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  • priya_345 16w

    _ लोगो के पास _

    तुम टूट कर बिखर जाओगे।
    उन लोगों के पास जाकर।।
    जो तम्हे अपना कह कर।
    अपना बनाने की बात करते हैं

  • priya_345 19w

    _ कीमती _

    उसकी मुस्कान मे छुपी मेरी जिंदगी हे।
    अब उसे ये केसे बताऊ।
    कि वो मेरे लिए।
    कितना कीमती है।।

  • aliza_samani 43w

    Adhoori dillgagi

    मुकम्मल नहीं इन दिनों मे कोई ज़िन्दगी है ,
    किसी का रोना वाजिब,किसी की अधूरी दिल लगी है |


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 46w

    As Mark Twain once famously said, "Truth is stranger than fiction..." I'm inclined to agree; and perhaps you might be too, after reading this personal tale of a recent experience I had with an afflicted individual. May the situation soon drawn to a close. God willing.

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Birthed through the heart of creation
    An innocent child of the Light
    Cherished by all of the heavens
    And all that was holy and right
    With the curious mind of a dreamer
    And a creative imagination
    In those times when her world would go dark
    She'd dream up a whole new situation
    Time after time this occurred
    But the little one wasn't to blame
    Because somehow she just had to cope
    With the burdens of terror and shame
    Through illusions, some respite was found
    But then somewhere along the way
    She no longer could discern
    The truth from this game she would play
    Haunted by nightmarish visions
    Hounded by menacing evil
    In the grips of a sinister plot
    And a life that was fraught with upheaval
    With a mind that was young and unformed
    Left wide open, afraid, and alone
    She fell prey to malevolent forces
    Thus her mind was no longer her own
    Garishly fractured and twisted
    Her soul now devoid of the Light
    And no one around was the wiser
    'Cept a few who had spiritual sight
    Years later this girl, now a woman
    Somehow found her way to my path
    From the first, I could sense the huge problem
    That would lead to this wild aftermath
    But fate likes to keep a few secrets
    So back then I had no way to know
    That the problems this woman was facing
    Would continue to worsen and grow
    Three long years, she pursued me and plagued me
    The stalking was truly absurd
    She spied on me day after day
    And gazed at my every word
    Many times, I attempted to help her
    For I sensed her confusion and pain
    But my every attempt seemed quite futile
    As my efforts would all go in vain
    There's quite a bit more to the story
    But not all of it's my tale to tell
    Although one thing I can say for certain
    Her whole life was a true living hell
    Commandeered by a sinister presence
    Mind controlled by this dark entity
    At long last, a great truth came to light
    She had plagued me in hopes that I'd see
    For if someone would only take notice
    And help her accomplish her goal
    She could rid herself of this nightmare
    And reclaim the rights to her soul
    Although I'm an intuitive healer
    In service to God's greater good
    With these horrors, I'm not trained to help her
    So I sought out somebody that could
    Now it's up to the one holy Spirit
    In the hands of the most sacred Light
    The Divine shall soon rescue her soul
    As I've prayed for this morning and night
    A new day will soon be upon us
    And from there, she can finally heal
    But for now, that is all I can say
    All the rest, only time can reveal.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2/28/2021

    *Art credited to Mario Sanchez Nevado.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #myownwords #freedom #releasing #healing #forgiveness #tolerance #compassion #closure

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  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 47w

    Oh Luna, we adore you
    For your transcendental glow
    To be kissed by your moon beams
    Is the true blessing you bestow.
    ©Carolyn Glackin 3/1/2021

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Oh luminescent Goddess
    Who hails from up above
    Do you truly understand
    How you fill our hearts with love?
    We watch you through your phases
    From waxing moon to waning
    And though at times you disappear
    I swear you won't hear me complaining
    For the task you bear is hefty
    As you brighten up the night
    When the world is fraught with darkness
    You give us second sight
    You hold us in your beaming rays
    With a soft and gentle glow
    The reassurance that you bring
    Is the best curative I know
    And Luna, we don't judge you
    Whether slender, full, or fair
    We're merely grateful for you
    'Tis a comfort that you're there
    So you go on with your phases
    Your resplendence shan't be missed
    As forever we've adored you
    From the time we're first moon kissed.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 3/1/2021

    *Source credits for the image weren't provided, but I extend them to the rightful owner.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #moon #wod #myownwords

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  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 47w

    We've all heard the words
    "The truth shall set you free,"
    But check it out for yourself yo
    Don't just take it from me.
    ©Carolyn Glackin 2/27/2021

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #myownwords #truth

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    by Carolyn Glackin
    Far better to ask questions
    Than to assume or presume
    You see, jumping to conclusions
    Doesn't make falsehoods bloom
    Fallacies and hearsay
    Can't be regarded as true
    And talk is rather cheap
    When words have been misconstrued
    And when it comes to stories
    We all know there's two sides
    It's best to hear them both
    Before you choose or decide
    With knowledge we're empowered
    And we can finally learn
    By gleaning out the facts
    When we take time to discern
    So don't get taken for a ride
    By some smooth savoir faire
    Because although it sounds legit
    It just goes poof in midair
    Arm yourself with facts
    Let this rhyme be your reason
    'Cause falling for false words
    Is oft harmful and displeasin'
    Keep an open mind
    And don't be easily swayed
    Honor your own instincts
    And don't end up getting played
    Sometimes the presumed victim
    Is actually the villain
    And when that truth comes to light
    It's rather shocking and chillin'
    Always do your own thinking
    With that brain you possess
    And don't let yourself get twisted
    By some trifling mess
    'Cause she who knows the truth
    It sittin' calm in the Light
    I've had my say on this now
    So peace out y'all, goodnight.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2/27/2021

