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    If you decide to read this poem of mine, a lil bit of context would do good. So the myth goes like this:

    Lycaon was an early king of Arkadia. He sought to test the divinity of Zeus by serving the god his own slaughtered son Nyktimos. Zeus was furious and overturning the table, destroyed the fifty sons of Lykaon with lightning-bolts, and transformed the king into a werewolf/wolf. Nyktimos was later resurrected by the gods.

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    The Great Wrath

    "διαρραγείης!" ("May you split!)
    "Thou art gaged to Hades f'r the bloodsh'd of thy blood!"

    She gazed as she hurdled curses at Pelasgus' seed
    All Enraged and in an attire that was rugged and freed

    And it's disheartening for all the colours she did grapple,
    Folded to surrogate the tan that her face lost ample.

    Her love was red and his souvenir's naught but guts
    Even as she bathe in the red vestige, her lover rots.

    And as the God of Gods learnt of that forbidden meal
    Lykaon and his nefarious scions, witnessed wrath and zeal.

    "Trial of Divinity endues corporeal peril." Zeus offended.
    Taking the reins from Notos, the mighty Aeolus descended

    As the Titan's Chariot announced the heavenly halt
    The sombre sky tore itself, for divine light striked a bolt

    A blink of an eye and lifeless bodies piled up in Trapezus
    Sunny skin, flaring flesh, now all burnt by the mighty Zeus

    Behind the altar, yet a loathsome character of filthy flesh
    Knelt in terror for Lykaon's fate still had much to thresh

    A curse was spun, his bones collapsed and flesh was torn
    From the King of Arcadia, the first Werewolf was born.

    And If you may enquire of the fate of the poor slaughter
    Rest assured, for resurrected he was
    Ages before the one who walked on water.


  • manish400 3w


    बात उस समय की है जब लंका पर चढ़ाई करने के लिए वानर सेना और नल,नील समुद्र पर सेतु निर्माण के कार्य मे व्यस्त थे तब भगवान श्रीराम समुद्र तट पर एक शिला पर बैठे माता सीता को स्मरण कर रहे थे,और वानर सेना समुद्र सेतु निर्माण कार्य मे जुटी हुई थी,तभी भगवान श्रीराम की नजर एक छोटी सी गिलहरी पर पड़ी भगवान श्रीराम ने देखा कि एक तरफ मेरी वानर सेना बड़े बड़े पत्थर उठाकर सेतु निर्माण मे अपना सहयोग कर रही है और वही एक नन्ही सी गिलहरी एक छोटा सा पत्थर धकेलकर ला रही है।गिलहरी का यह प्रयास देख कर भगवान श्रीराम गिलहरी के निकट आते है और गिलहरी को अपने दोनो हाथों से उठाकर उस नन्ही सी गिलहरी से कहते है कि तुम्हारा ये सहयोग और प्रयास देख कर मै अत्यन्त प्रसन्न हुआ और यह कहकर प्रभु श्रीराम प्रेम से अपने हाथों की उंगलिया उस गिलहरी के उपर फेरते है और उस गिलहरी को आशीर्वाद देकर कहते है कि तुम्हारा यह सहयोग युगो युगो तक याद किया जाएगा।इस लिए आज भी गिलहरी के ऊपर जो तीन रेखाये दिखती है वह भगवान श्रीराम की उंगलियो के ही निशान है।

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    "Science" ~

    I can hack your mind and give you the best way of your life. I'm building my roots deeper than you think I'm now!

    "Mythology" ~

    I can direct you your right path of life. I've my roots older and stronger than you think, I've my Almighty!

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    Labors of Mortal Man (Inspired by Hercules 12 Labors)

    I am nothing but a mortal man,
    Who is tied with the labors of Hercules himself.
    But I, who is not the mighty Hercules,
    Tries to compete with him,
    In my own little existence.

    I get over a hill to only climb a mountain,
    I cross over a river to only cross an ocean,
    I walk a thousand miles to only walk a thousand more,
    And after a few dozen times,
    My soul can't do it anymore.

    The vengeful Herra,
    The prideful Eurystheus,
    Couldn't kill the hero Hercules.
    But the sin of love,
    Did the deed.

    Now what will happen to us mere mortals,
    Without any superhuman strength,
    Who are born with our own labors,
    That we must contend,
    To become Hercules himself.

