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    My country reaped Independence roughly 75 years ago
    and here I am in 2021
    living in a city of
    233.5 km² area - Jodhpur.
    Scribbling the tumbling,
    vestiges of past and
    the angst of Gen Z.
    Describing you the state
    gifted to us now,
    Wrapped with climate change
    and Pandemic,
    by the forefathers of then
    and the predators of now.
    My city is just like
    a subtle disaster.
    Adorning blue walls
    With public pee and spit.
    Broken hearts and road,
    Where crowd runs
    Without masks,
    Except after 8 PM,
    Because duh, my dear
    Covid walks in.
    My city is not unique,
    It is the same as yours.
    In my city poets scribble,
    And die.
    But their words live.
    My city is just like yours
    is a Subtle disaster,
    Reaching soon to explode
    With deaths of souls
    And the human mind.
    It is a Subtle disaster
    in the funeral pyre
    In heart's raging.
    My city is just like yours
    where the youth pray
    to die young
    and the charlatan old rules.
    Cities like yours and mine
    are the cities where poems scribbled by youth collapse.
    My city is just like yours
    where gallons of oil,
    milk goes to gutter
    and meantime
    eight lakh kids
    in our country die malnourished.
    Cities like yours and mine
    are the cities where poems scribbled by youth collapse.

    Those scribbled poems
    that lie collapse
    are memoirs of prolonged
    sadness and injustice,
    served on platter of
    activists and hunger
    felt for love.
    Distorted visionaries
    sell utopian promises
    like freshly baked
    cookies they smell nice.
    While behind the show
    the art that reflects
    angst of artist
    are suppressed
    and buried under
    the charges of sedition.
    Such are the cities
    and nations
    where poems scribbled
    by you and me
    and youth collapse.
    These are cities
    where the subtle disaster,
    is in creation
    in every street
    in every act
    of rape
    and instigation
    of communal violence.

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    Subtle Disaster

    Such are the cities
    and nations
    where poems scribbled
    by you and me
    and youth collapse.
    These are cities
    where the subtle disaster,
    is in creation
    in every street
    in every act of rape
    and of instigation of
    communal violence.

  • b_gotti 7w


    Being crazy in an entire civilization obsessed with misrepresentation is really more of a realization.
    In these times of mass condemnation, there is no redemption. No matter your condition or affiliations, you have still just begun. Even with a perfect presentation and a lengthy duration, you've only succeeded in helping the inflation of our society's ego when what it really needs is starvation.
    With careful application you say your apologies loudly and to their strict specifications. You may have some expectations of something close to admiration but not expecting anything like a grand standing ovation. I mean fuck, you went by their regulations.
    Though, to your surprised mortification, you won't even get a small validation or be able to get any kind of affirmation.
    It's time to give your immediate cancellation of living this lifetime of captivation.
    To them you're just another complication who has a role to play in their games of dark deception. You have just finished your rotation so without hesitation, immediately following your declaration, they've already laid implication of your several violations.
    Using alienation they send you into a dark isolation. Then they still have the nerve to use misquotations to say you're not meeting their expectations.
    A constant continuation until the day you finally scream "fuck you" to their morbid fixation and start to ignore temptation to feed into their exploitations of your minds fascination of trying to see the variations between what is simple frustration or when you actually need sedation. The accumulation of their constant villaination means they have to find some classification able to describe their objection to my own personal obligation of self-preservation by illumination of my destructive dissolation on their manipulation. Then I approve, with great elation and high recommendations. Now sanctioned, you may call me crazy as a character assassination. Meanwhile you as a entire nation remain on your knees in collaboration of self-annihilation with eternal damnation by helping with the universal castration of real communication. So call me crazy. I'll say thank you and salutations. Count me out if this is the new normalization.
    A girl now labeled a flagrant assailant in contradiction and confusion on what was meant by our once meaningful constitution. Now based on your exaggerated evaluation on my mental cognition, I've been evicted, convicted and left vacant, Forsaken, screaming frustration silently choking on medication.


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    जीस देश मे education महंगा धंदा

    और इंटरनेट सस्ता मिल रहा हो

    उस देश की क्या improvement होंगी ???


