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  • jlaine 5d

    Sometimes I wish I were you,
    With no need for true love, only supply,
    Walking through life with your head held high
    And a trail of blood deftly shrouded in the muck
    Of your sob stories, promises, and lies, lies, lies,
    O what beautiful pride,
    Tearing at my heartstrings, ensnaring my mind,
    Crooning me to sleep with that sinister rhyme,
    As you slowly chip away at my precious time,
    Ravaging all which renders me kind,
    No less my dignity, yet myself I chide,
    Oh, how had I not seen the signs?
    For you'd turn up the heat when I could barely breathe,
    Burn every bridge, uproot every seed,
    Promise me a dream, then leave me to bleed,
    For it was only a dream, it was only a dream,
    Oh, the numberless times I'd plead for you to stay,
    Just one more day, just one more day,
    We can work this out, come, let us pray,
    But you always had your way,
    Both feet out the door,
    And your mind gone too,
    Darting swifter than a mere achoo,
    As I bided bare, my heart severed in two,
    Drowning in despair, in this pain, in this shame, in all that remained of the essence of you,
    But my love for you,
    This faith unglued,
    A neverending trek through your gobbledygook,
    Oh, I rue the day I ever met you,
    Nigh three years gone, your barbs still pierce through,
    While you slithered away sans a nick or a prick,
    For there isn't a snake as slick as you,
    Glock in one hand, the other clutching my heart,
    ‘Tis an art how you make your move,
    For I see now you've hooked her too,
    Oh, how I long to forewarn her of you,
    But those eyes, those lips, those guileful tricks, they all but blanket the truth,
    Poor girl, you're only a tool,
    A mere pawn in his servile cesspool,
    O Lord, will You not bare what looms?
    For her fate lies awake in the tomb.


  • nightsurfer 4w


    I sought an odyssey together but you wanted a chauffeur to run your narcissistic errands.


  • ananias 11w



    A predator in the making, it hurts so bad your core is breaking. Biological imperatives, ideas sourced from a dark place and you're not sure where that is. Internally suggestive, you're pretty invested in seeing it through. If you can do it once, why not two? And if they will do it with them, why not them with you? Who's fault is it anyways, do you blame the tv for breaking to a magnet? Do you blame me for acting on attraction when my body is covered in their static? They never said yes, but I didn't hear a no. Maybe they don't like it but that's something that I do not want to know. Keep insisting and hardly listening, do what you want and at least you're happy. They suffer from my touch but they can't say they never had me.


  • abhilashahanson 20w

    Toxic people will only hold onto you when you're constantly bringing them something. Be it their ego, confidence, a sense of superiority.

  • devilfish 22w

    Dear God, My Beloved Void

    Dear Beloved ,

    I assume to address you as such
    In the past

    I know the following to be true

    At least I was so wrong

    You moved me without having shoved 

    That's a picture

    A scripture

    Or a song

    I grow when you call my name 

    It's as if I didn't know you cut my branches

    These wooden arms rotted with empathy

    Because I reached above you towards the light

    You are the monster

    You gaslight me

    I don't have to grab at the smoke

    Enveloping me like possessive vines

    My throat erupted in agonistic misery

    Not even time could carry the burden of it's

    Emptiness that I feel like it's fighting me

    Limiting me

    Emitting from me

    I am scared to love

    Because you ripped my life from me

    And you stomped the ash of our "love"

    Right in front of me

    Like a cigarette smoked all the way to the butt

    The skies are a deep blue

    As the days pass like racing cars on a speedway

    Life cannot make itself grow abundant
    And anew

    When my perception is swallowed by my reflection

    I love you 

    When I forgot myself

    And I lost direction

    Before I knew what love was

    You were stirring like boiling blood

    To let ego cause chaos

    You made a meal of us

    I walked away from you

    So that I can run through concrete jungles

    And find a place where there is something to lose

    I'm not going to make it in these tired torn


    My eyes have dried

    But my mind aches to ressurect love

    Nobody above to answer my questions

    My heart has grew

    My heart has a predilection for romance

    I can almost hear the dreams echo

    Fear as it dreams of the day I shed a tear

    I  learned to believe half of what I see and

    None of what I here

    I'm honestly so close to breaking in the torridity it's burning me with an unholy perversely consuming my entirety

    Ripped a rose from my garden every time you lied to me

    Petrified as you forced yourself inside me

    Inside my head

    Beside me

    Like insects festering in the love

    Now dead

    An empty space an infection left in a bed

    Violating my vitality with a viscous volatile

    Indecency to conjure fluidly like a spider

    Weaves it's web on sinistry


    Dutifully attending to kiss me

    But under your breath I hear you hissing

    Just to seethe the words like lava

    Missing points with an accuracy that

    Aligned with meaningless egocentrism

    Algorithms that slice your raw skin with a dirty blade

    My insurgency and my empathy will carve my initials with a wrath of passion

    Incision like a surgeon and a dissection

    Is due

    I envision what karma's face will paint

    I want to secretly watch you waste away

    From your apathy

    Old gum I can't bear the taste it's one dimensionality is a tragedy

    I won't answer if you ask me

    "Are you mad at me?"

