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    Dear Redolent Souls,
    Will you honour me by giving a kind glance on this piece? Any suggestions are heartiest welcome.
    ** Raging tempest, evanescent embers
    In the core of darkness, Will resplendent rainbow replenish colour ?
    Desert of heart craves for your cherubic smile, O' Asphodel Flower
    Loneliness to devour & redolence of Love rises to shower.

    Would you be the nepenthe of love to cure my heart of loneliness? **

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Raging - Violent, Tempest - Uproaring storm or Strong wind, Evanescent - Fading, Embers - Feelings, Emotions, Resplendent - Attractive & Colourful, Replenish - Fill once again, Crave - Strongly desire, Cherubic - Winsome or Lovely, Asphodel - Everlasting, Devour - Wipe out or Destroy, Redolence - Fragrance, Nepenthe - Drug to forget sorrow or suffering *

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    Background Image credit to the rightful owner
    -- Pinterest --

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    Raging tempest, evanescent embers
    In the core of darkness, Will resplendent rainbow replenish colour ?
    Desert of heart craves for your cherubic smile, O' Asphodel Flower
    Loneliness to devour & redolence of Love rises to shower.

    Would you be the nepenthe of love to cure my heart of loneliness?


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 44w

    Nepenthe (pronounced nuh-pen-thee), which means "the one that chases away sorrow," is the fabled elixir that purportedly cured mental woes by way of inducing forgetfulness. Thank you for reading!

    Under celestine skies
    I await the blessed benediction of nepenthe
    The one earthly redeemer that can deliver us from untold mental anguish
    But dare I really take a sip?
    Dare I press this divine elixir
    Upon my thirsting lip?
    ©Carolyn Glackin 3/25/2021

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Tell me please, nepenthe
    Are you a blessing or a curse?
    And if I should imbibe you
    Will I be better, or much worse?

    Praytell, how can I find you?
    For you are not here in my grips
    Are you off gifting your elixir
    To some other willing lips?

    Oh dearest, don't ignore me
    Can't you see that I'm in need?
    With just one precious taste of you
    From haunting memories, I'm freed!

    Arise with me, dark lover
    For very soon, I think you'll see
    That the two of us together
    Always leads to victory!

    You're my healer and my hero
    And never do you fail me
    For you steal me from the wickedry
    Which so often doth assail me

    Nepenthe, don't be cruel
    Oh you beguile and you bewitch
    And then when I need you most
    You leave me high and dry like this?

    Come! Let me consume you!
    Let me absorb you deep within
    For then the healing process
    Can finally begin

    I shall forever sing your praises
    Oh so divine, your benediction!
    My dear, I crave you like a drug
    Won't you please grant me a prescription?

    Just one final time I'll ask
    As I await you fervently
    I'm swooning for you, love
    Seek me out, sweet nepenthe!
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 3/25/2021

    Art credit: Richard R Young Art.

    *Submitting for the #nepenthec and #victoryc challenges.

    #personification #writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee #challengepiece

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  • bonitasarahbabu 44w

    Nepenthe: 1: a potion used by the ancients to induce forgetfulness of pain or sorrow
    2: something capable of causing oblivion of grief or suffering
    Definition: Merriam- Webster dictionary

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    A professional is being sought,
    To provide nepenthe to erase these memories,
    Memories of exquisite pain and sorrow.
    I seek for this because my heart hurts,
    My brain is on a never ending loop,
    Rest is all I need.
    I need the memories to be blasted,
    Blasted into oblivion.
    I do not want to think about this anymore,
    God above, please send some nepenthe my way.

  • pallavi4 44w


    I broke all the bonds
    Just so that I could taste
    Freedom and find a new purpose
    Sacrificing all that I had
    And all that I was .
    Today when I look back
    At the mistakes I made,
    The greatest was agreeing
    To be with you .
    It might as well have been
    That I’d swallowed napalm -
    The clear sky above me
    Went from blue to foggy
    And infested with smoke
    That constantly choked me
    And made me question
    My judgement, my choice.
    The people I hurt in the process
    Of selfishly only looking
    At what I thought I desperately
    Wanted and eventually snatched
    Wouldn’t heal today no matter
    How much nepenthe I give them.
    I aggressively , actively pushed
    All joy and happiness away
    From myself.
    I, who had everything now
    Am left with painful memories
    And sorrowful tales
    All created by myself and my follies.
    That brief, fleeting moment
    Of weakness has cost me
    My whole universe
    And the peace that I’d chased
    This for in the first place.
    Is non existent, interestingly
    No where to be found now.
    The guilt , the incessant guilt
    All but gnaws at my insides,
    Trying to claw its way out .
    I’ve created a monster.
    One that will not stop till
    I’m completely demolished.
    I’m left clutching the sand,
    Gripping it with my hands
    And trying desperately to
    Get it to stay the course with me
    To no avail .
    The destruction is complete
    And irreversible.


