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  • andolanjivi_tabeeb 8w

    राम और रावण

    राम- मैं सिर्फ एक राजा था मुझे तो दुनिया ने बनाया भगवान
    इस गंदे समाज के कारण मुझे मांगना पड़ा सीता से प्रमाण
    औरत तो रामायण में महाभारत में हर युग में की गई है बदनाम
    अब तो कलयुग है लंकेश जहां पापों को नहीं कर सकता बयान
    हर तरफ है हवस के दरिंदे,
    नोच खाते है जो जिस्म और जान
    मैं तो होता हूं हर पल हैरान,
    तुम्हे तो बस वहम था के तुमसे बड़ा ना कोई शैतान

    रावण- हां मेरी भी गलती थी जिसने अपहरण किया तुम्हारा मान
    पर एक औरत की नाक काटना भी नहीं होता वीरता का प्रमाण
    मैं शैतान ही अच्छा था जिसने बहन के लिए गवाई अपनी जान
    सीता तुम्हारा अभिमान थी तो सरूपनखा भी थी मेरा सम्मान....

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    राम और रावण-

    राम- ये मेरा मुखौटा पहन कर कहां चले जो वत्स
    रावण को जलाने वाले
    ज़रा मुखौटा उतार कर दिखाओ तो अपना चहरा
    असली भक्त हो मेरे के कोई अंधभक्त है बहरा
    धरम के रखवाले बनते हो और देते हो पहरा
    तुमने तो बाबरी पर झंडा लहराया था
    वो तो फिर लाल किला ठहरा

    रावण- किस भ्रम में जी रहे हो ये कलयुग है राम
    अंधभक्ति है धरम इनका और अंधभक्ति बस एक काम
    ना मतलब इन्हें इकॉनमी से ना समझ में आता इन्हें संविधान
    रात में बेटियां जलाते हैं फिर चलाते बेटी बचाओ अभियान
    मैंने तो बस सीता का अपहरण था किया
    ना चोटिल किया उसका स्वाभिमान
    मैं तुम्हे भी भगवान कैसे मानू
    जिसने अपनी ही पत्नी से मांगा था पवित्रता का प्रमाण....

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    घर का मामला

    घर का मामला कहकर ये घर में ही निपटा देंगे
    अन्नदाता के हक़ में बोलकर तो देखो ये तुमको
    Anti-national बता देंगे
    कुछ सिलेब्रिटी भक्तों से India-together ट्वीट डलवा देंगे
    HumanRights Violation को ये Conspiracy against India
    दिखा देंगे
    आंदोलन में शामिल अपने भक्तों को कर ये फरार देंगे
    धरम के नाम पर राजनीति करके देश में डाल ये दरार देंगे
    धरम को है ख़तरा अब फिर ये पैगाम देंगे
    देश को आजाद करवाया जिन्होंने उस कौम को कर बदनाम देंगे
    गोदी मीडिया वाले बजट दिखाकर डर गया पाकिस्तान कहेंगे
    तुम हर हर मोदी करते रहना लेकिन हम तो जय किसान कहेंगे
    हम तो जय किसान कहेंगे

    शुक्र है वो बेटी भारत की नहीं थी जिसका फोटो जलाया
    क्यूं बलात्कारियों! इस बार law and order का ख़तरा नहीं आया
    तबीब के हाथ रुक जाते हैं ना कलम कर पाती आगाज़ है
    क्यूंकि विश्वगुरु भारत में तो बेटियां रात में जलाने का रिवाज़ है....

  • kameshwar 16w

    प्रतिभावान भारतीय

    भारत में जिसने जन्म लिया,
    पौरुष जिसकी पहचान है,
    त्याग, तपस्या और समर्पण
    सत्य, अहिंसा और सेवा के गुण,
    पर-हित में हो रत्त, जिसका मन,
    व्यक्ति वही महान है,
    प्रतिभा, वही तो है भारत की
    राष्ट्र का भी, अभिमान है|
    वीर वही तो है, शिवाजी
    गुरु गोबिंद और गौतम बुद्ध,
    राम, कृष्ण, हनुमान है|
    भारत की भी है, आभा उससे,
    विश्व का भी कल्याण है|
    ~ कामेश्वर अग्निहोत्री

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    "Our kings and queens never wore stolen gems in their crowns."

