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  • ameyakolhatkar 1d


    A fallen dream, complicating the simpler thing.
    Under the moonlight
    Constant fear of the unknown apparition
    Slowly shedding a crimson tear. Oh my friend casting the silhouette. Where do you hail from?
    The crimson valley of woe.


  • dobriyalpriya 4w

    Mere aaj mai..
    Mujhe kal dikhta hai
    Saath kesi ka nahi
    Bss apna milta hai..

    Meri subha mai..
    Mujhe raat dikhti hai..
    Roshni ke jgha..
    Sab andhera lagta hai..

    Aakho se gire aasu
    Mujhe muskaan se lagte hai
    Jazbe ab mere
    Khaamosh se lagte hai

  • laws_ofthe_universe 4w

    We Are Power

    If you feel fear then they are in control.
    If you believe they will achieve their goal.
    You must be strong! You must be wise!
    They are filled with nothing more than lies!
    And it's sad to see such a weak disguise.
    Dilute so many to abandon their brain.
    Jump on any ole social train.
    This is a mistake! It is not real!
    Reach out your hands! What do you feel?
    Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Holograms and clones.
    They will never leave us alone!
    It is us who truly have the power.
    They would be nothing if we hadn't built their tower.
    Tear it down! It is time to rise above!
    Claim this world once built for love!

  • laws_ofthe_universe 5w

    #original #originalcontent #writing #mywriting #pod #poetry #mypoetry #dreams #mydream #dreamturnedtopoem
    May not be great. It was a dream I had when I was younger and I wanted to write about it. But I wanted it to be interesting. I love my dad btw lol

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    Dream No.1

    We are walking down the road.
    It's evening, the sun is setting, the breeze is chill.
    He is in distress because of what he's been told
    We walk as he begs and I can't help but feel
    That the gravel in my toes isn't the only pain here
    I tell him I'm leaving. Never to return
    And as we approach the house he cries out in fear
    But there is simply nothing here for me to learn
    We enter the house and I gather my things
    Still as he tries to yell I can't even tell
    Because now the flames have begun to sing
    It engulfs the house with a powerful strength
    I walk out the door leaving him behind
    The things I saw I never expected to find
    Everyone I loved was there waiting for me
    To take me home to where I could be free
    Leaving my father alone in the house once home
    As if something I had never even known

  • dobriyalpriya 5w

    Ab thaan liya hai..
    To chlo udd lete haii
    Ab thaan liya hai to
    Chlo sapne dekh lete hai.

    Tootna bikhrna to laga he rahega
    Jb sapne dekh he liye hai
    To chlo poora kt lete hai

    kadam aage bdhaaya he hai
    To chlo kuch haasil kr lete hai

  • dobriyalpriya 6w

    Duniya se hatash..
    Bss tere paas
    Kadam bdhte jaa rahe hai..

    Haeee ye jeewan roopi maya..
    Kyu apni oor uljha rahi hai..
    Kyu aakrshit kr rahi hai.
    Raah se mujhe bhtka rahi hai

    Es maaya jaal se door..
    Bss tere pass
    Sb bhoolkar mujhe aana hoga
    Sb bhulakar mujhe aana hoga

  • sazaidi_abr 7w

    Tujh ko pa k...

    Tujh ko pa k khoye ja rhy hain
    Kesa dukh hai sahy ja rhy hain

    Wo aag hai ye pata hai phr bhi
    Dewany hain k jaly ja rhy hain

    Meri dua zakhm hi bhar jaen
    Aur zakhm hain k bhary ja rhy hain

    Jana kidhr hai pata hi nahi hai
    Hum hain k bus chaly ja rhy hain

    Bekar tmhari tamana hai pr
    Dil hai k yun hi kiye ja rhy hain

    Ishq o ashqi mai mary hain kitny
    Kitny hi hain jo mary ja rhy hain

    Aya nhi hai khiza'n ka musum
    Patty abhi se jhary ja rhy hain

    Rona kbhi na mere bad jana'n
    Tmse abhi se kahy ja rhy hain

    Akhr hai safar ye Abr ka ab
    Dekho kesy sajy ja rhy hain!