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 48w

    by Carolyn Glackin
    Insidious masterminds
    Hellbent on mass destruction
    Your soul, they plan to steal
    Through the artifice of seduction
    Harmful machinations
    That lead to a hellish plight
    Are inflicted on countless souls
    Who no longer sleep well at night
    Their eyes are empty and dead
    Their smile is a cackling sneer
    They'll tempt you and beguile you
    While filling your heart up with fear
    Homicidal, these beasts
    Quite skilled in manipulation
    Slowly they work their way in
    Through cunning articulation
    Reduced to a useless meat puppet
    Your mind is no longer your own
    Desperation will flood you
    And despair, unlike any you've known
    Now, of course there are those that can help
    Such as spiritual healers and shamans
    And many others as well
    Such as seers, and priests, and Brahmins
    But take care to call on them soon
    'Cause believe me, the longer you wait
    The more you'll be lost to this world
    Overtaken by creatures of hate
    Hallucinations will increase
    Delusional thoughts, all the more
    And by now, I've scared you enough
    So I needn't say very much more
    Just always be strong in your spirit
    Let the truth and the Light lead the way
    Let love be your guiding force
    And I'm certain you'll be quite ok
    Do not let the darkness tempt you
    And never succumb to its fear
    Remain on the brightly lit path
    Where angelic loved ones are near
    Just remember if things become hazy
    Can't tell if awake or just dreamin'
    It's high time to reach out for help
    'Cause my dear, you might have a demon.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2/22/2021

  • shiddatquotes 59w


    Der se bano lekin,,kuch bano!!!!
    Kyuki log waqt ke saath,,,,
    Khairiyat ke bajaye haisiyat poochte hai !!!!!!


  • safiya_shiraz 76w

    Love Our Mothers..
    Because They Were The Gateways To
    Your Life..

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    Never Use
    The Sharpness
    Of Your
    Words On
    The Mother
    Who Teached
    You How To Speak

  • safiya_shiraz 76w

    《True Friend Is Light That Does Not End..
    《Fake Friend Is The Worst Animal On The

    A True Friend Is Someone Who Can Read
    The Sadness Between Your Smiles..
    And True Relations Are Always Lucky...

    A True Friend Is Someone Who Is Always
    Opposite To Your Behavior But Always Shares The Feelings Like Sharing A Part Of
    Their Heart....

    A True Friend Is Someone Who Can Wipe
    Your Tears Even on The Darkest Rain...
    And A True Friend Will Never Like To Betray
    Each Other Because They Had Already Accepted Each Other...

    A True Friend Is Someone Who Can Warm
    You Even In Your Toughest Times..
    Never Mind That When A True Friend Is
    Living Apart From You...
    They Are Always Closest To Our Hearts...

    True Friend Or True Relation Can Be Expressed On Many Way....

    Fake People And A Fake Friend Are The Most Worst Animals On The World....
    They Don't Understand Or Care About You..
    The Most Bad And Bad Relation In The World Is About Having A Fake Friend...


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    True Friend Can Always Be Your Light
    Even On Your Darkest Times...

  • safiya_shiraz 76w

    《We Are Strong Enough...
    《To Balance The Depth Of Our Emotions

    The One Who Is Reading This..
    After Your Reading..Never Think...
    You're Not Strong Enough...
    Our Soul Is Still On Our Body As An
    Example For It..
    Don't Think You're Not Strong...
    Whatever Your Emotions Be..
    A Healthy Human Mind Can Balance It....

    Look The Sky..Do You Ever Imagined
    That How Its Being Balanced..
    God Always Balances The Earth..So
    Surely He Balances The Sky And Raise The Sky Up...

    Believe That God Is Seeing You..
    Even If Your Paralyzed..
    It Dosen't Mean You Are Not Strong..
    Believe On Your Soul..And God..

    We Are Born To Make It Happen...
    And God Decides..What Should Be Happened..
    And Do You Know..Why I Tell We Are..
    We Are....
    Stronger Than Our Intentions.. Stronger Than Our Emotions..
    Because..A Single Deep Breath....
    A Single Deep Breath Can Reduce Your Emotion And Balance Your Mind..

    I Am Not Lying...It Is Scientificly Proven...
    After Knowing That Even A Deep Breath..Can Balance The Depth Of Of
    Your Emotions..Then Believe..
    Believe That You Are..You Can.. Be
    Stronger Than Your Emotions..


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    Be Strong...

    Believe On Yourself...
    Who Can Balance The Depth Of His Own Emotions..
    With A Single Deep Breath..

