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  • justin_aptaker 20w

    The Day i Saw God

    or was it today? i can't really tell
    i saw God
    more clearly than i've ever seen anything

    She was
    struggling to breath
    unable to understand
    why everything was pain
    why She'd been so alone
    away from all those She loved so much

    Her eyes bleary and fading
    joy erased
    but we were there with Her
    She could feel us again
    along with Her children and sisters huddled against Her
    for one last image
    equally at a loss

    but the last image She gave me
    was when the sedative finally kicked in
    and i sat face to face with Her
    gently stroking Her beautiful head
    She finally made sounds of joy again
    or they could have been pain
    but i think they were joy
    and i think i saw joy again in Her eyes
    i think the medicine had relieved the fear and pain
    just enough for Her to feel the joy of me loving Her

    but that moment was cut short
    as they took Her away
    i cried “goodbye sweet baby”
    sweet Angel, sweet Love
    then i fell apart

    the next time i saw God
    all the life had departed from Her
    all that remained for me
    was Her still, beautiful form
    eyes open, but lifeless
    and my eyes are open, but lifeless
    until I see God again

    - In loving memory of Boo, an angel who was taken from us too soon on 7/10/2021

  • devilfish 26w

    B L A C K

    Behind my back
    You stir lies with your ladle of a tongue
    And your love is a disguise
    It shifts and bends at your will
    Like shadow puppets conspiring on windowsills

    I know you don't feel it
    You never did
    You never will

    But this time I am black
    No turning back
    It's darkness I kiss
    It welcomes me back

    To black
    Back to this
    Back to that

  • devilfish 33w


    I feel sunlight breathe it's fiery essence as it
    Kissed my skin and burned my sin
    I've been touched by a cosmic angel
    And glorified as she sings her name
    Strumming her harp like her heart held
    The Earth's weight
    Her love could make the entirety of our composure and recreate the note that makes
    Our knees shake and our soul to ache as it
    Screams in the face of science
    It's all relativity
    It's all morbidity
    And monotony
    The first Angel was human
    And her touch
    Mothered me

  • devilfish 34w

    The Tone

    It deafens in it's silence
    And it's immensity
    On it's own
    A discomfort
    A hostile stranger
    Creeping through our homes
    Seeping in our thoughts
    Gnawing on our bones
    While they stick their nose up in
    They grow hate
    Acidic like citrus
    And time is left to grip us
    So strip us of absence
    And let the truth hit us
    As we brace for its impact
    And wait for death to kiss us

  • devilfish 35w

    Game of Guilt, Loss, Blame, Shame, And Derailed Trains

    The detail of our conversation
    Have been burdened with excess details
    Vain it leaves stains on my day that will not wash away not bleach
    Nevermore will the rain
    Just the same drain
    That eats my voice away
    With dark disdain angst and leaves me deranged
    I have rearranged different parts of my brain
    Not in one scenario do I remain in your clouded space
    This crowded place
    I trace my love with your hate
    I bite the plate and hold my weight
    While you tip the scales your way
    With no wait just haste cut copy and paste
    What I have before it ever reaches my tongue
    Before you even get to taste
    My heart I gave that I self made
    Formed from fiddling fingers
    And you just lay waste to my tender traits
    With a glass plate of freshly made food you have made
    I don't trust it
    The hidden blades in between upbeat charades
    And gaslit fog and deceptive haze
    A maze meant to grate through my empathy
    My dead attempts to relate but you won't initiate a full change
    3 quarters of the way
    While you watch it eat me away
    Pain that is so strange
    Yet familiar
    It lacks a name
    I will it to go away
    It cannot stay
    My hair will turn like ashes to grey
    My hesitancy and mistrust to dashes
    This ego it cuts and it slashes away
    As all we built crashes
    What happened?
    Our interactions lack weight they're strained
    By restraint
    Complaint and a vertigo that I feel faint
    My heart it clenches it's thirst is not quenched
    I put out my hands in humble humility
    But you leave nothing to be drank
    Please just let us break
    Please don't fake it
    Because the time it will take fate to drape it's cape over my eyes I can't continue to wade
    I'm made of water and yet even this consistency I can no longer wade
    I'll fall to the sea floor as all my feeling will fade
    My flaws are the one's outside of myself I forgave
    But cannot bear to treat others the same way
    Because I feel their pain
    I bleed too
    I need to explain
    My knees ache
    And my soul it needs to be alive
    To revive not relive and relay through war
    And all that ruins the day
    In a tone that crescendos then to a crescent
    It wanes waxes and pulls my being
    Into waves
    I won't participate in a dark crate
    I need your promise that you gave

  • serinktherapy 41w

    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.