    24th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “Rebirth” by Heidi Cobb

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  • pallavi4 44w


    She drank drops of nepenthe
    In the hopes of being cured
    Of the broken heart she had
    That refused to beat anymore

    Her shattered soul grieved
    Thinking of the past she’d left behind
    So lost was she in the midst of the fog
    That she was reluctant to find

    The spot where the piercing hurt,
    Struck her most while she endured
    Stabbing shards and jabs of pain
    In the hopes of being cured

    Maybe if she withstood this
    Her sins would be cleansed forever
    So she stood as the knives cut through her
    Till into two they finally severed

    Drunk on napalm she tried
    To wriggle out of the tight gripping bands
    Adorned with a halo of thorns she was
    Left her life barely in her own hands

    For every single sin she’d committed
    She was slowly condemned to die
    Her fractured soul came to be in flames
    Always ablaze, never alone left to lie


    23rd of March, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • antheia_ 44w

    #epigraph #nepenthec

    ᴘᴏᴇᴛʀʏ~�� ����������������

    These ain't mere strings of words dancing to the tune of lyrical rhyme or metrical rhythm but a potent nepenthe for my decrepit being.

    (My first book is definitely going be a collection of my poetry.)


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  • pooja17 44w

    Try to be the
    Nepenthe for atleast one soul**

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 44w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #epigraph #wod #pod #poetry #nepenthec

    All written rights reserved
    23 March 2021 1.40 pm

    My first book would be a collection of my poetry ��❤️
    Thank you everyone for your love and support
    I lived so many of my dreams here ��❤️��

    500 !!!!! ��

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    a collection of best poetry


    Anjali Krishna


    Reveries cherished in rivulets
    Reminiscence of ardent memories
    Refulgence of a starry soul 

    Confetti of daydreams and graffiti of pain
    A tiara of tears and dew drops of nepenthe
    Passion embellished in pearls of poesy


  • game_of_life 44w

    Ripped soul, imbibes nepenthe of death and sleeps betwixt verses of dark poetry, kissing abandoned seepages.


  • waitaminute 44w

    I look for nepenthe in time,
    I can't rewind it back and correct
    mistakes of mine,
    I look for nepenthe in my dreams,
    Cannibalize my wounds with fictional creams,
    I look for nepenthe in scintillating stars,
    Prevaricate me from my pains and scars,
    I look for nepenthe in history,
    How bravely they fought I still find it a mystery,
    I look for nepenthe in secrets of nature,
    She heals sorrows of her every creature,
    I look for nepenthe in books and poeteries,
    In those stories penned down by someone emotionally,
    Then I go for myself,
    Deep inside me, isolated from outside world,
    Someone fighting like a ensnared bird,
    Ultimately I look for nepenthe in sleep,
    A dreamless sleep, whole black and cheap,
    Inexpensive remedy for my every sorrow,
    For few hours it makes me forgetful of gone yesterday, today and coming tomorrow.


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    I look for.......

  • miss_silentlyweird 44w

    In the realm of mayhem, wish to write a fictitious story with non-fiction emotion where people can lay their shoulders and scape what cages them up even for a while.

    #epigraph #nepenthec #wod
    @writersbay @mirakee
    Source: Pinterest

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    In obscurity rear entryway of shelves.
    I'm glad you discovered me, so come flip my pages.
    I'll invite you in my reality don't stop for a second
    and I'll be your nepenthe.


