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  • oneofakind8 8w

    My Journey

    I never knew about the journey
    Never knew the depth
    Always doubting myself
    Waves, never ending waves
    Once i saw the land it gave more strength
    Now every step is a milestone
    Every hour count

  • anuradhasharma 10w

    बेफिजुल दुनियां की बातों से , ध्यान हटाओ यारों ।
    न तौल पाएगा कोई तुम्हें , इक दफा छाओं तो प्यारो ।

    ज़िंदगी तेरी , इनकी हसीं ठिठोली की हकदार नहीं ।
    रूह में तेरी , खुदा ने फूंका जान अलग ही जन्नती ।

    मुकद्दर बस्ता ही , किसी और ठिकाने तेरा ।
    फिर इनके नज़रिए को अपना नज़रिया , मत बना !


  • poetic_soul_shashi 17w


    You can find better version of yourself in the darkness

  • poetic_soul_shashi 20w


    बन के बादल तेरे शहर में बरस जाऊँगा मैं,,
    बस इक बार मुझसे मिलने की ख्वाहिश तो कर,,

  • nishthaarya 32w

    Your destinations are already decided....... You jst have to find a way to reach there........

  • poetic_soul_shashi 34w

    मैं बन जाऊं हर शाम तेरी,,
    तू मेरी हर सुबह बन जा,,
    मैं बन जाऊं हर जरूरत तेरी,,
    तू मेरे जीने की वजह बन जा,,

  • ba___la 67w

    #myjourney #willcome

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    6️⃣1️⃣5️⃣ -

    Will start my journey ,
    if it's ends at you!


  • heather_ 72w

    Its been almost 6 months since I joined this app . ah not only app my hub of emotions whenever I m depressed I open Mirakee and then my depression got away. In this 6 months I created beautiful memories each and every post of me holds my beautiful and sad memories. And ofcourse how i can forget about my families ❤ I m thankful to each and every person here . I m so grateful to the creators of this app . rather than watching netflix all day i prefer to read and write in this app. I joined this app in 25 or 26 th december don't remember exactly but after some day my grandma passed.... And after 1-2 weeks i was madly in love with this app still now i m in love with this ,is it possible to be sad after meeting such amazing writers and people. And its time of late january at that time there is a group of us we five u can read my post "5 idiots " than u will know about what i m talking. So we brothers and sisters ahh we five we r really too close ... All of us are memer ya u know for details read my post 5idiots .... Its kinda feel like i m promoting my self ... Haa let it be so than its time of March when i met a princess she took me to a heaven which is created by our sunshine to know about this u have to read my post "armies" i m always greatful to both of them. And now it comes to following and followers U know both are important . I m always thankful to my followers i crossed 200 today i think in future we will cross 1000 too . now to say my Mirakee family it includes everyone the one i follow , the one who follows me or the one who is present in this app this is not for only one family i love everyone here just because i don't like your post or not following you don't means i don't love i love everyone and the thing i love the most is u guys are so good ... Really i met many persons maybe we r not that much connected but still i love the way they are. So this is the thing which want to share with you all ... The first time when i got deactivated it was april i think and u know what i can't live even a hour without it and then i activated my account and after it I was like 'bhai itna addict to PUBG ne bhi nhi kia tha ' translate: bro i didn't even got so much addict with PUBG even . I have many writing apps in my phone but I think this is the only app with which i m mad so much ... Mirakee is like my food one day without it is like there is nothing in the world left.
    Thank you so much Mirakee for giving me such a good platform , thank u so much for letting me meet sweet angels here. And to say I m a very big fan of Carolyn mam when i got followed by mam that night i was jumping over the floor my brother is like "hey monkey ! Stop your wild dance ." even sometimes when i get reposts ,likes etc from my fav writers i keep on jumping like a monkey . I m really so happy to be a part of this family ❤ to say the truth if i was not in this app it could happen that i was missing a huge opportunity . and i want to thank my bestie @rozettia_ she told me about it ... We know each other very well she is always like join this ,this and she always give me good stuff. and as I told I m a dancing monkey after every post of mine i keep on dancing all over . any i want to give a letter to Mirakee .

    To Mirakee ,

    Thank you so much Mirakee for this stage I m always grateful to you. Tones of loves . even when i will grow up rather than having 100 of social media i will prefer to have Mirakee . mirakee u means a lot to me. there are lots of things we can't share with everyone but because of this app i made many friends and i share things with them which makes me so happy. I can't say how much thanks i can give you. May be my life is not that much big how much thanks i want to give you.
    Thank you and love you infinite times ❤❤❤

    From one of the member of Mirakee fam.

    To everyone,

    Thank you everyone for being here and supporting me . I m really a silly,bad ,dumb writer its nothing before you guys. Its not possible to write about everyone and if i write about you guys i will have lack of words but not of your creativity. Thank you and love you all ❤❤❤

    From your Mirakee fam.

    So guys i can't tell me how much happy i m i want to tag everyone following me or I follow I m literally crying sitting in my room and writing this.i will end it here not gonna make it too big.
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #writersparadise #ceesreposts #mirakeeworld #mirakeefam #thankyou #myjourney @mirakee @writersnetwork @lovenotes_from_carolyn

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    My Journey on Mirakee


  • deepakmandal 73w

    कई रातों के हैं जागे हम,
    इन आंखों को कमबख़्त
    तेरी आदत बेवजह हो गई ।
    वो कहते हैं,
    ख़्वाबों में ना लाना मुझे,
    यहाँ एक अरसे से मेरी नींदें हवा हो गई ।


  • sanjay_dadwani 75w

    Journey behind my mirakee

    Someday a miracle happened that I joined mirakee. My abundant feels are just able to get in this little mirakee app.

