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  • dasu24 8w

    The joy in simple things

    She stood at the window, looking out at the rainy vista.
    Rains somehow made her feel gloomy on certain days.
    Today, she didnt feel anything for she had pressing matters on her mind.
    Yet when the mind is distracted, it does the unthinkable.
    She sat down on the window sill and watched the drops splattering on the glass pane.
    It sounded like music to her in the solitude.
    She slid open the pane enough to put her palm upturned outside.
    The flecks of water felt like a friendly touch.
    She slid it open further and put her head out with her face facing the sky.
    As rain pelted her face, something erupted within her.
    A childlike glee that broke a smile on her face.
    Her spirit, which had been heavy a while ago, felt rekindled with joy.

  • hota_sia 16w


    Goodbyes are always not that good,
    They tear my soul to ashes.
    I feel the glitch in mine sometimes,
    Why my heart has to bear those crashes?
    They do end many queries for ages,
    render the wisdom that I needed,
    pluck the follies from within me,
    limiting the bitterness from me.
    And make me move ahead more like me.

  • _janedoe_ 16w

    .....n atlast the truth lies buried like a sentence deep within a book waiting to be read.

  • nothingleftsoiwrite 17w

    Glued to You

    Too easily attached
    Hoping for the most
    When I know for a fact
    I need to let go
    I have to act fast
    Before I'm too low
    From where I can't come back
    But I am far too slow

    I'm not exaggerating this infatuation,
    got me exasperating over my lack of patience with myself,
    I'm just a sad creation, an empty book on a shelf


  • blend_of__thoughts 29w

    A day of burn all your
    Anger and all bad thought
    In fire of the day
    So be happy and have
    A great special and specific

  • anitha_tammana 30w

    A single letter makes a difference

    "moNey to monKey"

  • _meesha_ 30w

    Dear present,

                             You are often mistaken as the "living one",
    You have been one who has been present in everything. The now past was once 'you' or the future we think about will be you one day. But we always make the same mistake of not thinking you as the living one. "You have been silently doing your work all the while, being made of by the past and making a path for the future".... it was you who thought of learning and living by your mistakes and it is you who always hopes for a better future or tomorrow.  The yesterday we lived in and the tomorrow we are thinking of " is only because of today that we are living in".... without realising the difference between saying and doing. You never failed to do and show us the meaning of present. But, we have failed you every time. Each time when I talk and cry over my past you wanted it to change or whenever I hoped for something better you gave the moment of joy to live in. But you never made us think about you or about the present we are living in. I always disappointed you whenever I slammed my past, but you never made me feel that 'my yesterday' was once 'my today'.  Maybe I still walk away and try to hide from my yesterday, or I still smile when i hope for a better tomorrow. But, you always make sure that i remember that it is today in which I'm living in, and it'll be a today when I live in future and it was today when i running away from my past. I may not promise you for being able to face my past or always be happy in my future. But, what I can promise is to be the today in tomorrow and try to face the today in my yesterday.  Maybe that's how I'll learn to live slowly bit by bit trying to the perfect today trying to fit in yesterday's loop and tomorrow's unknown hole.
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    Dear present

    Dear present,

                             You are often mistaken as the "living one",.....

  • blend_of__thoughts 33w


    A feeling of time when
    Someone compare you
    With someone else!!
    At that time feel that
    Someone said don't weep
    When tears comes out!!!!!!

  • _meesha_ 34w

    वो कल कि मोहब्बत ही थी,
    जिसने रो कर हसना सिखा दिया,
    और टूट कर जीना।
    - मीशा

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  • hota_sia 45w


    Life is hard but not such to call ‘impossible’.
    It's complexities are not less than a riddle.
    And we are here with no option but to win it.
    Not alone so far but unitedly destined,
    vanish the evils inside that made us ruined,
    and get drown with the essence of love indeed.

    You will get thorns in your way,
    Will get injured but have to heal anyway.
    Be a fighter, deprived of you sensitivities.
    Nobita too had tears but always gave the enemies with pities.
    You have to handle your bundles of grievances,
    and be malleable with your opinions as a brass.

  • hota_sia 48w

    The Jollyfull Life

    Nov. 8,

    Dear Buddy,
    So what's going on in your life. I hope you are fine, miles and miles away from this deadly virus which has spread all across the world. But do you know, today's a bit different day for me. In fact I feel as if these days are running very slow. Hope it results good with the proverb- Slow and steady wins the race.

    Hey! Hellow!Valakam! Today I'm gonna share my most favourite memory of my life and the most successful memory till date as I have never fulfilled all my desires and wishes to such an extent.

    Today, I'm gonna share my story behind the love for writing and the desire to be a writer one day. I would like to go bck to flashback to my seventh standard. In studies, I was as dull as a donkey and in songs, I was not less than a “BAKWAAS” singer, a fan of Neha Kakkar, Shreya Ghosal, Guru Randhawa etc.