  • a_gentilischi 44w

    @mirakee Thank you so much. You are love! ❤️
    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the repost. You are an angel! ��
    Many thanks to all the amazing people I've met here, as well! ��


    The fountain of Nepenthe
    Lies between heaven and hell
    Just a mile, from the falls of death
    There, the souls await judgment
    Patiently in their queues
    Still in the wheelchairs
    Broken IV lines trailing through
    Some still shell shocked
    Covered in road crash wreckage
    The drowned are still damp
    Choking on their last breath of water
    And the maimed still bleed
    Rivulets of crimson
    But they all wait
    Because, what is one more minute
    When they've waited a whole lifetime
    Just to find peace.
    ������������ ���� ��������?
    It's not about good and bad
    Or the weight of a heart in a golden balance
    Against an angel's feather
    It's much simpler
    �������� ���� ������ ��������?
    ���� ����������������?
    ���� ���� ������������?
    Drink of the fountain
    Drink the blessed Nepenthe
    And forget
    �������� ���� �������� ������������
    ������ �������� ���� �������� ����������
    The ultimate freedom
    Freedom from pain and memories
    Untied from all the loves and hatreds
    And most of all
    Freed from the shackles of time
    And as they drink
    The wounds heal, the blood disappears
    The scars erase, the tears all dry
    The years fall away
    ������ �������� ������������
    But what of those who refuse to drink?
    They stay just like this
    All the cuts of life bleeding open
    With the Morphine cut out
    ������ �������� ����������������

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #nepenthec #pod
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #life #thoughts #reality #philosophy
    #end #peace #musings #forgotten
    #death #nepenthe #wnreagent

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  • _solstice_ 44w

    You became the nepenthes,
    Of my unbearable pain of the past.


  • antarraal 44w

    These pages have been inked
    with the blood of my soul
    as my heart travelled from
    the depth of nepenthe to the zenith of ecstasy while my mind watched over me
    like a guardian angel and
    gently pushed me
    to create a masterpiece out of mess.


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  • _writer_at_heart_ 44w


    To chase away all of your sorrow,
    Find your nepenthe in the serenity of mind instead of listening to thoughts that are hollow.

  • leo_scamander 44w

    "She longed to dwell in the honeyed ecstasies of an infinite paracosm,
    Stealing sweet nepenthe from the tips of eager quills,
    and the mellowed scent of yellow parchment
    to the backdrop of cheeky warblers,
    and the whistle of an obstinate little kettle of evening tea..."


  • alecmb 44w

    The Nepenthe Moonlight
    By: Alecmb

    Silky sliver of silvery moonlight
    Bursts through the darkened night
    As of nepenthe I had drunk
    For my anguishing pain had sunk

  • _gk_07 44w

    The heroes sacrificed up their breathes,
    To make us breathe with freedom today.

    Martyrs' Day


    The walls of Lahore would have trembled, When Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhev were hanged,
    How would be the sunset of that evening , Which took the lives of heroic revolutionarists.

    #wod #mirakee #writersbay #epigraph #nepenthec #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    (~I'm not much good in hindi, so corrections are welcomed...!)

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  • arya_abhipsa 69w

    ɴ ᴇ ᴘ ᴇ ɴ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ :
    something that can make you forget grief or suffering


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    ɴ ᴇ ᴘ ᴇ ɴ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ


    Many asks her why she loves him even though the world has printed his name on the first few pages of a book called , binded with fingers pointing out accusations and covered with anger filled misspelt words ?

    We all have watched and felt a mother's ardour , the epitome of . Her child might be an indecent boy carrying hints of tantrums in a naughty pair of eyes or he might be the most brilliant minded 12 year old among his peers . But throughout the journey from the extreme worst to the extreme best , joined together by a bridge called , the love of his mother stays the same , unfathomable always .

    One day , if her child , the once 12 year indecent or brilliant boy , manages to procure all his once childish and hopeful eyes had dreamt for under a starry night , even though many will join hands to rejoice in his accomplishments , a hint of pride in their gazes as they look at him , there will be some , atleast a single person who will bicker with everything . Watch him keep his sanity aside and dig out every possible reason that will normalise it when he shakes his head no at the child's triumph , even if it means getting a pair of soil matted dirty hands in return .

    But does this beginning of disagreements and enmity makes the adoration of the mother stumble and falter as she crosses the bridge ?


    Because she has it written in her every soothing touch as she pats her son , sleeping on her lap , that even if her child has countless reasons why he should be loathed , all taped on his body , cutting through his skin , her own rationale to willingly pour down the gallons of fondness on his paper cuts , stands out of all .

    ' ?

    ♡ // y o u r s i n g l e r e a s o n
    t o f a l l f o r s o m e o n e
    f o r e s h a d o w s a l l t h e
    t h o u s a n d r e a s o n s t o
    h a t e t h e m

    © a r y a a b h i p s a