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  • mimzchishi 22w

    My love

    No matter how Livid I get at HIM the entire day, At the dusk,when I hear him sleeping so peacefully as if there's nothing in the world to stress upon or worry about:) I realize, that's how much He feels Safe to be with me :)
    I throw away my entire pain and agony, forgets just everything and remain super elated and grateful to God Above for blessing me this very man,the Dandy man snoring so loud and clear while I'm still there on the call I just long for the greatest Wish, which is to eradicate all rages, eliminate all the distances between us, sleep beside him, cuddle him so tight and sweet, Blow a gentle kiss on his forehead,caressing him on his Head and Whisper slowly in his ears "Goodnight my Babe".
    It is indeed an extremely inexplicable thing to say how enormously big I cherish this Human being in my life

  • mariateresa 40w

    Love's sweet melody is the song from your ❤ Only I can hear it distinctly as it plays beckoning my soul to yours.

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    Heart's Song

    You're like a song that begins to play
    Each time I see your eyes draw me closer in
    All the words I yearn to say
    Your touch electrifies my skin
    Bursting with a melody building in crescendo
    Our embrace ignites soul bonded fire as we kiss so tender
    Notes that string together every emotion painting memories
    Collide into a beat that only our hearts can dance to methodically
    Hypnotic rhythm pulls us in under love's eternal spell
    Playing the soundtrack looping round like ponies on a carousel
    Listening on repeat forever and a day
    Your heart's song is my favorite tune never to fade away

  • humanityraiseup 55w

    Some people say I just met you few days back, I barely know anything about you. Yes you might barley know me but the fact is it doesn't matter as long as we're connected and helping each other to grow.

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    It's not about how long you have known that person, it is all about how you treat him.


  • divs_1799 82w

    Hey Diary, yes I'm back again...
    I usually start this way and end either on a sad or cheerful note.
    But today I wanna THANK YOU first for each and every secret of mine which you kept safe with yourself.

    Again for listening to my harsh mute screams and loud cries.. and being the same after my fights with humans.

    Always secretly holding me on your shoulder and soothing me down when no one did...

    Remembering my every wish; starting from having best bodyguard in life to gifting myself a box full of chocolates.

    I remember how I used to scratch my wrist in anger to write notes, how I used to cry and at last burn you down to close past chapters, still you waited for me patiently in there wrapped in a box safely so that no could read me!

    I really wonder how you bear my mood swings, to listening crush stories, also knowing how bad my every birthday goes... I really wanna thank you, buddy, for always being my soulmate when none did.

    Your Buddy!

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    Hey Diary, yes I'm back again.....

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  • dear_comrade 81w

    #BFF #missing #still I'm waiting for you
    #nobita #shizuka #My Pagal#Mysoulmate #miss you Pagal #always wait for you#my Gift of God..
    I'm his angel # Dedicate for my BFF My special friend my Nobita ������come withme soon❤����������for someone really special in my life ��Even he's my favorite person in this ��❤�� world��

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    Stay with little more withme baby ❤

    Stay with little more withme Baby...
    Stay with until last breath with me
    You have don't time to Remember me ...
    I have no time to forgotten about you...
    I just missing you...
    You just trying to let me go...
    I heard your heart beat...
    Since last night..
    Your eyes corner shinning my name...
    You calling my heart continuesly...
    I felt it...
    You cry without told me...
    I lost without told you my smile
    You Running away from my side..
    I Running high on your side..
    I'm weepy...
    You make me cry..
    I made you love..
    You made me fire..
    I just a look of cakky makeup..
    You look a blushing blunt...
    I'm offering you my sweet lovely voice..
    To healing your life ❤rejuvenate...
    I have Rights on your heart
    You had Hack my heart..
    You cutting my love..
    I falling love ...
    Your innocent Eyes..
    I hate your Gesture you do with me...
    You love My voice...
    I flatter in your shoulder..
    You Filip on next side of love
    I'm always with love side..
    And my love side belong to your happiness ,
    I wanna with you every Day just with you..
    Either cried with your memory you gave me..
    Still waiting for you .
    My Nobita
    My writing alwaya call your heart ❤myLove


  • divs_1799 83w

    Keep a track of what you do, how does it affects you, and also the ways you could count to to let things go smooth for the second chance.