  • devilfish 5w

    There's No Answer

    I left a rose for you by the door

    Don't ask me what they're for

    You know the ocasion

    You picked your favorite flower

    Then withered it sour

    With warped hesitation and charged words

    That left me scarred from the operation

    The sensation of the bitter abrasion

    Dry heaving flour

    Craving for a taste

    Lick the lace

    And drop the diamonds out of the crate

    I'll be an empty slate

    I'll have plenty pennies for your thoughts

    And an open even space

    The light of the sunset breaks

    Showing it's radiant rays

    A star with a face

    That shines while the moon waits on her

    Cue to shine

    They ruled together

    And loved




    Of fate

    Where we ache to eat

    We long to create

    Yet we think

    We are


    But it's plate would soon

    No longer keeping you

    To hope and wait

    So which one would you choose?

    A locked gate with no key

    Or a religion

    Where everyone is afraid

    As if human flesh were pretensiously made

    We change

    We move

    We wax and wane

    We lose more than we gain

    Our shoes soaked from summer's simmering rage and rapid rain

    As a rabid dog burst through his cage

    And gnawed at flesh

    And scratched at your brain

    Would you say you know pain?

    When you blanket it with shame

    You spite your name

    To tame

    What our birth parents

    Would pray to not be the same fate

    That they spray

    When they lay in embryonic waste

    A parasitic poison thar drains

    Your life

    Reduces the dwindling of the time

    You have borrowed

    You must pay in a matter of days

    Look what else you inflicted besides pain

    Power trips and backs whipped where flesh is


    Eating at me

    As it bit

    It itch

    A beast

    A bully


    And memory lane

    Are two separate words

    That mean immense pain

    It's just the same

    My name strains my voice

    I can't complain

    I'm used to being battered with fists

    And bleeding with blame on the floor

    Like a stain

    As I screamed

    "I'm sorry"

    You get more murderous

    And you enjoy my pain

    You gain

    And I walk the tightrope of shame

    And I was atlas with a cane

    My fate was never too late

    To change

    My hair

    My clothes

    My face

    I coward in the corner of the tiled shower

    And wake up to the icey water soaking me to my brittle bones from the crippling power

    You grab your pain and place it on a tower

    While mine sits on a sidewalk and stays countless hours

    You could've been there when I was wasting

    So don't tell me it's the untainted truth

    That you think you prove to be facing

    When really all your doing is stepping

    On your creations

    And as celebration turns to cremation

    And self deprivation

    Deprive me of love

    Alienated me from the sensation

    I'm a by product of a bad childhood

    And the placement of chance

    Devoid of choice

    Deprived of dance

    My voice

    It will not take my mind

    I can't lose myself again

    Because I know that next time

    Will not happen and I will not rise

    I'd die

    Would you cry?

    Why do my emotions singe my skin

    And fry me from the violence of your sin

    I was just a fucking kid

    I smiled I did

    Before you hit me

    You know You did

    Now you've passed fifty you won't forgive

    Me while you sit on mounds of pity


    And reach into your boredom

    Just to rip fear into me


    So hard from the hit

    That my ears ring

    You win

    You're big

    You're king

    You're sick

    You know that's it

    You mentioned it

    When the tequila tapped your lips

    Inviting you to sip

    Leaving secrets slip

    Loosening your grip

    As your empathy would sink

    As your energy split

    I watched a massacre

    I cannot seem to wake myself


    I won't respond

    Not even one bit

    I'll be glad and gone

    I'll be sad before that moment has happened

    I go on and on

    Like a sad jukebox

    With the same sad song


    Running on and on

    The truth isn't self abasemant

    Or ego inflating praising

    I left my clothes for you on the floor

    And my heart flopped onto the pavement

    On the hot sidewalk wrinkling like a raison

    There's no point in saying

    What the lines are concealing

    Unspoken and like aging hair




    Faint and becoming grenades of terror

    I fucking hate myself for being vompl

    And look into my glassy eyes of crystal clear


    No words left in my reflection as I'm facing

    It's overdue

    Tracing hieroglyphics on my burdened skin

    Just to find a

    I know you see within

    You conceal with

    Now I have to close the door 

    You know that when it rains it pours

    This pain remains I cannot find where it's stored so I can remove it 

    I used to pose for you

    Used to have  and pray at your feet let the altar become my floor 

    My heart doesn't just rain tears of pain in vain but it paints these stains I bled from my overflowing veins
    I drive myself insane
    My probing thoughts of self blame 
    I crave a grave a place where you can visit me
    Maybe one day I'll change only to never remain
    And change I'm absolute but what's a book with no page
    And rage without a cage
    To tame it
    Aim it
    Place it
    Name it
    Say it

    You're dead inside

    And the same sorrowful shame that runs deep into my heart and eats at my brain

    Removed my clothes for you

    You left love stains

    Skiiing on steep slopes for you

    Only to find you out of range

    On the last thread of my rope for you

    Tied the knot of my hope for you

    I'll hang from a tree if you could just fake it

    And say you love me

    Say my name

    Now it's just a fucking noose

    What was I supposed to do?

