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  • emptypen 42w

    Rejuvenating my heart,
    And reincarnating my brain,
    Those blue, shiny beaches give me another chance to live happily..
    Those starry sandwalks soothe my anger and frustration..
    Filling my hollowness and let me love myself again!

  • pastels_in_your_sky 42w

    Thank you for the repost �� @writersbay


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    The stillness reigns
    In the coldness of the lanes
    The arena with the white jasmine
    Meadow adorned with golden
    yellow leaves.

    The cuckoo's melody
    The blowing zephyr
    There's the bliss
    In nature's veils.

    There I lay all day
    Listening to the gentle river sound
    Where patterns of waves adorn
    The landscape of my soul.


  • ciara1 75w

    Voodoo In The Hood Part 3

    Lucy: Satan is a busy man guys. Satan keeps us not from doing good deeds for God. The devil is busy everywhere, not just in the church. Well that sums up all the satanic statements.

    Tiara (crosses her arms in anger): Ain't that's like contradicting the bible?

    Lucy: Excuse me?

    Tiara: Ain't that's like twisting God's words around?

    Lucy: I see someone worships the almighty Lord.

    Audience: Laughing.

    Tiara: I know enough about the Lord to know what y'all saying is bull shit.

    Lucy: Who are you?

    Tiara: Don't worry about it.

    Lucy: That is it for today boys. Let's continue tomorrow.(Lucy saunters towards Tiara) what did you say your name was again?

    Tiara: I never said my name.

    Lucy: Haha, what is your name?

    Tiara: Tiara, and I don't want any part of this shit.

    Lucy: You don't have to join us if you don't want to.

    Tiara: You right, I don't.

    Lucy: I find you quite interesting.

    Tiara: What kinda drug house is this?

    Lucy: Well, this is not just any drug house I run, we do all sorts of things here. We operate all kinds of business, which is our cult, we do witch craft, black magic...

    Tiara: Black magic? The brothas into that too?

    Lucy: We all are into all sorts of evil activities.

    Tiara (shakes her head):

    Lucy (gets closer to Tiara): I really do find you quite interesting, and I know you feel the same way.

    Tiara: Damn, you read minds too?

    Lucy: Haha no, it's just the devil's discernment of knowing a homosexual when I see one.

    Tiara: But how you can tell I'm one?

    Lucy: Body language and how you carry yourself.

    Tiara: Damn.

    Lucy: When you first walked in here I'd sensed you are a homosexual.

    Tiara: Man.

    Lucy: Would you come in the bathroom with me?

    Tiara: Whhat we doin in there?

    Lucy: I think you already know. (Grabbing Tiara by the hand, and infiltrating into the bathroom).

    Tiara: You is just my type.

    Lucy: I know.

    Tiara (wrapping her arms around Lucy. Her hands soon makes it's way down towards her butt cheeks, and squeeezes it. They started to tongue kiss).

    Tiara: I like you.

    Lucy: I like you too.

    Aundria (comes out the other room): Where is she? TIARA? TIARA?

    Timothy: Aye lil mama? Who you lookin foe?

    Aundria: My friend Tiara?

    Timothy: Ol girl went in there with Lucy (pointing).

    Aundria: They in the bathroom?

    Timothy: Yea.

    Aundria: What they doin in the bathroom?

    Timothy: You know...

    Aundria: Don't even say it I already know. (walking towards the bathroom door and bangs hand on it). TIARA? IT'S TIME TO GO, I GOT MY WEED.

    Tiara: Awe shit, this shit was gettin good. (Sucking on Lucy's nipples and trying to reach for the door knob).

    Lucy: I got it, (Lucy rotates the door knob and opens it).

    Aundria: WHAT ARE YOU DOIN?

    Tiara: What it look like? I was gettin some.

    Aundria (grabbing Tiara's hand): Come on girl.

    Lucy: I'll see you later.

    Tiara: You bet I will baby. Imma come back and get me some more pussy (smiling).

