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  • praachii 16w

    They Change with needs

    People change their deeds with need,
    To satisfy their wants and greed.
    Maybe they are rough and cruel,
    Or tough and evil.
    They will change with time,
    When they need help of mine.
    They may have said bad when I lost,
    Mocked and jeered at my fault.
    But when they are in need,
    Act like they have changed to be good indeed.
    It's me who knows,
    Their actings but shows;
    Nothing I really care,
    Because they are not singles but are in many pairs.
    I can detect one, but not all,,
    There are many such people everywhere not just in Aul.
    We have to be aware, not to mess with them,
    They are two faced creatures, who always condemn.
    Try to be good, not like one of them,
    No matter how cruelty wins,
    goodness and kindness are always gem.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 16w

    Remember them who remember you in dark

    Remember them who remember you in dark,
    Don't forget how they helped you with their positive remark.
    The moment when you were drowning they pulled you out,
    They were the only one who motivated you throughout.
    Although not too much they did,
    But pulled out from amid,,
    to brighter side of life,
    Where we found ourselves again forgetting all the strife..
    Thankful we are for all those people we have,
    Who are attached with us like wine and carafe.
    Remember them who remember you in dark,
    Because they helped you sail through the storm in the same Barque.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 16w

    Trust no one except the one who trusts you

    Trust no one except the one who trust you,
    Whether they r strangers or your classmates too.
    We can't distinguish who is fake who is not,
    It's better to live with whom all the problems were fought.
    There are selfish people all around,
    But a worthy friend is tough to be found.
    A fake friend is as danger as foe,
    What they want they will never show.
    Once their motive is satisfied,
    They will leave you suffering by.
    It's better to be careful than to regret,
    There's still chances to seek for best.
    Trust is a precious emotion,
    Which should be done by lots of sensation.
    Trust no one except the one who trusts you,
    This world is mean and we should be aware of fake friends too.
    - Prachi Bera

  • praachii 16w


    We write for us, not for fame;
    To please self and others, but not for name.
    Nobody knows who's gonna become what;
    So we express everything out of our heart.
    Writing is a passion, everybody can't do;
    Thoughts and feelings should be clear for readers too.
    It is easy to laugh at someone's writing;
    But do u know the the person's struggle and fightings?
    If you can't motivate don't make fun;
    Because every writing is unique and different one.
    Some write sarcastic;
    Some write optimistic.
    Some write motivating, some write indicating.
    But different writings have different meanings;
    Without knowing don't judge their writings.
    Be optimistic and spread love;
    For not us but everyone who serves.
    - Prachi Bera

  • hota_sia 17w


    Goodbyes are always not that good,
    They tear my soul to ashes.
    I feel the glitch in mine sometimes,
    Why my heart has to bear those crashes?
    They do end many queries for ages,
    render the wisdom that I needed,
    pluck the follies from within me,
    limiting the bitterness from me.
    And make me move ahead more like me.

  • hadassah_p 17w

    Caring about you♡

    Hey I need your attention
    I need to ask you a question
    I can see the uneasiness in your face
    Wondering if maybe we needed space
    Please don't overthink this case
    I can see your thinking the worse
    Sorry I didn't mean to cause any tension
    I just needed to ask you a question
    Maybe even make a confession
    I don't think I should prolong this any further
    My question to you is.....
    How are you doing?

  • myasir99 17w

    Shab - E Ghum
    Poem part 2

    Shab - E - Ghum aur hum saang aankhon main Kuch num liye bahtay huay hain hum tootay huay dil se tanhi main tumhara faryaad - e - zikar kartay huay hum
    shab - e - ghum ki dusst tarass main khud se yeh keh tay huay hum ke zakmi Jigar pe rakho gy kab tum malhum tho saas lay sakay gy hum tumhari yaadon ke saharay guzarti hai yeh shab aur kehti hai mujh se ke kisi roz aao gy tum mere aangan main kushi ki sahb num - e - sahar nahi hoti har wo lamha jo guzar ta hai iss shab ke saath tumhara he falsafa likh ta hoon main har guzar tay waqt ke saath.

  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 17w

    faiR winGs . . .
    fRee wiLLs !!!