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    To hoist the flag or wrap in..


  • _surayaaaa 8w

    #4 Young Generation

    "If you want to destroy
    a nation without war,
    make adultery and nudity
    common in the
    young generation."

    - Salahuddin Al-Ayubbi (The Liberator of Jerusalem)

  • siddharth1 9w

    ना जाने कैसा खेल है सियासत का
    कि जिंदगी आज फिर दाव पर है
    कोई मोल रहा नहीं अब यह तख़्त-ओ-ताज का
    डूबे यह भी आज लाल रंग में है

    बचालो कि यमराज के द्वार पर खड़ी है
    जिंदगी आखरी पड़ाव पर खड़ी है
    पछताना ना फिर कि कुछ हो ना सका
    यह फिसलती रेत अब भी थोड़ी मुट्ठी में पड़ी है


  • the_miss_x 10w

    कुछ लोग भी कैसे होते हैं...
    औरों को तो लोड़ी गाते,
    खुद की रात न सोते हैं।

    कुछ घरियांँ ऐसी होती हैं
    सांँझ दिखे न उजियारी,
    पर चली ज़रूर वो जातीं हैं।

    ये लोग अजब से होते हैं...
    औरों का तो दिन बनाते,
    खुद की रात न सोते हैं।

    कुछ हँसियांँ ग़ज़ब सी होती हैं
    जिन में जड़ कर के सारी
    खुशियांँ फीकी होती हैं।

    न जाने लोग वो कैसे होते हैं...
    औरों की सुबह महका के,
    खुद की रात न सोते हैं।

    बांँकी सब तो समझ गए...
    पर लोग वह कैसे होते हैं?
    औरों का चंदा बन कर जो
    खुद की ही रात न सोते हैं?

    ------The Miss.X

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    ऐसे होते हैं?



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  • saral32 11w


    बड़ी खुशी है,बाप को अपने बच्चों पर गर्व होना!
    उससे भी बड़ी खुशी है,किसी का पहली बार अपने पैरों पर खड़ा होना..
    उससे भी सुखद है,बरसों से उजड़ी किसी की गोद भर जाना....
    पर सबसे सुखद है,किसी फौजी का सही सलामत घर लौट आना।।।


  • meteorically_ashi_ 13w


    A "black cat" broke the bay
    The couple was blessed by an "Angel"

  • shivashish_kumar 16w

    Army Man

    Kal tk wo nadaan tha aaj wo jawan hai,
    Kahani hai Sainik ki , Jo ki ek insaan hai..
    Mohaabt ki us Umar , maut se anjaan tha
    Krna hai watan ke liye , chahe maut aaye shaan se,

    Mai jauga army me, isse sun Kar Hass pade,
    Motivation Dene wale log , usko demotivat Kar gye..
    Mehnt krke written qualify, dikha Diya sb log ko,
    Ab to IMA jauga bta Diya un log ko...

    Ghr se wo dur bs maa-baap ka aashirwaad hai,
    Aur gf ke sath Jo bitaye pal ,unki ek yaad hai..
    Uske ek hath me INSAS rifle aur dusre me ek tasvir hai,
    Chehre pe muskaan aur Tirange me lipatne ki pyaas hai...

  • tanmay5 18w

    छत्रपति शिवाजी महाराज जयंतीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा।


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    हर हर महादेव का था स्वर प्रचंड
    मच गया था रक्त में तेज ज्वलंत,
    हृदय में विश्वास अटल ही था
    विलयतियों पर आया कहर ही था।

    थे वह सह्याद्रि के स्वामी
    पर हृदय में हिंदुत्व के रक्षक ही
    पौढ़प्रताप पुरंदर, क्षत्रियकुलावतंस
    सिंहासनाधीश्वर , राजाधिराज ,महाराज , योगिराज
    श्रीमन्त छत्रपति शिवाजी महाराज थे
    स्वराज्य के मुकुटमणि।

    जागो अब और बढ़ो आगे,
    उनके प्रताप से सीख लो तुम,
    समाज के लिए अपना जीवन का
    पूर्ण समर्पण कर दो तुम।

  • eccentric_eesha 18w

    Those who sacrifice their
    lives for the nation don't
    really care about anything
    else other than protecting
    the dignity of their motherland.