    The knot of life becomes loose

    Wanted to be close to you

    Now I'm farther see no landmarks 

    No father

    Just fiending land sharks

    See them coming from the woodworks 




    I am more than just a bookmark

    I will leave my mark 

    I can see in the dark

    Had you pinned down from the start

    I guess he's your noah's ark

    I was just a faulty plug

    Or a slug

    A battery needed to be charged

    Tell me when did this all start

    Put the car in park

    And tell me what I should do

    This shit gets rougher than tree bark

    Truth is very clear very stark

    At least lead the way to the start

    Watch where you steer and when you park 

    Got to lock the doors when it gets dark

    Cold hands cold heart

    with a tightening grip a hand full of darts

    Each one represents a different part of you

    I rip from myself

    I watch me and you fall apart

    I knew this wasn't smart

    You just rip hat shit apart

    I'll will stomp on it 

    Break that shit into parts

    On the mark shoot my own dart

    And stop your silent heart

  • swarnav_ 5w


    I do not understand you
    For you speak a tongue I can't kiss

    You're not a solitary object
    Nor do I seek thy possession
    Like the divine ale of the Euphrates
    You justify the pulse that will never cease

    You might as well be the solitary vacation
    I will summon a reminiscent court upon

    Your beauty is eternal
    But I can't hold on to the sands of time
    Sixty minutes an hour, twenty-four of those
    May as well hire them for eternity or untill it is all gone.

    Truth be told, it is all a coward's lie
    The mind plays tricks and there is no treat

    A little bit of death and your sweet breath
    That doesn't quiver as you kiss me goodnight
    I'd have hold on to you but there's no warmth left
    The flesh rots and my love loses its might.

  • swarnav_ 5w


    I wish death to the Anemone--
    A fate far less agonizing, than being
    A testimonial to the gut-wrenching sight
    Of her parched petals and withered sepals
    Bidding farewell to her scents of evanescence.
    Relieving her thorns of years of raid repulsion.

    Without your tears Aprhodite, my beloved
    I reek of vanity and my blood is scanty
    Mon amour, how can I nourish this flower of amour?
    With your absence, the inception of fall
    Disregards a century of eastertides,
    It pursues the throat of Persephone beyond repose.
    And as I bleed and stain the earth red
    I learn about the blemishes of mortality.
    I am made aware and I blame not the abhorrent fates
    Nor do I onus this on Ares
    That the forbidden romance with divinity
    Yields naught but incessant grief
    To mortal bodies and timeless souls.

    Dear me,
    The fault is within the flaws I bear
    Not with the one that ripped my flesh open
    I wish death to the Anemone-
    A fate far less harrowing, than being
    A souvenir of love that never did recieve
    Its beloved's drops of sorrow.


  • anetita 5w

    A Myth

    You deem me ice cold,
    Modern-day Medusa,
    Goddess of the Gorgo.
    To gaze into my eyes,
    Shall turn one to stone.

    Serpentine hair,
    Spellbinding smile,
    Reptilian skin,
    Suitors for miles.

    Neither victim nor villain,
    A mortal being I am,
    Full of mistakes and misfortunes,
    And a life rife with sin.

    Yet you despise me all the same,
    For a secret I maintained,
    Locked away for your protection,
    Per the very essence of my name.

    Evil requires intention,
    And I never sought your pain.
    I only wished to guard your heart,
    Earn any love there was to gain.


  • devilfish 5w


    Tatted on my flesh
    With eyes that blared with a fiery red
    As the snakes danced on my chest
    I think that is my art
    Reduced to stone
    My pain is all I have left
    I'm constantly met
    With challenges that are killing me
    Slowly taking it's time
    Consuming my flesh
    Trauma forces itself on my skin
    And leaves marks that have bled from the sin
    I can't rest
    I can't awake to a pile of the dead
    They replay in my head over and over again
    They said they would be back
    Now they're back again
    My odds are stacked again
    I am spent
    Like a penny
    I've taken everything I had from me
    I'm only left with empty dreams
    And bitter truth
    A leather boot
    A beastly brute time crunch that I
    Haven't foreseen
    I've fallen down the chute
    Can't compute with this trauma
    Clouding my minute being with all
    Of their karma

  • blackwidow177789666 5w

    Love on the water

    She was a goddess. She was born from the foam of the sea. When she grew up she married a prince. Love it was.