    I'll be on the way to nuture me

    And the torment abuse and the whiplashes

    You tired to give me

    I crafted the piece of paper  of pain

    So I could use it's power to forgive me

    I can

    I will

    Further me

    I won't let you eat my pride

    I will rip your heart from the inside

    With a slight eye all truth

    And you will feel the immensity of water

    Water is not limited

    Unlike you

    There's no limit

    In the fashion that it fluidly


    Congruently placing love

    For myself

    So that one day I can share the truth

    I have unparalleled determination

    And I have my thoughts

    This is where you lose

    Fire has burned me in its holy little death
    You inspire poems 
    My one and only
    Your name will be the last thing I've left 
    As it lingers in the tone of my last eternal breath 
    And the warm recollection of my ear to your chest 
    You're forever my home
    In your eyes my weary mind finds solace
    At last
    An angel that is set apart from the rest
    For your love
    I am blessed

  • pallavi4 25w


    I sat innocently by the lake
    With the cool water around my feet
    The sun rays warming me gleefully
    Little daisies waving happily in the heat

    Then I saw something move in the water
    Quickly I pulled my feet out
    And began to look for what I thought I’d seen
    Hoping to squash my petty doubts

    I saw my reflection in the cool water
    Mesmerised I kept staring in delight
    At the angles and planes of my face
    My heart soaring higher than a kite

    As I put my hand to touch my reflection
    Something suddenly grabbed my hand
    And pulled me into the water of the lake
    Away from the grassy land

    As though I had been trapped in a mirror
    I beat the surface to be let out in dismay
    Knowing fully well I’d been solitary
    On this bright and hot sunny day

    With no one to hear my cries and pull me out
    I came to live in the water of the lake
    Punished for my folly and my pride
    With a lifetime to ponder over my mistake


    2nd of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • cassiopeia_sky 29w

    Emotional Abuse

    Emotional abuse can be just as bad as physical abuse recognize the difference to act accordingly...

  • m_etanoia 30w


    Spending life with a narcissist is a pretty difficult thing and not just that, if you happen to be the sufferer of that narcissistic abuse, your mental health is at stake buddy.
    Often times, it is pretty difficult to actually find out that your partner or parent or any close person for that matter, is a narcissist. And while you are unaware of the truth, your life is impacted severely. You may develop self-doubt, self loathing, toxicity, inadequacy and maybe clinical depression as well.
    But once you find out that your partner is a narcissist, you can't fix the person but yourself.
    And healing comes again with its challenges.


    No, it is not that simple stuff, not the everyday grief I am talking about.
    It is recovering from the mythical past guilt, processing the dark episodes of your past and present life and then acknowleding the fictious part of your otherwise real life.
    It is like listening to your own silent screams but now amplified with the resonating frequencies of hatred, manipulation, gaslighting, dark empathy, disguised abuse, etc (by that narcissist obviously).

    VERY DARK!!!

    What actually happens?
    When the lies slowly get unearthed, the dust settles and justifications are shown for what they are (which are actually devastating).
    The cognitive dissonance and trauma borne leaves you perplexed.
    The clarity is nothing but quite liberating and is almost like deciphering a complex code. It leaves a person working backwards to make sense of what actually happened and also grieving for the hopeful person they once were.


    Of all the recovery and grief and harm patterns of the narcissistic abuse, rumination is often cited as one of the most disruptive.
    It leads people to feel zoned out and stuck in the past.

    What's the solution then?
    Well, most probably, a psychiatric therapy.
    But I am ranting all this to break things simpler for me and for you if you need it.
    If you know of a possible solution then do comment down below.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee do you know any?


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  • _teal_ 33w

    Past or present

    If you can't keep her in your past
    Why do you feel the need
    To want me?
    Is it a megalomaniac thing?