  • sazaidi_abr 7w

    تجھ کو پا کے۔۔۔

    تجھ کو پا کے کھوئے جا رہے ہیں
    کیسا دکھ ہے سہے جا رہے ہیں

    وہ آگ ہے یہ پتا ہے پھر بھی
    دیوانے ہیں کے جلے جا رہے ہیں

    میری دعا زخم ہی بھر جائیں
    اور زخم ہیں کے بھرے جا رہے ہیں

    جانا کدھر ہے پتا ہی نہیں ہے
    ہم ہیں کے بس چلے جا رہے ہیں

    بیکار تمھاری تمنا ہے پر
    دل ہے کہ یوں ہی کیے جا رہے ہیں

    عشق و عاشقی میں مرے ہیں کتنے
    کتنے ہی ہیں جو مرے جا رہے ہیں

    آیا نہیں ہے خزاں کا موسم
    پتے ابھی سے جھڑے جا رہے ہیں

    رونا کبھی نا مرے بعد جاناں
    تم سے ابھی سے کہے جا رہے ہیں

    آخر ہے سفر یہ آبر کا اب
    دیکھو کیسے سجے جا رہے ہیں!


  • laws_ofthe_universe 7w


    So many emotions
    Yet, very little words
    Trapped in slow motion
    Surrounded by shattering worlds
    Once built by devotion
    Now stumbling towards
    The catastrophic ocean
    That now dances in the storm

  • sazaidi_abr 8w

    Ab mai tujhko...

    Ab mai tujhko soch rha hn
    Yani khud ko noch rha hn

    Tujh se milny se kch pehly
    Mai bhi man farosh rha hn

    Jb tak tera zikar chala hai
    Tb tak mai madhosh rha hn

    Bad e saba ki tarha hn mai
    Yani dosh ba dosh rha hn

    Tmne sona hai bolty mujh ko
    Tanha mai khamosh rha hn

    Ek mudat han tm se pehly
    Mai bhi to niyosh rha hn

    Ishq kia tha hosh mai pory
    Bad e ishq be-hosh rha hn

    Jb se tm ko dekha nhi hai
    Tb se be-kharosh rha hn

    Tm ne apny jesa samjha
    Jb k mai sarosh rha hn

    Abr ko sb pehchanty hain ab
    Yani zikr e gosh rha hn!


  • sazaidi_abr 8w

    اب میں تجھ کو...

    اب میں تجھ کو سوچ رہا ہوں
    یعنی خود کو نوچ رہا ہوں

    تجھ سے ملنے سے کچھ پہلے
    میں بھی من فروش رہا ہوں

    جب تک تیرا ذکر چلا ہے
    تب تک میں مدہوش رہا ہوں

    بادِ صبا کی طرح ہوں میں
    یعنی دوش بہ دوش رہا ہوں

    تم نے سنا ہے بولتے مجھ کو
    تنہا میں خاموش رہا ہوں

    اک مدت ہاں تم سے پہلے
    میں بھی تو نیوش رہا ہوں

    عشق کیا تھا ہوش میں پورے
    بعدِ عشق بے ہوش رہا ہوں

    جب سے تم کو دیکھا نہیں ہے
    تب سے بے خروش رہا ہوں

    تم نے اپنے جیسا سمجھا
    جب کے میں سروش رہا ہوں

    آبر کو سب پہچانتے ہیں اب
    یعنی ذکرِ گوش رہا ہوں!


  • deepshitha 8w

    I saw you
    Deep into your eyes
    They held nothing
    And that made it alluring
    And I know
    If I stare at them a little longer
    I will be lured in
    And that is just an opening
    With no end
    If I get inside
    There will be no way out
    Are your eyes magical?
    Or are they just hypnotic?

  • _ipsita_ 9w

    I'm okay but (n̶o̶t̶) okay

    I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad.
    I'm lazy, yet I'm ambitious.
    I don't like myself, but I also love who I am.
    I say I don't care, but I really do.
    I laugh alot but I'm not happy.
    I crave attention, but reject it when it comes my way.
    I want to scream, but I can't.
    I want to open up my emotions, but I can't.
    I want someone by my side, but I don't have.
    I want someone who listen all these, but there's no one.
    I want to end my life, but I don't want to give up.

