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  • moi_fayy 4w

    It feels tight..
    Everything's closing in
    I can't breathe anymore
    It's too much to bare


  • mysterious_writings 7w

    Enjoy the present moment
    this second is more valuable...
    than your yesterday past
    And your tomorrow future....

    If you can't enjoy present
    If you don't be happy at
    Present moments
    you could loose the
    Opportunity forever....

    Life is unpredictable
    It's true you never can
    Say you are going to
    Be in next second in
    Life. Yes there is a
    Chance it's life .....
    There is a chance for

    Learn to enjoy life
    As it is in the moment
    You are living in.....


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    You won't like to visit
    graveyard everyday na....
    Likewise your not so good past too
    Why you go on think of past
    While you have beautiful present.

    You won't like to think about when
    Iam going to die na....
    Likewise your unknown future too
    Why you go on think of future
    While you have beautiful present.

  • nocturnal_enigma 8w

    * 29.9.2021; 3.19 P.M (Malaysia)

    #NuEmHometown (See also my haiku on Hometown Cha Cha Cha)

    #Haiku #NuEmHaikus #NuEmHaiKor
    #Hometown #Kdrama #mysterious
    #dissappearance #Scary #goosebump

    * "Eeek" An #onomatopoeia #NuEmOnomatopoeia

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    Hometown ~

    A mysterious...
    dissappearance; Scary ghost...
    lurk in the hometown.

    It gave me goosebump...
    when one of the ghost's eyes seems...
    like looked at me! Eek!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • tenderkisses 13w

    He walked through the empty town..
    Long strides to fit his tall height..
    His long coat clasped around him..
    His collar high around his face..
    His scarf blowing and flapping..
    His fluffy hair embracing the wind..
    His deep blue eyes, focused ahead..
    His hands in his pockets..
    His presence felt from a thousand cities..
    His charisma strong and vibrant..
    His gaze enough to melt passers by..
    An enigma, a mysterious stranger..
    Anyone who sees him would follow..


  • myasir99 21w

    Ankahi Batain The 4th Quote

    Bathut si bataoon main uljhi hui hai yeh Ankahi an suni kahawaton si hai yeh Ankahi kaheein chare hain iss main such chi aur jhooti baton ko milla ke bani hai yeh Ankahi

  • starkanonymous 23w


    I can see for miles in your eyes

    to a starlit canopy, stretching

    vastly, to make up my universe

    when I see your fleeting smiles

    I accredit Calliope for fetching

    happy thoughts, waking my words

    your olive skin appears so soft

    I can only imagine how it would

    feel, like velvety flower petals

    your body, thin and without flaws

    is my holy enigma, understood

    as a mystery not yet meddled

    with such innate beauty, you are

    like a goddess, divine in your own right

    to the point of almost binding me

    from touching fate in futility, stars

    are the farthest, finest form of light

    voiceless, disjointed, blinding, free

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • icarus18 24w

    She was like an open book but a mysterious puzzle..
    You would know her by her words but never with heart...

  • bemyheartless_love 25w

    How can I live and believe with fire of love happily
    when you used to believe that love will always
    be a mysterious feeling in my beautiful heart


  • _priynshii_ 27w

    Mystry ✨

    A wrenching pain,
    A broken terrain.
    An unpleasant sky,
    Which is unimaginably high.
    Blushing on the cheeks of a vintage guy,
    Securing the mystry through several try,
    Even it has its own pry!
    Where ditachment is the antonym of try,
    Is this the past i can't deny?

  • sillysadar 31w

    Dying rose

    I've fallen
    I've risen

    I've arose from my grave
    With the dying rose you gave
    The dying rose lays now on your grave

  • slaughtered_heart 34w

    Who am I to stop you?
    It's the very nature of
    the universe itself,
    to hold all the answers
    and still be mysterious.


  • mohua_leo 35w

    The Eyes That Lived After Death

    From my childhood what fascinated me the most were those two beautiful eyes...
    It reveals all the secrets and never tell lies...
    When I am happy they sparkle and shine
    As if to say, everything is absolutely fine
    And when I am sad they break down into tears
    As if to realise all my underlying fears
    Sometimes they are mysterious, sometimes they are clear...
    They speak a lot even when no words I can hear
    They helped me see the beautiful world inside out
    And I want the same for someone else without any doubt
    I want them to love and see the world they care
    With my eyes even when I am no longer there...