  • pyro_sagen 52w


    You never loved me
    You just wanted to someone to hold
    You wanted attention
    You wanted control

    I gave you my skin
    And I showed you my soul
    I promised you my heart
    And carved your name in my skull

    You give me the blame
    For the wound that you left
    And you wont let it heal
    And you wont let me rest

    I know deep down you hate that I'm stronger
    And that I wont lay my head in your lap any longer
    So dont ever come back
    Cause I've realized the truth
    I'm not sacrificing myself for a narcissist like you

  • grotesque 58w

    Depression: 2.3

    You should be able to understand
    That the way I've always loved you
    Is the only way I ever could to any soul.
    You should have known I am not
    A demon disguised as angel.
    I am and I will always be the one
    And only lover in your life who
    Would be there, whatsoever. But
    Unfortunately, you do not acknowledge
    My way of loving you. I feel empty.
    But this emptiness is way better than
    The wrath of any emotional turmoil
    I had faced earlier. People do not just
    Go away from life. They are being
    Pushed away. I promise that I will
    Never share my 'that' love to anyone.
    You felt disgusted by it and I felt
    Elated the more I understood how
    Much we differentiated from perceptions.
    You should be able to understand
    One day that I was the only lover,
    Friend and a beautiful person who
    Truely gave my soul in your trembling hands.
    All I got in return was the venom of your mind.
    However, that is not enough to put
    Me down. I will rise again and my
    Love will be recognised thoroughly!

  • healednarcissist 61w

    When sociopaths and psychopaths enter the game, plain narcs (narcissists) will lose all the fame.

    #mentalhealth #personality #narcissists #positivelife #advocate #psychopath #sociopath #narcissism #dark #fairytale #cinderella #princecharming

    But be reminded that Jesus is the game changer. In fact a LIFE CHANGER. So behold if you are someone conflicted with illness or sadness, lean on to God and He will lift you up. He will.

    Sharing this comforting words from the Bible:
    The Lord is your helper you shall not fear. "I will never leave and forsake you" saith the Lord.

    ||Taken from the book of Hebrew|| #Jesus #Christ #Hebrew #HolyBible

    There is power in WORDS. The living words of God.

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    A Dark Fairytale To Be Told

    Noble she was...
    From the far away land.
    Had worn shiny jewelries
    Fancy seasoned gowns.

    When nightfall has come
    She had to run
    For fairy godmother will be there
    In the castle waving her dark wand.

    Cinderella the name she was called
    Had sold her soul in exchange for gold
    You thought she was kindhearted, and humble,
    But, inside her was boiling madness for her stepsisters.

    Woe to this damned lady
    The prince enticed and tamed
    Not because of her own beauty
    It was all her glass shoe the prince envy.

    As fairy godmother had caught her.
    She was transformed into a rotting tree
    Then witch godmother boldly told
    "let her bare feet lay on the ground unfree."

    Poor Cinderella, her life cut short.
    Fooled and paid the price for a fiction world.
    Only her glass shoe was left
    Adored and consumed by the weirdo prince that she attempted to manipulate.

  • ppghose 65w


    The staff members around her, were rejoicing.
    Professor Sengupta had given a brilliant seminar on Prevention of Domestic Abuse.Fellow professors applauded her on the corridors and staircases.She walked swiftly through all that commotion , looking down and smiling.She rushed outside the campus and caught a taxi.
    While inside the taxi, she rolled back her sleeve, the knife cut from last evening was still fresh under the surgical dressing.She couldn't process her fame anymore.Despite her fame,education and stable finances ,she felt hollow over her life choices.Nothing made sense.

  • raindropsoncacti 66w


    Hearing my children's voices from afar,
    Within them I can sense and relate to how they feel disappointed and let down.
    They're finally starting to see the unfortunate truth
    As I remain here feeling lost without them, whilst they're out of town.

    They're feeling the impact of an unhealthy operator,
    And it's materialistic motives and greed.
    My children don't want to be away stuck in that anymore -
    They miss our time, our values, our closeness and our creed.

    I wrote my primary goal down a few years ago:
    "To create not 'a house', but a warm, loving home to live in".
    After growing up a drumming-monkey, in a house so cold, despite my ever-obedient abiding,
    I promised ours would be peaceful, nurturing and safe for my children.

    They're now understanding why I've been dedicated my life healing, choosing to 'not be like her',
    Since making a big decision, though way too young, to head out alone.
    They're empathising now why their own mum took so long to even like herself
    After being under control of the narcissistic mother of her own.

    They're sadly discovering the hard way how some people in this world
    Will try to use money, pretty things, and guilt as leverage, to manipulate, puppet and bribe.
    They have both called me daily, in secrecy, to let me know,
    They don't like it, it goes against *our* motto: "we all play our part, to together, be a good tribe".

    I'm sad of course to hear them say this, yet appreciative as well.
    It's validation that I've taken the right path.
    The fact they know they can reach out to me for anything is comforting for one,
    The fact they're reacting strongly and maturely, an even more impressive half!

    They have learned to stand up for themselves though, this time.
    And I'm so proud they have, without my need to intervene!
    They've politely handed cash back, as it came with "demands and conditions"
    To make their statement of: "we'd rather wash our hands clean".

    My children have learned from me giving is essential.
    It's how we show people they're thought of, and we care.
    But through this they've mastered how to recognise "giving is actually taking",
    If it's self-interest, not altruism, that's at play there.