    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Stuck with bitter sweet time till the end.
    Half seconds to break my heart, decades for it to mend.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Days mesh to months, those months to years.
    As I try to hide and carry on through the fear.
    The fear of this worlds creation, finding a place amongst the chaos.
    Trying to stay neutral in all the biased cases of ethos.
    Though it seems even the radicals have been silenced by their sadness.
    The worlds in disarray, there is no more method just pure madness.
    I mean YHWH himself couldnt even have planned this.
    The worlds living a lie, future generations have been forcibly curtailed.
    I refuse to believe that somehow we already failed.
    I feel all the pain and see the dissarrangement.
    But its easier to see clear without years of sheeps wool entertainment.
    But how do you get the masses to take off their blinders?
    When we were born with them and were given extras as reminders?
    Mind stimulated from birth to be tame.
    But we are more than just our ID's, more than our names.
    More than any possession, any 15 seconds of fame.
    Exactly what we are worth; cant possible be measured.
    But with our great value comes responsibility and there lays the pressure.
    For we are just the protectors
    Of something much more precious!
    We have the knowledge and resources to make the right choice.
    To protect all biodiveristy and give the voiceless and voice.
    To be truly the guardians of the galaxy.
    Explorers of the stars, held together by gravity.
    All intricate parts of an ancient modern puzzle.
    Who need to vow to not give up no matter how hard the struggle.
    I can foresee the logistical nightmare, but still know we must try.
    For the nightmare is a dream of heaven compared to what will actually transpire.
    If we dont help mother nature reclaim her spot as queen of earths empire.
    My biggest enemy, my very best friend.
    Itll sure be lonely for you if it all comes to an end.
    For we will be no more, no rythme, rhyme or reason.
    But there would be no better fitting punishment for commiting this type of treason
    Than to be cast in pure darkness for an everlasting time
    Just know ill will fight against it, my biggest enemy and very best friend of mine.
    From a child of the universe
    To the bitter sweet body of time.

  • my_quil 57w


    Touch upon thy souls, the fire
    That burns within you, O Maiden
    Am I the flame or the holder, confused me
    Sensing the holy womb within thyself

    We create, we annihilate, who are we
    Some call us wretched or hybrid, who cares
    Whatever we are, at sight you see me
    But inside shines the eternal feminine flames

    Sparks of both lights up this twin flame
    For we're not its guardians, we're the blaze
    The inferno that consumes the evil in thee
    The warmth that protects melody of life

  • to_bind_a_lover 70w

    Manus Christi

    As the sun rises high I follow, gasping in my elixir of dreams on an early summer morn.
    A songbird's melody guides me through my rhythmic puffs, and the only aid to my fit of coughs is the heady scent of sweetly rotted fallen fruit buzzing in my head.
    With eyes burnt a deep crimson hue, as bright as the decayed fruitage once was, I behold the ever glowing heavens and bask beneath its sanctified light.
    These gilded, floating islands whose beauty I can only gaze upon once my tonic has been made.
    A divine potion you see, of my dreamy fog and a sharp inhale of the mid-summer breeze. The concoction having been poured into soft fleshy sacs beneath my breast pools, reverberates and dances all throughout my being.
    Each weary breath, a solemn meditation.

  • stardust722 70w

    The Ocean at Night

    Two teenagers met
    And startled in each other's eyes
    Remembrances of all those times
    Yet to come. Eagerly I pressed 
    my lips against yours
    (Inside my mind, so frightening) 
    And we were suddenly there
    Shivvering in the air charged with 
    Blinding white lightning
    Mesmerized by the sky
    That held us together like lovers
    Like learning to fly, or
    Like falling into a terrifying bliss

    I was always afraid of the ocean at night
    Until I watched the storm silently rage
    Around me, delicately framed
    In the starlight of your eyes
    So we held hands in secret 
    Until morning light
    Grasping tight to hold on to
    What our souls had bonded to
    Sweet daydreams who
    Are (as I'm told) teenagehood
    And the faintest of promises 
    That tonight is not where this story ends,
    But rather where so many wonderful 
    things start to begin. 

  • my_quil 73w

    Sinner and the saint

    For when I wash my soul in prayer
    Felt the pain of sins and cleansed it
    For I'm the saint now in the world
    Of mystics, unknown to the sinners

    Cried and danced in ecstacy along
    With the beats of the aching heart
    For I'm lost in the wilderness of life
    Lives in ignorance, yes I'm the saint

    Lust possessed, Alas! soul went astray
    Prayer beads broken, fell down in tears
    As ecstacy vanished, drowned in pleasure
    Lost thy self and worth in countless beats

    Where's the saint I asked for he didn't
    Exist, change, its inevitable in this river
    Thou art the saint, thou art the sinner
    Thou art the mystic, thou art the ignorant

  • zainsperspective 81w

    Fade Away

    With all the smiles that I save,
    Memories deep in a heart's cave,
    Before I don't get a chance to wave,
    Let me fade away.