  • gullu_gupta 37w


    Hamare dil n tadapte hue ruhani awaj m hamse kha...
    Ki mei bimar hoon dede muje mera Marj meri dawa...
    Dar lgta hai eis matalab ki bhari eis duniya se...
    Per mei bhi karna chahta hoon kisi se ishq beimthaan...
    Ke matlab se bhari eis duniyaa mei... Dhadakloo kisi ke nam se be wjh...
    Ke dede dhadkano ko dhadakne ki wjh...
    Ke dede eis gumnam zindagi m mahobbat ke wajud ko jgh...

  • lostprophet 39w

    The mysterious girl

    Sometimes I wonder who she is,
    Will she be a lazy couch potato,or will she be a super mom?,
    Is she a crazy food lover,or someone I should run away from!!
    Is she a beautiful girl who's trying to spread a smile across my face when I cry,
    Or someone who'll give up on me no matter how hard I try,
    Is she going to unfurl her petals to let me look inside her heart,
    Or she will say you bloody idiot we should stay far apart,
    Will she welcome me with a hug,or whether she will kiss me?
    Or whether she'll tell me that I should buzz off and try to diss me
    The possibilities are endless,but the choices are a few,yet I wonder if meeting her will be a start of something new
    hopefully she'll be as pretty inside,as she appears externally, hopefully she'll be someone who'll promise to stay around eternally

  • sirfsadharan 41w

    कुछ खास

    कुछ खास है बात।
    खामोश है रात।
    गेहरे राज की है बात।

  • pakhi1738 45w

    If you are new here, please visit #horrorstoryormolestationstory to read the previous stories of the series and don't forget to leave a feedback if you read any.


    Everything was normal for next couple days. No weirdos, no unknown calls, no stupid texts. It was almost as if nothing happened. But those calls started again. He would just call her, wait for her to pick up, call back again if she doesn't pick up, completely silent if someone else picked up instead of her, text her if she picked up once and then shouted and hung up. It was making her crazy. She couldn't sleep, couldn't focus on her homework. She freaked out every single time that phone rang and would run and grab it to see if it was him or someone else.

    After a while, every ringing phone started giving her chills and she would just black out for a second or two. Initially she thought that whoever that person was, he would just realise that she was not interested in whatever shit was going in his head but it just kept getting worse. It was pretty obvious that it was now just a game for him and he was really enjoying it. There were moments when she wanted to talk to her parents about what was happening and it would all go away but then she also didn't knew what their reaction to that situation will be like. Her parents were not the kind of people who were really friendly and open with their kids so she wasn't sure if she could trust them or not. It was just a lot for her little brain. She just stopped talking. She tried talking to Ritika but all she got from her was, "I told him that it's not my number. I asked him not to call you. I can't do anything if he doesn't listen."

    It continued for 6 months. He initially used to call after her school when she was at home but then he went on to calling her when she was in school. Her mother once picked up the call but he didn't said anything as he didn't recognised her voice. She didn't tried calling back thinking it was a wrong number. Once, she was watching TV with her father when the phone rang. Her father was about to answer it but she got to it first. "Hello?", she said. He started talking rubbish like always once he recognised her voice. Her father was still sitting right next to her so she just disconnected the call and told her father that it was a computer call.

    The moment she said it, she realised that it was a mistake. She should have said it was a wrong number because he was going to call back again and it would look bad. He called back again and this time, her father answered it. He kept saying "hello" but no one answered back from the other side. He disconnected the call thinking that it might be some network issue. That was the moment she knew she had to really do something about it. She had to tell an adult, anyone but her parents, just in case the situation got out of control. She thought about it for days and made a plan that was really risky but at the same time, sounded pretty much perfect in her head. She decided to talk to Ritika again and ask her to talk to that person and make it all stop before she actually carried on with the plan. Her reaction was, "you can do whatever you want. I don't care about you. You can't do anything. All you have is just words". That's the kind of motivation Aayasha was looking for so she left by saying, "you asked for it".

    She wrote a letter for Ritika's aunt explaining everything, gave it to her 6 years old daughter and asked her to give it to her mother the moment she reach home after school. She had a lot going in her head that day. All the possibilities of it all going wrong and biting her in the ass, what might be happening in their house, what if she decides to come over and talk to her parents? She couldn't sleep, partly because of the fear that everything might go wrong and partly because she felt like she betrayed her friend. Next morning, she saw Ritika in the school bus. It was written all over her face that she has been crying. Later that day, Ritika's aunt came to talk to her after school. She already got a heads up about it from one of Ritika's cousin in the morning so she was prepared for it. The moment she saw her in school, her first instinct was to run away because she had no idea what that conversation was going to be like but then she had to go see her because one of her teacher got involved. It was not a pleasant conversation but it could have been much worse so she was a bit satisfied. She gave that phone number to her aunt and that teacher when they asked for it. That person never called her again and her parents never found out anything about it. That number was printed in every single cell of her brain by then and she knew that she was probably never going to forget it.