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  • anthonyhanible 81w

    Accept The Change

    You don't love me the same
    I have to accept the change
    Going insane
    Feeling so much pain
    Crying none stop
    So hard for me to accept
    That you're changing on me
    No more calls
    No more texting
    I don't see you no more
    Beating myself up
    Until I can't take no more
    Trying my best to accept the change
    New neighborhood
    New home
    New car
    New friends
    New partner
    It will take me some time to
    Accept The Change
    I think I'll never be able to
    Accept The Change

  • ciara1 83w

    Chicago's Summer Mornings in Roseland

    Waking up stretching in bed smelling my filthy breath hearing 
    loud strident voices outside my window. Tiptoeing my way up to the open glass seeing two couples having a quarrel.


    "BITCH I PAYED YOU LAST WEEK, I'M GETTING FED UP WITH YO ASS BITCH, " the man said pointing his a finger at the woman's face.

    Seeing that view made me think I should get ready for some entertainment and popcorn.


    As I discerned and observed the male. I can tell the situation was about to escalate into a physical 


    "WHAT? She said.



    The man shoves the woman, and she slaps him in the face being vengeful. The man attacks the woman with his fists. 10 mins later the police arrived. I assumed someone else saw the event take place and called. 

    Waking up every morning hearing loud neighbors, and seeing the dangerous scenes in my neighborhoods of disputes was all an entertainment for me growing up.

    For the grace of God, I did not have to spend my whole life entertaining those dangerous settings. I am at a place of peace and tranquility. To find peace and tranquility, prayer is always the solution to finding peace.

    And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 NIV

    #attacks #fights #poetry #altercation #couples #quarrel #argument #neighborhood #chicago #town #city


  • ciara1 83w

    Chicago's Summer Mornings in Roseland

    Waking up every morning hearing loud neighbors,
    seeing the dangerous scenes in my neighborhoods

  • ciara1 83w

    In The Suburbs

    There is no way out.
    you were born to waste your whole life not being in the clout.

    I spent weeks and months making the suburbs my home when I was a child for a whole summer at my aunt's house.

    There is peace in the air,
    but there is no one to glare.
    There is boredom all in the streets and areas.

    There is no affaire,
    There is no friend to create and communicate with a stare.

    I tried to make friends here,
    but there is no one to beare,
    people here just want to stay to themselves and not to adhere.

    Too much space,
    Too much quietness, and
    Too much emptiness
    going on in the isolated place.

    Where is my people?
    Where is my color?
    Why don't I see anyone that looks like me?
    Why is there only white people in this place?

    Lord, take me back to the streets where I once stayed.
    Take me back to the hood where I first played.

    Take me back to the loud creeps and peeps.
    Lord, take me back to that place I first layed in the deep.

    Lord, take me to the loud church,
    Where my people shout and praised your name in the dirt.

    Lord, Take me home,
    Take me back to the city where I first known,

    My birth place is where I was meant to be,
    Lord, take me where I belong,

    Take me to the place where there are more colors than white,
    Take me back to the home where I know is right.

    Living in the suburbs can be lonely and depressing when no one is not on your side.


  • ciara1 83w

    In The Suburbs

    trapped / these streets are like walls closing in on me / with spikes that are inching closer to my sanity, ready to tear me to shreds / already they are puncturing my lungs / it burns to breathe in this awful suburb and it's mirrored houses with the people smiling / the venom seeping through their teeth / my mind is collapsing into itself / not neat like a fabric.

  • ciara1 89w

    The Power of Not Caring

    When I first met my boyfriend Bernie back in 2015 at Harold Washington college. We first started out as friends. A few months later Bernie started falling in love with me. As I said in my last poem "A Man With High Status," that I came from a  background where people did not care about their partners or spouse's feelings. I was taught to stab men in the back. Basically, I was raised to be dishonest towards men and myself. My mother taught me to never express my feelings towards a man. I did not know what love was, and Bernie did not either. 

        At that moment when he was falling for me, I was tending to pull back from that. He told me that he loved me, but I did not love him. I did not feel the same way he felt. He wanted me to always see him and be around him at school every day. He would get insecure of whom I hung around, and he did not like it when I was around my family. I would tell him that I needed space, and he did not understand that. It was starting to feel like he was controlling me. That was why I cheated a lot on him because of his insecurities. He was writing me love poems and sending them to my emails of how he felt deeply about me. When I read them love poems he sent me, I was saying in my head, "why is he writing love poems to me, I don't care about this shit, I don't even love this nigga, I don't care how this nigga feel, fuck his poems." I was the type of female back then that did not like romance or celebrate Valentine's day, and I am still the type of female today that do not like romance or Valentine's Day. A lot of people would think that was odd for a woman not liking romance, but I did not care. It is my choice. 