    With the dreams lost in the life's bet,
    Colors in a rusty palette,
    Before the rainbow appear again,
    Let me fade away.

    With all the fears of darkness,
    Echoing screams in vastness,
    Before the sighs whisper again,
    Let me fade away.

    With all the spark in the eyes,
    Warmth that makes one wise,
    Before the sun starts to rise,
    Let me fade away.

    With the noise of rain,
    Dark clouds that I framed,
    Before it starts thundering again,
    Let me fade away.

    With the Rumi's love for the Beloved,
    The ego hidden inside a mud's puppet,
    Before my soul starts to whirl,
    Let me fade away.

    With the words that I ever said,
    Un written thoughts in my head,
    Before I start write again,
    Let me fade away.

    With all the moments that I have lived,
    Care that I used to give,
    Before I start to live again,
    Let me fade away.


  • zainsperspective 83w


    In dead silence,
    Listen the echoes of your heart beats.
    Let the silence hug you.
    Let go off all the fears.
    Feel your soul floating like a solitary cloud.
    Close your eyes and take deep breaths.
    Emerse yourself in the very moment.
    Don't just be a mere spectator.
    Dare to ask if you need answers.
    Surrender yourself to the silence.
    Choose silence as your guide.
    Feel at peace and burden free.
    Listen closley to the whispers.
    Discover the mysteries that are hidden in you.
    Explore yourself in the silent nights.
    Who are you?
    Clay or an Eternal light?


  • zainsperspective 84w


    You are inspired by Rumi's love.
    You are inspired by Hafiz's prose.
    Tabraiz's traveling leaves you mesmerised.
    Khayam's melodies makes you dance.
    Iqbal's wisdom leaves you startled.
    But who are you?
    Just another fan?
    Or a perspective that would be worth exploring?
    An inspiration or just a thought?
    If you are inspired by someone, don't forget to turn yourself into an inspiration.
    Rhym with those whose melodies synced with the sonnets of eternity.
    Turn yourself into a flute that plays the tunes of the Beloved.


  • zainsperspective 84w


    Touch isn't complete
    when one hold hands.

    Touch isn't complete
    when someone hugs.

    Touch isn't complete
    when one converse for hours.

    Touch gets complete
    when a soul touches another soul.


  • sirenssong 84w


    Self explodes
    and colors are born
    thrown out of the womb of cosmos
    yet silent the mystic
    not aware of his mysteries
    he waits patiently


  • zainsperspective 85w

    The Yearning

    Sometimes, its just one's soul that needs to be cleansed through tears. The sky also awaits for a person to break. It's not just that person who remains restless, sky also waits anxiously. A person's hope and patience might reach a threshold, after which coming back remains impossible. The sky however, has all the patience.

    With each passing day the seeds of restlessness grow inside a person. Each night, sky waits for that person to be His guest. It waits all the night in the light of stars, it waits during the day with sun as a witness, it waits during dawn with the sweet melodies of the birds.

    As Bulleh Shah says, " Without the yearning of love no one stays up all night. Only those stay up whom He selects" Sometimes, people just fail to figure this thing out. The yearning gets stronger, wait is prolonged, and the person keeps using wrong tools to satisfy the restless waves of soul.

    Sky keeps an eye on every matter. All the sufferings that one goes through during this phase is in the best interest of the person. People who have experienced hard ships in any form knows the true value of peace. All this journey is for that person to realise what's missing, why is it missing and what led one into distractions.

    Once a person is done with exploring all the options, the disappointment is at maximum. All the other doors have closed. At this time, the sky opens the right door for a person. A door that was always there but a person never bothered to knock. Due to arrogance, the door becomes blurr and seems to be beyond our reach.

    As soon as a person starts feeling the whispers coming from that door, a flash back starts playing. All the divine things that a person pushed away. Every thing becomes clear, how the key to that door got lost. Things start to change. His yearning for the person starts telling the stories. Soul of the person starts to heal. Heart melts, tears start flowing, and the person starts to have that divine conversation.

    Like a rain clears all the dust and view becomes clear, as tears roll down the cheeks, all the distractions fade away. All the hiccups, mumbling, half spoken words and every goose bump are answered by the Sky: O human! I am here, I always was, I always will be. You spoke with every one else about your sorrows. Am I not your best friend? I have missed you, I have missed the conversations we had. I waited for you to come back so that we can enjoy the same conversations again. I have missed you.