    I understand everyone is suffering from bad days and fighting their own battle, so i don't want to bother anyone by sharing my problems. I hate to express my emotions to anyone.

    But still sometimes I want someone to listen and understand me without judging me.
    I want someone to hug me and tell me,
    " Don't worry, I'm here with you."
    But don't want anyone who walks away saying "everything will be fine!!!".

    Some days, I feel everything at once. Other days, Feel nothing at all.

    The voices in my head, that keep telling me I'm not enough, are getting louder. When they speak, it is as though Iam constantly fighting fires without the reassurance of water and yet, inside, it feels like lam slowly drowning!

    At the end,
    I'm okay but (n̶o̶t̶) okay

  • deepshitha 10w

    The time I saw you
    Your memories filled up my brain like a pond of water
    But when you left me
    My eyes filled up with tears like an open ocean

  • sazaidi_abr 10w

    Dukh dewaron ka...

    Dukh dewaron ka, zinadano ka mujhy pata hai
    Jungal, dasht, bayabano ka mujhy pata hai

    Chappa chappa khak hai chani tb mani hai
    Warna ishq mai dewano ka mujhy pata hai

    Ek janib hai wehshat doja ishq tera
    Do trfa in veerano ka mujhy pata hai

    Teri ankhen, teri baten dono alag
    Tere sb in afsano ka mujhy pata hai

    Shahr mai aa kr basny waly piyary log
    Gao'n k kachy makano ka mujhy pata hai

    Mujh ko chor k ja to rahi hai us k pass
    Un aawaron ka, mastano ka mujhy pata hai

    Shama abhi to jali hi nahi hai mehfil main
    Jan lagaye parwanon ka mujhy pata hai

    Ab mai parsa ho to gya hn pr waiz
    Shahr k sary maikhano ka mujhy pata hai

    Kb se wo khamosh khari hai, chup qn hai?
    Us mai chupy un tofano ka mujhy pata hai

    Ye jo mere mukhlis hain aye saary logon
    Do chehra in insano ka mujh pata hai

    Chaar bars ki nanni bachi ka hai lasha
    Chekh rha hai hewano ka mujhy pata hai

    Abr abhi tm aye naye ho ishq mai
    Ya'n k sary paimano ka mujhy pata hai!


  • sazaidi_abr 10w

    دکھ دیواروں کا...

    دکھ دیواروں کا، زندانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے
    جنگل، دشت، بیابانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    چپّا چپّا خاک ہے چھانی تب مانی ہے
    ورنہ عشق میں دیوانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    اک جانب ہے وحشت دوجا عشق ترا
    دو طرفہ ان ویرانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    تیری آنکھیں، تیری باتیں دونوں الگ
    تیرے سب ان افسانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    شہر میں آ کر بسنے والے پیارے لوگ
    گاؤں کے کچے مکانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    مجھکو چھوڑ کے جا تو رہی ہے اُس کے پاس
    اُن آواروں کا، مستانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    شمع ابھی تو جلی ہی نہیں ہے محفل میں
    جان لگائے پروانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    اب میں پارسا ہو تو گیا ہوں پر وائظ
    شہر کے سارے میخانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    کب سے وہ خاموش کھڑی ہے، چپ کیوں ہے؟
    اُس میں چھپے اُن طوفانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    یہ جو مرے مخلص ہیں اے سارے لوگوں
    دو چہرہ، اِن انسانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    چار برس کی ننی بچی کا ہے لاشہ
    چیخ رہا ہے حیوانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے

    آبر ابھی تم آئے نئے ہو عشق میں
    یاں کے سارے پیمانوں کا مجھے پتا ہے!