  • bsgadhavi 77w

    सुबह को खीलकर शाम को मुरझा जाते हैं ये फुल, या फिर तोड़े जाते हैं किसी और को महकाने के लिए, कभी बन जाते हैं दो दिलों को मिलाने का प्रतीक, तो कभी दिल टुटने पर नोचें जाते हैं किसी आशिक के पैरों तले, कभी बनके किसीकी पहले प्यार की निशानी किताबों में पड़े रहते हैं, और कभी किसीकी रेशमी ज़ुल्फो को सवांर देते हैं,
    कभी कबर पे चढा़ये जाते हैं तो कभी मंदिर और मस्जिद में... एक ही छोड़ में खीले सभी फुलों का भी नसीब अलग अलग है, किसीको दर्द मिलता है तो किसीको प्रेम... अब आप ही सोचिए फिर हम तो ईंसान हैं...
    जिसको मेरे कहने का तात्पर्य समझ में ना आए वो दिमाग पे ज्यादा बोज मत डालें��
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    #thoughtoftheday #thoughts #poetry #positivevibes #hindiwriting #hindiquotes #hindi #instagrammers #instagood #inspire #positivity

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  • poison_girl01 82w


    My love.. Who said I miss you.?
    Who said I like/love you.?
    Did I say hmm.? I don't
    Remember though.
    Oh.! That's all an illusion
    You are addicted to me ;
    The same very way I was
    Addicted to you.
    Nevermind I loved the pain
    You gave me.... Well,
    It's time for me to give
    You some back..

    ~Isn't it..??


  • mehzabinpatel 86w

    Gaur se suno,

    Yeh vakt shayad kuch keh raha hai
    Keh raha hai,
    Jitna jeena hai
    Jee lo mujhe
    Kuch hi der ke liye paband hoon
    Kuch dino baad
    Tum se mera har naata toot jayega
    Dunia ki bheed me
    Phir kahin tu kho jayega
    Aur mehfil me badnaam mujhe karega
    Keh kar ki 'saala mera vakt kab aayega?'
    Zindagi me kisi mod par rukega jab tu
    'Apna time ayega' keh kar bahana mera hi maarega
    Hakikat to yeh hai,
    Naa tu rahega mere paas
    Naa me tera rahunga
    Ek pal me shuru
    Toh dusre pal me mein khatam ho jaunga

  • __alisha___ 91w

    दर्द इसांन को इसांन बना देता है ।।❤

  • __alisha___ 91w

    क्या,सब लोग अपनी हाथो की लकीरो से अपनी किस्मत का फैसला करते है
    किस्मत तो उनकी भी बुलंद होती है, जिनके हाथ नहीं होते।।

  • __alisha___ 91w

    दख्ल अनदाज करना बंद कर दिया हैं,
    मैने तुम्हारी जिंदगी में ।।

  • adee_t___ 95w

    क्यो हो गए बड़े ?

    आज भी याद आती है वह बचपन की बातें,
    मिलती थी डाट करने पर वह मिठीसी शरारते।
    अब आकर हो गए हम किस राह पर खड़े,
    इसलिए हम बच्चे ही अच्छे थे, क्यों हो गए बड़े ?

    न था कोई गम, न किसीसे कोई बैर,
    नाचते रहते थे, उछालते हुए नन्हे से हाथ पैर।
    रात को कहानी सुनते हुए माँ की गोद मे रहते थे पड़े,
    इसलिए हम बच्चे ही अच्छे थे, क्यों हो गए बड़े?

    न थी कोई उलझन, न था कोई भय,
    न जाने इस दुनिया मे कहा हम खोए,
    लगता था तब, सब कहे हमसे, तुम हो गए अब बड़े,
    इस वजह से थे हम सबसे झगड़ पड़े।
    पर अब लगता है, कि यह उम्र ना बढ़े,
    इसलिए हम बच्चे ही अच्छे थे, क्यों हो गए बड़े ?
    इसलिए हम बच्चे ही अच्छे थे, क्यों हो गए बड़े ?

    - अदिती तांबट

  • wordsfrom1985 95w


    Night and day used to love each other
    Now they don't even speak ...
    7 days and 7 nights spent arguing
    in the end they both became weak ...
    When one rises high
    the other sets down to sleep ...
    Sometimes it rains down soil
    and all the stars are buried deep ...

  • muskan_khurana001 95w

    Likhne ka shonk nhi

    Han mujhe likhne ka toh shonk nhi par tera pyar panno pe ukerne ka man krta hai.... Tujhe baar baar soch kar teri baaton pe baar baar muskurane ka man krta h....
    Suna hai
    Ek insaan k likhne k do hi nutq hote h..
    Phla__jb koi shakhs zindagi me a kar zindagi hi ban jata hai
    Dusra__jb koi shakhs zindagi se chla jata h Or chehre ki hasi b sath le jata hai
    Mere likhne ka maksad sirf tu h... Frk nh pdta pass h ya door h... Bs tu h...
    Tu dikh jaaye kahin.. Isi hasrat ka man krta h
    Han mujhe likhne ka to shonk nhi par tera pyar panno pe ukerane ka man krta hai