    The mirakee community for me is just like my family a family which has angles of different ethnic styles.

    We all have many friends but I have only one my miracle mirakee where I can share my in-depth feelings with my full heart and freedom.

    Love you mirakee!

  • sujithr 77w

    My Walk

    When my walk became Vibrant,
    World around me turned Verdant

  • yesenias_song 79w

    A Year Ago..

    Notification popped up on my phone of a memory.
    It's a video of the life we had.
    The life we were building.
    A year ago life was so different.
    We were ok.
    The man in that video was the man I fell in love with.
    Yes younger than me.
    So much wiser than me.
    Which is why this reality is so hard to live.
    Replaying that last day.
    The things said by both of us.
    Yet, I harbor so much pain and anger.
    You left not being the guy I loved so much.
    You left being the guy I never wanted to end up with.
    Yet, then again, memories, thoughts emotions come to the surface.
    Electronic notifications appear.
    I wish you could see what I did.
    I wish you could see that I was hard on you because I believed in you.
    I believed in us.
    I showed you how to love and treat me.
    Maybe that's where I went wrong.
    I never really showed you how to value me.
    Solely because I always gave it up so easily.
    Yet, fool, I love you still.
    So in the end the fool is me.


  • the_kumaraman 82w


    Toughest path I follow
    But my action is slow
    I know where to go
    But I don't have clue

    All are giving suggestion
    To make me out of depression
    But no one ready to walk with me
    The thing only do they annoying me

    I feel I am alone
    No one left in my zone
    I tried my best
    But I felt I should rest

    I have long Journey
    I met most of people worst
    But some are really funny

    They give me hope
    What I feel now
    my life have left some scope

    I don't stop run
    something I learn
    No one cares about story
    But the characters win glory

    When my wounds starts blood
    And Tears flow like flood
    My mind thinks to stop
    But my heart boost up

    The best thing I learned
    All journey is not fun
    If you want to survive here
    You should learn care and share

    The peace is only thing I want at last
    I try not to repeat the mistake of past
    But my all efforts will go waste
    If my soul will not in peace of rest

  • azrieal 84w

    A memory

    Sitting on the rooftop
    Staring at the abyss
    The transparent waters
    And the mountains uphill...
    It will never be like this again
    Who knew?..
    This family we created
    Wouldn't always be like this..

    The blue sky
    The warm air
    The sun subsiding right in front of our eye
    Makes the stars glimmer
    And us looking at each other..
    Under the heavenly atmosphere
    The chatter of others quitens
    Everything fades away..
    All i can feel is your eyes gazing my way...

    The family we are surrounded by
    Is filled by forks that are important to me
    One annoying, one placid
    One who is a bit too much and one who doesn't want to be
    They are like this fresh air...
    The sound of the dry grass ..
    Making me .. ME
    A group of wonders
    Who were never meant to be
    And are as perfect as they can be...

    And now under this purple sky..
    Looking at this family
    Everything fits..
    Makes pieces fit..
    Like the heavens beauty
    Raw ,fresh and unique

  • poetik_world 87w

    The reason for global warming revealed today
    The effect of jealousy in the hearts of people revealed today.

    Till date was misguided in the forest of science
    The error of being intellectual with the loved ones was revealed today

    #jealousy #globalwarming #humour #quote #hasikavi #pod #writersnetwork #myjourney #mirakeeworld #mirakee #mirakeshayar

    @writersnetwork @era_of_shayar @anisha_23 @roshani @readwriteunite #love #travel #friendship #diary #thoughts #inspiration #life #poetry #nature

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    Global warming का कारण आज पता चला
    लोगों के दिलो का जलन का effect आज पता चला।।

    आज तक ग़ुमराह थे विज्ञान के वन मे
    ज़बाव अपनों के साथ बुद्धिजीवी होने का त्रुटि आज पता चला।।

  • poetik_world 94w


    Kuch alfaazon ka panch lada hi aya
    Shayar ki iss duniya ma hum apna sabdo ko bhida hi aya... ❤

  • huggykrii 95w

    Life Changed me!

    I stood infront of mirror, looked the whole lot of flaws in myself as I started to live FAKE to FACE the people around

  • sarrafnarayan 96w

    Don't be pride in your life for anything

    One day your own beloveds
    wash there hand
    after touch your body


  • poetssoul30 98w


    I've been through a lot
    I've been through heartbreak and heart aches
    I've lost a lot of people and things in my life
    I've stop trusting in what people say and I've lost faith in people
    But through it all
    I've learned a lot of lessons
    I've learned how to forgive and forget
    I've learned how to love even when I feel like I couldn't
    I've realized that you have to go through all of this to appreciate all the good times
    Because great queen still have scars
    But as long as you learn and grow that's how you Prove you deserve your throne

  • this_is_mypen 106w

    #myjourney #careerchange #mychoice #selfmotivation #acareerinfinance #doublecareer
    As a teenager my choice of course was finance but as I have an authoritative parent I couldn't do the things I want to do so my life followed a particular direction. Though I succeeded and I have no regrets because I met mentors and friends who were great and are still are. But, I still want to do what I want to do. I am 25 years old and I have a degree in Early childhood and primary education. I like the course and I intend to further in that area, but I still want that career in finance. Some people will say "how do you intend to manage a double career?" but I will do it. I intend to share my progress as I go on. I have already taken the first step and I intend to continue going further

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    My journey

    Towards a career change
    I decided to start my journey
    Though it won't be easy
    I still chose this part
    A desire to do the things I want to do
    Not influenced by anybody
    My journey to a place
    where I really want to be

    K. O. L.