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    At long last the river runs dry,
    Or perhaps it has changed course -
    Now it flows wild in the imagination of ancient travellers,
    Or underground (in the gutters of cities unseen),
    In moth-eaten textbooks full of dog ears and candle wax,
    In the unborn lava of volcanoes gone extinct.

    If you come across its forgotten bed, be sure to walk its deep
    Where the pebbles are silken smooth and polished.
    Hold them in your hands, caress them if you will - they have travelled far.
    Listen for the gushing flow that is lost;
    Feel the strength of its past draw you from your mooring,
    Let it carry you to unknown worlds.

    Embrace your river, understand it, fight with it if you must.
    Whatever you do, do not lose it;
    Do not lose yourself in it.


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    I wonder in the wake of battling for such a long time

    without having any selfless thought,

    How our freedom fighters, friends in need

    would have felt finally on this day?

    Is it true that they were smiling with weepy eyes?

    That is the feeling

    nobody could ever pay tribute to.

    I wonder what sort of an independence night

    that would have been coinciding

    with the partition of India?

    Most presumably it is a nightmare

    for many families until today.

    We might not have witnessed

    any of these yet have we ever

    invested any extra energy

    to find out about the Day

    except what we have been instructed

    in our schools?

    ©Madhu Kumari

    #pod #independenceday #nationalism #India #rwu @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Happy Independence Day

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  • qawi_khan 36w

    The Two Big Crimes

    Of course now the world dig in deep danger
    Split of the thinking now giving us revengers
    Inception has begun which cut no ice with
    the brothers whose shoulders worked amid
    when the nexus of snare cried out to get rid
    indeed the fabric is tough so maverick brains
    are born cutting throats and putting the bane
    into the riddlers blot to spoil and for lust gains
    Patriots are no harm and so nationalists grin
    In please of bigot blocks they put puerile fight
    the next dawn girth their souls as if in fright.
    The virtues can't stand above all human kind
    nor do any sacraments of the past can grind
    the potion of dust they all played off together
    to provide the relics whose rust is still similar
    inside the people to live with pride and jocular
    The torment divide within the soul intrigue
    against the angels among humans to freak
    and to lost the poise that balance the bridge
    of domination and the other side the adage.
    The curtains we see and the preludes we look
    have hackneyed splenetic concepts in books. Wars among cultures and values to delineate
    the vagabond idea of tyranny is not any old
    the new saplings grown have reckoned it bold
    People master the nationalism from masters
    and so do the patriotism is flavoured in augur
    don't they understand the farrago of the giver
    that only one is to be lauded and from only one soul which is upset and separated lonely.
    We have done two big crimes deficit of wise
    remember we are parted by us and will pay
    the ultimate price with death driven demise.

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    #thankyou #nationalism #indian #people #motherland #mirakee #writersnetwork
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    Shukriya 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Shukriya har usse jawan ko🙏🏻
    Jo border me rahe kar 🇮🇳🇮🇳
    Humhare raksha karta ha ⚔️🛡

    Shukriya har doctor ko 💉💉
    Jo isse mahamarri me 🦠🦠
    Aapne jaan ko jhokem me rakh ke
    Hum sab ka treatment kar raha ha📝

    Shukriya har municipality worker ko🧹🧹
    Jo isse mahamarri me 🦠🦠
    Humhare colony saaf karte ha🧴🧴

    Shukriya har annyedaata Kisan ko🍚
    Jo isse mahamarri me🦠🦠
    Khana pada karta ha🍛🍛

    Shukriya har usse insan ko🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Jo isse mahamarri me 🦠🦠
    Khatar uthkar aapne pariwar ke😊😊
    Jauratey puree karta ha 😊😊

    Shukriya har usse covid 19 se pideta logo ko 🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Jo isse bayakar beimaar se 🦠🦠
    Darne ke bajaye 🥶🥶
    Daat kar samana kar raha ha⚔️⚔️

    Shukriya sabhi logo ko 🌷🌷
    Jinka isse ladhiye me yogdana ha 🙏🏻


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    The CM Who Became CM In Lockdown,Today Became COVID19 +Ve

    So Corona Isn't Fun

    Do Ur Politics After The Pandemic

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    Redmi & One Plus ख़रीदना बंद नही कर सकते,
    पर चीनीराखी?

    या वह भी जवानो की जानों से महंगी है?

    खैर छोड़ो

    कोई होठों के लिए मरे,कोई नोटों के लिए मरे
    भगत सिंह भी बोलता होगा,ए सुखदेव हम भी किन हरामजादो के लिए मरे!

