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  • mariateresa 1w

    I have CPTSD, it doesn't own me or define me. I continue to heal everyday. This poem is dedicated to all the victims, survivors and caregivers who shine Light with love. I see you. Keep being the flowers you are. Nothing can dull your shine or stop your bloom. There's room for us ALL!

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    Stand with courage

    Drowning in a room filled with static noise
    Finding it hard to stay balanced and stand with poise
    Telling myself that the shame they spew doesn't suit me
    Deciding to slam the door on all the lies indefinitely
    Rising to claim my power has at times been daunting
    Becoming my own hero through it all, tirelessly searching
    Committing to the promise I made
    To always without fail, hold my head up and be brave

    For these experiences, all, have taught me wisdom
    Especially the ones that threatened to keep me down, silent and disregarded in their broken systems
    Refusing to give in, give up or quit
    Seeing through it all by using laughter and instinctual wit
    I am more than the moments that locked my essence in trauma
    Using every ounce of pain, never forgetting my worth, moving away from the drama
    Choosing to keep fighting for every breath in each moment
    We are all deserving, go ahead now and stand with courage

  • madmans_diary 1w

    He & She

    His mobile phone had a better temperament unlike him , who couldn't stay calm on her texts and calls

  • ameyakolhatkar 1w


    A fallen dream, complicating the simpler thing.
    Under the moonlight
    Constant fear of the unknown apparition
    Slowly shedding a crimson tear. Oh my friend casting the silhouette. Where do you hail from?
    The crimson valley of woe.


  • madmans_diary 4w

    He and She

    It was his words

    It was her wounds

    It was their pain

  • garima0 5w


    Namumkin kuch bhe nhi
    Chahkr bhe khona nhi
    Ye bhe sch hai ki milna mumkin nhi
    Fer bhe khud se promise hai
    Ki kbhi tumko khona nhi.

  • lonesome_artist 6w

    We have been like this for over two years. It's scary to think about, but I feel like I'm getting used to it, I feel like I'm accepting when I don't have the usual greeting to go back to. The former is gone.
    A warm hug with a friend you haven't seen in a long time may be gone forever. The spinning cheers will no longer work; unhygienic as well as perhaps the metaphorical misfortune and collision-shoulder. It’s hard to call arm and shoulder because, you know, social and physical distancing even at the metaphorical level. Or maybe even a high-five or a handshake will be too late. Flying kisses will be popular across ages.
    Like many of us today, my family does not leave the house. It used to be difficult to be hospitalized, but now it is more difficult, the plague is spreading to anyone, anywhere, especially in hospitals. Add to that the many must -pass checkpoints, including an explanation of why you need to get out of town.
    Talk about closed-community ties and inciting robust local economy, not surprisingly in the days to come, as long as there is no clear light on where this ECQ caused by the virus is headed, and-hopefully not! - Expenses have been exhausted due to unemployment, the online store will also become a job placement site. I also know many in different countries today rely on small-scale and fast trade over social media.

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    Life Quarantine


  • beautybunny 8w


    I awaken into a scene of myself
    Traveling aimlessly on the road,
    Tryna find the Finish line
    And not knowing which way to go.

    The road behind me is filled with
    My broken hearts..
    From trying to follow someone else's
    Instead of fulfilling my own.

    I envy the fish that swim
    And the birds that fly
    Because these seem to take pride
    In who they are and what they can do

    If I had a little of their confidence
    I'd be okay too.

    As I proceed to travel the road
    I wonder off to the left
    As I continue to travel again
    I wonder too far off
    To the right

    And as I continue at this pace I can't help but wonder....

    "Why does everyone else who's traveling
    Their road seem to have it so easy
    But I'm the one who has to fight so hard...?"

    But just when I'm ready to give up
    This fight....

    ...a blurred vision of the Finish line appears
    With a suddle voice reminding me that...

    "A struggle builds character and makes you strong, if you allow it to."

    So at this point, I made the choice....

    To Continue to tell my story...to the FINISH LINE
    To write out Loud...to the FINISH LINE
    To teach only facts....to the FINISH LINE
    To sing with all my heart....to the FINISH LINE
    To give unconditionally...to the FINISH LINE
    To inspire others to try....to the FINISH LINE
    To live and not just exist....to the FINISH LINE
    And most importantly....to the FINISH LINE
    I will be the best version of me
    .....to the FINISH LINE!!!!

  • amyjoylouise96x 10w

    Wish you could read this.

    Lets talk about all the times you hurt me, God sometimes i wish i hurt you too
    Because everyday i tried to do and be the best for you and after all that we were through.
    All those times you begged me to stay and i did i stayed by your side
    That time you sent me a love song & you pictured me as your bride
    What happened to all of that why couldnt you try to make things right
    I'll never forget that heart sinking feeling when you left me that friday the 13th night.
    You threw away what we had and could have had over a lousy text
    Left me here wondering who was your next
    I begged you to stay and you didnt so i fell down and i've never been the same
    You left someone who would have never given up on you, boy your ass is lame.

