblessing #innerhealing #blessing #fix #healingwords @writersnetwork @daphnae @colourfulgreys @starrdust @writersbay

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    And today when you told me that the time of your departure is near, my nerves didn't have the ability to stop you because I know I can't. I didn't know if I should be happy to know that you shared your deepest feelings with me or I should be sad to hear that you are leaving. //Winters have arrived since past 5 weeks yet today is the first day I felt cold. // Yes, today is the first day when I felt cold, when my burning fingers got in contact with your cold fingers. I am numb right now, I want you by my side forever and I can give infinite reasons why I need you but they are pointless for it's hard to give you similes. And now I've conclusions for this storm in my head. I will try to be the same as I was yesterday, I'll try to enjoy every second I've with you. The only regret I have is that I would never ever tell you about my love for you but I know this will pass too. It won't be easy to let your memories be buried in the grave of my evergreen blues.

  • sarahrachelea 110w

    Her voice...
    A silent scream of hellish Saturn
    A serene whisper from The Neptune
    Doom, mysctical Venus in bloom

    From the Black Rose to Poison Ivy
    Calm as volcano
    Fragile as a bomb
    She got back the energy within

    Flying high with her sturdy wings
    No shadow nor sorrow
    In a far far away

    There's no different between hell and home
    She's in there, with black fang and claw

    Sometimes a King is a Woman
    In sanctuary, she's by her own
    She's a King to her Kingdom


  • sha_ra_el 115w

    I AM

    Universe's gift
    They made me
    They gave my parents with me in hand
    Papa Legba gave me the Sun, Mercury, and Mars; Hermes giggling in the shadows
    Sekhmet gave me the Earth's Moon and Venus, that shined bright as the moon with a lion's mane
    The Earth is my womb
    Zeus gave me his grandfather, rebellious with a humanitarian heart; optimism lead my path to Buddhism
    Father Time gave me the tail of a Scorpion
    Morpheus, gave me a lifetime of the devil's advocacy
    Hades.... dwells deep in my grim persona with a tail of the Scorpion, hidden from the world
    ©sha_ra_el 2019

  • sarahrachelea 117w

    I'm not from this Earth
    This world is too much for me
    I just wanna move to Neptune ASAP with you

    Get ready
    Bring beer, chips and cookies
    I'll pick you up at the dawn
    02.34 a.m.


  • bunny_blogss 128w


    Me : Ever thirsty for wisdom
    Also me : Pahle koi ek cup chai lao re !!

  • thecosmicowl 129w

    The Neptune Fog

    People born with Mercury Square/opposite Neptune are often times plagued by irrational fears, that can absolutely paralyze this persons ability to make decisions. These fears are developed during childhood due to this aspect causing the native to be scatterbrained, clumsy and forgetful....misinterpreted by parents and teachers, as being lazy and not applying oneself, resulting in the native being scolded. The more the mercury/Neptune person worries about it, the more mishaps seem to happen and eventually a fear of failure takes over the natives brain and if not consciously overridden, this aspect can completely thwart the will of the individual, thus resulting in the development of a defeatist mindset in which one has no confidence in their ability to complete even the most minuet task .."why even try when I will just fail anyway" will be the prevailing attitude. Medication to treat ones inability to focus will help, but I recommend that it be an herbal supplement and not a stimulant. Also, sleep hypnosis will aid in reprogramming the mind, as well as educating oneself on mindful ways of dealing with "A.D.H.D" -❤️

  • empathangel 130w


    Enamoured by her mystery
    The mistress of my shame
    Of my perfumed garden history
    Of my sinful, shapely frame
    Your purple masterpieces
    Tempt my wonder in the night
    Like children neath the bleachers
    Where their future's out of 'sight'

    I longed to taste the ocean
    On his bloody crimson lips
    I yearned to taste his potion
    Breast on breast, hips on hips
    Our first kiss beneath the waves
    Tastes of nature's perfect bliss
    I took the stage to turn a page
    Into Neptune's mystic myth...

    With knowing charm, he took me down
    Beneath starlight, love, all-consuming
    Where pretty siren's sailors' drown
    Their purple roses ever blooming...
    This 'gone girl's' moon hit the ground
    Where heartache meets with doom
    With knowing charm, he took my arm
    Made all my dreams came true...

    At last, he'd found his Mermaid Queen
    From my world of tooth and nails
    My eyes reflected starry scenes
    My skin' morphed into scales...
    Atop my head a golden crown
    Jewel of his heart, my precious ring
    This creature from the 'nothing', bows
    To forever's song, our dance begins...