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    Difference between a JOURNAL & DIARY

    JOURNAL: A place where you analyze and evaluate.

    DIARY: A place where you just record.


  • nero1million 90w

    Whenever I will meet my soulmate I would apologize to her for everything she has gone through because I was not there for her.

  • demonking21 101w


    The world is full of fake people
    I need someone to rely on
    Someone with whom I can share all my feelings

  • prettylittlethings 111w

    My soul

    Early riser-night owl
    Clean-messed up
    And that's how rebel works in relationship. They made the perfect pair

  • monisha_shamanth 117w


  • eveyblossom 121w


    Who are you? Where are you from?
    I didn't question her...
    She didn't question me...
    When the day we met...

    Years rolled by...
    But still... We are together...
    Even now...

    She didn't let me go off her...
    At any situation...
    She stayed alongside me...
    At all tough situations...

    Holding my hands...
    Still holding my hands...
    Like a mother holding her child's hand...
    And me going along with her...
    With the trust...that she'll take me in a right path...

    With a sudden stop...
    I wonder...
    What have I done for her?!
    Absolutely nothing!

    Why does she still love me the most?


  • being_myself 123w

    My soul mate❤️❤️

    someone ignore us doesn't matter but matters that if he/she is our best soul mate than it hurt barely

  • makeouthill 125w

    What's a soulmate?

    Well, it's uh... It's like a best friend but more.
    It's that one person in the world who knows
    You better than anyone else.
    It's someone who makes you a better person,
    Actually they don't make you a better person, you do that yourself...... Because they inspire you.
    Soulmate is someone who you can carry with you forever.
    It's the one person who, knew you, accepted you and believed in you, before anyone else did, or no one else would.
    And no matter you'll akways love them, nothing can ever change that.

    - Dawson ( Dawson's Creek )

  • rahulgehlot 127w


    चाँद की प्रतीक्षा में
    हमें यह खयाल आता है की
    हमारी चांदनी कब आएगी..


  • asifmajeed 129w

    My first kiss

    My first kiss...
    I'll never forget the day when her hands hold my back tightly.
    With her chichi eyes staring into mine as if she's gonna purloin my eyes..
    Her body touched my body like two souls from heaven.
    Her feet was upon my feet and
    My dampen lips were touching her moist lips like honeybee with honeycomb..
    Eyes closed like in a dream
    Ears deaf like Meniere.
    Heart filled like pleasure of heaven
    Souls touched like a resonance
    Lips locked like swooning
    I'll never ever forget it till my last breath ....

  • anthonycolaco 131w

    I always sense your pure love

    I always sense that fragrance you flourished on me .
    The hundredfold joy you brought in me.

    I always sense that sweet moments shared with you
    The fun loving memories I cherished with you.

    I always sense that happiness of having you in my life.
    The rejoicing love you embedded deep within my life.

    I always sense that smile you creep inside my heart.
    The true soulmate & my irreplaceable smiling soul of my heart.

    ©Anthony Colaco

  • niyxis 135w

    Horizons Reached

    The wind whips across our faces,
    The water laps at the sand.
    A streak of black darts past,
    Our child's joy uncontainable and within reach.

    The laughter is carried away by the jealous wind,
    Our smiles are unfaltering, soaking in the sun.
    Walking away from the shore, realization strikes-
    I had not glanced at the horizon once.

    As I used to once do so longingly, endlessly,
    But I no longer wonder what may be out there.
    I've got an arm slung around my soulmate,
    And my child bounding blissfully ahead.