  • devilfish 7w

    Twin Bed

    I suppose that I must
    thank you before I go
    Before morning shows
    The way time goes
    In circles and circles
    Now it seems to have froze
    Stopped moving
    I waited for this moment
    And my wish has become a fish
    In a sea of rodents
    A silver platter with a fine porcelain dish
    In the river of my fertile mind
    swimming through my body
    Weaving through my words
    And seeping through these lines
    Lucid dreams possess my body in the ocean
    Where I wait at the bottom and close my eager eyes

    Thank you for coming to the tragedy I leak out each drop of our masterpiece
    Seductively urging me to create
    I won't stop until Cupid batters me
    I know this is stupid but I'm prepared to let your love shatter me
    A midlew drop froze before it lept far from the velvet rose plunging to the depths of my darkness
    With your angelic halo and your strikingly stark heart of light
    My heart is no longer unknown
    I'm no more a stranger in our home
    You showed me the danger in putting flesh
    To a gaudy throne
    I need your hope
    If gravity can make it's force work against me drop it's long sturdy rope
    as it's about to plunge from the top
    And fall to your feet
    Fall into my skin and mesh with my soul
    More than you know more than this pull
    You have to cultivate thoughts before they roll off your tongue and taste them before you let the taste go
    You reap what you sow
    I'm ready to let this place go
    I'm steady when I'm set on my pace away from the constant rat race
    To and from
    To and from
    Day after day night after night
    A ear bursting drum constantly thumps
    While monotony leads at the front
    I head to bed with a little wine and from the Earth an ambrosial blunt
    This kiss is onyx black
    Eclipse my Mercury Leo
    In it's radiance
    Only you could dim the Sun
    My mind consists of a dampened dark dystopia and dirty rose garden
    You're my utopia
    You're my world
    And you're so beautiful my darling

    I'm your muse
    Don't be confused
    You see it two
    July flowers that burst with pigments of Iris ans fragments of the Summer Moon
    And skies that are blue
    We're much better off infused
    Locking eyes to look right through
    But the peculiarities protrude through the window of your starry milky gaze
    Like they want to exclude me from making up my mind
    As if I haven't decided that before I even laid eyes on you I'd stay and if you wandered I'd tire myself into death
    I would never stop thinking of you
    Constantly trying to find
    At night they taunt me
    achingly wearing my body
    Shaking from the shuddering shoulders that found shelter in my summertime affection
    I offer you my protection
    I could be your savior
    Or your human
    I know we detest the fictitious idea of perfection
    If I stray
    Call out to me
    And I'll find my way to you
    I'll find my way
    Just picture what you want
    But I feel the words unspoken
    Leaving nothing to say
    Now head in my direction
    I'll await you when Spring
    Comes in May
    Don't fall out on me
    I'll await you forever
    My flower
    My strength
    Instead of speaking out redundantly
    Reinstated all our intentions
    Let's bleed out the confessions
    And let it be that the fluctuations in our inflexions
    And step back from the superficial
    Because the greed is not the lesson
    To cease from indulging in material
    Is a satisfying decompression
    It won't be long before your urgency increases pressure
    Increase in compression
    Draws me close so your stress may just lessen
    As the ancient calling in the distance draws my attention
    Our love is sacrificial
    And our love is whole
    Devoid of fragments and constructed sections
    Like our heart
    Take my blessing
    Is never going to cease to beat
    It's unrest is eternal

    I've been rather lonely
    Like I'm trapped in a snow globe and time froze me
    Alone with only the darkness to hold me
    please keep this between you and me
    What does this suffering mean
    The sheets and between I thought I saw you in a dream
    You and me a nightmare of teeth
    The friction
    The violently increasing speed
    The claws against the headboard
    The way your small hands knead on my chest
    And the light brush of a bite of your teasing teeth begging to feed on my garden
    As I lay beneath your Autumn Leaves
    The conviction in your speech reaches me
    And when it comes to me I can't even breathe
    When you ask me about what I'm thinking
    I can't breathe
    I can't speak
    When you ask me what we're drinking
    I set the table and prepare a feast
    "How bad do you want me"
    I pant from the rush you know I like when you ask me
    As your cheeks start to flush
    Your passion pouring rain
    Misty foam of crystalline sea
    All cherry red to the touch
    Soft as plush
    Soft as fleece
    In each fervently emitted breath
    In each movement so beautiful
    Dancing with the beat
    In a perfect synchronization
    Temptress as you move your agile feet
    So graceful and faithful to your beauty
    To your being
    Exposing your neck
    Your sizzling skin transferring an indescribably intense inferno of passion
    Internal compassion
    it's euphoria
    It's only begun
    We'll put it to action
    Far from a fairy-tale
    And far from fiction
    You sparked this mindset
    This reaction
    You're the heart of my
    This way
    Is the way that thing's have always been
    And always will be
    But time will never
    Not with your Goddess
    And your poetry
    In our love
    That I bleed through my pen