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    Wrong number!
    (Part 2)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

  • pakhi1738 45w

    If you are new here, please visit #horrorstoryormolestationstory to read the previous stories of the series and don't forget to leave a feedback if you read any.


    It was time for the longest vacation for Indian school kids! Yes, you guessed it right. Summer vacation! Aayasha, a 13 years old girl, was very excited to live a month without having to step a foot out of her house. She was always like this. Sitting in a corner, busy in her own world, cooking up stories and doing homework.

    One fine afternoon, a friend of hers from school, who lived in her neighborhood, came to seek her help with some project work. Or at least that's what it looked like. Aayasha and her younger brother were sitting on the terrace doing their work when she came. Their mother, who was busy with household chores, directed her to the terrace. She looked a bit in rush and out of breath. "I want a phone. I have to make a call. It's urgent. Please. I want a phone", she said. Aayasha tried to calm her down but she wasn't ready to listen. She just kept repeating it and denied to tell her anything except that she would get into really big trouble if Aayasha didn't get her a phone. She started crying and Aayasha, completely lost and clueless of what was happening, came down and asked her mother for her phone. Before she could ask her anything, Aayasha said that her friend upstairs wanted another classmate's phone number. She was shaking because she has never lied to her mother before but she somehow controlled herself and ran back upstairs.

    Her friend snatched away that phone from her sweaty hands and started pressing the keys like a maniac. Aaysha didn't wanted to invade her privacy but her mind just wanted to make sure that she wasn't in any big trouble so her ears were trying their best to catch hold of some of the conversation. All she could hear was, "you need to break that SIM card or I'll get into so much trouble". She disconnected the call after the conversation was over, turned back to Aayasha, gave her the phone and said, "I told my aunty that I am going to Aayasha's house to ask her for her computer project and if I don't get back home soon with your file, she'll get suspicious". Aayasha tried asking her what was happening and if she could do anything to help her but she just ignored it and left with an almost empty project file.

    It was just 5-6 minutes since her friend left and Aayasha was lying down, soaking up some sunlight and processing what just happened when that phone rang. It was an unknown number so she ignored it. It rang again and this time she actually picked up the phone to have a proper look at the number on the screen. She froze. It was the same number her friend dialed a while ago. She knew that because she saw some of the last digits before her friend deleted it from the call history. ".......313". She kept staring at it, waiting and praying for the phone to stop ringing. It eventually did and she called her friend. It was her aunt's number.

    "Hello! Aunty namaste. Has Ritika reached home yet? I accidentally gave her a wrong file. Oh! Okay! Can you please ask her to come back and exchange it with the other file as soon as she gets back home? I need that file. I was working on that project when she came and I have to finish it by tonight". Ritika came back and was really mad about Aayasha calling her aunt. Aayasha told her about the call and asked her to call that person back and tell them that it was not her contact number. She did as Aayasha asked her to and left.

    The phone rang again roughly an hour later and it was the same number. She wanted to block it but couldn't because she didn't wanted her parents to get all suspicious about it just in case they somehow end up checking the blocked contacts lists. That person just wouldn't stop calling so she finally answered it. "Hey, listen! I don't know who you are but you need to stop calling. This is not Ritika's number", she said and was expecting an apology from the other side. But, "I don't care who you are. I just want to talk", that's what's she got. She was really angry and just so done with that person. Aayasha was usually not like any other "normal" teenagers but she was really short tempered. She wanted to shout but couldn't because her parents were home and she didn't wanted to grab any attention so she just hung up without saying anything. That person just kept calling her until he was just gave up.