    I still lament things are as they are with my own mum.
    I feel a sense of grief, not for what I have in lieu.
    Rather for what I haven't, mourning my ideal mother, one maternal, who wanted me.
    Instead have one who no matter how much love and light you give her, nothing will ever do.

    I don't resent her, though. Through my efforts I have overcome that.
    I feel sad questioning: what did she endure herself to end up that way?
    Truth is we'll ever know. She'll never be close or open enough to tell us.
    Or perhaps that's she just is how she is. Who knows? Who can ever say?

    I thought about driving off to collect my kids this morning.
    They always know if they asked, I would in nano-second fractions of a heartbeat.
    But I know, for this particular lesson to stay with them, for life,
    It's better they ride it out this time, than to escape, or feel defeat.

    To keep standing their ground will give them the insight they need for future
    When deciding how and where to direct their energy, effort and time.
    Though these two small beautiful pieces of my own heart are missing right now
    We'll reconnect soon, united and stronger, in our little sanctuary, our "Leibenheim".


  • be_nidhi 67w

    Sometimes I want to pen you into poetry and release it all, once and for all, but then again...

    I wouldn't want to disgrace poetry !


  • hjo0890 68w


    He'll shoot you down
    And make it sound like a compliment
    Carefully constructed sentences make their points without upset
    His words you consciously accept
    The pain you subconsciously bury
    Anger builds day by day
    The words he says
    Are gentle and kind
    I'm growing angrier.. but why?
    He never hits me or calls me names
    He never says I'm fat or ugly
    But there was one time when he made fun of my music
    And the time he lectured me for going out with friends
    And the times he refused intimacy
    And how he criticized my favorite movies
    And the times he said my friends were dumb
    And the times he refused to go out with us
    And the times he said his issues were my fault
    When he didn't like my haircut or the new jeans I bought
    When he refused to spend time with me to spend time with the internet
    When he said we should separate, I'll never forget
    When he looked in my eyes and put the blame on me
    Without saying a single word one would consider "hateful" or "mean"

  • in_fragments 71w

    "Blood is not thicker than water-
    and it is certainly never thicker
    than brain matter.
    To keep your sanity threaded together, you distance yourself from caustic people-
    even those being your own kin.

    You no longer have to sit idle while they suffocate you,
    force you to bottle up the truth,
    to keep trying
    and lying to yourself;
    there's power in putting in the work
    to repair- but it is not a one way street.
    Sometimes, people just cannot change. Sometimes family doesn't act like family
    at all.

    It is no longer about
    adhering to the empty notion
    of relatives sticking together,
    even if it means being hurt by them,
    with no hope for integrity
    or accountability.
    This is about you now, and how to heal
    from how they treated you.

    You deserve to find a community
    who will water you, and inner fulfillment that is encouraged
    to blossom- better
    than the one you were raised in,
    that stunted your growth and tore off your petals-
    you must seek it elsewhere.

    It's all a part of the cycle. Wake up and walk away..."

    "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” Create your covenant.
    #pod #poem #family #narcissism #recovery #brain #abuse #trauma #thoughts #mirakee #writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    Blood is not Thicker

    Blood is not thicker than water-
    and it is certainly never thicker
    than brain matter.

  • lonelylad 75w

    Being a narcissist is a crime,

    Using 'I' in every line,

    Personality really shines,

    When 'Yours' is used more than 'Mine'.


  • roohi_khalish 83w

    I arise from dreams of thee
    In the sleep of night I cried,yea! It was me!
    When ye were breathing low,
    Hath led me—who knows how?
    To thy chamber window, Sweet!
    Ye as usual faked! Retreat!!
    Matter not I die! I faint! I fail!
    Let thy love in narcissism rain
    On my lips and eyelids pale!
    I care I worship existence thine,
    Thee used n used existence mine!!

  • ajay_writes 85w

    My Narcy Bitch !

    The image of your face still afresh...
    The Halsey song that played in the background still resonates..
    The Dairy Milk that you teased him with seemed the tastiest...
    Aah..He still remembers that day where it all began !

    You being this teddy that oozed care , cuteness and narcissism all the same time..
    He didn't know who he was back then nor did he know what he wanted..
    Somehow he felt alive in your company..
    He found himself..

    Time passed... Can't.deny it was a rollercoaster ride since then..
    Yes... He has changed over the 11 months since the inception...
    But the words he promised still holds true..
    The friendship still a pillar for him..
    The weird "Okay" still his favorite sound for his ears...
    The scoldings still feels the most caring..
    The chest which he finds the most safest place to rest...
    The person whom he feels the most comfortable crying to..

    Yes.. He can't wait to wage the ladakh roads with this drama queen...

    Dramas and more dramas and many more dramas awaits them !!!.
    Although Promises made shall stand forever...