    You and me
    the soaking wet skin
    The stroking of no regret on your silk dress and your sick sin
    I'll heal your body
    Come to me and drink

    You and me
    All alone
    You and me
    No more phones
    I'm so glad I have you I love you. I was thinking of killing myself the fear isolation and pain is constant like a heartbeat in my head drowning out my thoughts and submerging me in a petrified state of fear I cannot fully explain

  • todd_towers 9w

    He who holds wreath
    Did not bequeath
    Rest unto grave,
    Rather time gave.

    So too the soul
    Need be consoled
    With time to sleep
    Or death do creep.

    Sisphean task,
    Did the king ask?
    Why boulder
    Grew heavier?

    Sisphean or
    Which heart am I?
    oft do I sigh.

    Take holy rest
    Heart in my chest.
    Now cease anxious
    Toil pious.

    Let Christ be He
    And take for thee
    Solarean sleep.
    And find thy task,


    #Christian #rest #greek #mythology #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    So too the soul
    Need be consoled
    With time to sleep
    Or death do creep.

  • hearts_to_ink 11w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 7)

    Pain searing through my body, gold coursing outwards
    Blinded by the swagger, humbled by betrayal
    My heart seeking an answer for this outcome
    Was I to blame perhaps for what my daughter had become?
    Memories come flooding of times so blissful
    There she was! Her peals of laughter reverberating
    Chasing after her sisters in the Hesperides
    Unmindful of the sorrow that was to follow
    Curse the Fates for my eternal damnation
    Curse everyone for corrupting the mighty Titan that I was
    I shed a tear in repentance for my action
    Losing the trickle of humanity left, in this annihilation
    I gaze upward and long for a final moment with my dearest
    Maybe a few apologies, a final bid farewell
    Before I transcend into the unknown
    Disintegrate to infinity never to return
    She descends slowly, a picture of grace and disarray
    Weeping inconsolably for the deed she performed
    She falls into my arms in regret and repentance
    Only to see me in acceptance of my fate
    I am at bliss embracing my long lost daughter
    "It is alright my dear, it was never your fault
    I shoulder the blame for your action
    And from the depth of my soul accept the consequence"
    I wipe away her tears with the last of my strength
    "Forgive me mother Gaia for this massacre
    Protect my innocent daughter from my sin
    Let me sleep, set me free from the curse of Atlas"
    A final gasp of breath before the transit
    Into the pits of chaos and emptiness
    With the image of my daughter on my breast
    I close my eyes and give away to the darkness

  • hearts_to_ink 11w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 6)

    I let out a cry loud enough for her to hear
    Of angst that would the seven seas obliterate
    Endure the wrath of the curse of Atlas
    To lose hope after climbing the ascent
    Agony turns to pure rage as I turn myself
    To face the demon and award his peril
    But my greatest desire was my weakness after all
    Struck his blow when I let down my sight
    Blood spurts forth but so does my rage
    For pain is my ray of light, my will to fight
    I charge forward with an undeterred stride
    Hands banging past his flashing strikes
    Severely unmatched he turns to his brothers
    Poseidon and Hades arriving to pompous fare
    Perhaps a hasty move in his part to take
    In a blink they lay dead as I returned their fire
    "Is that all in your mighty arsenal, O Zeus?
    Shame enshroud the Titans who fell to your blows
    Let me end your miser-" was all I could say
    As pain struck me blind from the attack behind
    I turn to see the perpetrator of this fiendish scheme
    Jolted by the situation that lay at hand
    For bewitched is the curse of mine name
    To watch his own daughter reduced to maim
    There she stood, her eyes smeared by tears
    Hands quivering yet holding still onto the blade
    A sight of absolute melancholy is all she was
    A daughter in distress, a mother in chaos
    What led her to this gruesome act I ponder
    Perhaps a bait, or rather an illusion to misguide?
    Maybe led to conspire in return for her dead son?
    "You too my dearest?" was my silence breaking utterance
    I stumble from the sky
    I tumble towards the ocean
    Left in agony over the fate played upon
    Hitting the ground with a thud to rumble Rome till Avon