    (c) Wendy Phelan - 23 April 2019

  • arkanus 131w

    Starship Enterprise: a time capsule designed to travel amongst "stars", entering complicated and risky situations, in search of resources to better develop, survive, and evolve

    #neptune #starships #relationships #twinflame #soulmates #turbulence #distorted #maya #illusion #blind #kindredspirits #ensemble #evolution

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    Far too long
    have you and I been hanging
    upside down
    with the sun and moon,
    flying relation with imagination ships
    suspended in the weblike
    atmosphere of Neptune

    For a moment we shined
    and I savored it
    Quickly, you masqueraded
    as my pastime favorite,
    enter dimension doors
    where cuckoos call slower
    and spirit fall
    more often than it prevails

    Thus, you had success
    diverting my interest
    with each spell
    stretching ashore my mind,
    capturing and subduing
    like conquistadors do

    Now I have disfigured
    years that I cannot restore
    And I counted up to four
    Consequently, because I'm unsure
    of those I have remaining,
    I'm refraining from wasting
    my song and dance
    with your maleficence anymore

    A maestro of selling dreams,
    you kept my soul at bay,
    entranced and caged
    in provocative imprisonment,
    locked away from the real,
    charming with distorted realities,
    make-believe things untrue

    And right on cue,
    my superconscious
    set off alarms, raised flags
    and placed wake-up calls
    but failed getting through
    to my busy mind
    So it took an explicit
    in-face visit for me to realize
    my evolution being
    compromised with you

    So now I'm breaking
    away from all the disarray
    and reconstructing my self
    on hallowed ground
    Distressed and rhythmless,
    I was bound, drowned
    and saturated in your sound,
    unable to tune into
    the universal symphony
    with discordance all around

    I wanted an ensemble with you,
    just us two kindred spirits
    producing beautiful music,
    but instead, we destroyed
    synthesis with noise
    Now all the fantasies are dead

    But I'm still alive,
    jumping and bent with force
    on cleansing my instrument,
    to get my heart beat
    thumping in vibration
    with the source of all creation


  • spitfire_ 134w

    From me to Neptune:

    My lonely love Neptune
    So far from me, You tune
    Our love and burns in fumes
    To be with me, I did'nt stay mute
    But that voice of my feelings
    Can't reach you, I tried to pass
    My love through those planets
    between us, tell me my love did you
    Receive my letter?

    From Neptune to me

    My sweet Darling, your
    Letter provokes me to
    Jump out of my position
    and take position of Mars
    Just to be near you, tell me
    dear am I too selfish.
    ©Niyanta S

  • spalymo1002 134w


    So beautiful and blue
    I simply can't take my eyes off you.
    An ice giant made of ice and slush
    With diamonds underneath the mush.
    Named after the Seas Roman king.
    I just can't wait to see my ring.
    With thirteen moons I'm sure to see
    A a man in the moon looking back at me.
    We can talk while gazing at the stars.
    Maybe see Pluto, if it isn't too far.
    Oh Neptune bluer than the sea.
    I wish you weren't so far from me.


  • dulcetpoem 148w

    *I hope you have a lovely day today! If not, please know things will get better ~ <3
    #planetpoem #neptune #sad #poem

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    {{ He is Lonely }}

    Have you heard of Neptune?
    No, it is not a moon.
    But is the most coldest
    most distant and farthest.
    Look, at that one boy
    who gets treated like a toy.
    So he keeps everything inside,
    and he cried most nights.
    He began to turn into a bully.
    "So they won't hurt me."
    No one talks to him
    Fear that he will hurt them.
    For he is the "Gas Giant"
    He is too scared of defiance.
    He wishes that he was better.
    His pillows are getting wetter.
    With the tears and the pain
    Now there's even a stain.
    Neptune is the last planet in our Solar System
    If you ask me, someone needs to hug him.

  • lucianna32 148w

    The perfect tune

    Neptune and Jupiter play the perfect soul song
    The sound of creation
    Flutes play in the horizon
    The perfect melody of true love
    Crickets chirp in the dark atmosphere
    The crackling of an eternal fire soars
    Bursting flames rise in the heat of passion
    And then a beautiful child thrives in the womb.

  • lucianna32 148w

    Rose colored glasses

    Neptune you blinded my eyes
    Romantic my heart
    I wore my rose.colored glasses in the sunshine
    Optimism left me a fool
    Years of illusion
    Trapped in confusion
    Chaotic episodes
    Conflicts in my mind
    My imagination gone wild
    Dream a little dream with me
    Neptune, one day you broke the illusion
    You exposed the truth.

  • lucianna32 148w


    Illusions harm the psyche
    Deception breaks the heart
    Lies bring mistrust
    Foggy is the conversation
    Chaos and confusion cloud the mind

  • rubyalison 168w


    This wild oceans shake what's left of me
    Just to hear me cry mercy
    A strong wind at my back
    So I lift up only sail that i have
    This tired white flag

    ~Sleeping at last

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  • dewangan_akesh 171w

    Holy $hit

    It rains Diamonds on Neptune