  • obsovert 42w


    An extraordinary tale set in 1942-43 of Pre-partition Punjab & Pre-independence India which employs the poignant narratives of Sardar Buta Singh and his family torn apart in conflicting loyalties between the declining imperialist British Raj and rising new wave nationalism in India supported by his only son Sher Singh. It employs master imagery and narration by revered Khushwant Singh and paints the idiosyncrasies and vagaries of human nature on a life size canvas with it's palpable characters & their own set of predicaments. It vividly differentiates between spiritual propensity of pious Sardarni Sabhrai in contrast with corporeal fornication desires of her daughter-in-law Champak. It also deals with ugly truths masked behind the veil of preeminence. Ultimately it deals with the death and concomitant bereavement which shall remain the undisputed gospel truth of human existence. In short, it makes a successful attempt to elucidate the phenomena called Life.

    (I shall not hear the nightingale)


  • kailashn 46w

    भारतीय यौवन


  • obsovert 48w

    My take on "Paatal Lok"

    It's "strictly on need to know basis" that Amazon Prime has once again left the mark with it's newly floated series "Paatal Lok" and has further cemented it's position as prime online streaming platform particularly in terms of Indian content.

    Well, basically Pataal Lok is a gripping crime thriller with exceptionally strong language and occasional gory scenes in the greater schemes of human follies and concomitant polysemy of living and existence itself.

    Prima facie what begins as a foiled encounter attempt on the Yamuna Bridge with in station limits of the Outer Jamuna Paar Police Station turns out to be just the tip of iceberg and in turn leads the unsuspecting simpleton Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary right up to the doorstep of inferno beneath surface of the earth and further leading to the darker and murkier truths of the system itself.

    The protagonist of the series Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is believed to be a nincompoop cop who had never been close to the real investigation and is out of nowhere entrusted or rather framed into investigating the grandest and the most high profile case of his life which is apparently made to appear like an open and shut case but actually it isn't and determined Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who now has once a life time opportunity to take a break from his humdrum existence, decides to take the plunge to attempt his best shot and embarks upon a thrilling bone breaking rigmarole to the badlands of Uttar Pradesh in the temple town of Chitrakoot to unravel the unsaid and unknown flagitious past of the prime accused Hathoda Tyagi and in his bid to pursue the hidden truth of case, Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is finally able to stumble upon the uneasy truth and is able to manage and arrange a high profile truce between the warring sides. He forays deep into the case of his life by challenging the preconceived prognosis of events and emerge alive out of this mess contrary to the expectations of everyone barring his confidante and colleague Ansari who himself is struggling hard to keep the minority stereotypes at bay and make it large in his life.

    This series has got an eclectic outlook and an almost perfect ensemble cast and characters which represents a wide array of people coming from totally different backgrounds and with incomparable aspirations like someone wants to have absolute creative hold over his channel, someone likes to be loved and raise children, someone holds the canines dear, someone wants medals and promotions, someone wants a sex change operation to marry the love of her life, someone who is love lorn wants his love to be reciprocated, someone wants to keep his unwavering loyalty intact, someone wants to overcome anxiety, someone wants to rise above and touch the sky, someone wants to be still human and be righteously humane, someone wants to blend in as he is tired being a misfit, someone wants to be a social climber, someone wants to remain at the helm of power and then there is this one named Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who is like a tired and an exhausted pigeon with ever haunting gloom and despondency written large all over his face and yet a family man and thus susceptible to errors and wishes like he wants to see respect in eyes of his son who is visibly embarassed of his jumbo name and his profession as a cop, above all he has to battle interdepartmental rivalry and fear of being left out and trampled by his subordinates.

    Indeed Paatal Lok narrates an immersive and powerfully riveting tale enacted by it's richly layered characters who represents a wide social and geo political spectrum ranging from Dalit social mobility and skewed up binary gender notions, from caste based atrocities to the women being mercilessly raped in the patriarchal set up of society, from dreaded dacoity to political bonhomie leading to the alleys of power, from new wave nationalism to ages old rigid social subjugation and domination, from rural ruckus to ugly urban myths, from idea of peace to the ideologies of terrorism, from Delhi Belly of Hazrat Nizamuddin to the dubious Delhi of Patiala House Court, from parched Bundelkhand to prosperous Punjab and prevalent notions of pride and prestige therein.

    Most importantly and fundamentally Paatal Lok attempts an explanation to the very conjecture of the three different realms and the thin line between Swarg Lok, Bhoo Lok and the infamous Paatal Lok.


