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    Tum shakti ho, फिर भी shiva ho,
    Tum shiva ho फिर भी shakti ho.
    Shiva shakti tum dono hi ho,
    Kabhi Maa to kabhi pita ho,
    Kabhi aasman to kabhi dharti ho,
    Kabhi chaya ho to kabhi dhoop ho,
    Kabhi baadal ho to kabhi baarish.
    Kabhi bhook ho to kabhi pyaas,
    Kabhi bimari ho to kabhi dawa.
    Andhera bhi tum, roshni bhi tum.
    Narayan aur narayani bhi tum.
    Kaun ho tum, kya pukaroon tumhe?
    Tum har jagah ho,
    Tum har roop me,
    Tum sarva ho,
    tum to aur koi nahee शायद main hi hoon
    Main aur koi nahee tum ho
    Mai hi shakti, mai hi shiva, main hi Shiva shakti


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    Fairy of Shri
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh ShriLakshmi, am your little fairy
    Oh my Padma, hence I'll serve you daily!
    Oh lotus coiffeured, you are my lady, my princess!
    And I stick to you as your personal assistant!
    Oh one who blessed the lands of Vidarbha
    And appeared in the fields of King Janaka!
    Let me bring the fresh lotus flowers,
    And dress your tresses, in perfect charms!!!
    You enchant Our Swamy, who is known as Mukunda
    You are the Lady Royal of the great Achyuta!!!
    Let me bring for you the perfect outfits,
    Which shine by your brilliance, and your own grace!
    My princess who won the Heart of my Father,
    Let me arrange your locks, in a magnificent manner!
    You are my Queen, my dear Mother,
    I am your little girl, let me perch on your shoulder!!
    Your complexion shines like that of molten gold,
    May my heart stay with you as if sold!
    My Mother, may I shower you with lotus fragrance,
    Which is rather less than you, it's you who'll enhance!
    Let me bring in your jingling preferred jewels,
    Which match with the Lord who is studded with gems!
    My Queen, I am your own little one,
    Don't forget me ever, I am your tiny servant,
    Here this winged creature's life is yours,
    Make me a fish in the ocean of your mercy with no shores,
    Let me forever hence do this service,
    May Oh Mother, you always be my only Mistress!!!

    When I was a child, I used to watch Barbie movies. One of those was 'Barbie and the Princess Charm School'. Also, I had a special attraction to Rosetta, one of Tinker Bell Series Fairies and wanted to become such a fairy.
    In the movie of Charm School, each Princess was assisted by a personal Fairy Assistant, who follows her and serves her. She arranges her make up, hair etc. I have attached a little image of the main Princess with her Fairy Assistant.
    I wish to be such a fairy for my Lakshmi Ma!!! Hence, I made a little drawing depicting this dream, I am the fairy in Ma Lakshmi's hand! (I know am not good at drawing but I had to draw this��)❤❤❤��
    Well why, would I child prefer to be a Doctor/Engineer/Lawyer, when she can be the Fairy of her Mother!!!

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: My own drawing and edit, Barbie picture I borrowed from a YouTube video (screenshot)
    ���� ������ ��������������: Lakshmi Ma and me as Fairy in her hand ❤

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    Fairy of Shri

    By ShriHari Nandini