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  • gyejeolcheongso 144w

    Life lessons

    Who show attitude ,Fu** them
    Who laugh on u,laugh with them also
    Who talk behind your back ,let them
    Talk..they are collecting followers fr u
    Who hates you ,let them hate u
    Cause your are thing is that everyone gets jelous ☺️
    Whom you love ,they don't love back
    It's ok
    It's BT necessary to win everything
    At least you can enjoy your life with yourself
    You know you saving so much things
    Your heart
    Your body
    Your things
    Your life
    It's all your ..you don't need to share
    When you are single
    There is so many things you can enjoy
    It feels freedom
    It's feels your Independence
    I don't feel love is useless things but
    When I don't need love so I make excuses to not to he with someone ..
    I will love on right tym ..
    I m in love with myself
    Umm it's not bad at all ...
    Yes past comes in mind
    It's also fun ..
    You don't always be stay strong
    Sometime you can cry u are human right
    In just years I learn so much
    And m excited to learn more ..
    I am excited to meet to new peoples
    And learn from them a lot ..
    I don't feel am strong ...
    But am going to strong
    I don't care what others think now
    But I notice everything ..
    It's my lesson .
    Every second I learn so much ...
    I feel every sec you should enjoy ..
    Not know when will come your last sec ..
    I don't want to regret later
    If it's my last sec I wanna do everything ...
    I want to cry
    I want to heartbroken
    I want to betray by close one
    I want to fell in. Love
    I want to fluirt
    I want to spend my life with family
    Enjoy every weekend
    Isn't funny our life ...
    Actually I don't know when will be my next life I even not going to remember this

  • writers_point_ 187w

    My life

    जिस जगह मेरी जिंदगी के पर्चे छपने थे,
    उस जगह मेरी मौत के पन्ने छप रहे थे।


  • puneetkaur 209w

    I am not afraid of my death ...
    Indeed i am waiting for it eagerly ..

    But thinking that one by one
    I will loose everyone ...

    Makes me afraid of death
    Of others ...


  • bravo123 217w

    I AM MORTAL....

    I live my breaths,
    To lose it..
    I am mortal
    As death is my climax...
    Even Though fearing death,
    I am longing for it...
    To feel it: how
    Soul vacates me!
    "It would be special"
    Says my life
    When it is alone....

    ©Parthan N Pillai