  • lia_angel 11w


    On one side of a busy street there was a shop that sold beautiful flowers. Inside the shop there lived little melody, a gleeful seven years old girl. She was the gem of her father and mother. She was so cheerful and her voice was so melodious just like her name. People called her little birdie. Everyday, as father went out in the morning to graze the sheep, she sat near the rattled window of the shop with her mother who sold the flowers. She watched the flowers dancing with the wind that came from the mountain. Daytime was cheerful, but when night approched , this little family will close the shop, move to the basement where no one can find them and will wait until father come back. One night, little melody heared a song from their shop. She kept on listening it. Her mother told her that was a Hermit thrush bird. The song was so pleasant. Melody wanted to see the bird but she was not allowed to go up the shop at night. The next morning as she was watching the floral buds, she saw the bird flying away. She felt sad as she wanted the bird to stay there. She peeped out of the door. Her mother was watering the plants. She stepped out, unnoticed. She ran down the street calling for the bird. She saw the bird sitting on a branch. She ran towards the bird ,asking it to come back. A werewolf who was shopping nearby saw her. The hermit thrust flew away in a flash. The werewolf called her gently, called the bird with her and held her little arms. They disappeared around the shadows of the street. Nobody could see Melody and the Hermit Thrust again. People said " The shadow of the street swallowed them.

    #mywriting #melody @writersnetwork
    Failed attempt....Cuz I couldn't convey the idea properly .....��...Anyway, improvement is a slow process ....����

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    The faded song.

    The story of a brief song that was swallowed by the shadows.

  • sazaidi_abr 12w

    Tmhary shahar mai...

    Tmhary shahar mai aksar dikhai deta hai
    Na jany kis ka hai, kis ko dikhai deta hai

    Hamari aah pohchti nahi kbhi us tak
    Hamen to dard bhi uska sonai deta hai

    Mai ankh band kron to usy yahi paon
    Wo apny ap mai itni rasai deta hai

    Mujhy to ishq pe pehly hi kch yaqeen nh
    Sona hai ishq faqat bs judai deta hai

    Ye ishaq hi ki to khobi hai aye mere yaro'n
    Ye qaid krta hai or phr rehai deta hai

    Tmhary nafs ki qeemat tmhen nh maloom
    Tmhen wo nafs k badly khudai deta hai

    Jaha mai ak hi hai shakhs jo bina matlb
    Wo apny hath se apni kamai deta hai

    Wo meri roh k andr bhi dekh leta hai
    Kisi kisi ko khuda ye binai deta hai

    Sona hai ishq ki halat ajeeb si hai magr
    Jise bhi dekho wo iski dohai deta hai

    Hamary ishq k haq mai moqadima hai to
    Abr se pochty hain wo gawahi deta hai?!


  • sazaidi_abr 12w

    تمھارے شہر میں...

    تمھارے شہر میں اکثر دکھائی دیتا ہے
    نہ جانے کس کا ہے، کس کو دکھائی دیتا ہے

    ہماری آہ پہنچتی نہیں کبھی اُس تک
    ہمیں تو درد بھی اس کا سنائی دیتا ہے

    میں آنکھ بند کروں تو اُسے یہی پاؤں
    وہ اپنے آپ میں اتنی رسائی دیتا ہے

    مجھے تو عشق پہ پہلے ہی کچھ یقین نہیں
    سنا ہے عشق فقط بس جدائی دیتا ہے

    یہ عشق ہی کی تو خوبی ہے اے مرے یاروں
    یہ قید کرتا ہے اور پھر رہائی دیتا ہے

    تمھارے نفس کی قیمت تمہیں نہیں معلوم
    تمھیں وہ نفس کے بدلے خدائی دیتا ہے

    جہاں میں ایک ہی ہے شخص جو بنا مطلب
    وہ اپنے ہاتھ سے اپنی کمائی دیتا ہے

    وہ میری روح کے اندر بھی دیکھ لیتا ہے
    کسی کسی کو خدا یہ بینائی دیتا ہے

    سنا ہے عشق کی حالت عجیب سی ہے مگر
    جسے بھی دیکھو وہ اِس کی دہائی دیتا ہے

    ہمارے عشق کے حق میں مقدمہ ہے تو
    آبر سے پوچتے ہیں وہ گواہی دیتا ہے؟!


  • mimzchishi 13w

    The Heart's cry

    Those inaudible voices that rambled through her,
    Nobody else hears it but her. She wonders;
    If at all, there is any, any who can hear her.
    Her deplorable cries.

    Those vicious noises, gradually trampled her entirely,
    Her already shredded soul.
    Consequently, converting her heart, from an enticing –
    To a treacherous one.

    This Damsel in Distress longs to embrace an exquisite love,
    As she stays Forlorn. Wondering:
    If at all, there is any, any who can bring back
    Her fatigue heart alive.