    You still hurt me like you did
    & boy you lied about forever
    Because we didnt last that long at all
    Were we ever really together?

  • brokengypsysoul 12w

    "You should consider abortion as there is a high chance your child will be deformed."
    She was broken and hurting; she didn't want to accept this news
    So many conflicting emotions, pulling her back and forth
    Sickness plagued her fueling her depression
    Finally realising the severity of the matter...she made the hospital appointment.

    One morning after a helpful doctors consult, she decides, "I'm going to keep this baby."
    I don't care; I will love and look after my baby no matter what
    The thought of abortion killed her inside
    She went home after taking the doctors advice for anti-nausea remedies
    She was hopeful, finally accepting, excited to be a mum again
    She knocked on the door, her sister comes to unlock the door and greet her
    The girl looks down and does her sister, shock sets in
    Red blood, lots of it, they look at each other in despair

    First, she had to accept that she had an unwell child, that she may lose the child, or have to make that decision herself. Once accepting to love this child no matter what, she had to accept that he was now gone.

    The nurse had to retrieve the baby from the toilet
    She was unable to look at him, not wanting to accept her reality but asked to keep him

    She sits, and she mourns with her delicate baby in his tiny coffin
    The deformed reality of her baby sinks in; she only wanted to love him
    Heartbroken, seeing this incomplete child that she so desperately realised she wanted
    She then had to accept his fate was never in her hands

    Life is a rollercoaster of emotions; you only realise what you have until it is gone; once you accept something painful, life changes.

    It hurts. It's unfair. It is a process of emotions but accepting reality is the only way to live in the present

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    Trigger warning bellow, ft pregnancy and miscarriage

    Read the story bellow


  • darkmoon696 13w

    We are so indulged in this fast paced world that we forget to respect the little things.

    I recently had an experience that changed my perspective towards life.

    It was a stormy night and I had my headphones on. Listening to a lo-fi playlist as I try to sleep.

    All of a sudden, I felt someone on my chest, trying to choke me. Almost out of my breath, I coughed and coughed until I got up and realised it was a dream and it was around 3am.

    This experience made me realise that despite the uncertainty of life, we still focus on competing with each other as we pave our way to the future.

    Just a reminder for you to just take a break and appreciate that you are born into this wonderful universe.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    My Experience

    Take a break mate! You deserve it!


  • mariateresa 13w

    Happy Full Moon in Capricorn, the sign of order and efficiency. Allowing us to processing old emotions are use then for our highest good and healing, powering our truth. The journey continues. An abundance of gratitude is in my heart for what each cycle brings.
    In light and in shadow, always with love ❤ Namaste ��

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    Full moon dance

    Nighttime provides the darkness and rest as I linger in shadows, claiming what is difficult to recognize in the light

    Manifesting the breadcrumbs that are left along the way as the harvest, fuel to be alchemized into spiritual truth

    Sacred dance steps are the movement of my soul, guided by love, they tell a story, transcribed by heart

    Winds of change blow leading me to new paths and pastures of thought
    Sun's rays glow in love's light, reminding me to let go
    Rain falls down from the heavens cleansing pain from the past

    Completing the rhythm, introspective expression, moving me onwards to feel
    Rebuilding foundation upon further appeal
    To rise after each cycle, to love again and again
    Elevation of soul heals my heart with its wisdom

  • taytay_nicole424 14w

    Tales of a Survivor

    Why is it considered such a taboo when we speak of the monsters playing tag in our minds
    When we express our concerns about the boogieman that seems to be around every street corner
    When we write about the prince phillips of the brother's grimm tale who stole from sleeping beauty that of which she may never get back

    Why are we considered the villains, the liars once we muster enough courage to tell our dark tale
    Once we out your brother, your lover, your friend of the rapist he truly is
    Once we remove the tape placed on our lips by him in hopes to keep us forever silenced

    Well I'm done being a victim to my trauma, to the pain
    I've found my wings, my courage and I will let them both shine
    And noone not even him may ever take my words away from me again

  • shwati 14w

    11:59 p.m.

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    Give Me Some Time

    What do you guys think of me?
    Am I stone hearted to you
    Or am I a matured women to you?