    - Viniyx

  • a_girl_inkings_her_emotions 139w

    Kuch ek saal beet rhey honge jbh mujhe aap mili is mirakee p Hui thi hmari pehli mulakat ....kiA tha ek post me tag mujhe..." Apni pasandida Hindi lekhak k Roop me"
    Janey anjane mile hum Kia shukriyaa unka or dil s Dua mangi thi us ajnabi kliye ki na Janey unhe Meri likhawat me esa Kya likha paya Jo unki favorite bn beithi ye swaal apne mnn meliye mein aage badhgae...wqt beet gya fir achank @mushaaiir (veeru) ki bday planning k time muje @prernaanmol s milwaya Ganesha s tbh....Jake Meri khojouri Hui....usdin s lekar aj ka din hmne sath m bitaye na Janey kitna kuxh share kiA ....life ki har choti badi baat har problems har happiness bas apko pt ni ho ye ho hi ni skta ...shyd mujhe yh sbse better way m koi Jaan paya toh woh app hi ho...mere strength and weakness sbh kuch appko pata h...mein khulikitab Hun apkeliye or har din mujhe appreciate krti motivate krte thakti ni hoAap...ek insAn Apne bday p hmesha chahta h usse gift mile aapne to us pAl b mere face ki smile mangii mein bhut zyda lucky Hun ki muje aap mili....bhut kuch h Jo aapse kehna chahti Hun mgr aj or emotional n krna ��
    Aj apke special day p ye chotu sa Birthday dedication likha hai aap k jitna to best ni likha but umeed h apko pasand ayega ..������ once again a very happy birthday Meri Anmolratan aap hmesha Khush rho and fit n fine rho bas yhi Dua h...or jaldi s apki job lggjae apke sare dreams pure ho yhi wishes h Meri :) �� love you infinity....

    तू मेरे लिए मेरी बड़ी बहन जैसी है,
    तेरे बिना मेरी हर शाम फिंकी सी है..
    तेरे goodmorning के msg से होती हर सुबह मेरी,
    अच्छे विचार पढ़ने भर से मानो लगने लगती है जिंदगी सही...

    मेरी प्यारी चूजा रानी,
    जो है चाँद की दीवानी..
    आवाज उसकी मीठी मिश्री जैसी ही है,
    जब वो अपनी मधुर आवाज मे गाती है,मेरा दिल खुश हो जाता है..
    थोड़ी सी पगली, थोड़ी सी शैतान
    बसती है तुझमें मेरी है जान..

    शौक उसके बड़े ही निराले है,
    Earrings लगते उसको बहुत प्यारे है..
    हर कला मे इनके ही तो बोलबाले है
    इसलिए इनके इतने चाहनेवाले है..

    मानकर मुझे अपनी छोटी बहन
    हर जिम्मेदारी को बखूबी निभाले जाती है
    मेरी हर उलझन को मिटा कर,
    मुझे सही राह दिखलाती है..
    अपना सारा समय न्योछावर कर देती है,
    औरों की खुशी के खातिर दिनरात जिया करती है..

    तुम अपने नाम को सार्थक कर,
    बनकर आई मेरी जिंदगी मे प्रेरणास्त्रोत हो..
    हर मोड़ पर जब भी हम गिरने लगते है,
    तुम अपने शब्दों के सहारे हमें संभालेती हो..
    जब भी मेरा विश्वास डगमगाने लगता है,
    तुम मेरे मन के कोनों मे विश्वास रुपी दीपक जलाकर सारे नकारात्मक ऊर्जा को खत्म कर देती हो..
    तुम्हारी हर छोटी कोशिश मेरे चहरे पर पड़ी मायूसी को दूर कर देती है
    और मुझे खिलखिला कर हंसने की वजह दे जाती है...!
    तुम आम नही हो
    तुम मेरेलिए अनमोलरतन सी हो
    एकदम खासमखास हो....
    इसलिए अपनी खासियत को कभी मत खोने देना
    तुम जैसे हो हरदम वैसे ही रहना...!

    -आपकी रोलू

    P.s. :- ye sketch isbari utna acha ni bnna I failed this time due to my bad health reason but hope u liked it ...:)
    Birthday date - 23 February

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    #birthday_dedications #birthdaybash2019

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  • yrishbren28 140w

    From him

    I love every inch of you

  • yrishbren28 140w

    Dear You

    All good things must come to an end. I must say "thank you" for everything. For you make me feel so important. And with that, I wish you all the very best. This is not goodbye but this is just a new beginning. Yes, I will keep in touch .