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    Whenever I see my NATIONAL FLAG

  • king_komj 54w

    The African Child

    Under the skies, I live my days 
    By the choices of others, I am guided through 
    The hours decreasing into minutes 
    Appreciating the lesser things cos the higher things are above my height 

    Under the sun I run, I run errands to and fro
    Under the sun I work, I work till my back hurts 
    Under the sun I play, I play till my sweat pores to soak my body and my clothes
    Because I am a child, a child of the scorching sun

    Under the moon, I sit to receive the wisdom of old
    Under the moon, I sit to hear the "Ananse" tales
    Under the moon, I play till I yawn and stretch
    Because I am a child, a child of the luminous moon

    Under the stars, I stand to count the uncountable
    Under the shooting stars, I stand to make a wish
    Under the stars, I bound with strangers, family and friends
    Because I am a child, a child of the hanging stars

    By the river, I am not to question it's the source
    I watch and admire its beauty while it meanders through the valleys into the unknown 
    Its fishes swim whilst I stare 

    A am a child, constantly walking in the footprints of others 

    I am a child with a true Nubian heritage
    Kissed by the sun and blessed with the precious gift of melanin 

    I am a child constantly challenged with numerous misfortunes yet I strive to attain the happy ending everyone craves for
    Underrated, hated and unfairly judged chiefly because of my precious dark skin

    I am a child who hails from the enriched roots of Kwame Nkrumah
    Who cherishes the concept of pan Africanism like Nnamdi Azikiwe  
    And defends his people like Robert Mugabe. 

    I never hide my pride when my history is being discussed 
    To them that show utter disgust in my nappy hair, thick lips and ashy elbows,
    I look at them and burst out with laughter — for all I see is pale and fragile nonentities who have a deficiency to what I call strength and power 

    Like a seedling, I get exposed to the most inhuman form of treatment — yet at the appropriate time I will germinate and flourish beautifully

    I am a Proud African Child
    Done by King_Komj, Princefa and Kwamekyei

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    Ye kaisa rashtravad hai..
    Yaha har jagah vivad hai.

    Kahi apno me takrar hai..
    Kahi apno me darar hai.

    Kahi chal rahi talvar hai..
    Kahi ban rahi divar hai.

    Koi ban raha gavar hai..
    Koi yaha samajdar hai.

    Ye kaisa rashtravad hai..
    Ye kaisa rashtravad hai..

    Kahi chal rahi hoi goiyaan..
    Kahi chadh rahi hai baliyaan.

    Kahi kat rahi hai machaliyan...
    Kahi mit rahi hai bashtiyan.

    Iska kon javabdar hai.
    Iska kon javabdar hai.

    Yaha kisse hazaar hai...
    Aur samasyao ka bazaar hai.

    Kahi badh raha prahar hai..
    Kahi khoon ka bahaar hai.

    Koi khada hai qatar me..
    Koi khada hai dwar pe.

    Ye kaisa rashtravad hai..
    Ye kaisa rashtravad hai.

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    सर पे विराजा हिमाला मुकुट,
    बहती हज़ारों नदियां हैं।
    फसल खेत खलिहानों में,
    खुद में ही बसती एक दुनिया है।

    असंख्य वीर सपूतों की,
    स्वर्णिम जो ये मिट्टी है।
    कोई तोल मोल नहीं इस मिट्टी की,
    कण-कण में बसती चिट्ठी है।

    हर चिट्ठी के वो अक्षर सुहाने,
    कहती जो वीर ये गाथा है,
    क्षण भर में कर दे सिद्ध ये गाथा,
    भारत भाग्य विधाता है।

    नानक - कृष्ण की भूमि पर,
    कुटुंब ईद मनाता है।
    कितनी धनी है सभ्यता यहां की,
    यह एकता दर्शाता है।

    दूर तलक फैली फसलों में,
    हर कृषक स्नेह दर्शाता है।
    सींचे खेतों को मेहनत से,
    देश की थाली सजाता है।

    ये वीर सपूतों की भूमि पर,
    कितने हुए हैं बलिदानी।
    विश्व जगत में ख्याति दिलाई,
    जिनकी हस्ती थी ज्ञानी।

    एक दो नहीं असंख्य रत्न,
    इस देश ने बनाया है।
    सबकी इस भागीदारी ने,
    भारत को महान बनाया है।