    In that wide open crust
    there's all the where
    just those fences
    dividing the humanity,
    loosing all the sanity
    for morality and ethics

    Sheer tyranny of shackles
    the roots of liberalism

    The overhype of
    pseudo realism
    blowing in the air
    those manipulative chips
    within the psyche
    of beingness,
    the very inner domain,
    the voluntary senses
    those recessive genes
    of involuntary servitude

    This hosting of
    parasitic webs
    often thus
    ignorantly creates
    a self-restraint cage
    the conscience
    to enslave
    the fair and free
    wings of will !


  • mimzchishi 18w

    The Heart's cry

    Those inaudible voices that rambled through her,
    Nobody else hears it but her. She wonders;
    If at all, there is any, any who can hear her.
    Her deplorable cries.

    Those vicious noises, gradually trampled her entirely,
    Her already shredded soul.
    Consequently, converting her heart, from an enticing –
    To a treacherous one.

    This Damsel in Distress longs to embrace an exquisite love,
    As she stays Forlorn. Wondering:
    If at all, there is any, any who can bring back
    Her fatigue heart alive.

  • nothingleftsoiwrite 18w

    Glued to You

    Too easily attached
    Hoping for the most
    When I know for a fact
    I need to let go
    I have to act fast
    Before I'm too low
    From where I can't come back
    But I am far too slow

    I'm not exaggerating this infatuation,
    got me exasperating over my lack of patience with myself,
    I'm just a sad creation, an empty book on a shelf


  • myasir99 20w

    #mywords #mypoem #mywork #nazam
    #Shab - E - #Ghum #shayari #hindi #urdu #miraquill #mywritings #alfaaz @writersnetwork
    I'm trying to write a poem that based on five part's this was the first part Shab - E - Ghum part 1

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    Nazam(Shab - E - Ghum) part 1

    Shab - e - Ghum
    Main kab se yeh shab -e - Ghum likh raha hoon shab - e - Ghum ke naam main apnay yeh num likh raha hoon

    apnay fasanay main Ghumoo ki daastan likh raha hoon dum ba dum har saas ke saath yeh shab likh raha hoon

    apnao se gairo ki bat kar raha hoon yakeen khud pe aur bharosa dushmano per kar raha hoon kabhi shab ko dakh raha hoon kabhi khud ko Dakh raha hoon kabhi shab ko Dakh ta hoon main apnay sawalo ka jawaab chand se

    pouch raha hoon sitaray bhi hai ra hain mujh pe apni aabiti iss shab main likh raha hoon main shab e Ghum likh raha hoon

  • snehajacob 21w


    Let go of things that doesn't define you.


  • tingesofhysteria 21w

    // nights of a rememberer //

    At night my dreamless slumbers converge with the dialogues that were unsaid back then
    sitting in the secrecy of cavernous and unbidden opinions hurled at my nude body by someone anonymous --
    Well, I have their names memorized but memorizing what I want to scratch off the wall of my room is just me
    Back then when people tickled my cheeks like the tail of a cat with spikes for hair.
    Like the girl who asked me to man-up cuz I was too feminine ,
    as if femininity was a sin .
    If it really is , do wear it like a custom-made dress to enjoy your apocalyptic reign in hell
    Like the boy my age who told me no one my age respected me and succeeded in antagonizing me before everyone
    Like the traditionalist , i-dont-like-boys-mingling-with-girls
    principal who questioned my character and humiliated me for who I was ,
    as if the mirrors didn't do it everyday
    Like the class that made heaven and hell bridgeable

    And it's really crazy to think how 2 years back I still kept thinking about what my life could have been had I taken the road I so ardently avoided and how this time in the year I'm regretting the same .

    It's like these nights are frozen like the truth that burns .
    #poetry#poetsofmerakee#mypoem#love#hate#ineedyou#poetrycommunity #writersofmerakee#poemsporn#writerscommunity

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  • tingesofhysteria 21w

    // my hometown //

    I still remember last year around this time I was leaving my hometown to a city far bigger that tasted like hope of new beginnings ,
    where I believed the edifices would dwarf my grief --
    a city where clouds composed and hummed lullabies for its inhabitants to sleep , lullabies that had no hoaxes .