           I told my boyfriend that he does not have to prove himself to me. He does not have to write me love poems, tell me how much he loves me or how much he cares. I am not looking for that in a relationship. I do not believe in deep love or romantic love. My perspective is not going to change on that. I would tell him today that I need a lot of space. I do not like to be around him all the time. I do not even like to be around my family like that. A woman always needs her space no matter what. It does not matter if that woman is married or in a relationship, she needs her space. Men need their space too. I am not just speaking on women's behalf. Men want some alone time too, they need to figure out their purpose in life and seek their goals as much as women does. We all need our space. Now, I have to be honest with myself and God. We all have to be honest with ourselves and with the people that are close to us of what we really want in a relationship. What do you really want in a relationship? What do I really want in a relationship? It is our choice of what we want in a relationship. No one can not dictate on what we should be or how we should act in a relationship, it is our choice. No one can not control our thoughts or our actions. Only we can do that. We ourselves have the power to find our purpose through life. 

        Bernie and I today see each other twice a week. Back then, he did not understand what space was, but now he does. He gives me all the space I need. I would tell him to not prove anything to me because I do not care about that. Just be a man of your purpose in life, and I have to be a woman of my purpose in life. I need space to get closer to God, and to do the things that makes me happy, not the things that makes other people happy.

  • ciara1 89w

    A Man With High Status

    A man with high status is the man who is known to his environment, social media status of thousands or millions of fans, or a celebrity with high status. But in my case and experience, a man with a high status does not necessarily mean he is famous or knows lots of people buy clout or viewers.

         In the year 2016, I did some cheating on my boyfriend Bernie. I was always looking for an upgrade in men. Basically, I was using men for benefits with sex. I was looking for a provider, a man that gives me food, money, and buy me clothes. 

    In that year of 2016, I met a man named Rayshon who had high status in his community. We saw each other once a week, every Monday while my boyfriend was at work. Everywhere we went, this man was well known in his neighborhood. There were people who were calling out his name, and we could not even get inside a restaurant without someone speaking to him. He knew everybody.

    There was a moment where we were holding hands walking down the street in the hood on the West Side. God knows it is ruff on the west side. A lot of gangs and drug activity going on in that environment. There were guys standing by abandoned stores and buildings. One guy spoke to Rayshon and said: "What up bro, that's you?" Rayshon replies, "Yeah this is me." "Ight bro, she cute, " the man said. My response was "thank you, " I said naively.

       Those moments being with Rayshon was a lesson and learned. I think about it today why I did what I did in the past. Rayshon was not the only man who I been with. I have been with tons of guys and females I had sex with that I can not keep count of, but that is a whole different chapter I will discuss later in my poetry and stories. I always had this assumption growing up that I had to always use what I got to get what I want from men. I had came from an unfaithful family background where everyone cheated on their partners and spouses. It has been a cycle that has been repeated in my family over and over again. Today, I have overcome that assumption of being with a bunch of men to make me feel happy. I came to the realization that a man does not make me happy. 

         Today, as a church-going woman, the only man that makes me happy is God. I am committed and faithful to God. God is my man. I put God first before man because to be faithful to God, that is how you become faithful to yourself and others you love. I treat people the way I want to be treated. Do you want to know who the man supposed to be with the high status? That man is God. God is the man with the high status. Know God, know his ways. Spread the word of God in your life and in your community. 

    "Now we know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth." John 9:31 

  • ciara1 93w

    Believe in the Curious Dreamers Chapter 18:

    The Next Night At Cheetoe's house

    (POW, POW, POW)

    Cheetoe (jumps up swiftly in his bed): Ma, was that some gunshots we just heard?

    Mama: Yeah it was.

    Cheetoe (rubs his head): Awe man, I thought I was dreaming at first, that was an alarm there, it sounded like the gunshot was real close too.

    Mama: It did sound close, I believe that happened on the next block cause I heard it from my room.

    Cheetoe (hops up out of his bed): I thought it happened close in our alley cause it sounded just that close, you think about calling the law?