  • hearts_to_ink 11w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 5)

    A trickle of gold teasing along the sides of his face
    His feature weathered by bruises yet alert
    Yet he manages a look full of complacence
    "I must thank uncle for this exercise after all these years
    For thousands of years have the Gods awaited
    With bated breath for a challenge like this
    I pray you pose a challenge that suffices our thirst
    Until the next lamb for slaughter arrives on our porch"
    "My dear nephew seems to be presumtuous of his victory
    Let not mine previous defeat give you the rush that it does
    I arrive after slaughtering your younglings in war
    Unlike your conceited scheme killing my young in cold blood"
    He stirs for a moment over the sudden proclamation
    Perhaps in shock but he recoils almost immediately
    It is no surprise for he tried to kill his own himself
    A cold-hearted entity lowly than the lowest evil
    His grip tightens and the impending war looms in sight
    I let my focus around to scout for hidden surprises
    I now realise that the sky has not fallen since I let go
    I turn towards the hill and gasp in utmost horror
    There she was bright and tender as the day
    I saw her last before leaving for the war
    Her hair swept by the winds along the north
    Her petite frame burdened by the sky's weight
    Our eyes meet, father and daughter after eternity
    Her appearance portraying a tale of pain
    But more so of melancholy, of separation and heartbreak
    Years of sorrow tearing down my beloved Elektra's face

  • hearts_to_ink 12w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 4)

    No more this burden on my shoulders lay
    Let worlds collide as I lay ichor to waste
    Hero or God, hellhounds or sea nymphs
    Any soul that dares Atlas' might shall sink
    Skies turns ochre as the Gods slowly fall
    Lands that bleed of every hero's corpse
    Let mine fury strike fear in your hearts
    A flamboyant Titan fighting his old cause
    Appollo, Artemis, Ares and Athena
    Sincerely futile attempts to control my pace
    They lie at my feet, all blood of my blood
    Decimate your beloved and let seas flood
    We meet at last, Oh nephew and nemesis!
    Thunder claps and lightning bolts in service
    Know the might of the all-powerful Titan
    His mere presence shall annihilate his victims

  • hearts_to_ink 12w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 3)

    Never in the least to guess what ahead lay
    Thread the Fates chose to spin around me
    A moment of haste was all there could be
    To stab my father and snatch his place
    Oh Kronos! You vile fiend, who poisoned
    My soul to slay mine own blood for power
    Was I perhaps human, to err and later repent?
    No I shant sway from the path of vengeance
    But my dear Elektra, how I wish you were here
    A father may never love any daughter more
    A blot it may be for I favoured you the most
    How I grieved as you were taken by that imp!
    That thug who calls himself King of the Gods
    Who laid his hand on my child and left her
    For many moons you grieved over the battles
    How I wish I were there to wipe your tears!
    Zeus!! For long have I bore your fornication
    No longer will tyranny thrive in Gaia's bosom
    Lord Ouranos' will coursing through my body
    My bare hands to rip all the gods shall suffice

  • hearts_to_ink 13w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 2)

    Of deceit and charlatance, jealousy and greed
    Till the brim filled as to rip the soul of his kin
    Stranded from my blood for all eternity
    The curse of Atlas I endure in silent agony
    Millennia has passed since the war ended
    A guard over the purgatory of land and sky
    Stand the test of time, witness man's ascent
    A life of pleasure within reach yet so distant
    T'was a time when repentance came flooding
    Perhaps my trial by fire, of penance resolute
    Rage took over for amnesty overlooked
    Await with bated breath to turn over the tide

  • sassmyass1 14w


  • incorrigible 15w

    Controversy cleared

    When i come across, the word " superpowers"
    It kick me out into infinity
    Feeling deep inside lossed and haunting

    There comes a story of people who meditates for years........not just 1 or 2, for around thousands.

    How can i compromise with such beliefs, being followed by people
    And if its TRUE, can that people support me in doing so.

    Nomatterwhat, the superpowers....they are not at all super in my consideration
    To me, its a way of cursing nature
    To the point, what is the use of them?
    The one thing that fascinates for it, may be things may get done easily

    But i dont want easy, and i want to make things happen naturally.....

    So untill a superpower serves a purpose, it is just a vague attempt and poor way of living