    It was a queer ,sultry summer .
    It is a queer ,sultry summer and I'm returning home that I left last year like a scent flees for a place that deserves it ,
    In the same car , driven by the same tan brown boy , beneath the same sky sitting in the secrecy of the same crestfallen evening .
    I'm returning to my hometown carrying the rotten vestiges of that hope , that gleamed brighter than the bona fide blood moon last year , in my pocket--
    that hope is dead like my will now .

    I'm returning to the town that I broke up with hundreds of times only to make up with again then broke up again ,
    knowing we're like a flame and a candle : one can't survive without the other...
    Like the estranged lovers walking side by side, our stars not aligning .

    Sometimes I feel like I'm north and everyone else is south , like this city that smells like me .
    But we don't repel.
    In lieu of repelling , we are stuck between repulsion and attraction .

    As I'm approaching my hometown , these roads look like a love that I so much like to pretend I'm over but even this car knows I'm not .
    The winds whoosh past telling me stories about childhood as we reach it , my hometown.

    I'm being driven to my hometown,
    the warmest cottage I've ever known where tiny sparks fly like confetti ,
    where even sparks can set you afire or freeze you
    , where hell and heaven are conjoined twins.

    #poetry#poetsofmerakee#mypoem#love#hate#ineedyou#poetrycommunity #writersofmerakee#poemsporn#writerscommunity

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  • skyrus 23w


    Shine upon me,
    Bring me glory,
    Shed me the light,
    Show me the true strength of you,
    oh Sun,
    Illuminate this Summer,
    Into our lives...


  • skyrus 23w

    What an End.

    The End that is Desired,
    The End that is Rejoiced,
    The End that is Celebrated,
    The End that is Glorious,
    The End that is Unnoticed,
    The End that is Unspoken,
    The End that is Bitter Sweet,
    The End that is worthy of saying "What an End"


  • skyrus 23w


    My life is like a draught,
    That hasn't seen a Rain,
    Don't give me hope,
    Cause I'm worthy of this pain.
    So let me be...


  • anu420 23w

    मंज़िल की राह ।

    मंज़िल की राह में इतना खो से गये तेरे पीछे चलते चकते कही खुद से ही दूर हो गए ।
    अब सब ठीक है खुद की बेचैनी खुद की परेशानी का सवाल मेरे पास ही था , अब कोई शिकवा शिकायत नहीं ।
    आराम से जिंदगी गुजर रही है हमारी , अभी तो अपनी पहचान हुई है ।
    जहां हमें कल का पता नहीं था वही आज और हमारा कल हमें साफ दिख रहा है ।
    कुछ चीजें होती ही सही है , कुछ चीजो से खुद का और अपनों का पता चलता है।
    आज तुम नहीं हो साथ , पर इससे अच्छा सबक मिला हमें जिंदगी का ।
    कि ऐसे ही किसी पर भी भरोसा मत कर लिया करो , कुछ तो खुद के लिए भी बचा कर रखा करो ।
    हम नाराज थे पहले पर अब नहीं रूठना मनाना हमने कब का छोड़ दिया , खुद को समझाना हमने कब का छोड़ दिया ।
    पहले हम छलावे में थे , अब जाकर आंखें खुली हमारी ।
    अब चाहे कोई इसे हमारी जिंदगी से जोड़ कर देखें या जिंदगी से हटाकर देखें अब कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता ।

  • myasir99 24w

    #mywords #mypoem #miraquill #love #vibes #feelings #hindi #urdu #shayari #thoughts #imagination @writersnetwork I'm starting a little kinda of a series of 25 mysterious pomematic sort of quotes
    collab with the hashtag #ankahibatein where i write quotes like this
    this is the first one thanks for reading ✨✌️ #myquote #thoughts #shayari #love #vibes #ankahi #mywork

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    Ankahi Batain✨

    yak tarfa batain hain kaheein jo mujhe tum se
    keh ni hain sab he lakin ek tarfa sa zikar hai hamari dastaan na janay kaysi hai yeh ankahi

  • myasir99 24w

    A poem named
    ( You And Me )

    Written by me

    Cold night's warmed vibes starry sky shine's like divine rine we walk along together but we are all alone under the same sky.