    Mama: Naw, they be taking so long to get here when it’s shooting involved, we don't hear em no more, you get away from that window before they start shooting up in here.

    Cheetoe: Okay ma. Well, somebody will probably call em, I'm quite sure we ain't the only ones that heard the shots.

    Mama: Naw, other folks heard them too.

    Cheetoe (shaking and eyes wide open): I got scared ma, I thought something bad was goin to happen to us.

    Mama (leans against the door with her arms cross): You okay, that happened somewhere far away.

    Cheetoe: I thought this was a quiet area? 

    Mama: This neighborhood changed Cheetoe, things don't stay the same forever.

    Cheetoe: What time is it?

    Mama: After 6:00.

    Cheetoe: They need to be in a bed.

    Mama: Gangs don't sleep Cheetoe, they stay up all night, they don't be thinking about sleeping.

    Cheetoe: I know ma, I'm just sayin, I wish all of this violence can stop, Quetip and Shonte's disappearance is changing my perspective now, I’m thinking that they disappearance probably has somethin to do with the gang.

    Mama: Try not to worry about that Cheetoe, you are safe and keep praying for your friends, now go back to sleep.

    Cheetoe: Okay ma.


  • shessorrowmanic 110w

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    #Tautogram_wt #life #friendship #neighborhood

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    Bonding beyond beliefs
    Buildings beaming bright
    Boisterous ballgames
    Beloved boomers
    Babbling Babies
    Bantering barbers
    Benefit barbeques
    Beckoning banners
    Bewitching bookstores
    Bustling bustops
    Breathtaking bakeries
    Birthing bountiful bonds
    Bonded beyond beliefs

  • near_lane7 114w


    Coastline a guide
    Searching inspirations
    A flatfielder travelling
    Scared of the sea
    Sickness and rolling
    Waves of discontent
    Look over the dikes
    These walls securely fastened
    Salty taste on his lips
    Scenery has beckoned
    Hit the market in town
    Tastebuds alive
    Push through the crowds
    To find the salty herrings five
    Stand next to a person
    Known from eons past
    Is it really you
    A shy remark
    How long will that moment last?


  • cynthiaa144 118w

    Outdoor sex

    Beside each other, our houses. The neighborhood naked with mid-nighters at the end of their lawns mating. I didn't stop watching. I was staring for the longest until I was approached.

  • shit_speare_reloaded 123w


    My neighborhood are so noisy wallah I can hear their Opera Session


  • shit_speare_reloaded 123w

    Asian Facts

    We dont need CCTV cameras in our country
    Neighbours and Relatives are enough....


  • shit_speare_reloaded 123w


    I don't have Netflix or Amazon prime but I'm really blessed to have noisy neighborhood trust me it's more entertaining .


  • haniblewontstop 168w


    Lives in you
    No matter where you go
    There's no changing
    Yout heart
    Your mind
    The Neighborhood
    Never dies

  • jzl_kdr 201w


    അതിരിനു വേണ്ടി അവർ
    പരിധി വിട്ട് പൊതിരെ തല്ലി
    പതിരില്ലാത്ത ഈ പണിക്ക്


  • mkandres 201w


    As I walk down my street I hear birds chirping. A lone dog barks. Children wave and giggle as they ride their bicycles up and down the cracked sidewalks. Typical American neighborhood. I love it.

    A young man smiles as he jogs past. I nod my head in acknowledgement. A light breeze wafts the smokey smells of a backyard barbecue in my direction. I close my eyes, imagining the deliciousness upon my lips. Twangy country-western music flows from someone's window. Typical American neighborhood. I love it.

    I notice an ice cream truck in the distance. Bicycles forgotten, the children run and skip, dollar bills waving in the fresh air. "Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate cone, please." The long, low, rumbling whistle of a train drowns out their happy cries. Yes, this is the typical American neighborhood and I love it.

    Now I stop in front of my own home, a modest three-bedroom, brick house with a nice fenced-in yard. I adore its comfort, its feel and the occupants who reside within. And then. And then. I hear the shouting. An argument just a few doors down. Loud. Louder. Squirrels scamper. A cat slinks behind a row of manicured shrubs. Bang! Bang! Bang! Gunshots ring out. Almost deafening. I duck inside.

    This is what has become of the typical American neighborhood. I hate it.