    I am mere 16,
    Lost my grandfather whom I loved the most,1 year ago,
    Lost my father 9 months ago to covid,
    Couldn't even cry after my father's demise just to not show my mum that I am deeply shaken and hurt,
    But you think I didn't cry bcz I dunno what I've lost, that I have no grief,
    You guys don't even know how many times I have cried in the bathroom,
    have wet the pillow with the ocean of tears,
    You have only seen me smiling and laughing just to make you two carefree about me by pretending
    I am fine.
    Have seen the so called relatives showing their true colours,
    Watching my mother struggling with depression daily,
    Used to sleep daily with the fear of losing my mum,
    Sat in Ambulance for the first time for bringing my mum to hospital,
    Saw my mother being admitted in ICU,
    not recognising me
    after having early stage of Alzheimer,
    Bearing all the taunts and tantrums of cruel aunt only because we have no one except our uncle,
    Trying my best to not to be depressed,
    Not being able to focus on my studies,
    Having no one to console me,
    People looking at me with the eyes of disdain,
    Hearing insults and scolding and crying alone,
    Having no friends with whom I can share my feelings,
    Gulping those hurting words, being mocked in front of everyone still smiling like a fool,
    Worried about my future,
    concerned like hell for mum.

    Still you guys expect me to act mature,
    scold me for not understanding every damn thing, telling to bear everything,
    control my emotions,
    speak right, eat right, sleep right...

    Let me breathe!
    Let me learn things slowly!
    Let me become mature with time!
    Let me have some mental peace!


  • mysterysmile 16w

    Group Vcalls

    Yu to har koi dost tha
    Par nazare sirf ek ussi pe thi
    Jisme basti jaan he humari
    Yu haar kisi se mazak masti ho ri thi
    Par usi se Awaz Ruthi thi humari
    Yu to vc ki waja kuch aur thi
    Par humari vaja sirf unhey dekhna tha
    Kuch Rishtey ajeeb hotey he
    Par bhout Khass hotey he
    Buss fark itna he vo maan na ni chatey

  • mehakkaroraa__ 17w

    Zindagi (ek aainaa)

    Kya batau....kuch esa sa thaa wo rishta ...benaam, bekadar, uss rishte mei usne pathar ki jagah leli, or mei.....mei aaiene ki jagah le bethi ...
    Uss pathar ko jitna kareeb laati rahi , utna tutt ti gyi....
    Wo pathar itna keemti kar bethi thi ki....khud bemoal hogyi...or ab afsoos kru bhi toh kya khud hi lgaya tha pathar ko seene se .....bikharna hi manzil thi...

  • mehakkaroraa__ 18w

    What he did ?

    He collected my broken pieces, assembled them,
    Made me trust...but i thought i got a shoulder to cry, i shared my every bit story of my life with him...
    He made me belive, the belive that i made for him made me cry, again cry, and cry forever...

    (Kisi ne bhot sahi kaha hai...."wishwas banaloge, dokha kese nikaloge" This hit me hard...)


  • pragatigarg 18w

    Under the blanket of poetry
    She cuddled with her solitude
    Surrounded with words but still was alone
    Writing about love that she never left
    Making others believe that herself wants to believe

    Strange isn't it?

  • a_nabiyh 19w

    her love- a poison ✨

    i was broken when i found him .....he took all my pieces he made me perfect ....and then again he broke me ...THE WORSE i can't even imagine that would hurt this much !
    A long time ago she was with someone she was very attached with ! but soon after that ...the person left her like every other person does ....! she was full of broken pieces her life was falling apart ...she tried and tried but you know sometimes we need someone to understand us ,our love , our efforts and everything .....! ...And yes its okay to not be fine on your own ...its okay to need someone who can collect your pieces .........
    And After a longs time of sufferings
    SHE MET HIM..............❤️
    They were actually opposites but you know what ? opposites attract so did they ....Days passed, month passed they became more indulged ......they didn't really met for a long time... She was already in love with him the love that can never be explained ... the love that has depth that has no counts .... its something more then just a word it was a thread between two human she was attached ... ATTACHED with his soul ....with his heart ...with his eyes ...with his words !!!

    But that process made her more weak..... WEAKNESS that made her numb made her hate herself made her believe him more ....

    She loved him to the extent where nothing seems perfect more than him .... she was all dependent on him ...

    But you know what ....We live a whole damn life just to die at the end similarly .... everything has a expiry date ...! Soon that love started killing her .... Soon that person started hating her !

    WHY ...? because now nothing is compatible between them !!!

    She cherished him but in the process she forgot how to love her self ! And that made her weak .... that made him strong ...

    ....Have you ever seen a candle ? it melts and burn ....just to give us light !

    There is no end in this story ....! Because when you are attached with someone you can't detach yourself ! you just burn yourself till the end just to give them light
    -They asked -How long can you love a dream ?
    someone replied - until it becomes a nightmare!

    .{A piece written by ᴀɴᴀ }

  • pragatigarg 20w

    I love you
    Like loon loves the moon
    Sure separation
    But love is true

  • jomygk 21w

    My story

    Let me just tell my story.
    I meet someone.
    We'll start talking.
    The other person becomes close to me.
    Then I start to trust them.
    Then they leave me as if I started the whole thing.
    The end.