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  • devilfish 16w


    Feeling my way to you
    Is like numbing myself to enhance
    I’m peeling my vulnerability too
    Training wheels off for you
    Or we can pretend those don’t exist
    Loveless and Formless
    A gravity as ancient as isolation
    Seems timelessly moving along
    When I was with you
    When everything seemed so true


  • devilfish 16w


    We only give our words the weight we feel they have the strength that can hold the weight of their truth

  • devilfish 16w


    I don’t want to be left out
    But I’m bad with timing
    The world is a clock
    We stay huddled up inside it
    I don’t plan on getting any rest
    Now my attention is absolute
    And undivided
    No detail too minute to break up the boundaries of our common confinement
    The cat curved into it’s sleep
    My heartbeat softened as I am beside
    Warmth seeps into my iris
    Like honey with my eyes and my wit
    I produce in response to a taste
    Of summertime and it’s sea mist
    Of baby blue bliss and moonlight that never dips below the horizon

    An eternal solar system
    It’s dreams awake as it’s feet touch the ground
    Each sound is a cataclysm
    Of melodic prisms
    A Phoenix from the painful pangs of poetry glowing from the root of it’s derision
    Rhythmic pounding incisions into my brain
    Slowly losing air
    I’m losing my religion
    My vision

    Wooden stairways that loop infinitely around and around
    Threading my words with their meaning
    Until I drown my senses
    I’m bleeding jumping over picket fences
    Tried to get a clear vision
    But all those fences
    Backyards turned into war trenches
    Where dreams are something we claw at when we smell it
    Hoping we can get a glimpse and recognize what hope looks like
    Before we get thirsty and have to drink it
    A thirst for what?
    No one seems to know
    If they do they never mention
    Life is but a dream
    So I row over knots of tension
    And submerge my mind
    In an undivided understanding
    Blending into my reflection

    But I’m not going to stop
    Wading in the aqua blue depth
    Where the surface breaks
    And your face haunts me
    The memory washes over me like a rip tide
    Caught in the turbulence
    As the black is bored
    beckoned me to explore
    Not sure if I will worry about my reemergence
    As I’m face to face with the sea floor

  • danial_ali 112w

    #horror #horrorstory #shortstory #story #murder #mytery #killer #kill #readwriteunite
    Another one of my horror shorts, I hope you like it!
    @keeraa @udit94
    Read all of my horror stories here : #horror_byDan

    The Unwelcome Guest

    It's Saturday night, and one of the added perks to weekends in my life is the fact that my parents have to go to town to work weekends. Great isn't it?
    So as per schedule, I bought myself chips, a big bottle of coke, turned the lights dim and sat down to watch TV, sprawled on the sofa like a sloth.
    But halfway through the match, I felt odd, something was definitely off. Out of the corner of my eye I saw some movement in my lawn through the big sliding glass door right next to the TV.

    It was a man. And he DEFINITELY did not seem one with good intentions. Although I couldn't make much of his appearance out because of the snowy weather, I could make out his dirty vest, and the terrifying fact that he had a red stained shovel in his hands..

    Growing more anxious by the second, I decided to put my 'tough' face on and call him out, after all, this would be a rather heroic thing to tell at school. So still sitting at my sofa, I yelled
    "Hey you! Get off my lawn, idiot! I'm telling ya I'm not a big fan of pranks!"
    The man didn't respond.
    "Can't you hear me?! Go away or I'll call the cops!"
    I was sweating now, not to mention how shaky my limbs had become. Gathering courage, I moved to get off my sofa to get my Dad's handgun. But as I got up.. the man moved too, and when he did, it took me a moment to realise that what I had been looking at till now wasn't him...

    It was... His reflection in the glass door.

    And then it hit me....

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    The Unwelcome Guest


    "Go away or I'll call
    the cops!!"
    But the man just
    didn't move....
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  • beejaycypher 117w

    The Staunt

    A deafening silence and dazzling darkness,
    Awkward as it sounds are life's illusions,
    For in its circus lies a myriad of possibilities,
    There, light look bright to the colour blind,
    And, Shadow move behind closed eyes...

    Life is a rollercoaster,
    You had better ace up your sleeves,
    Be ready for it's stunts!

  • imbhushan 174w


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