    The Lord feels us for the same way. If we miss Him, He misses uss even more beyond our imaginations. Once a person has cried one's eyes out, His angles surround that person. Person's eyes close and the window of the heart opens to enjoy the peaceful silence of His endless love.


  • zainsperspective 85w

    Before The Devil Takes Me

    Before the devil takes me,
    O Angels!
    Be my witness,
    And write.
    The darkness wasn't my choice.
    Soon, everyone will realize.
    Take away my broken wings,
    And burn in my gulit.
    I got tired in the search of light,
    Perhaps, I gave up too soon,
    I forgot the lessons I learnt.
    The script of the God and patience.
    I kept on dragging myself along,
    Forgetting the faith that was born,
    Slowly, I forgot who am I,
    A fading rainbow or a lingering darkness.
    The scars on my broken wings,
    Advocates my struggle.
    The wings weren't cut clean,
    I got tangled in my desires.
    Here I am now,
    As a symbol of nothing.
    Some one who lost a divine touch,
    In the storm of his own arrogance.
    Before the devil takes me,
    O Angels,
    Do write,
    My horrific story.
    The story of arrogance,
    Lust and desires.
    The story of a lost treasure,
    And a lost battle.
    After the devil takes me,
    O Angels!
    Burn all the stories.
    All my memories.
    When I will come back by His mercy,
    Narrate me a story,
    That might help me,
    In gaining the faith again.


  • zainsperspective 85w


    I was a blessing for the people around me. A shoulder to cry, a friend to hug and a mischief to scold. Never the less, I keep my dear ones entertained. It was just a matter of time things started to change. My love, care and passion was perceived as a tool to escape all the worries. Yes, I wanted them to leave their worries behind. However, I never wanted them to forget themselves and people in their surrounding in this process.

    When one starts assuming that a particular person is their life line, things start to change. It's not that person but you Lord who is watching you, guiding you and taking your care. The person is just a tool of His courtesy. As soon as one starts thanking that person more than one should be thankful to Lord, blessing can turn into a test, or eventually, into a curse. Time stars testing one through that person.

    One will become blind in pursuit of one's efforts. The destiny awaits for the moment when there is no option left but to surrender. At this point, a voice echoes, Who is your except me? Who is your support except me? Who is your ultimate hope except me? Even after repeated refusals to surrender, He calls us. Repeated denials of His mercy takes us to a point where we are just a step away from chaos. He wants nothing from us besides gratitude.

    Never let yourself reach a point where you are just a breath away from chaos. If you believe that the good you are doing can bring chaos, stop and reflect. Sometimes people don't need support they need time to tame their chaos. Till that time, do nothing but pray for them. The next time He gives you a reminder, accept it with gratitute. Thank Him for all the blessings that you might be ignoring. There is nothing more painful than to get lost in one's own thoughts and pursuits without any clue of getting out. After this painful endeavour a person has two choices, accept mistakes and seek help, or continue to be arrogant. At this moment my freind, a person is just a breath away from chaos.


  • zainsperspective 86w

    Silent Acceptance

    While you are asleep, in the middle of the night, there is silent voice that calls you. You might not have a memory of all this, however, your inner conscience responds to the call. Not only it responds, it worships the voice calling you. Even though a person is sleeping, still, you whisper and mumble, responding to the call. All the words a person utter, thank you, sorry, or just a smile, have recorded in the book of memories. When a person gets up next morning, there is nothing but inner peace that surrounds one. Peace that one feels is the result of the divine converstaion that a person had. Whenever you feel like that remember, you had that conversation and your words got a silent acceptance.


  • pin_dew 90w

    In the ashes remain my body,
    in the smoke my soul;
    the fire of love burns me alive.

    #spiritual #sufi #sonnet #mysticism #poet

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    I love the evening walks, the full moon staring straight at us,
    as I breathe in the darkness, listen to the sounds of silence,
    and you speak ever sweet, I hush myself, conceal the flush,
    your eyes the stars, I gaze and feel your beautiful, warm presence.
    The saint says, if you're practical in love, you're not in love.
    Love precedes its reasons, and its reasons are intangible.
    So, I feel the ground beneath sway, sway the clouds above,
    see, taste, hear, the invisible, intastable, inaudible,
    as if I never loved. I let you go like mist in sunshine,
    and find myself dissolving into nothingness. My dreams
    are you, my life, my grief, my joy, my form, the formless mind,
    I cannot hold your hand. You are beyond my grasp, my screams.
    I never felt the light pierce right through me, but now I do.
    And I have only one word in my mouth, a question: "Who?"

    © Pin Dew