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    Wrong number!
    (Part 1)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

  • val_kyrie 46w

    The Umbrella

    Today I was standing by the window.
    It was raining heavily outside.
    I stood there watching drops falling, like tears. Every time it fell on the ground, it enriched the soil, maybe because it was so full of feelings, that gave power and life to the soil. Isn't it weird, there's a connection between everyone around us with us. Even without realising there's connection being made everytime we laugh, we cry, we kiss, we play and everything that makes a memory to that place and things surrounding us. That moment and the feeling we got in that moment becomes permanently related to that particular place ; that every time we pass through it, we live that memory again.
    Things have mysterious ways to happen.
    And just one moment is just enough to make our whole heart filled with immense bliss and pain.
    That rain made me travel in my past ; to a day which I consider as one of the most beautiful days of my life..
    I was running to home after my classes , and it was the same rain that day. I had forgotten to keep my umbrella so I had to go home bathing in the rain.
    I thought of stopping under some shade for a while until rain looses it's temper but it was at its full zest and didn't seem to slow down.Therefore, I dropped my thought and ran to home anyway. There wasn't much traffic that day. I was already wet completely so I thought of stopping for a while. There was a tent under which there was 4 vacant chairs. I ran inside it and rummaged my handkerchief from my bag and started wiping my face through it.
    I heard someone say 'hello'
    I turned around.
    And there was a pretty looking boy wearing blue jeans and black t- shirt, carrying a bag. I assumed he too was returning home from his classes.
    He had attractive looking light brown eyes.

    He smiled at me.
    I too smiled and said 'hello'.
    And turned against him.
    'You're completely wet', he said..
    It was too stupid of him to say that.
    I gave a sarcastic laugh and said 'ha.. I guess, I am'.
    'Don't mind me, but like this you'll get ill.Don't you have an umbrella? ' He asked.
    'Perhaps, if I had I should not had been this wet' I replied irritatingly.
    He smiled and said 'Sorry, I didn't mean to annoy you, btw I am Karan. And you're? '
    'Its None of your business' I said while wiping myself.
    He said 'ohkay... '
    'Well, I was waiting for a bus, what about you? ' he said.
    I said' I'll have to run to home '.
    He offered me his umbrella.
    It was very awkward for me to take it since it was the first time we met. I didn't accept it.
    I said 'No, thanks'

    He said it's better to have run with it than without it.
    I said 'how would I return it back to you then '
    He said 'We'll meet again, at the same place'.
    But I didn't take it.
    Soon a bus arrived and he took it.
    After climbing to the bus he said 'It was nice meeting you. I hope we'll meet again. '

    And the bus went away..
    I couldn't understand even though I didn't behaved well to him. Why was he being so nice to me?!

    I returned back from my thoughts and realised that it's late and I had to go home.
    Though rain didn't seem to slow down but I had to move anyway.

    When I turned to pick up my bag I saw his umbrella on the other seat.
    He left his umbrella for me.
    I was touched by his gesture.
    I took his umbrella and walked to home.

    The very next day I went again at that stoppage at the same time but neither he nor that bus he took showed.
    I went there every day but none of those came.
    I wished every morning to see him again. But it never happened.
    I wonder why wasn't he coming though he said to me that he'll meet me at the same place. But he never showed up again.
    And it's been 6 years since then, I still have his umbrella.
    And his memory.
    I've craved every day to meet him again, say thanks ; see his pretty smile.
    Although at that moment I didn't realise but it became one of the most mysterious yet beautiful moment of my life.
    And whenever it rains, I reminds of that moment again.
    Fires up my desire to relive it.
    The memory,
    Of a mysterious boy and his umbrella.


  • shrihari_nandini 47w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #my #lord #prabhu #dad #father #ma #mother #love #undefined #unknown #mysterious #worry #search #end #sad #forget #seek #devotion #trust #faith #happiness

    My Prabhu Forever
    By Bhavya Gogia


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    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    My Prabhu Forever

    By ShriHari Nandini

    I don't wanna achieve you Father
    Cuz if you're mine,
    Distance doesn't matter,
    And if Oh Father, you aren't mine,
    Then your place, isn't mine either

    I don't wanna achieve you Hari
    Cuz I know you can't be
    Won like a Trophy,
    If you are not a prize, I consider you my life
    Then where's the scope to worry?

    I don't wanna search for you Madhav
    Cuz in your smile,
    I find each answer,
    The great exclaim, you live in my Heart
    Even though I am not your standard

    I don't wanna search for you ShriVishnu
    Because, I know you're by my side forever,
    And hence I do not find an issue,
    For even if I forget you won't,
    You shall always be my Prabhu


  • heyoka_warrior 179w

    Respect the silent ones.
    The ones who are loners.
    The ones with less friends.
    The ones hiding in their shell.
    They talk less and know much.
    The meek ones you thought were weak.
    For they are older than their age.
    They knew pain way too early.
    Their life mysterious.
    Their soul translucent.
    Respect that they are quiet.
    Respect the life that made them it.