    For me, my duty was to spend time with friends in school and then come back to home and again spend time in WhatsApp with friends. Studying was not even at the bottom of my duty list. Dushman.The relation between me and maths-science was like Jaani Dushman. I felt as if I should throw these books into a dustbin or just murder those teachers. But we both know that I could neither do any of these. Those days were really was for my studies.

    But on the other hand,I was completely filled up with English Liti (Literature)and grammar. These were like world for me. I lived in with only two worlds -my friends and English.Other were even out of my wishlist.

    So what happened one day is I was in the class sitting at the first bench of left corner.I was in complete enjoyment with my friends.And suddenly our Liti Teacher came to teach the most boring-cum-beautiful poem by William Wordsworth. And in the mid of the class,I felt so drowsy that I actually went off sleeping inside the class.Two fun facts were- The teacher didn't knew about it till the class was over and me myself was in such depth that I too didn't marked when I slept.Hats off to my courage. I slept in the class for the first time. I was in mixed state at that time. Fifty percent of my heart was filled with joy because that was the first experience for me to sleep without the teacher's knowledge.And also fifty percent of my heart was a bit sad because I slept in the English class that was the most favourite subject of mine. Of course,I didn't like the teacher but at least I liked the subject. I should have not respected the teacher but for the prestige of Liti, I should have not slept that day.

    These thoughts were continuously capturing my mind. Even some of my friends started teasing me. I felt a bit offended. While I came back to home ,I stayed in the same state for whole evening. My frustration level was increasing slowly. I felt a bit bewildered. Many times such situations have encircled me but that situation was completely opposite of it. Even I wasn't able to express it to my mother as she is also a teacher. If I would have done so,I would have observed Newton's third law practically that day-Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I simply kept silent and suddenly a song entered my mind. At that time,my mind was such overcrowded that in such a critical situation, a song entered my mind. And a beautiful thinking was followed by then. I thought of writing it all my frustation in the form of a song. That was a Hindi poem-“ Nind ki goli”written and composed by me. Also directed and sung by me. I felt a bit contented. And the next day ,I thought showing it to my friends. They were so so so happy that they enjoyed reading it and even read the poem twice,thrice or even more. They were happy seeing the poem and I was happy seeing their faces. Many days passed and my friends thought of showing my poem to all the girls including the weaker ones too. (those who were weak in studies just like me.)

    I was again astonished as they too liked my poem. Since, they were back benchers and thousand miles away from their studies, they should have either ignored it or just act as if they enjoyed it. But they read the read the whole poem happily and even enjoyed a lot more then expected.

    That was the day, I felt as if I have become the richest and the most successful person of the world. I felt as if I have conquered the whole world. I was in cloud nine. That's how I gained my inspiration from my readers for writing more and more poems, quotes, stories and the journey started.

  • hota_sia 50w

    True self love is known when you understand why to love yourself and how to love yourself.

  • avinashwrites 56w

    Acha Lagta hai-1

    Naslon ki aadat hai apni sochna,
    Dusro ki soch k dekho..
    Acha lagta hai..
    Likhte toh sb duniya k liye hai..
    Apni rooh pe likh k dekho..
    Acha lagta hai..

  • entangled_words 72w

    Self Love

    Thinking of all the hate her soul is being feeded with,
    She realised,
    Her self love is all she needs,
    Away from chaos, it lets her dream,
    Leaving her fears behind, it sets her free,
    Heals her broken pieces, fills her soul's crevasses,
    leads her to self discovery , finding an inner peace ,
    Thus, allows her to finally,


  • entangled_words 79w

    Self Love

    Thinking of all the hate her soul is being feeded with,
    She realised,
    Her self love is all she needs,
    Away from chaos, it lets her dream,
    Leaving her fears behind, it sets her free,
    Heals her broken pieces, fills her soul's crevasses,
    leads her to self discovery , finding an inner peace ,
    Thus, allows her to finally,


  • silent_writer18 92w

    राम जन्म में दूध मिला, कृष्ण जन्म में घी,
    कल्युग. में दारू मिली, सोच-समझ कर पी||

  • forbidden_writer_rohan 98w

    Uhi Kuch log dard se dosti nahi karte janab
    Zara unki bebasi ko bhi toh smjha karo
    Wo bhi hasna chahte hai


  • its_kanak_ 100w

    मेरी एहमियत

    मेरी एहमियत भी तुम्हें तब समझ आएगी,
    जब टूटोगे तुम अंदर से तब याद हमारी ही सताएगी।

  • its_kanak_ 101w


    सोच के तेरे बारे में ये जो मेरे चेहरे पर मुस्कुराहट आ जाती हैं,

    कुछ तो बात हैं तुम में जो बिना तुम्हारी बातों के भी दिल में गुदगुदी सी हो जाती हैं।