    © Eesha

  • abhayprverma 18w

    "उस वेलेन्टाइन वो अपने महबूब को तोहफा क्या खास दे गये,
    गुलाब, गुलदस्ता तो सब देते हैं वो वतन पर अपनी जान दे गये।"

  • sgt_sumit_sharma 18w

    Soldire says

    Want to lead,
    No matter if I blead.
    My land is my mother,
    Holding in hands is my colour.

  • atadash 20w

    Sunna hai koi kanoon aya hai

    Sunna hai koi kanoon aya hai
    Na tune mujhe se puccha
    Na tune muhje bataya hai
    Itni hi meri fikar hai
    Toh aa aur mujhse meri takleef pucch
    Kyoun gairon sa nazar churaya hai
    Sunna hai koi kanoon aya hai

    Loktantra ki laaj hi rakh le
    Kyoun lassi aur chai ka bair dikhata hai
    Jab aaten hain dono dhoodh hi se
    Phir kyoun adha sach ka path padhata hai
    Arre pagdi pehen aur sisha dekh
    Usme bhi thuje main dikhunga
    Sach bata jo bhi laya hai, kis k liye laya hai
    Suna hai koi kanoon aya hai

    Ro rahi hai sikhshya ki devi
    Jis ne bhed bhav ka path na jana hai
    Jati dharm par aesi soch
    Kyoun NCERT ne preamble chapwaya hai
    Insaniyat ki path padho aur khud se sawal kar
    Kya bhagwaan sirf Radcliffe aur mac mohan tak samaya hai
    Sunna hai koi kanoon aya hai


  • harsh77 21w

    Love you INDIAN Army
    I feel proud as Indian����
    #love #indian #india #happy #republicday #republic #72th #army #nation #we #stay #in #peace

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    Republic day

    Happy republic day guys
    This is for those who stays at border
    For our good sake,
    The temperature of Siachen is -30°c Normal human being can't resist the temperature of -30 and in rajasthan +40 i always wondered how they can survive in very lowest temperature a nd very highest temperature, they are incredible human being I've ever seen.
    They take bullets on their chest and sacrifice their lives for us so we can celebrate all festivals peacefully ❤️
    salute to Indian Army

  • manuhere 21w

    अनुपमा व्रत

    - मनु मिश्रा
    लिखो बांकुरों लिखो कबीरों
    भारत की अनुपम कहानी
    थिथिल धरा पर अडिग तिरंगा
    म्रत्यु पर छा जाए जवानी
    क्या परिचय उस देवलोक का
    सौरभ जिसकी माटी की मतवाली हो
    देवी गाए तो फागुन का मेला
    मुस्काए हर दिन दिवाली हो
    जिस के लोगों में बहता लहू
    चन्दन का पानी
    लिखो बांकुरों लिखो कबीरों
    ऐसे भारत की अनुपम कहानी
    नतमस्तक होता हो नभ
    जिस अम्बर की आभा में
    कौन झुका सकता वो मस्तक
    पराधीन परिभाषा में
    कश्ती है हिचकोले है
    मौसम न एक सा सानी है
    फिर भी मंजिल का जोश रगों में
    म्रत्यु पर छाती जवानी है
    सुनो बांकुरों सुनो कबीरों ऐसी
    भारत की अनुपम कहानी है

  • prakhu_13 21w

    26th January

    आप सभी को गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं.....


  • kriti_dinesh_shukla 44w

    #freedom #caste #discrimination #indian #india #indipendenceday #republic #indian #race #religion #hinduism #islam #muslim #poetry #thoughts #inspiration #motivation #country #nation

    We got freedom from the Britishers but we are again conquered by the religions and caste .
    We proudly say that India is a democratic country but still we fight on the name of religion , we fight as Hindu or Muslim .
    There is no religion or caste in India except one religion and that religion is Indian (Hindustani).
    Until and unless we don't stop fighting on the name of religion we are not fully independent.

    If you are really a true Indian then from today follow only one religion that is Hindustani (Indian).
    © Kriti Arya
    Indian ����

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